Round Robin Hijacks: The Crazy Dinosaur Problem



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Round Robin Hijacks: The Crazy Dinosaur Problem


((The OOC: This is a world of chaos, and that extends to you, the players. The premise of the game? Round Robin. The rules? There's only a handful, but they're worth looking at.

  1. Only one post per character. That means once someone has posted from someone's perspective, they are off limits to post as again or edit except for minor grammar edits.
  2. Jump in at any time, quit at any time. You don't have any obligation to post unless you feel like it.
  3. No posting twice in a row. Once you post, let at least one other person post before you do so again.
  4. Subsequent posts must be based on what has happened before. No abrupt scene changes, though you can have your character move off elsewhere. Just be sure to keep it where another character can pick up on their own post.
  5. On your post, you can do whatever you want (just try to keep it PG-13 and no smut) to the characters before yours, whether with NPCs or minor hijacks. (ex: Tina was the main character three posts up. In a post where Sarah is the main character, she sees Tina run up the steps and out into pedestrian traffic, getting lost in the crowd.) Keep the focus on your character in your post, but use others for flavor! This also means that when your post ends, your character becomes up for grabs for such uses, so it might be best not to use favorite, well developed characters.
  6. Everyone is a game master. On your turn, you control the scene. It has to start the same as the last one ended, but you can have it change via storyline to most things you want. Just have a fun, descriptive reason.
  7. You must start your post with your character passing or seeing the character whose perspective it was in the previous post. Think of it as though the camera is jumping from character to character as they pass or make eye contact.
  8. Don't use this as a way to act on OOC grudges. This is Chaotic In Character Fun! Let's enjoy!
  9. Try to use your best grammar. Edits are permitted to fix grammar and spelling, or very minor clarifications.
  10. Don't use anyone's characters from another game or blog without their permission unless they use said character first.
  11. Fan characters are okay! Original characters are love! No use of real live people as characters, however.

Okay, that's all of them. Have fun! Oh, one last rule. I get the first post!))

There was a definite problem in the subway in The City on that fateful day in autumn. It wasn't the lines or the crowded cars or even the bums who habitually rode the line for a place to sleep. It wasn't even the bad food or the horrible tabloids or the overpriced tourist nicknacks sold in the station. Oh no, today it was something else entirely.

Joan paused as she stepped off the train. Others were waiting to board, but it always took her a moment to get her balance. Some inner ear problem, her doctor had said, but she reckoned the old man didn't know any better than she did. After a few seconds, she pushed forward through the crowd, not really caring who she bumped into. In fact, she almost didn't notice as she brushed against the seven foot tall feathered and scaled gentleman in the business suit. She wouldn't have noticed at all except for the fact that he was a garish green and orange that contrasted very sharply with the powder blue jacket and red tie.

Joan turned to look at the man, and it slowly sunk in that he wasn't a man at all, but some sort of... No! It couldn't be. But the dinosaur was looking right back at her. For that was what he was, some large, bipedal dinosaur clutching his briefcase in his tiny dinosaur hands and slowly smiling a toothy dinosaur grin. As she looked around, Joan realized he wasn't the only one. There were more, some quadrupedal and trying to hide behind vendor carts or pose as newspaper stands, more bipedal and dressed as humans. She didn't dare look up, afraid of what might be flying in from outside.

Joan made a break for the steps, heading across the station, past the turnstiles where a line of people (and was that a compsognathus in a tutu holding on to its human “mother's” hand?!) waited to surrender money or tokens. After all, this was insanity and she was late for a meeting. She was almost to the stairs to the surface when all hell broke loose.
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