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  1. I would like to introduce some characters I would like to role play with. I can adjust them to fit in with certain genres or plots if you so wish. Quite simply, I don't do torture, or incest, my blood play is limited to vampires and arteries, and I'm quite reluctant to do fxf at the moment too. I prefer to play sub, although I'm fine if dom/sub doesn't enter into the relationship either. Anything else, I'm pretty cool with. :)

    Roxanna Simon appears on the steps of an orphanage as a newborn baby 23 years ago. At the age of thirteen she disappeared off the grid, and was never heard from again. She was noticed as a prodigy at school, and perhaps the only people who missed her were her teachers. Once a short, scrawny, scowling youth, she has grown into a tall, curvaceous young woman. She is incredibly well-educated, cultured and mannerly, to the point where very, very few can tell that she didn't come from a privileged background. A natural red head, with loose curls framing her old school pretty features, and soft, pale skin, not many suspect her of being one of the most wanted people in the world at the moment. She is a bank robber, a con woman, a fraudster and some have even accused her being a terrorist. Known by the handle Asphodel, Roxie Simon is one of the world's most notorious hackers, cyber criminals and a pretty darn good con woman.
    Example Plots
    FBI Agent x Melody
    Police Officer x Melody
    Criminal x Melody
    Superhero/Gifted RP

    The world ended twenty years ago, at least that's the general consensus. Economic collapse, brutal warfare, the exchange of nuclear weapons... British-born Ruby Lee should be glad she's still alive. Her parents were visiting American relatives when the bombs started dropping, and neither of them lived much longer than that. Five years old, she was fortunate enough to find a small, secure network of survivors that look her in as their own. With them she quickly learnt the skills needed to survive, unaware of the paradise being built miles from where she and her new found family starved.
    With their immediate survival no longer in question, gangs started to form and fought for control. Ruby was in one of those gangs, and more importantly, in the one that won. A general, she was respected and feared in equal amounts in the local territory. Her position and her future as secure as is probably possible, she looks to keep her head down in the meanwhile. Time will only tell how that ends up.

    Example Plots
    Rich Kid x Ruby
    Rival Gang x Ruby
    Police Officer x Ruby
    Demon x Ruby (?)

    As always, if you have anything else to suggest, please don't be afraid to give me a PM. :)​
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