Royal blood will spill! [OOC]

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  1. This is the OOC chat for the RP "Royal blood will spill"

    Talk about whatever in here \(._______.)/
  2. So uh...I like trains? Anyone doing anything exciting?
  3. So I've decided I will make a human because they're simple and I like simple.

    But just for info's sake, are the elves like the LOTR ones for example? Longevity, good eyesight, etc?
  4. Based on what someone else did for their characters I'm guessing they live longer but also have a much slower life cycle.
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  5. Yeah im accepting that

    And The reason why i kept it to human and elves was to keep it simple >.> So im glad other people enjoy the simple things
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  6. Welp I'm going to head off to bed now, who knew five hours of sleep isn't enough? XD

    Good night, I'll be working on my char sheet soon!
  7. I enjoy it either way. From a GM standpoint it's also good because it honestly makes management a lot easier. You have less lore to worry about, more races means larger world, more cultures, overall it can get sloppy fast.
  8. Added the Celdrin leaders in the cast tab..Dunno if i should create character sheets for them or allow you guys to learn more about them as the Rp progresses

    But mainly il be playing them along with the entire Union as the antagonists
  9. I like learning as we go.
  10. Hey, may I still join?
  11. I'm dying. xD trying to make 3 characters. Ahuehuehue. I might post my them later.
  12. Good luck :p I'm going to actually be merciful on myself for once and simply make on char. The only thing I have to decide is whether I'm making a girl or a guy.
  13. Hahahah, I miss rp-ing tho and that's why I'm going full on cray with 3 characters.
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  14. I love rping! But I tend to mess up when I swarm myself up with too many characters. I truly admire those who can play multiple characters at once :3

    Hmm I have decided... I shall make a guy!
  15. Oh I have another question, @Fendisteel . Are human/elf hybrids allowed?
  16. Oh my lord I have done it. Srsly took a while. Though, I purposely left how close their relationship with each other vague. Other than saying they were close ofc.
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  17. Yeah a little something i want you to keep in mind..Having knowledge in combat is fine i just hope i won't see any of your characters taking on Celdrin troops with ease at the start because im trying to set up this helpless feeling at the start of this.

    I bring this up because the two males seem to be comfortable with combat...Which is explained yes, and i would be fine with it. but just keep in mind you would be going up against a legion of races that have been perfecting their skills for centuries.
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  18. Thankie!!! :D

    Now I shall start with my char sheet XD Hmm... I may be tempted to make two. Blah me.
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  19. Fendisteel: Err, fairly new to the site so not quite sure how to quote things. But yaaas, they're not good but, they're aren't that scared. That's probably the only thing I have for them. Kek.

    Greenie: You know you want to! Haha~
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