Royalty i s a Curse

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  1. (( in this role play thread, keep the sappy stuff in the Pm. Posting can be as romantic as you want it to be but nothing that isn't suitable for a teen to be participating in))
    Always loving the breeze, she walked in her backyard. It was huge, outlined by a forest of oak trees and she had one huge oak in the middle of the yard with a swing attached to one of the long thick branches sticking off to the side. She was lying in the grass, staring up at the clouds.
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  2. A Horned Owl flies through the sky above the black-haired girl, then pauses in the sky as it sees her. Spiraling down gently, it lands with a small WHUMP in the grass next to her. It turns its' head towards her and lets out a soft "Hoo" as it lifts its' leg in her direction... There's a small bit of paper attached to the bird's ankle, which was tied with a scrap of red satin.
    This note's the 5th one this month, sent to the hazel-eyed beauty from the Prince himself. They've been friends since youth, and they would visit each other often. However, ever since the Prince's brother died, his time has been spent becoming ready to be King and replace his dead brother.
    Dear (Girl's name),
    How have you been doing since we last met? I had a great time last week, it was almost as if we were children again, and I could just sit down with my old friend and have a good talk. This week, my sword-trainer told me that I'm almost as good as my brother was! I miss Reuben, the snotty jerk! He would disown me as his brother sometimes.
    But anyways! I really want to visit with you again. How does this weekend sound? I know, it's quite short-notice, since this is Friday, but I know you want to, also!
    Dearest Wishes,
    Your Prince Icarus

    After she took the note away from the owl's leg, it hooted again and hopped around, expecting something for it's long journey here and waiting for a note to take back.
  3. Adelle smiled as she read the note, clasping it to her chest and thinking about the last time she had seen Icarus. She pulled a slip from a pocket on her dress and a small stick pencil to write with, enjoying the way they sent little letters to each other with an owl.
    My dearest friend Icarus,
    This weekend would be a great time to visit. And anyone with common sense would think you to be a good swordsman. You do have to be king after all. I bet you are going to be the best king this place has ever seen! Speaking of your kings, how is your father doing? I have heard rumors that he is going to have a celebration for you on the day you take his place as king. Maybe you could convince him to let me come. Last time I saw him, he didn't exactly approve of me.
    I really miss you and hope to see you soon,

    Putting a hand out to stroke the owl who was hopping about beside her, she slipped the note into the ribbon and she decided to add something to the note. She had never brought her friend to this field behind her house so she picked a rather lovely wildflower from it and tucked it in next to the note. She then sent the owl off to deliver it. Hoping for it to arrive safely without any problems or delays.
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  4. Brianna 'Bree' Ferguson
    She had always watched, keeping her distance, playing it safe. It seemed that Adelle had finally found someone. She seemed to glow with excitement and happiness as she read the letter. It made the raven haired girl frown slightly. You can't let this bother you. You want her to be happy, don't be upset by it. She mentally spoke to herself. Clenching her jaw she sighed and looked away for a moment. The bark of the tree cracked as her fingers clenched. Her head shot up to look at the sky as an array of birds flew away at the sound of the bark echoing through the forest. She closed her eyes and shook her head.

    "Way to stay quiet Brianna." She muttered.

    Looking up at the girl from her past, Brianna bit her lip and turned away before she could cause anymore noise. Running off deeper into the forest.

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  5. Looking up as the birds flew overhead at the sound of the cracking tree, she got up and stated plucking brightly colored flowers from the field and made a little flower crown as she spun until she was dizzy and fell back into the grass, once again watching the clouds and childishly imagining how it would feel to sleep on one.

    " Well, maybe one day, when I finally have someone of my own. We can go and find out together..."

    She said, a sweet dreaminess to her voice as she lay in the grass.
  6. Brianna 'Bree' Ferguson She was forced to stop in her tracks. Some invisible force stopping her as she remained frozen in position. Her eyes darted about, left to right but she could not see the culprit that held her in position. Eventually she appeared, her face inches away from Brianna's. The girl trembled slightly. A sinister grin spread across the lips of the woman that stood in front of her. A chuckle escaped her as she reached out and put a finger under Brianna's chin.

    "You went to see her again didn't you?" The woman's smile was evil. "What must I do to keep you away from her? Must I cause you more harm?" She raised a brow.

    The gaze in Brianna's eyes was fearful.

    "You know I don't have a problem with that." The woman stepped away. She was tall, thin, fair skinned, with long chocolate brown hair and piercing honey coloured eyes. "The deal was simple. I do not have any problems with returning the curse and letting you go free." That sinister smirk re-appeared on the woman's face.

    Brianna dropped to the ground with a thud and slowly started pushing herself up. She shook her head as she sat on her knees and looked up. "I'm sorry. I-I won't do it again..." Her voice was shaky and she was only able to look at the woman for a moment before returning her eyes to the ground.
    It had been a simple trade off but a loose-loose situation for Brianna. The curse on Adelle's family would be lifted and placed on Brianna with an added side effect so her emotions towards Adelle could not break the curse.

    Her only chance was for Adelle to break the curse, to prove Brianna's emotions weren't one-sided. But the evil woman had control over that aspect as well, Brianna couldn't get close to Adelle without harming her. It was all part of the deal.​

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