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  1. When Royal Blood is tainted, it usualy means death by birth. Not for Yamio. Her life centered around joy and happiness from her dear parents, whome swore to protect her until the day they died. That promise quickly changed well after they were forced to put her the hands of an Ice-Jin who would raise her as his own, but would not protect her from harm.

    Yamio is a Majin / ice-jin hybrid. Her characteristics are beyond that of 'pure' and she is hated for her existance. Others look past her kind and sweet personality. For that, she does not know. The little Majin, or so she'd prefer to be referred to as, lived with this man for a good amount of years of hurt and dicipline before realizing that her place was not needed here. Besides the fact that she is a meek, quiet, and shy person, her intellect was one of her biggest weapons known to man-kind. Her ability to think at such a quick rate earned her some respect from many people who've recognized her. Though after her escape, the only thing reminding her as to why she must fight for herself is the collar that remained around her neck. Yamio's never made an attempt to take it off and she wishes to keep it on for personal purposes.

    She came across a little planet named Earth quite a few years afterwards and she was hoping to be able to find a place she could call home. Yamio was a tad bit surprised to find that quite a few other creatures had decided to reside here; a few Namekieans and one other Majin that she took no interest of the moment she's seen him; partially due to the fact that he's let himself go and did nothing but eat. Other then that, Sayains were something that she despised only slightly. Only once did she engage in battle with a Sayain and once did she succeed in winning. That didn't mean she was a mercifull killer and the rampage. She merely seeked help and wished to recover what she had lost. Yamio was merely seeking the arms of a new friend - for now.

    *I'm just really bored right now and I'm looking for some interesting roleplaying partners ^^

    *If you're interested, feel free to reply right here or send me a pm > u <

    *I'd like to see tons of creativity in your characters! I love a good brief moment of action and humor. It's what I enjoy the most, I suppose ;u;
  2. Looks interesting; some more information would be helpful and convenient to me and others around here.
  3. Sure thing ^^

    Due to Yamio's inability to communicate well with others, her dearest wish is to rebuild her lost past. Rather than staying as the quiet thing she is, there was an urge to get stronger and reclaim her spot back on her home planet. Without help, her journey and battle for royalty alone will be a walk through hell. Upon earth, she'd have to endure what it offered and befriend even one of the most stubborn of beings before reaching for her main goal; going home.
  4. I didn't mean character information. I meant things like who you'd prefer to play, how many paragraphs and/or sentences you expect, your roleplaying style, what genres this would be under, your expectations on spelling, grammar, and such, etc.
  5. Ah, alright xD

    Let's see.
    *i'm into para roleplays since I find one liners to be beyond boring now.

    *my replies are usually detailed and humorous in many little ways. Every little thing counts in my world.

    *genre here varies depending on the situation but it may truely center around action and adventure. Romance can come around but that's up to how things will play out.

    *everyone makes mistakes when it comes to spelling. So I'm not at all hard on that.

    *overall, I enjoy making a story that would stick to the mind. Something that would really mess with your feelings. Call me crazy, but I've done quite a few that were unforgettable. ^^ that's about it I suppose. If there's anything else you need to know, go on and ask ^^
  6. Do you have a preferred role in this roleplay? Does 'dbz' mean something?
  7. -ah, dbz=dragonballz roleplay
    Very few people have been found on here that put up a good story for this kind of roleplay, heh ^^"
  8. Ah, I see. Well, I don't roleplay dragonballz. Thanks for you time, though. I hope you find someone who'd like to roleplay with you.
  9. Yup no problem!
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