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  1. Was watching ‘Merlin’ and am reading a book called ‘The Witch Hunter’ and so this is where the thought came from. So, this start with restating my basics and then little details, character sheet and lastly, the plot in mine, J. Let’s begin.

    • I want a partner that is loyal enough to last the whole rp, sorry, that sounds really rude but I have people disappear on me and some were really cool.
    • I don't care for the length; I need something reply to. I don't think a cliff hanger is nice, so please don't.
    • I don't care if you are a beginner or have been at it so long you are really Intermediate; I care that I don't have to question you as much as you question me.
    • If I have an idea, don't tell me that doesn't make sense....I will never say that to you, just ask for an explanation.
    • I do one liners when I have very little to put in or my detail matter is low, which happens if your post puts me there. THIS IS A HEADS UP!!!
    • Lastly, talk to me, I know we hear this a lot, but if you can’t rp because you have a bad day, your mood is not up for it or your personal life just won't let you, PM me, I will listen. I am empathetic by nature, sorry, but I will try my best to be sympathetic. It's not that I don't care, but I'm that person that wants to be physically there to threaten people on you behave then just talk shit about them. I will get attached and I will give you as much focus in anything you want to talk to me about. WE DON'T NEED TO RP EVERY TIME WE ARE TOGETHER!!!!
    • I will take on more than one partner for the same RP, so don't think this is taken and you can't do it with me. I also don't mind if you use this idea with another rper. But I would rather you do it with me.
    • I play either character, but honestly I like my males better.

    Small Detail

    Setting is medieval

    Genre is fantasy

    This is not a romantic rp, but their will be romance, just not between the main characters.

    C1= male, wizard, ancient, I will explain more in plot

    C2= male, prince, young, challenging

    Additional characters will include lovers, enemies, etc.

    Character Sheet






    C1 is an ancient wizard that has been death for nearly 200 years, he was the king’s personal wizard when he was live. The current king had the tum of all the royal wizards sealed and blocked off. Magic is now illegal in the kingdom and all magic users are either killed or banished, depending on how they are found out and the mood of the king. No trail or chance to explain, the king makes the judgement and that is all. All dragons have vanished, magic creatures fear for their lives and hid. One dragon was captured, dragons have the power of foresight and the king knows to catch magic you will need magic. He imprisoned the dragon, promising to free him when all magic is gone, tricking him into helping him, before he sealed him in the deepest part of the kingdom.

    The dragon knows to exist, he will need to restore magic and over throw the king. So he seeks to awaken the most powerful royal wizard that ever lived, C1. But to awake him he has to give him years from his own life. Becoming much older, to restore the power and life of C1, the dragon revives him, only not as the old man he was when he died. C1 is young again, with all the wisdom and magic he once had.

    C1 searches out who has brought him back, the moment he wakes and is found in the presence of the dragon. The dragon explains it all and in disbelieve C1 goes to look for himself. Being caught in the castle by C2, he sees the king who dismisses him as a child that was lost. C1 returns to the dragon and asks what he would like C1 to do about it, the dragon explains why he brought C1 back and C1 decides to help, knowing magic helps the kingdom more than anything. But he also knows that he is too young in appearance to influence the king. But too old in spirit to do anything to get close to C2. So he decides to do something about both, the only way he knows how.

    C1 takes all his wisdom and knowledge and places it in a mirror, in his own reflection. So when his younger mind looks in the mirror, he sees himself but he can talk to the wiser man he was when he died.

    C1, now clueless of everything, is guided by his older self in his reflection, to help bring back magic, by finding the good in C2. He finds a way to become C2’s servant and starts his journey to return magic to the kingdom.

    This is as far as the plan goes. Now comes the fun part, C2 and C1 will develop a friendship and bond that lead them through love, hate, magic, betrayal and much more. This is a MxM, with no romantic quality with the main characters. But the romance might go with characters each player adds, such as the player of C1, has a female character that catches C2’s attention and vis versa. Both players will play characters that have relations with the other’s character in good and bad ways. But that is not to say that you can’t play your own character’s family, friends or even add in a childhood rival.
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