Round Robin Challenge: The Lost Necklace!

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  1. This is a round robin challenge. You will need at least one other person to do this challenge.

    Choose one to three partners. Write a story about a "lost" necklace and how it travels from person to person. Take turns writing the story. Whoever is writing is in control of what happens, how the story progresses, and how the characters in the story act. Keep the focus on characters in contact with the necklace. This is a cooperation exercise, and should build a fun story!

    Please feel free to link to your stories or post them in this discussion if you want.
  2. *looks around* I just wait for partners to post or can I just post and someone will pick up...
  3. I'm interested but don't know many people on this site..
  4. (Im just gonna start and see what happens x3)

    I was drunk. So drunk that i wasnt even able to walk straight. That everything was just a blur as though i had needed a pair of glasses to look at things. I walked down the empty street home. It was still far though. I shouldnt have agreed to drink that night. If only i had stayed home. Just as i was passing out, a man caught me. Little did i know, he caught me only to leave me there and take my necklace.

    In the morning, i awoke panicking realising that my necklace had went missing.
  5. The necklace looked valuable, but I wasn't sure what to do with it. I could try pawning it off, and get some money for it, but I wasn't entirely sure that was what I wanted to do. My girlfriend would sure like the pretty jewel.

    When the thought hit, I knew that was what I would do. We'd been fighting, and a beautiful new necklace would at least soften the edge of our arguments. It was a short trip home.

    She was asleep, of course. It was a work night and she had to get up early. Knowing she would be gone long before I even batted an eyelid, I placed the necklace on her bedside table, so she'd see it when she woke up. Finally, I pulled off my close save for my boxers and crawled in next to her, careful not to disturb her.
  6. The next morning the man's girlfriend awoke to find a necklace on her side table. Quickly she placed it around her neck, and ran over to the vanity to check it. It was definitely not cheap. He must of been scraping pennies for a long time to afford this, she thought. And all this time she complained he never did anything for her, and here he was doing exactly that. Now she felt a bit guilty. She ran over to his bed side showering him with kisses.
    "I'm so sorry. I love you so much honey. I won't ever doubt you again." The man sleepily smiled and made a random sound before returning to sleep. She looked at the clock
    "Shoot I'm going to be late for work." She threw on her uniform and raced to work. She was a few minutes late when she walked through the doors.
    "I know, I know I'm sorry. I'm going to open the register right now." Her boss stopped her at the cashregister, his voice low like he was mad at her.
    "I need to talk to you in the ally." Then he left. A few moments later she met up with him.
    "You said you needed to talk?" Her boss then grabbed her waist and pulled her in for a kiss. She pushed him off.
    "What if someone see's, what if my boyfriend finds out?" She asked nervously. He chuckled,
    "No one here would dare say something, and that loser you drag along you call a boyfriend, well he doesn't even care about you enough to give you the attention you deserve like I do." Her fingertips brushed the necklace.
    "If he doesn't care about me, how come he bought me this expensive necklace?" The boss looked closer at it, then furiously ripped it off her neck, making it land somewhere in the ally.
    "That cheap thing," he scoffed. He kissed her again.
    "Remember our date is set for 11 tonight. And this time, wear something with less buttons... Now get back to work."
  7. The grizzled old man woke up from under his pile of newspapers. He crawled out of his cardboard box to see what the commotion was all about. He saw the manager of the shop walking back inside, the door slammed behind him. As the man rubbed his eyes and came too, he saw something shimmer in front of him. He reached out and picked up the necklace. It was definitely something expensive. He put it into his pocket just as her heard the sirens.

    It was that time again. The regular police raids.

    The officers soon poured into the alley. He was lifted to his feet and quickly pushed against a wall. An officer searched him, finding the necklace, among other things.

    "Now what is a dirty old man doing with something as nice as this?" sneered the officer as he placed it in his own pocket.
  8. After finishing up the (unfortunately regular) search, the officers flooded back out of the alleyway, ignoring the homeless man's pleading. The necklace would fetch a pretty penny, the officer thought as he chuckled under his breath. This job was such an easy gig. He always thought it was hilarious how parents told their kids about how cops were their friends.

    The rest of the day went smoothly, just a few petty thieves to stop. The sun dipped below the horizon, bringing a cloudless night in its wake. On his way from the station back to the more upscale part of town, where his three-story home and beautiful trophy wife waited, the officer spun the necklace around on one finger, marveling at how the moonlight glinted on the well-polished jewels. He had elected to walk, enjoying the pleasant weather.

    As he turned onto his street, a crow swooped down from a nearby tree and pecked the spinning necklace right from the officer's fingers.
  9. A story written by Saddlebredpride, and myself. It's a spin off of the lost necklace challenge, except we changed it to a flyer to write about.

    The piece of paper was worn, edges frayed and words faded. The colors of the picture had bled together, but she could still make out bright red hair and dark green eyes and the word 'MISSING' scrawled on the bottom in bold print. Alondra tilted her head to the side, looking it over. She didn't recognize the girl on it (but then she didn't recognize a lot of people here, was still new to the town) but it still seemed so sad to just leave it laying there on the ground to be trampled on and completely erased. So after a moments pause, Alondra picked it up and slipped it in her pocket.

    Alondra walked a few blocks to a coffee shop. It was a quaint little coffee shop and she had only been there a few times, but it was her favorite place so far. She sat down at her usual spot, a corner in a round booth. It was quiet at there was only a few other people in the building. there was a lovely couple, they sat close to each other and sipped on a dark drink. There was a man sitting in the far corner by himself. He was reading a newspaper. Alondra looked around before pulling the piece of paper out of her pocket. She looked it over again. It was dirty. There was still the bright red hair and dark green eyes. The girl was young. She started to wonder what happened to the girl, and how long she had been missing.

    There was a date written at the bottom of the paper, but Alondra couldn't make it out. Like most of the lettering, it was illegible. Alondra ran one finger over the splash of red, completely engrossed in the image. "I wonder," she muttered, leaning back in her seat and holding the piece of paper up to the light. "If people go missing here often?" Her gaze turned to the waiter that had appeared beside her (and she hoped he hadn't been standing there for long), letting him know that he was who she was speaking too.

    The waiter gave a small smile, "No, no. That isn't very common here. This place is usually quiet. This town is full of worried people. We've had search parties looking for her.." The waiter looked down, "Well. What would you like?" He asked politely after responding. Alondra nodded at his response while taking the menu he held out to her. It was a very odd coffee shop, but she liked it. Of course it was her favorite place so far. She opened it up, looking for something exciting that she hadn't tried before.

    Alondra had just decided on the chocolate parfait when a shrill alarm sounded. She fumbled for a moment, trying to pull her phone from her pocket. Eight o'clock. Eight o'clock! She was late! "Nothing, nothing! I actually have to go! But save the booth for me for next time, okay?" And then Alondra was gone leaving behind little more than a piece of faded paper - and a befuddled waiter who picked it up without knowing why.



    -continue on with the other story, this is separate- Sorry guys if that wasn't clear!
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