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  1. [Action | Drama | Romance |Tragedy| Historical]
    Love to faults is always blind, always is to joy inclined.
    Lawless, winged, and unconfined, and breaks all chains from every mind
    In midst of the 15th century...
    Too bright. The weather doesn't seemed to match the sorrowful heart in the castle. In the end of war, must they lose their king. Though the win belongs to them, none of them feel rejoiced. They have lost a king, a father, a friend. He left his people in confusion of who will become the next king in line. There are no such words that the first price will inherit the throne, no such word either of whom among these 3 sons will own the throne. Each one of them dying to hold the power, they are willing to fight and to kill even if it's their own brothers.
    You are essentially who you create yourself to be and
    all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making
    His eyes reflected the fire which burns the body of his father, he didn't feel anything. He never once talked to him like a normal father would do, he treated him like a stranger. Regardless he got the most genes from his father, he was none other than some child. Not everyone could witness the body of the king getting burned to ashes, he diverted his eyes to the left and right, all he has seen was tears or sadness. Perhaps he is the only one who felt nothing but anger.
    The first prince was the first person who walked out from his father's funeral. He couldn't control his temper, he gripped his hand tight, too tight, made his palm bleed. The prince went to his room by the time he got into the castle, he pulled the sword from his scabbard and pierce it to the mirror, letting it shattered. He took some fragments of the mirrors and holds it tight into his grip, making his hand bleed even more.
    Strength that beyond his brothers, more experienced than his brothers. He once won the war, along with his father, yet, why didn't he chose him to be the king? Why must he left no words to whom he will let his precious kingdom to. It should've been him. It must be him.
    "What a mess we got in here." The first prince gasps, but he didn't bother to turn his head. "I've never thought of seeing you like this, DeLacroix."
    "It was my brother, wasn't it?" The first prince glance his eyes to his friend, Leevan. He is the grand duke's fourth son of this kingdom. "He brought the witch to the castle, wasn't he? To put the spell on that old bastard, and make him the king, was it?!" he raised his voice.
    Never once he failed to lose such temper, he was elegant, charming, a good picture of a king. Seeing his anger would make him lose his reputation, nevertheless, Leevan, the grand duke's son, didn't bother about such matter.
    "You don't have any proof of her doing so, however, let's put it that way. What are you going to do, hm? Killing him in public absolutely won't leave you a good impression."
    He laughs cynically. "Does it have to be me? Why don't we have a deal, if you help me to do dirty work, I will make you the grand duke." He gives his hand to Leevan, should he accept it or not.
    Leevan doesn't need any second thought, he smiled and shook his hand. "I will make sure you got the throne you wanted."
    My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep,
    the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite.
    The second prince was the last person ever to leave the funeral, even the clouds has turned to dark, he was still there, blankly staring at his father's grave. There are so much questions on his mind that he wanted to ask to his father before his death. He was aware of his elder brother's anger towards his father's death, but he couldn't care less. He didn't shed a tear, none of his sons did.
    His cold eyes kept staring at those grave stone, when he finally closed his eyes to make himself clear of the situation. He wasn't mad of his father's death, no, never. But how the people in the funeral accused his lover, the witch to be the murder. Of course, they didn't know she was his lover, they only knew of his good relationship with the witch. He tried to convince them that she wasn't the culprit, there are no reason for her to kill him.
    Why wouldn't anyone believed in him? Recalling of those noble's travesty towards his lover, made him furious. The witch wasn't present at the funeral. She wasn't invited, nobody would want to see her, except him.
    At dawn, the second prince finally left for the forest, there he saw a small house made of woods and straw. People usually avoid that house, because there lived the witch. The second prince peek from outside the window, the girl he love truly. He didn't have any courage to enter, therefore, he soon left the house, just seeing her is enough for him
    "How is it?" asked a girl with a short hair, she was one of his father's knight.
    The second prince said nothing for a second. "Who do you think was the murder, Karen?"
    Karen raised one of her eye brows. "Who knows? Perhaps it was heart attack? Besides, his heart was weak before the war begun, didn't you know?"
    "He never told me a thing." he sighed. "Well, whatever it is, I'm going to take his throne."
    Karen glance at him, his eyes were cold, she could see everything deep inside. Fear and anger. "Let's say, if, your brother got the throne, what would you do?"
    "There are no ifs." he chuckles, "I will take that throne, and I definitely will bring her happiness. Afterall, when I am the king, she won't be left alone anymore."
    "That doesn't mean everybody won't be scared of her."
    True enough, but, "They will soon come to know the true self of the witch, wasn't like what they thought." he smiled.
    Karen doesn't really concern about her existence anyway, she never believed in rumors from the beginning. "Good for her then." she smiled back
    Every blade has two edges, he who wounds
    with one wounds himself with the other
    Perhaps, he was the only person who thought that his father's death is the greatest happiness of all. Of course, it wasn't polite of him to be smiling over the funeral, he tried his best to act as normal as possible. He can see both of his brother's look on their faces are different. He didn't care much about bragging to have the throne when his father was still alive, if it wasn't because of her.
    As the third son of a king, people doesn't hope much of him to become the next king, as a result, he became a womanizer. Living in a big castle without anything to do, bore him out. Unlike both his brothers, especially the second one who desperately practices day and night, he rarely practices his swordsmanship. He thought of it as a waste of time, he prefer to fulfill his desires with woman.
    Unfortunate of him to fell in love with a noble woman. He never truly liked anyone before her. Lustrous hair, seductive eyes, slender body makes her look perfectly in his eyes. Never he had seen anybody prettier than her. However, when he propose her to be his bride, she refused. He soon came to know that she was aiming for his eldest brother, the one who people think will become the next king. He hated him, for taking his love away. His father's death is a perfect opportunity.
    "So, you're going to kill her, just like that?" guessed Ray, a spy he hired.
    The third prince laughs hard and shook his head with a frown. "Should I? I will make regret of deceiving me."
    "Such as?" Ray lift his eyebrows with a glass of beer on his hand.
    "Make her want me, make sure she cannot live without me. I will make her crave for me, and at the end, I will dump her like what she did to me."
    Ray chuckles while taking a gulp of beer. "Sounds childish, but I will do as you told."
    "Make no mistake, I shall become the king." he reminded him.
    All I ever wanted was to reach out and touch
    another person not just with my hands but with my heart
    She leans on her bed, hugging her knees, letting her mother talked as much as she wanted. News about the king's death did surprised her, but not as much as knowing the next king hasn't been decided. She knew for sure that the first prince would become the king, the reason why she broke her lover's heart, the third prince.
    "You must marry the next king, do you understand me?" her mother exclaimed.
    Not like she actually listened to her. "Loud and clear, mother." It never was the path she chose. She prefer to be a normal person, a commoner would suit the name best. Falling in love freely like any normal woman do. Yes, that kind of life.
    Breaking heart of a man was not against her will, nor she actually wanted it to be. Her mother's words must be obeyed. She has engaged many times, but none any of them she had marry.
    Her mother glares at her before she left her room for the last time, and she slammed the door.
    The noble woman can finally breathe easily. "Monster." she whispered not louder than a breath. She hated her, for ruining her life, in almost everything. She would run away if she could. Her eyes looked down at the gown her mother has prepared for her, to seduce the first and second prince in case one of them become the king.
    Her long legs suit perfectly with that gown her mother chose for her. The noble woman started to change her clothes and prepare for her next job. Take the princes' heart.
    ||THE WITCH||
    I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
    in secret, between the shadow and the soul.
    "Go! Take the apples, I don't want that anymore, just go!"
    The witch grip the apples that she took and walks away as the shopkeeper said. She only wanted to help taking the apples that fell from the basket, and what she got was mockery. It happens all the time. Sometimes she was thrown a small rocks that made her head bleeds, thankfully, that doesn't happen very often.
    Some just wooed at her, some said nothing but stayed away, some thrown her rotten fruits, tomatoes for example. The witch stayed silent and walked as if she was a normal person here. She didn't let her face looked down, she tried her best to look straight though it's hurting her.
    She went home, to the forest which far away from the people. Again, she didn't manage to buy anything for her to eat. Only some apples in her hand that was given away. The only thing that still kept her alive is the plants, they are edible, however, she didn't like it very much. Sometimes, she cried in secret, never planned to tell her love how she feels. She acted strong, yet weak.
    The witch was thankful enough for them not to kill her. There are no witch except her, all of them had died, up until now, she had no reason why. The only person who is willing to talk to her normally has always been the second prince. They met when he was very young. The witch is obviously older than he is, older than any humans. She loved him, nonetheless.
    A prince and a witch. Wasn't very compatible to even put into words. A witch wasn't supposed to fall in love with a human, she will bring him misfortune, especially when he is the prince. At the end of the day it's about how much they can bear, how much they can endure. Being together, they harm nobody; being apart, they extinguish themselves.
    | |THE COMMONER| |
    I am nothing if I choose to be nothing. I choose to be something.
    Much like most commoners is the kingdom, she stood at her door, a frown painting her lips as words of the king's death spread through the slums. It was a sad moment for them all. The well loved, kind, and prosperous king had died? No word of who the next heir would be? This was quite a sad day indeed. None of it much bothered her though. She was just a commoner, a nobody.
    She often thought of a lovely life in the castle, a life a royalty. A life a privilege. It was a nice thought, a thought that could get her into trouble quite often. A dangerous thought indeed.
    She was just a commoner, and nothing more. But she could dream.
    The royal families last name is DeLacroix
    As the day the king's funeral has ended, it was the time where all of them start to change their lives. The next day, there'll be a ball at the castle in which everybody can attend, it is a must for the late King's family as well as acquaintances to attend, and commoners to work, that event will be their future, whether to fail or to succeed. It's all in your hand.
    The oldest brother among three, barely in his thirties. His mind had been set to become the king, it shocked him to death knowing his father left no words of him to be the king. However, he is not that pathetic, his volition is strong enough. Though he is very arrogant, selfish and ruthless, he was the only prince that got the nobles attention. His strength and cleverness made the nobles thought that he's the only one worth to have the throne.
    Kindest of all, he doesn't really put much concern into his status as a king. The one and only prince who were willing to play with commoners. He is very amiable to everyone, no wonder why no-one could ever hate him except his brothers. His illness was the one who drew him to know about the witch's existence. She cured him from his illness though it might took her some time and courage to buy the paraphernalia at the town, she was still willing to cure him nonetheless.
    Womanizer is the word that best suit him best. Typically every girls dream type of a lover, all's well in looks, title, finance, and ingenuity. There are no such reason for them to reject his touch, but that noble lady. He got his heart broken for the first time, causing him a heavy heart to get through the reality. This prince in the end of eighteenth, didn't have any knowledge about war or so, the only weakness he got against the other two of his brother. But, he has many other alternatives to make something belongs to him.
    The true figure of a woman every man will crave for. Her are no limit to her beauty, she came from a well known family, however, she has been leading a pitiful life, getting engaged with so many men, but in the end, she refused their marriage. Taking the heart of every one she dated, went against her will. Nevertheless, she rarely shows her true feelings in the public, therefore none of them knew about her sorrow.
    ||THE WITCH||
    A mysterious creature every one of them hate, besides the second prince, and the common girl. She couldn't cast spells, courses or even fly with her brooms, that is just myth that everyone talked about. She only lived longer than any normal humans, and an excellent pharmacist. Her age is more than one century, but she still looks in the middle of her twenties. A violent woman, yet a good natured, loving and careless kind of person. She didn't hate the humans whom treated her not accordingly, she just wished they would treat her like any normal person.
    || THE COMMONER ||
    Lady Viresse
    She is my character, and you all shall find out about her during the roleplay x3
    First Prince/Commoner
    Second Prince/Witch
    Third Prince/Noblewoman
    Age: (20+ unless age is specified.)
    Biography: [optional]
    1. Follow RP rules
    2. Don't just post 2 or 3 times then bye bye
    3. Follow your character (for instance; if your character should be a cruel & heartless person, dont play a veryyyy decent and loving person)
    4.Mind your language
    5. HAVE FUN!
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  6. Name:
    Natalia Brimm


    As a common woman, Natalia is very submissive, and timid. She tried to keep to herself, and keep her nose of out royal business. She doesnt even much care to keep up with the news on royal gathering, happening in the royal family, or the like. She likes to lead a peaceful life. A life that doesnt cause her to get lashings, threats of hanging, or any other absurd form of execution that most gathered when they stuck their noses where it didnt belong. She own a small bakery that brings in just enough money to pay taxes, and she is very proud of it.

    She will reveal it during the roleplay.

    N/A as of right now

    N/A as of right now

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  7. How many characters can I make? :O
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  13. Name: Syrelle Fenne'
    Character: The Noblewoman
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Personality: In public, Syrelle acts as her mother molded to be, spoiled , quiet , and a little flirtatious towards any noblemen that give her any attention. She holds a record of sorts on breaking men's hearts, but she never wanted to live her life this way. When she's alone, guilt over the many hearts she broke tears her inside out and the hatred she holds for her mother as well for the person her mother made her be eats away at her heart every day she breathes. The noblewoman doesn't let anyone in on her actual thoughts or feelings and just battles everything on her own.
    Biography: Syrelle prefers to ignore the past and pay attention to the present or future.
    Orientation: Straight
    Relationship(s): Was seeing The Third Prince...
    Others: Mother
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  14. [​IMG]
    Ezekial Reik Delacroix
    First Prince
    31 Years old
    Ezekial is strong and clever as well as selfish, ruthless, and determined to make himself be king. He doesn't care much for others, and usually only goes about doing things for himself. He has little compassion, and it usually all directed towards himself. He is very arrogant.
    None as of yet besides his brother's.
    N/A as of yet
    Ches Mina Barley
    The Witch
    Ches is sweet and she has a good nature. All she wants is to be liked by everyone. She just wants to help people, and that's all she ever does and/or tries to do. She cares about all, even the little insects around her. She doesn't understand why everyone dislike's her. She hasn't done anything to them.
    She is interested in the second prince, he was very nice to her.
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