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  1. Noble families fight for control and a chance to take the throne from under their rival’s feet. Razahuls allies have sent Nakoma a princess over to the royal court for her safety, where she is reunited with her handmaidens and her sister who she thought was dead. At court, Nakoma discovers that her marriage to the prince of Razahul and the future king isn't assured, for it depends on ever-changing politics and alliances. The Nakoma' personal reservations are related to his secret affair with a lady of the court, and his doubts about the wisdom of an alliance. Nakoma also catches the eye of the prince’s bastard brother Nicklous (son of King with his mistress,) who has an agenda of his own. The Queen, turns to her trusted adviser for advice on the match with the princess and her son, and is shocked by the news.
    (I have left names for people to fill the roles and add their own characters)
    Nicklous (the king’s bastard)
    Nicklous almost fell asleep as his father talked to the members of his court about alliances, he sat as far away as he could but could still hear them going on and on finally he had enough he was the bastard anyway he did not need to listen to any of this even if he was favoured by his father. Nicklous pushed open the heavy decorated wooden door and looked down the staircase hoping to see his brother maybe he could lighten his mood but he saw no one expect from a few maid rushing around, he rolled his eyes and he lent back on the railing of the stairs his arms crossed waiting to hear his brother marching up the stairs trailing mud in from his ride and driving the maids insane. He bit his bottom lip and started to make clicking noises he was never the best when it came to waiting.
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  2. Nakoma (the princess)​
    Nakoma walked into the main hall with two maids by her side, one pulling the sleeves of her dress in a proper way, while she was hastely walking about in the main hall. Although she didn't feel like acting elegant all the time, it was what people expected from her. the youngest maid quickly braided her long brown hair when she finally came to a halt. Nakoms' green eyes trailed along the faces she saw in the room but it was when she saw his, that a smile appeared on her pale face.​
    She had known Nicklous for a while now but lately she became rather fond of this young man's actions.​
    Although it was not her place to say but she found the young kings' son very handsome.​
  3. Nicklous

    Nicklous gave up waiting for his brother and walked back to his room, as he reached the room he pushed open the door and headed over to the bed. The rooms was large enough but smaller than the others and it faced the forest. After a few moments of waiting Nicklous stood up and headed over to the window opening it slightly to get some fresh air, it made his hair shift slightly as the breeze came in but he did not step back he loved the fresh air of the forest and just looking at it made him happy.He smiled at the thought of father finding out that his brother was out riding in stead of at his meeting but the smile faded when he reliezed his father did not seem to care he had left the room at all.
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  4. Nakoma

    the princess wandered around in the castle. Her maids had now other duties to fulfil and so Nakoma had some time for her own.
    She walked into the common room where other clanmembers were having a drink. The long wooden tables and lit up torches gave her a cozy feeling.
    Although, the real fun begins only at night, she loved seeing the knights enjoying their own cup of ale.

    Nakoma sat down and took some grapes from a bowl, the sweet juice of the grapes made the princess smile. It reminded her of the garden where she met the prince of Razahul.

    Suddenly a door across the common room opened. The king and some of his courtmembers came out of the room, busy arguing and talking about subjects Nakoma could not clearly overhear. "They must have spent hours in there." she thought.
  5. Nicklous

    Nicklous continued to look out of the window he watched the trees move in the wind and the woodland creatures running up and down trees. He sighed then decided to go to the common room after all he could not spend all the night in his room.
    He psuhed open his door and walked along the long corridor until he reached the common room where others were having a drink. He walked inside the room and sat at a table in the corner that was shadowed it was perfect for him to pick up gossip and stories.
    One of the servents placed a mug of ale down on his table and he began to drink it still watching people and picking up snip its of conversations.
    He thought he was free from his father and all the politics of the court even though he was still in the castle that was until he saw his father and other court members walk into the room. "Great just great" he thought to himself hoping they would not look over in his direction.
  6. Nakoma

    The young woman noticed the king and his courtmembers walk into the common room. After all that arguing they just needed a drink.
    Nakoma noticed how some servants ran over to the king and his companions, when they sat down at one of the tables in the back of the room.
    She sat down on a nearby table, just watching and observing the people around.
    It was than that she let her eye fall once more on the kings' son. Although she didn't gazed at him directly, she couldn't help but overwatch his facial expressions, for a sign, anything. It was hard to see because of the dark shadow on the table. "Maybe he wants to be alone." she thought. "But than again, maybe I can go over there.." She simply ignored that thought, it is not right to just walk up to a prince and have a talk.. escpecially not when the ing is present..
  7. Nicklous

    The Bastard prince watched the king and the rest of the court walk in and sit down at a large table at the back of the room."And he complains to me about drinking in here" he said in a hushed tone so on one else could hear him.
    Nicklous smiled watching the servernts fuss over his father that was one thing good about being half royal no servents rush around you and fussing over you.
    He took a drink from the mug the cold ale quenching his thrist, he continued to watch the people around his until one of the knight walked up to him.
    Seeing the light going dark over the table he looked up to see the knight looking down on him smiling, the knight was Gwaine and he had scruffy black hair and ice blue eyes he was also one of the few people Nicklos had met that could out drink his father. As he was smiling at Gwaine he looked over at another table and saw Nakoma he turned his head back to Gwaine who had sat down in the chair next to him and had begun to chat."It was wrong to go and talk to his Brothers betrothed" he thought to himself not listening to a word Gwaine was saying. After a while he turned back to his friend and began to talk to him over less political matters that he was use to in the court . "Maybe if you spent less time drinking and more time doing your job my father might like you" he said to Gwaine who only laughed at the comment and hit him on the back. "But then again you would not be yourself without a drink in your hand" he said smiling back at his friend simply ignored the princess knowing his father would be beyond angry if he dared talked to her without his brother being there.
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    Nakoma noticed one of the knights joining Nicklous at the table. She always dreamed of marying a knight in shining armour when she was a little girl. the princess noticed a group of men, drunk obviously, fighting each other. the 3 men were wrestling along the floor with each other, it was not a keen sight. Nakoma shook her head, rolling her eyes. Why do men always have to fight each other? a plump men grabbed the youngest of the group and held him high in his strong scarred arms. "I will teach ya, lad!" and he trew the boy upon the table Nakoma was sitting on. Platters of food and cups of ale and wine were thrown over the people sitting there. Nakoma got up immediatelly, her dress was covered with stains of wine. The young boy who noticed, appoligized by exchanging a look with her but before he could even say a word, the older men longed at him and jumped onto the boy! The wooden table broke beneath them. Nakoma jumped back against the grey cold wall, trying to avoid this wrestling couple.
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    Niklous smiled at his friend as he started to gossip about the other knights.He enjoyed Gwaines company but there were more intresting things going on around him. Nicklous looked over at the group of men fighting and he shook his head knowing they clearly have had to much to drink, it was strange the fighting made Niklous feel safer and of course it was funny. He seemed ok with the fighting until he saw one of the men grabbing some one who looked so much younger than the man . He almost stood up in anger as he heard the man speak then throwing the bow on Nakomas table Nicklous stepped forward slightly he wanted to teach them a lesson for almost hitting Nakoma but Gwaine grabbed his arm saying "Its not worth it". Nicklous sat back down on his chair his hands clenched into fists .If they came anywhere near him he was planning to hit them both not caring if one was younger than him.
  10. Stephanie ( Princess sister )
    Stephanie walked the halls of the castle going over plans with some of the soldiers as they walked beside her she sighed pushing her crimson red hair back , even though she was a princess people didn't expect her to be the way she was all she every herd in her life was ' Why can't you be more like your sister ' she really didn't like the thought of it . She shooed the soldiers away knowing she had to find the king to see if anything need to be done. In her 15 years of life she had mange to become the right hand man to the king but she still wasn't good enough.
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  11. Niklous sat down as the men continued to fight and he talked the knight about things that had been important in the recent week . Gwaine did not seem to care about castle affairs and turned back to the topic of drinking . Nicklous looked over at his fathers table and was shocked to see Stephanie was not in his presence. The men fighting did not seem to bother Nicklous as much now as they had move to the far left of the comman room . He took the cold mug back up to his lips to take a drink and was still laughing as a remark Gwaine had made he almsot choked on his drink due to the laughter, no one else seemed to be able to make him laugh like Gwaine could. He leaned forward to put the mug back on the table his scruffy black hair falling infront of his face slightly as he put the mug down ,Nicklous swept the few strands of hair away from his face and looked back at his fathers table by the look on his face he was still talking about court affairs.
  12. Stephanie made her way to where the king was and sat at the table sitting beside king " Sorry I'm late " she said quietly to the king. the king and the other continued their talk as she sat their looking around seeing the men fighting she shrugged not caring what they where fighting about she sighed and sat back with her arms crossed and her eyes closed. She could hear the king telling her she has no task for today and can do as she please she simply nodded and sat their it seemed whatever they where talking about was important to her. Her hair keep falling in her face she began to get annoyed so she began to braid it back like her sister's.
  13. Nicklous looked at Stephanie as she entered the room, "Bit late are you not" he said to her he always found it amusing to tease her even if she was Nakomas sister. He smiled for a few momets then turned back to Gwaine who was gossiping about his fellow knights. He turned his head to see her walk over to the kings table, he shook his head and turned back to his friend even though Nicklous was thinking to himself he nodded every few seconds to make Gwaine think he was litening."You have no place at the court table Nicklous even if the king favours you your still his bastard son" he thought to himself over and over again. His blue eyes scanned around the room as he continued to think his hair had been fixed but still looked scruffy.
  14. She looked over to Nicklous with her soft green eyes the one thing her and Nakomas had in common and growled a bit upset he was always teasing her just because he was older then her. She stood from the table a bit board just listening to the king and the others. " I'm going for a walk be back soon " she said walking to leave " No Stephanie you stay here" she herd the king say. She sighed and went back and sat down. " Of course he wasn't going to let me leave " she thought to her self as she sat their with a sad board look across her face
  15. He continued to smile even though he was not looking at her ,Nicklous stood out of his seat for a brief moment to see who else was in the room then he sat back down after a full inspection. He looked down into the mug and saw that was empty, "Already" he said to himself then called for a servent to get him another one. He sat with him legs crossed and his foot tapping on the floor as he waited for the servent to come back with his ale. She came back and placed it on his table then he turned hearing his fathers loud and deep voice that always sent chills down Nicklous back, he sighed turning to the mug and taking a quite sip from it.
  16. Stephanie sighed as she sat their board out of her mind she just wanted to go for the walk. She closed her eyes she called for a servant and voice soft but firm as she order a drink for her self and sipped it slowly not wanting to chug it all done at once. She was a princess after all she began to think what her sister was doing not that she cared it was still a wonder to her she turned her head to glimpse at Nicklous then gazed up at the ceiling humming quietly so she wouldn't bother the king.
  17. Nickous continued to talk to his friend taking sips from the mug every so often,he had started to tap his fingers on the table one of the many annoying habits he had. Nicklous turned to look at his father who was still in a deep conversation with the other court memeber and most likely did not even know he was in the room. He turned back to the mug that had know fallen from the table onto a man who had been throwen in Nicklous direction, angry with the waste of ale he stood up and walked over to the man who had chucked someone at his table and punched him in the face causing an instant nose bleed. The man who he had just hit looked shocked more then angry and everyone in the hall seemed to go quite apart from his father of course who was still talking.
  18. Stephanie sighed knowing what happen without turning around. She stood up and made her way over to them. She had a stern look on her soft face " What do you think your doing ?! " she said loudly but not in a yell. " Nicklous go sit down " she said looking at the man who through the cup " And as for you. How dare you. " she clapped her hands and two guards came and dragged the man away with him pleading for his life She sighed pushing the few loose strands of hair behind her ear walking to sit back down.
  19. It took Nicklous a while to see Stephaine talking to them he sighed knowing that it would be best if he did sit down but he did not. He stood still angry and still quite shocked that the fight had been broken up so early. He reached over to the mans table and drank his ale then saying " You will not be needing this" he wanted to laugh hearing the mans pleads but he stopped himself knowing that Stephaine would not be best pleased if he did . There was a brief smile but he was still quite annoyed that his ale had been spilled , he continued to the annoyed smirk until he turned to see that his father had stopped talking and was glaring at him with a angry look on his face.
  20. ((This rp is reminding me of the Game of Thrones series... I'm in!)

    Luella Catusi, a visiting noble from the southern kingdoms.

    Luella Catusi watched the scene unfold before her as she ate. She was visiting the court on a diplomatic mission, and the behaviour of the courtiers and servants struck her as being entirely different from the etiquette she was used to in the southern peninsula. The boy also struck her as being odd. He carried himself like a noble, but sat apart from the royal family. He had the look of the king, but couldn't have been one of his children... could he? It was then that Luella realized, he must have been a bastard. Now this was yet another surprise. In the south, bastards were frowned upon, and she couldn't imagine why one would be allowed to stay at court, of all places. These were a strange people indeed.