Rozenkreuz Private Academy (Horror: R)

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Rozenkreuz Private Academy

Genre: SciFi/Horror/HighSchool
Rated: R for language, violence, some sexual references (you know how teenagers are), drug use and disturbing imagery including but not limited to mad science- both medical and technological- cultist and cultesque rituals, mindbuggery, and just general psychological horror.

"Welcome to Rozenkreuz Private Academy! You are here because there has been found in you some latent paranormal ability. Many of you have surviving family, whether or not the Cleaners have seen fit to leave your memories intact. Understand that they are hostages against you to ensure your cooperation- they can be killed at any time. Now," She gestured to the stairs at her left for the group to continue on. "our next stop will be the cafeteria. I know my own Processing left me just starving!"


So I always thought Rozenkreuz would make an awesome setting (yes, I am just too lazy to come up with my own settings... I'm working on it!) for an RP. Again, no knowladge of Knight Hunters canon would be neccessary. Picture a bleak, evil-ish version of Professor Xavier's school for mutants... there are two kinds of paranormals; cognates (telepaths and so forth) and kinetics (telekinetics of various kinds) classed by power levels. If you have some different power (you're a shapeshifter or something)... well. Things will be that much more interesting for everyone...

I have a general theme in mind, a group of students and maybe a couple teachers working together to survive and/or perhaps escape, but I'll need villians too... Elitists, backstabbers, mad scientists, etc.

Anyone want to contribute more to the plot?
I can contribute.

*Looks at Spetsnaz operators in his stable.*
I am really going to have to read up on more of these modern day interrogation techniques you talked about, Arsenal. It sounds perfect.

OOC is in the works...

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