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  1. Three hundred years ago, the War of the Six Rapes began when the three princes of three neighboring countries raided the castle of their larger neighbor Saraviin, stealing away the king's three daughters and making them their wives. In revenge, the three princes of Saraviin stole away the three eldest daughters of the antagonist nations, keeping them for brides.
    A war broke out which would not end until the grandchildren of the stolen brides declared peace with their cousins, and brought an end to the bloody conflict. Eager to ensure the theft of princesses could never again cause the deaths of thousands, the four kingdoms all prayed to the gods for three days and three nights, sacrificing much livestock and crops.
    Their prayers were answered with Sapphos Academy. A floating mountain over the world, the academy is guarded by the Valkyries, winged warrior-women who possess powerful magic and holy weapons, and staffed by the reincarnated souls of the most famous women of history. Great warriors, poets, historians, scholars, singers, mages, priestesses... they are all there to teach the young princesses what they must learn to be strong, independent, and powerful.

    Over the centuries, these girls have grown into some of the greatest queens the world has ever seen, many ruling as equals or even superiors to their husbands, or leading armies into battle. Other nations have sought to join the Sapphic League, and their ranks have swelled.
    League members are required to send all princesses to the academy from their tenth birthday to their twentieth (scaled for races that age differently than humans), and may also send other young noblewomen. Non-members looking to join are permitted one young lady each.

    Once at the academy, the girls are not permitted to leave. Ten years without seeing any of their family is hard, but going through puberty without any males around is also, well, interesting. While they are well provided for, they are not pampered and while there, every girl is equal save for seniority.

    The rules of the school are as follows:
    1. Leaving the campus is permitted only by special permissions from the headmistress. Violation results in immediate expulsion.
    2. Valkyries & staff are authorized to give Orders, which must be followed without question. Violations may be punished in increasing severity from verbal reprimand to expulsion.
    3. Skipping class is permitted only with permissions from the Healing Ward, or by using a Personal Day. One personal day is issued per month per student, with students in their final three years receiving two per month.
    4. Bringing unauthorized visitors on campus will result in corporal punishment if visitor is female. If visitor is male, the student will be expelled and the visitor will be executed.
    5. Students are permitted to have sexual/romantic relationships, with the restriction that no girl thirteen or under may be in a relationship with a girl fourteen or over, and that no student may have sexual contact with a student more than three years different in age.
    6. Dildos and other masturbatory devices are permitted, but must be kept out of sight in the student's room while not actively in use. Faculty are permitted to confiscate such items on sight.
    7. Sexually explicit literature and art are not permitted for public display but may be kept within view in the student's room, unless formally objected to by dorm mate.
    8. Foul language is not to be used in public areas of the school. Mandatory washing of mouth with lye soap for each infraction.
    9. The school uniform must be worn during normal school hours (8 am through 4 pm) on the Firstday through the Sixthday of the week. Seventhday and after-hours garb may not bring shame on the academy by being overly revealing, dirty, ill-fitting, or otherwise improper.
    10. Fighting is to be handled in a designated combat area and under the supervision of a staff member only. Fighting outside of these circumstances may be handled in any way the headmistress sees fit.
    11. Single-bunk dorms are a privilege, not a right. Contraband of any sort, unauthorized visitors, or more than two slovenliness violations per semester are grounds for revoking the privilege of single-bunk dorms.
    12. Double-bunk dorms are standard housing arrangements. Dorm mates will be reassigned every solstice. Switching of dorm mates between solstices will be done only under special circumstances.
    13. Alcohol consumption is permitted, but students unable to walk a straight line for ten paces are not permitted outside of their own dorm room. Intoxication in class is strictly forbidden and will result in detention and mandatory self-management counseling.
    14. Mind-altering substances must first be approved by the Healing Ward. Intoxication on these substances will usually follow the same guidelines as alcohol.

    Sound like fun? Create as many characters as you can stay active with. Please fill out a form containing at least this much info (and more, if you want to). For right now, I am only accepting students. If you wish to play a faculty member, please PM me.

    Age: PM me to play a character younger than 16.
    Race: Humans, Elves, Drow, Dwarves, Fey... please just don't be stupid. No Angels or Demons, or Valkyrie.
    Country of Origin: Be creative! Or make the sibling/friend of another person's character. Whatever floats your boat.
    Languages Spoken: I would strongly recommend including High Common, so our characters have a common language.
    Appearance: You MAY include ONE picture. You may NOT include a picture without LINKED credit. If you can't link directly to the artist's own page, you can find another picture.
    Personality: Avoid contradictions. My poor heart can't stand another "shy until you get to know her then outgoing" or "evil to everyone but actually good" little twat.
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  3. Ah, yes, it is. ^^ I've forgotten to post my character skeletons, it seems, but I'll have them up this evening. XD
  4. How many will you need to start? And How many should I make?
  5. I'd like to get at least one more person before we start. I think it would work best if everyone doubled, but I'm fine with only one character or more than two.
  6. As for history, anything special?
  7. Just what you think is relevant to the RP. ^^ Include the basics of their pasts that their fellow students would know about.
  8. Name: Toltecatl Mavarre, First of her name, Daughter of the Moonrising Empress Teyacapan I.
    Age: 38 (roughly equivalent to 18 or 19 in human terms)
    Title: Firstborn Daughter of the Empress of the Underdark, Princess of Mavarin, Heir Apparent to House Citali & Junior Matriarch therein
    Race: Half-Drow, half-human
    Country of Origin: The Tlahyuan Empire, which now includes the ancestral home of the Drow, the Underdark, as well as the human kingdom of Mavarre.
    Languages Spoken: Nahuin (the traditional Drow tongue), High Elvish (rarely used in Elven society but often used for literature and documents), High Common
    Appearance: Like most Drow, her skin is inky black, though hers seems to have a bit more of a pinkish-purpleish tinge, perhaps due to her human blood. Her eyes, unusually, are pale blue in color, but reflective and with excellent night vision. In build, she is neither as tall nor as graceful as the typical amazonian Drow female, standing only five foot seven with a limber figure that lacks the characteristic hourglass of her mother's race. Her hair is still jet black, and typically worn in a high, severe braid. Her facial features appear mostly human, but with a certain sharpness and elegance, especially her ears and nose.
    Personality: Intelligent, athletic, creative, and beautiful, the only thing Tolte really lacks is any sort of a working spirit or motivation. She never takes any extra classes, nor does anything more than the bare minimum in those she does. Putting forth effort towards anything related to school or work seems almost impossible to her. The only passions she has are for her fellow students, and even they are fleeting. With no clue about what she wants to do with her life, Tolte wastes most of her day with cheap entertainment- fashion, gossip, jokes, stories, music... and the enormous, five-person hookah she keeps in her room, fully stocked at all times with care packages from home.
    History: Her mother is the first Empress of the Citali line, gaining the right by assassinating the old empress and seizing control of the Matriarchy. Her father is the king of a human nation joined to the Tlahyuan empire, Teyacapan's first husband but not favored. Growing up in both nations, Tolte learned early on that she woud have to fight in order to get anything... and abruptly gave up on the thought. She doesn't see either her mother or father's throne as worth fighting for; more trouble than they're worth in her opinion. Going to the school has given her the perfect opportunity to shirk responsibility and act however she pleases, but in eighteen short months she will be leaving and must again face the real world. Here, she has a reputation and needs do little to maintain her position. But out there... the thought frightens her.
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  11. Name: Alamra Dotentrwing II, Daughter of Queen Gladriea of the Elven Realm.
    Age: 76 (Appears 17 in human Years)
    Title: Princess Alamra of the Elven Realm of Halaren.
    Race: Elf
    Country of Origin: Halaren, the northernmost area of the realm. Home to the elves.
    Languages Spoken: High Elven, High Common
    Appearance: Like all elves, she maintains a wild look and has a bit of frail to her hair. Speaking of which, she has long soft brown hair flowing to her shoulders, generally not brushed. She stands 6' 2", tall for humans, standard for elves. She has a slender build, still like all elves, and long and nimble fingers. The major thing off with her is she has human-like eyes. She does have the elven pointed ears, and the long legs. Her body is also deceptively strong.
    Personality: When viewed at first glance, she seems sweet, open, and caring. Not that she isn't those things, she is just a little more crazy than usual. Her wild personality causes her to become a little confusing to the average person, albeit not unfriendly.
    History: From the moment of birth, Alamra was trained to be a queen. She secretly despises how rigorous that could be, but does not shy from her duties. Her mother was always fussy and could be a drag at points to her, and she took up long walks in the forest due to this. One of these walks resulted in her getting attacked and having to be rescued, prompting her punishment. As the academy came into view, her mother was quick to sign her up. She despises the concept, but not necessarily the implications. Perhaps this school could finally help her mature in her ways.
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  20. Just to clarify, I'm going to need multiple joiners in a pretty short window to qualify as interest.
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