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  1. Hello~

    I'm a brand new member to this RP website. I happened to find it through a 'top ten RP forums' web list after a search on google. I sure hope it lives up to it's ranking!

    A little bit about Rozie:

    I'm 22, I am married and have three cats. I -love- to RP. I love to read so I've always found RP fascinating. When I try to explain it to others (Non-Rpers; Mainly my husband) I always like to say it's like reading a story where you get to control the main characters and plot. It's unpredictable and can change because it's not just limited to one person's mind or ideas!

    I enjoy forum based RPs the most because it gives me the time and space to write something meaningful. I prefer to do semi-lit to lit rps. I like small intimate RPs, unless the plot is really interesting. My favorite RPs are 1x1. I'm looking for some friends to make that happen here.

    All and All I think that's about it.

    Again, Hello!
  2. You have kitties! I want to meet them! I'd treat them like kits and show them all the nasty herbs not to eat and those ugly deathberries!
    Hi, I'm Wildpelt! Welcome to Iwaku!
  3. Yes, I do! My oldest (5) is Mischa, the middle kitty (1) is Amelia, and my youngest kitty (9 months) is Katniss. c:
  4. So Katnisskit, Mischakit and Ameliakit! I like the sound of those names!
  5. How are you?

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  6. Hmmmm. That file upload was an accident, but enjoy a pretty picture XD
  7. Howdy Rozie, welcome to the site! :D I have a housefull of kittens that all need to go away. ;_;
  8. Noo! I wish I had a house to have more kitties. Lol all we have is an apartment so they limit how many pets you can have.
  9. Heeey, I know you. :bananaman:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.