Rover Quest [Mild Fantasy-SciFi Hybrid RP]

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  1. This roleplay will be posted in the Fantasy section.

    I had no idea what caused this to come to mind.

    So anyways... the base idea is this.

    A star system dubbed as 'System 52' consists of the star Dekkard and four known inhabited planets - Daimo, Kulbb, Hart and Speid.

    Astronomists and Scientists of these planets have located the position of an unidentified planet in a neighbouring star system. They wish to learn more about this planet, and hope that they themselves will be able to one day colonize this planet, should it be inhabitable.

    As a result, each of them created one small space rover to explore this planet. However, while the rovers were on their way, they lost signal of them...
    ... You, as a Rover, found yourself on an unidentified planet filled with new life forms. New to you, at least. Your tiny form, now losing contact with your creators, are now on your own on this world. When you crash landed, a life form, presumably sentient, approaches you and takes interest in your form.

    Both of you now head towards the nearest town. The sentient life form states that it is known as 'Emangi Town', whatever an 'Emangi' or a 'Town' is.​


    So, there you have it. Basically, you are a Rover from one of these four planets. You are created and sent to a mysterious world. This world is pretty fantasy-themed, the races, the magic, all that. Now, you must use your tools and personal instincts to survive.

    I will also need four heroes who find each of these Rovers, preferably played by seperate roleplayers.


    Common Rover Abilities

    Singular camera eye
    Approximate size that is slightly smaller than a chicken egg.
    Four Tendrils of about diameter 1cm that reach up to 10 metres, all made of durable materials that put carbon nanotubes to shame.
    Slightly enhanced temperature resistance
    Slightly enhanced durability
    Self-regeneration when not in combat, or if it is a mere few cracks.
    The ability to analyze DNA and temporary transform into a juvenile version of DNA scanned. This works on tissue, dead or alive, you you can improvise a dragontooth blade or a pheonix feather quill pen to transform into the original creatures. For living beings, it might sting a little. It only adapts to DNA, and does not replicate clothing or accessories.

    Abilities of Diamond Rover from Daimo (Taken by Crow)

    Utilisation of wheels
    No alternate fuel, but increased absorption of solar energy compared to others.

    Abilities of Club Rover from Kulbb

    Utilisation of propellers for flight
    Lacks any form of legs, and thus cannot move via land.
    Lightning as an alternate fuel.

    Abilities of Heart Rover from Hart

    Increased usage and dexterity of tendrils, enough to use for swift walking, running and evasion on land.
    Organic matter of plants as a power source.
    Drill capabilities for digging
    Camera eyes not present on rover itself. However, it can create and summon nanite drones that have camera and vision capabilities in order to aid its vision. Increases 3D perception.

    Abilities of Spade Rover from Speid

    Utilisation of propulsion and shape for aquatic adaptation and swimming
    Utilisation of legs for any land activity
    Organic matter of animals as a power source
    Two camera eyes on each side.​
  2. I would like to take the role of a hero, so any fantasy race is ok orrr...?
  3. Yes, any sentient fantasy race. Nothing too broken though, I don't want people levelling bosses.

    Also, apart from the usual quest fights and battling dragons, there will be antagonists - the Joker Race.
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  4. So, is anyone interested in playing a Rover?
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