Rozen Maiden?

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  1. Any fans in the audience?

    I love the show, so let's chat about it!

    Which season do you like better?
    Who's your favourite Rozen Maiden?
    Thoughts on Jun?

    I like the second season waaay more than the first. For reasons I"ll explain in a moment

    Suiseiseki is my favourite design-wise (she's so pretty!) but for personality, I'd have to go with Souseiseki. She's determined and methodic to the point of sometimes seeming unfeeling, but you see that she really does care about her "sisters", she's just a very logical person who knows the Game has to end sometime, and doesn't see a point in drawing it out. She's just as troubled about it as her sisters, she just deals with it differently. I relate to this character's internal struggle a lot.

    I. Hate. Jun. He's the biggest reason I dislike the first season; he's introduced as a kid who sits in his room all day playing the buy-and-return game online. He's obsessed with fake occult stuff, and he gets REALLY angsty and pissed if anyone mentions going to school; He's also got a big grudge against his parents for going globe-trotting and leaving him with his sister (really a dick move; can't blame him for that one). But the reason for his school angst, which is built up a LOT; he won a contest for designing a dress and people laughed at him? Seriously?! THAT was the traumatic experience? THIS caused your huge social anxiety and damn near PTSD? What a cop-out; and it's not even done full-fledged. He clearly didn't disown sewing; he makes good use of it and even has a stitchwork house inside his dream. Good thing the MAidens were good enough to make me curious about the second season, which focused a LOT more on the story of the dolls and the Alice Game, because Jun utterly tanked season one for me.
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  2. I totally agree with you, finding Jun to be almost a "we're kinda sorta inserting him to make SOME sorta romance with Shinku thing."

    My favorite is Suigintou. It's been a loooooong while since I've watched this series, I was about 14 or 15 when I watched this, so almost 7 years. But this was the time when I had begun to understand conflict. I thought her role as a conflicted doll who just WANTED TO BE FREAKIN ALICE MAN was nice.

    Also, for the longest time, I've been trying to download and play AliBAT, a game based on Rozen Maiden, but to no avail.
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