Royal blood will spill!

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  1. Royal blood will spill! |
    Royal blood will spill! |
    Royal blood will spill! |
    Royal blood will spill! |
    Royal blood will spill! |
    Royal blood will spill! |
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    The story takes place in a realm known as "Aldaria", a land that for ages has been under constant war among the several empires and feudal lords that share this world, bloodily war that resulted in the deaths of countless soldiers and civilians that got caught up in the carnage. All of this was cuased becuase the many Royal houses that own land and a army fought for pride and power, this era of the war was known as the "Vanity War" and is however under the shadow of the second era of this war

    "The War OF fortune" it was called, originally called "Vanity war" This spoof of a title was created after the war was gone on for centuries when the military of practically every royal faction started to become increasingly small due to all the blood shed and little progress made in the wars, stuck in a constant stalemate. Rulers would also try arming peasants but this led to a giant uproar in communities across the realm, being forced into this war to die in their pointless war in exchange for nothing

    Due to this shortage of military power, bands of mercenaries comprised of mostly armed peasants trained by AWOL soldiers start appearing in the thousands across the realm from all races and cultures they raise and offer their services. The royalty of the realm only saw them as ungrateful peons trying to "move up" in this world rather than stay in their modest lifestyle..But they needed troops and if theses people are willing to kill themselves for a few coin, why not? So the nobility play along and even offers some groups their own land if they work for them, maybe even make them royal knights if they prove their worth. So they sent them to fight their vanity war and kept their actual troops inside their walls for their protection.

    To say the least theses rulers never kept their promises and ended up slaughtering entire bands when they come to receive their reward, refusing to honor their agreement and pay up to some lowly peasants. Of course this does not end well and they realize the error of their ways and see that they are without a army again. Then one of the more influence rulers of the realm, King Hale IV, a human ruler then called for a end to this chaos among each, to put a end to the slaughtering of their people that their foolish ancestors put them in. The various empires and kingdoms agree to this and wish to try for a era of peace. but they want to make it spectacular , not just some verbal agreement among messengers. No what they wanted this to be a amazing event. A grand citadel was constructed smack dab int he middle of the continent of Alderia, After its construction each royal house would send their son or daughter as a envoy to a gathering held in this citadel, each accompanied by a hundred royal knights each to the grand structure to sign a peace treaty on behalf of their nation...In their own blood, as a sign how they will honor this agreement.
    The Players of this Rp would play as theses heirs as they attend the gathering to issue in a era of peace.

    Or...Is it that simple? No, Of course not...
    You see during the "War of Fortune" the people of Alderia stepped on the toes of a giant. West of Alderia is a continent not as large as Alderia..But despite its size there us a long history on this piece of land. This continent is known as "Celdrin" to the natives, the natives of this land were also caught up in their own war, but compared to the wars waging in Alderia, the wars in Celdrin were far "cleaner" and "Honorable" if there was ever such a thing. five factions are native of this land, children of each are bred for war and can't wait for the day they can fight. The Factions here did not fight for land or Vanity,they fought because they see it as the ultimate test of Skill, Discipline and honor. Everyone is trained for combat and those deemed "dishonorable" are enslaved to work on their farms to pay for their crimes and eventually upgrade from slave to a Laborer and live as a citizen with rights..banned forever from fighting however.

    The people of both Celdrin and Alderia have known about each others existence for awhile but never really bothered with each other during the "Vanity War", the Celdrin did not see it as their war and that they should stay on their land and keep to their honorable warfare, but they did however do trade with some of the rulers of this land for food and sometimes even purchase prisoners to work on their fields as slaves. However when the "War of fortune" comes around and see the need for mercenary bands as a "inventation" to be apart of the war, the five factions of Celdrin see the need to band together to combine their epic trained forces as one massive army to take on the larger war happening in Celdrin.

    They sent some of their best to Alderia to represent what true warriors look like, looking for honorable Combat and a fortune they make way to Alderia to take part int he epic battles they hear stories of that happened in Alderia. Sadly they did not get what they expected, they got battles but they fought against untrained peasants that used dishonorable tactics that sacked villages and are only doing this mercenary gig because they were mistreated by their former masters due to their corruption and their Vanity war.

    They were also betrayed by their employers, nobility saw them as equal to the mercenary bands made of peasants, and thus treated the same, not getting their end of the agreement and disrespected by the "Mighty" Royal bloodlines of the land.

    The forces of "The Celdrin Union" boil with disgust and anger at the of Alderia, labeling the royalty as "Dishonorable savages" that need to be put down, that plagued this land with their own selfish desires. A council meeting made of the leaders of the Five factions of the Celdrin Union to discuss a drastic move, to purge the land of Alderia of this "Royalty" and bring more "Civilized war" to Alderia. When they learn of the peace treaty signing in Alderia, the Union of Celdrin only want to destroy them more, seeing this as them trying to run away from their dishonorable actions for a few years before going back to their savage war.

    The Union of Celdrin does not even see this as them declaring war on Alderia..More like a "Purging" it and building on the ashes a new future. With the armies of Alderia small and feeble, and the well trained and massive horde belonging to Celdrin; its would be very easy to take them out. So they plan to make their mark and attack the Citadel after the signing of the treaty, if they truly mean to stand together then let them show it.


    The Rp is about a fictional realm known as "Alderia" that is ruled entirely of royal houses that rule over its people with a iron fist, the land has been in a age of war for centuries until one point their forces are almost if not all depleted from the never ending bloodshed. They then call for peace and build a massive structure together in the middle of the realm together as a symbol of their new found unity and will have a peace treaty signed at this landmark. The royal houses send their children to attend this gathering to sign the treaty in their blood to seal the deal of peace.

    However the Peace meeting is disrupted by a foreign faction with the goal of whipping out the smug nobility from the world.

    So the PCs of this Rp will take the role as Princes or princess who are sent on behalf of their Royal house to sign this peace treaty and issue in a new era of peace but the Celdrin union attacks the gathering to start their war on all of Alderia with their massive forces.

    The PCs will have to work together to escape the citadel alive and try to find safety somewhere with a pissed of legion of warriors hellbent on whipping them out hunting for them. Will they put aside their past transgression and honor the peace treaty? Or will they have in fights and lead to their demise.

    i did not establish any official factions in Alderia so i can allow people who want in on this to make up their own royal house with their own history and culture

    Anyone interested .-.
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  2. This sounds interesting I guess Ill watch to see if you get enough players.
  3. Yay :D

    Also forgot to mention this but i did not clarify if its just humans in this world. I will not be against any race someone wants to be, i picture this world populated by the common High and dark elves, dwarves and so on..But if anyone wants to create a race that presides in Alderia im open to the idea so long that it fits in this fantasy world and they ask me if its ok to be

    Celdrin is going to be comprised of several races itself but none of them can be played due to them all being native to Cledrin and not apart of the Alderia royal class
  4. I may have a idea for a race that's a mix though.
  5. I may be interested.... Got an idea for a character and a royal house. Got some questions.

    Are multiple characters aloud?
    Are characters Celdrin Union?
    Do characters have to be royalty, or can they be guards and such?
  6. Yes in the form of siblings, you can have your character's brothers and sisters accompany you but if you have 4 or more than you have to put one on the chopping block for me to kill off when ever i feel like the herds too big

    No the Chracters are apart of the royal houses and nations in ALderia, the Celdrin Union is a foreign faction looking to wipe you out

    I sorta want them to be royalty because thats who should be scared during this event and i want this feel that you have all been pampered your entire life, never had to work a hard day in your life and now you are being hunted down by a force that has wiped out your home, taken plenty of land with little challenge

    The playing characters are wanted dead because they happened to win the lottery and be born into a royal bloodline and thus thats why the group will be hunted down. So now they have to live among the filth they ruled over and try to blend into this society that is now being ruled by this foreign army that is going to continue this ruthless manhunt until every royal bloodline has been snuffed out
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  7. In the meantime allow me to just show off the Celdrin Union, the factions within it and perhaps give me a few ideas, maybe a few things i need to change up.

    The Celdrin Union

    Celdrin has been a land mostly not well known to the natives of Alderia, Citizens to caught up trying to get by with their day to day job to care about the history of a continent that does not mean anything to them

    Until now...

    But what is this union? How did it come to be? Firstly we need to learn about the "Big five" that come from this land

    "The Yakens"
    You can't talk about the history of Celdrin without mentioning the Yakens fifty times..Minimum

    The Yakens are native to Celdrin but oddly look human and can be easily mistaken for one, but their rough features and cold no-nonsense personalities is what usually gives them away.

    This faction is responsible for making Celdrin what it is today, a honorable and well organized battlefield. Early Yaken civilization was built primary around survival due to the chaotic war situation in Celdrin at the time, constantly having to defend what is theirs from other groups looking to take what they want because they had the idea they were stronger but the Yakens were originally weak and peaceful

    Not until a man by the name of "Teron Irow" stood up and called for the end of their peaceful ways and to pick up steal and fight back, to no longer be pushed around and show them that theses scoundrels that their ways will lead to their demise. The blacksmiths discontinued making farming tools and began to craft long sharp blades to slash and and cut up theses bastards. He railed his people with fiery speeches to encourage them to fight and began the march towards the local bandit camps to slay them as they fatten themselves on stolen meat and plundered Wine. They planned to keep clearing the camps out until there are no more or they all die with a blade clutched in their hands.

    This small crusade is what ends the first chapter of the Yaken's history, they found their true calling as warriors, the Yakens got revenge on any surviving bandits by enslaving them to work on the lands they stole from and while they worked they trained and expanded their skills with various other weapons, because of this, Yaken soldiers within the union are very skilled with almost anything capable of killing someone.

    Teron became the leader of the Yaken people, it was him that freed them of oppression and put them on their true path, but Teron feared maybe they would let this new found strength get to their heads and end up like bandits with thinking they are so strong that they can take whatever they want. The Yakens then build their morality around "Honor" where they should use their power responsibly and to uphold a warriors code were they only fight those that have steel in their hands, to never slay non-combatants.

    The Yakens grow in strength and in skill every passing year, it was not long until they came up with their newest campaign. Celdrin has been in this state of war for far too long; Mindless killing, stealing, rapings and pillaging were the most common things at this time. it was time to put a end to this madness and unify all of Celdrin as one...But they knew they could not contain this fire, it would not be long before splinter groups of Yakens break off and the whole process starts over again. They need to organize the war...

    No..Their plan was to fight every group willing to take up a blade and challenge them in open combat and those that prove worthy against the Yakens in both Skill and honor are spared and offered a place in a new alliance to clean Celdrin of the scum and set up "sanctioned wars" among the members

    Veran Descendants

    The Veran descendants were the first to be apart of this new alliance being formed by the Yakens. These people believe that they are the sons and daughters to a reaper of souls known as "Veran" Who thirsts for the souls of the strongest warriors of Celdrin. Legend goes that Veran created them to help him reap souls faster and to hunt down theses skilled warriors so that their souls may be reaped and fed to him.

    The Descendants of Veran were masters at blitzkrieg tactics, rushing into battle, not wanting to keep Veran hungry for the souls he demands. To be killed by the weapon of a Descendant is a sign of respect at your skill as a ee the weapons the Descendants use are crafted and anointed in sacred blood of the tribe's Chieftain. Theses weapons are decorated in beads that "contain" the souls they reap and after every battle the beads are tossed in a fire to send to veran to feast on. Because of this they won't kill someone with their weapons unless they know they are worthy to be fed to Veran, instead they choose to will use their bare hands or feet to kill a unworthy foe...Favorite form of execution being curb stomps!

    When the Yakens discovered this tribe they first saw them as savages and challenged them, the Descendants of Veran welcomed the battle and met them on open field and gave them quite the thrashing but in the end the Yaken's well trained troops triumph over the greenskins. They proved themselves in combat as a worthy combatant and was now interested if they had any honor, after question their captured leader about their culture he learned that they also don't slay civilians..not exactly for the same reason, they don't slay them because they have no reason to, Veran only wants the souls of warriors and if none of them are warriors then their souls are not worth reaping.

    But in this fucked up land..This mindset is still a rare thing and is good enough for Teron to ask them to join them. The Descendants of Veran may be brutes but they still process some logic, joining them would continue their Survival and allow them to fight in larger battles to reap more souls...This was the start of a new friendship.

    "The Jikkions"

    Continuing their bloody campaign the new alliance encounters a reptile like race that dwells in a swampland on the south side of Celdrin. Instead of fighting this faction the Alliance ends up fighting alongside them as they come across a battle between them and a infamous bandit group known as the "Catherian" Who...long story short has been wiped out but be are getting ahead of ourselves.

    Even they knew nothing of this reptile tribe, compared to the Catherains anyone is better. So the Alliance rushes into to combat and drive the attacks off, Just im time also it seems. Theses Jikkions fought with valor as they were greatly out numbered without fear. They fight for a similar reason the Yakens had. To fight to protect their homeland form unlawful invaders but have been under constant attack and have lost too many to launch a offensive. The Yakens and Veran Descendants offered to assist them in this small goal if they agreeded to join their alliance...The Jikkions accept and they make way to the base of the Catherian to put this wild dog out of this world already

    When they arrive they get to witness Jukkion warriors in a breath taking performance, their skin was as thick as steel and their arms swing true with skill as they cut down theses brigands without mercy. The three races suffer only a few broken bones and bruises from their attack and the most infamous bandit group is wiping out in a battle that lasted only 15 minutes. They knew they were all meant to be together, With the Yaken's disciplined training and the VD's rage; the Jukkion's steel skin is exactly what they needed.

    The Ohrions

    One of the factions of the Celdrin union is shrouded in mystery as they never been talked about outside the island besides being listed as a member of the union...Nobody not native to Celdrin has any idea what the Ohrions are or what they look like. Many rumors in Alderia spark up that the Ohrions are the true puppet masters behind who runs the Union

    Some stories are made to scare children that the Ohrions are horrible beasts of incredible power that come after the naughty boys and girls of Alderia. However those from Celdrin must know who this faction is..They are openly mentioned as a member of the union but nobody in Alderia has ever seen them or given info on who they are.


    This is four but i can't really think of a fifth...i had a idea for a fifth but im having trouble keeping this together as it is so im prolly gonna scrap that group and come up with another..Or il shorten the Union to four groups. So if someone wants to pitch a faction for the union nows your chance

    i wrote this last night and im trying to make sure everything is working out..
  8. I'm interested, but I do have a question. Do we have to play as one of the heirs, or can we be one of the guards?
  9. @Cats I asked the same question, read up twice.

    I'm still interested tho!
  10. Yeah you guys don't wanna be Guards in this Rp...Because i plan on having them all be Red shirts basically. Any Guard, Soldier or Knight you meet is probably going to die :x

    Speaking of which, theres gonna be some grit int his RP with blood and maybe some brutal deaths. I won't go over the top with it but theres certainly gonna be some graphical content >.>
  11. So i created a character sheet for this for you guys to check out, also im working on making a compressed version of the "Cledrin union" because that post i gave was a complete clusterfuck and i wish to make it easier to read and not go to into detail about the factions..just who they are and what they are good at




    House you represent: (Again you can make up your own)

    Royal Title:

    Honorable or Dishonorable? (This will act as your characters' Morality)


    Any skills?: (Read rule one before filling this one in)

    History (At least 2 paragraphs, more can be revealed during RP if you wish but give us something to work with)

    Motivations: (Whats going to get you though this nightmare?)

    Appearance: (Realistic, Anime, drawing and so on, what ever suits you)

    Outfit: (If you find a pic you want but the outfit is not fitting for this era then you can find a separate pic for the outfit)

    Likes (List 5)

    Dislikes (list 5 also)

    Fears (List 2 at least)

    Dialogue color (optional)

    Anything you wish to add?


    Any ideas on something to add to the sheet?
  12. May I ask how advance is the setting? Like is like the medieval with no technology, or is there advance technology? Sorry if this question is dumb.
  13. Yeah im not the best at clarifying, my mistake..Sorta a bit unexperienced when coming up with Rps

    But its in medieval times with no advanced tech :X i hope thats what you were hoping for ._.
  14. It wasn't XD I wanted a little sea creature that would be inside a human sized mech, but I'll make do.
  15. I'm also pretty interested in this. I enjoy violence, royalty, assassins, medieval, and all that good stuff, so this sounds great. I'll join up if it's made! It looks like my cup of tea.

    Also suggestions for sheet: Maybe family? Just in case people have siblings, or want to make up the house rulers for their form.
  16. yep yep

    I also planned on allowing people to have several characters that are siblings but they can also just list that they had family back home...Maybe even have a section where they can talk about the culture of their house

    And this is another thing i ask of you guys ( Im horrible at this..i ask everyone a question every post i make) But if someone here has some experience with GMing Rps can you perhaps help me out? Because i seem to flop every time i try to start a RP and i could really do with some professional assistance with setting up and getting the plot to progress
  17. I have experience on other sites, but not this one. If you need just general advice, though, I made quite a few in my RP peak (somewhere in the 30s I'd say).
  18. Good to know! :D

    Anyway, perhaps i should go ahead and set up a thread as i think i got enough people interested, won't be starting NOW but i want to get it all set up, so people can start submitting their characters and i can smooth out the edges of the product before cutting the tape

    Should have everything straighten out by the time we have enough people to start. O ram i rushing it? Again im a amateur at this. .___.
  19. I usually don't set up a thread until I have everything smoothed out (I use like google docs or word to make the first drafts), however that's just me. I think you're good for starting a thread, you have probably all of us on this thread, and others who may not even look at the interests board for members. If you don't want people posting until you have everything figured out, just make sure to mention that.

    Also, are you gonna do everything on the OOC thread or will you make an IC thread (which is new to me but very useful)?
  20. What do you mean o.O Of course theres gonna be a IC thread .-.

    Or do you mean where im gonna put the Lore and such? Thats going in the overview tab :D