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    "Greetings young Princes and Princesses, Mother Mae-ii here. Welcome [back] to Royal Prep Academy. This year we have also opened the school to the common village people. They will not be in certain classes you have, but you will have to spend time with one another during certain classes. As always, I wish everyone the best luck and fortune this school year, please do not disappoint!" Finishes a slim, average height-ed, middle aged woman dressed in a formal black robe with the school's red, blue and green crest neatly displayed on the front right side as always. Miss Mei-ii has short black hair that is beginning to grey, stylish black framed glasses, a slightly pointy nose and high, quite distinct cheekbones.


    This is basically a high school rp with a twist. For starters it is a medieval type setting in a slightly modern world. By this I basically mean no technology (cell phones, internet, computer, etc) or modern forms of transportation (cars, trains, planes, old fashioned boats <think pirates> are fine) yet there is electricity (for lights, electric stoves, etc). While I based the school name and colors off of the Royal Prep Academy from Sofia the First I promise this isn't actually based off of Sofia the First!

    Now, getting back on track, the majority of the people who attend this school are royalty (yes, that means Princes and kings or queens). There are a smaller percentage of 'commoners' as well. The royalty are not all related, and not all of them are royalty of a kingdom/country/state/etc. Some of the royalty might be Prince/ss of magic or friendship or laughter or art or wind or fashion, etc....

    The students do not necessarily have to be human, though the majority should be. They may also be witch/wizard or fairy/fae. One last thing, it's an 8th grade + school, that means all students are 12-18 in age range.

    Royal Prep Academy is not a boarding school. It is located in the land of Ienia and there is plenty of transportation for all students, whether they are brought by private boat or pegasus carriage or by mass horse drawn carriage or walking.


    Keep all OOC in the Sign-ups and OOC thread. There is a link in the top right of this post. It says 'Signups'. Click on it to go to the signup/ooc thread.

    You may Post here after I accept you on the other thread.​
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    ❝ Name {Nickname} || Title (if applicable) || Gender || Age || Species || Username ❞

    ❝ Oleysia Juniper Campbell {Olly} || Princess Oleysia of Ienia || ♀ || 12 || Human || ~Happily.Ever.After~ ❞
    ❝ Clancy Zachary Adams {Clance} || Prince Clancy of Manners || ♂ || 14 || Human || Kitsune ❞


    ❝ Name {Nickname} || Title (if applicable) || Gender || Age || Species || Username ❞

    ❝ Timber Kaya Lowe {Timmie} || Princess Timber of Friendship || ♀ || 13 || Human || ~Happily.Ever.After~ ❞
    ❝ Elizabeth Vantri Lacrosse {Eli, Eliza} || Princess Elizabeth of Theses || ♀ || 15 || Human || ~Death~ ❞
    ❝ Bardwin Verold Noire {Bard, Win} || Prince Bardwin of Anderlan || ♂ || 14 || Human || Felilla ❞


    ❝ Name {Nickname} || Title (if applicable) || Gender || Age || Species || Username ❞

    ❝ Kaylyn Tiana Brooke {Kay} || ♀ || 14 || Witch || ~Happily.Ever.After~ ❞
    ❝ Oliver Felix Cross || Prince Oliver of Vaniel || ♂ || 15 || Human || EtherealLights ❞
    ❝ Schuyler Victoria Brevenalde {Sky} || Princess Schuyler of Cachaia || ♀ || 15 || Human || Samantha ❞
    ❝ Logan Hunter Jackson || ♂ || 16 || Human || ~Happily.Ever.After~ ❞
    ❝ Brooklyn Elizabeth Greene {Brooke, Brookey} || ♀ || 15 || Human || Heavenly ❞
    ❝ Colton Joshua Meyers || Prince Colton of Willowbrooke || ♂ || 16 || Human || Heavenly ❞
    ❝ Gwendolyn Ell Altman {Gwen, Gwyneth} || Princess Gwyneth of Aelawyn || ♀ || 16 || Human || Justaddnutts ❞​


    ❝ Name {Nickname} || Title (if applicable) || Gender || Age || Species || Username ❞

    ❝ Zachary Brendan Knightley {Zach} || Prince Zachary of Martingale || ♂ || 16 || Human || ~Happily.Ever.After~ ❞
    ❝ Magdalena Aerith Cross {Lena, Magda} || Princess Magdalena of Vaniel || ♀ || 16 || Human || EtherealLights ❞
    ❝ Hunter Edwin Parrish || Prince Hunter of Arbielle || ♂ || 17 || Human || Heavenly ❞
    ❝ Nausicaa Lilia Thellis {Lili} || ♀ || 16 || Fairy || EtherealLights ❞
    ❝ Felix Hillington {Lexie} || Prince Felix of Eryde || ♂ || 16 || Human || Justaddnutts ❞
    ❝ Melinda Jane Roberts {Mel, Minnie, Linda} || Princess Melinda of Maybrooke || ♀ || 17 || Witch || Heavenly ❞
    ❝ Aranabella Mariane Pondecka {Ara, Arana} || Princess Aranabella of Kinpeja || ♀ || 16 || Human || Felilla ❞
    ❝ Ambrosia Fallon Helvana {Am, Amby, Sia} || ♀ || 17 || Human || Felilla ❞


    ❝ Name {Nickname} || Title (if applicable) || Gender || Age || Species || Username ❞

    ❝ Thomas Matthew Campbell {Tom, Tommy} || Prince Thomas of Ienia || ♂ || 18 || Human || ~Happily.Ever.After~ ❞
    ❝ Salomé Ambre Lockhart {Sal} || ♀ || 18 || Human || EtherealLights ❞
    ❝ Alaric Benjamin Bower {Ric} || ♂ || 18 || Human || Heavenly ❞
    ❝ Bethany Isabella Bower {Beth, Bethy, Bella} || ♀ || 18 || Human || Heavenly ❞
    ❝ Korilous Ragene La-Katence {Kori} || ♂ || 18 || Human || Justaddnutts ❞
    ❝ Ernest Hillington {Ernie, Old Hag} || Prince Ernest of Eryde || ♂ || 17 || Human || Justaddnutts ❞​
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    ♡ Zachary and Magdalena like each other ♡
    ♡ Thomas and Bethany like each other ♡
    ♡ Schuyler likes Oliver ♡
    ♡ Salomé likes Alaric ♡
    ♡ Aranabella likes Hunter ♡

    ✩ Thomas and Oleysia are Friends ✩
    ✩ Oliver and Magdalena are Best Friends ✩
    ✩ Alaric and Bethany are Best Friends ✩
    ✩ Brooklyn and Kaylyn are Best Friends ✩
    ✩ Aranabella and Ambrosia are Best Friends ✩

    Schedule is based on grade. Every grade has the same schedule (just to make things easy). Highlighted sections are the same for everyone.
    -----------Period 1Period 2Period 3Period 4Period 5Period 6Period 7Period 8Period 9
    8th GradeRoyal EtiquetteMathBallroom DancingEnglishArtLunchScienceHistoryMusic
    9th GradeRoyal EtiquetteScienceBallroom DancingMathMusicLunchEnglishArtHistory
    10th GradeRoyal EtiquetteHistoryBallroom DancingScienceEnglishLunchMathMusicArt
    11th GradeRoyal EtiquetteMusicBallroom DancingHistoryMathLunchArtScienceEnglish
    12th GradeRoyal EtiquetteArtBallroom DancingMusicScienceLunchHistoryEnglishMath

    *All teachers are free-for-all. Whoever wants to use them at the moment is allowed to, no one person has sole control over anything*
    Mother Mandi Mae-ii ~ Principal
    Madame Flora Fae ~ Nurse
    Sir Nikolaus Humberg ~ Nurse
    Mr. Gregory Danielson ~ Royal Etiquette, Music, Ballroom Dancing
    Mrs. Jeanna Danielson ~ Royal Etiquette, Art, Ballroom Dancing
    Mr. Gabriel Mathieu ~ Science
    Miss Laura Talebot ~ Math
    Mr. Jameson James ~ History
    Mrs. Analeigh Jakbowikz ~ English​
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  4. Kaylyn Brooke :: 14 {Nov. 27}, Grade 10 :: Witch :: Alphie-Toga-Sage :: Friends-Brooke* :: Crush-None :: X

    Kaylyn sighed as she swept down onto the steps of the school, letting her feet touch the stone before sliding off her broom. Walking through the entrance, Kay hopped she would get to be with Brooke for most of the day since they were both pretty shy, quiet, and overall not royalty. Besides, Kaylyn knew that Brooke wouldn't judge her for being a witch, unlike some people might.
    {Tagged-No One}{Location-Steps of school}{Period 1-Royal Etiquette}

    Thomas Campbell :: Prince Thomas of Ienia :: 18 {May 7}, Grade 12 :: Human :: Tallah-Patchwork-Wrinkles :: Friends-Olly :: Crush-Beth :: X

    Leaning against the wall, Tom looked down at his younger sister and smiled when she stubbornly rolled her eyes "I promise you'll only have to wait five minutes" he grinned as she gave him an exasperated expression then drapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling the younger girl into the royal etiquette classroom. Besides being siblings they duo were friends, and they got to see each other three times during the school day and at home.
    {Tagged-Olly, Open}{Location-Royal Etiquette Classroom}{Period 1-Royal Etiquette}

    Oleysia Campbell :: Princess Oleysia of Ienia :: 12 {Sept. 1}, Grade 8 :: Human :: Ivory-Pumpernickel-Sesame-Redd-Onyx-Cali-Jezabel-Olaf :: Friends-Tom :: Crush-None :: X

    "You had better not be more than five minutes. Horace was incredibly angry last time, and terrified I would be late for my other activities" she said seriously, glancing up at her brother and rolling her eyes at his laid-back attitude with everything. Sighing when Thomas pulled her into the classroom, Olly shook her head slightly. It seemed like her older brother, the heir to Ienia, would never learn to be a proper prince nor a proper king.
    {Tagged-Tom, Open}{Location-Royal Etiquette Classroom}{Period 1-Royal Etiquette}

    Zachary Knightley :: Prince Zachary of Martingale :: 16 {Aug. 21}, Grade 11 :: Human :: Jupiter-Pluto-Barney :: Friends-Open :: Crush-Lena :: X

    Leaning against the hallway wall, Zach sighed out of boredom. being a prince was great, tons of benefits and all, but why did everything have to be in a castly. Heck, helived in a castle,why did he need to go to school in one too! Letting the thoughts leave his mind, Zach waited in the hallway, looking for someone to talk to, dreading his royal etiquette class. he hadno royal etiquette.
    {Tagged-No One}{Location-Hallway}{Period 1-Royal Etiquette}

    Timber Lowe :: Princess Timber of Friendship :: 13 {Dec. 25}, Grade 9 :: Human :: Alaska :: Friends-Open :: Crush-None :: X

    Timber sighed, playing mindlessly with the amulet around her neck as she sat on the thick stone railing of the steps leading to the castle. Yes, somehow this young teen was a princess... of friendship nonetheless. Timmie was a reserved young girl, she didn't easily make friends, and she certainly didn't live in a castle. She lived in an extremely small cottage with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen on the extreme outskirts of Ienia.
    {Tagged-No One}{Location-Steps of School}{Period 1-Royal Etiquette}

    Logan Jackson :: 16 {July 7}, Grade 10 :: Human :: Mr.Meow-Squeaky :: Friends-Open :: Crush-None :: X

    Logan looked around, feeling very out of place as he wandered around the entry-way of the school. Besides the fact that he was a commoner, Logan didn't even live in the kingdom of Ienia. He was from the kingdom of Vaniel, the same as Princess Magdelena and Prince Oliver.
    {Tagged-No One}{Location-School Hallway}{Period 1-Royal Etiquette}
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  5. Aranabella Pondecka
    Princess of Kinpeja || 16 {May 19th} || Human || Raspberry || Friends: Ambrosia || Crush: N/A || X
    With a small sigh, Arana waved off the concern of her lady-in-waiting, hiking up her cello case higher onto her shoulder. "Honestly, Ambrosia. I insist. Now stop worrying." She paused to adjust her black shoes before straightening up to continue to class. "Clothing in Ienia is so impractical; I would do anything for a pair of riding boots and a simpler dress." She tried to pick up some of the layers of her skirt before she walked down the stairs, but she stepped on the hem. Before she could register it, Arana tumbled forward, almost falling down the stairs before a pair of arms caught her.

    Ambrosia Helvana
    Lady-In-Waiting to Princess Aranabella || 17 {March 6th} || Human || Locket || Friends: Aranabella || Crush: N/A || X
    "Your Highness, it is improper for a princess to carry her own luggage," Ambrosia chided her charge before listening to her comment. "It is my job to worry about you, Your Highness." She continued to listen to Arana complain about Ienia's clothing and she had to agree. This was not what the two Kinpejan girls had grown up wearing and it was very uncomfortable to start now, but the Queen had insisted that they respect the larger country's culture. Suddenly, Arana tumbled forward. "Your Highness!" Ambrosia reached out to catch the princess, missing her by inches before someone else caught her.
    Bardwin Noire
    Prince of Anderlan || 14 {August 4th} || Human || Leonardo-Zipelle || Friends: N/A || Crush: N/A || X

    Bardwin walked to his classroom, smiling brightly at the other people at Royal Prep. He didn't appear to be in a hurry, but he was honestly worried about being late. He walked quickly, but not rapidly. To most, he would look like he was taking his time.He steered himself into the room and sat down.
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  6. Elizabeth Lacrosse
    Princess of Theses || 15 {August 17th} || Human || Pets; Twila || Friends; N/A || Crush; N/A || X
    Elizabeth stopped at the steps outside the school and let out a soft sigh. She was a little nervous since this would be her first year at this school. She had been at a different school last year. Elizabeth took on a deep breath then let it out. She picked up the front of her dress and walked up the steps.
  7. Valentine ::Princess Valentine of Val Orlei :: 18 {Dec. 21}, Grade 12 :: Winter Fae :: Glacia and Snow :: Friends-Open :: Crush-Hunter :: ~x
    Val took in a deep breath as she stepped out of the carriage made of frosted ice. She had lifted the bottom of her dress to step out placing one of her pale hands in the waiting footman's. She stepped down her hair piled atop her head in an elegant style. She was nervous because it was her senior year of high school, it was basically her make it or break it time. She walked up the stairs to the front door of the castle her choker's blue gem glinting in the light of the sun. She shivered slightly before pushing to doors opening and headed to her first class walking down the halls in a slow pace.
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