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  1. I have another int check with a list of RP's Im interested in doing, however I have this new iea I want to test out, hence I've made a new int check specifically for this plot.

    Your character is a foreign dignitary, or some kind of high ranking person (Lord, Baron, Count etc) who has been arranged to marry the youngest daughter of the Imperial Family, however the Imperial Princess is ... unusual. She is rarely seen outside the palace, and when she is seen outside attending ceremonies with her family, she tends to speak very little and shrinks into the background. She is written off as a recluse, somewhat estranged from her family, but a princess and heir to the Imperial throne none-the-less, and as such, it is required she marries someone of status.

    The Imperial family has its secrets, but can they go undiscovered long enough to ensure the royal wedding goes off without a hitch and ensure that the princess has her prince.

    ((This is more romance based than sex based, but if it gets mature, it gets mature, thats why I posted it here. Also, I'd like to do this over PM instead of thread, but I can do it over thread if this is a serious issue. Finally, please be able to rp multiple chars, I like adding a few chars to add dimension (think of how many people you socialise wth in a day, how they shape your personality and actions, one on one can yield flat characters, so I like to feature a couple of supporting characters. Also, be willing to rp MXM and FXM and/or FxF))

    PM if interested.
  2. Bump, still looking.
  3. I am totally interested! I usually prefer roleplaying in a Thread, so I hope you don't mind.
    Shoot me a PM! ;3
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