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    RP Intro (open)

    On the fringe edges of Chesterfield before the Palisade, there lay the lower urban sprawl of the bustling city. Veins of metal tracks and asphalt roads crossed the expanse, all the way to and through the core, and back out to the docks, and the highways and freight lines that went beyond the walls.

    Nestled between the roads of the Ring, overpasses and multi-laned bypasses all, and the intimidating walls of the Palisade, hidden in the shadow of the highways, was 405 Haverwood Lane. A small apartment complex, if one was generous enough to call it that. Those more poetic and sarcastic called it the ‘Diamond in the Rough’. Stacked housing for those who couldn’t afford the convenience of living in the city itself, and had to commute; known for its leaking water, patchy internet, and a crotchety landlord, just as much as it was for everyone having to pitch in together to keep the place from falling apart while the landlord did little to help.

    You are one of the tenants of that apartment building.

    Or, rather, you were.

    With conditions failing, rent rising sharply, and the cost simply not being worth the place, you and your flatmates have decided that you’re going to pick up stakes and go elsewhere.

    You have little tying you to Chesterfield. Maybe a dead end job, a relationship that’s going nowhere, or some bullshit family drama. The other ‘Rough Riders’, tenants of the Diamond in the Rough you had amicable relations with, aren’t your best friends, but you’re closer with them than maybe an occasional old pal from school, or workplace friend.

    What you do have, however, is an opportunity.

    Across the country, one of the Rough Riders has a cousin, with connections to cheaper living and what sounds like a better life. It’d require not only moving places, but moving cities. Moving almost all the way across the Empire. So you slept on it, thought of what you should do, and after group meetings, you put in your notice, you said your goodbyes, you packed up your things, shipping most of them there without you, you told the landlord to fuck off, and together you and the Rough Riders got ready for a bit of actual riding.

    Welcome to Rough Riders, an RP about picking up and moving on.

    You are one of the Rough Riders, a collection of tenants from the Diamond in the Rough who had decided to, together, move to a different complex in a different city- on the other side of the Empire. A trip filled with wondrous sights, mythical visages, fantastic beasts, and grave dangers. The Marches are not so safe, lacking the Palisades and relying on CRIT patrols, and you can be thankful you won’t ever have to venture into the Wilds...

    The world of Rough Riders is a fantastical and modern setting. Less in the line of things such as the Masquerade, where the supernatural is real but hidden, in Rough Riders the supernatural is a known quantity. The expanses between the walled cities, the Marches, are filled with majestic and dangerous creatures, Hedgemagi, and more. The Empire rules and maintains order with highly trained Critical Response and Interception Teams ( CRITs ), and a backing of imperial sanctioned Court Magi- tasked with maintaining the Palisades, and handling any dangerous Hegemagi or beasts that would threaten people. These just exist alongside modern conveniences, such as indoor plumbing, high literacy rates, and internet memes.

    Magic in Brief (open)

    Magic exists.

    It is the source of the power behind the Palisades, the Court Magi, the Hedgemagi, and a variety of the fantastical creatures of the lands. However, magic is restrictive. It’s not a list of spells one can use, but rather a single, or group, of powers that one has access too. For example, a mage could have the ability to create and manipulate flame, but no matter how hard they try they would never be able to do anything but that- even if they can do it very well. However magic comes with secondary powers, things that permit the power to even be used. Continuing the fire mage example, they would not be at any harm from their fire, if not most fire, so they could use their power effectively.

    Magic has limits.

    The powers available to one seem to be naturally restricted in some ways. Using the fire mage example, the mage maybe couldn’t start fires too far from themselves, or within targets, or where they couldn’t see. Restrictions vary, mage to mage. But more than those magical limits, are legal ones. Magi either fall in line with the Empire and become Court Magi, or go rogue- either hiding or trying to privately benefit from their powers as Hedgemagi. Then there are those who openly rebel, and bring discord and strife.

    Those who rebel and survive are feared. Few wish enjoy the company of successful Dark Magi.

    Magic has Classifications.

    While powers vary greatly, there exists a system of classifying powers based upon the original 11 magi. This system is primarily used by CRIT to express the basics of response to the target mage if engaging it in battle. Some magi fit multiple classes. Classes are also ranked on a threat level scale of 1 to 10, though some exceptions exist, such as Apolyon and Visage both ranking 10+ in some regards.
    • Merlin Class- Metamagical capabilities. Magic granting, empowering, reducing, nullifying, redirecting, etc.
    • Voyage Class- Mobility and travel capabilities. Enhanced speed, flight, burrowing, teleporting, wall climbing, etc.
    • Grimoire Class- Information and awareness capabilities. Intuition, empathy, precognition, scrying, x-ray vision, etc.
    • Nictus Class- Stealth and infiltration capabilities. Disguises, invisibility, anything with primary applications in stealth.
    • Vitra Class- Point blank magical manipulation capabilities. Fire fists, healing touch, environment twisting, etc.
    • Balor Class- Directed ranged magic that can target people. Laser blasts, shooting pieces of yourself, any pew pew type deal, etc.
    • Eldritch Class- Ranged magical manipulation that doesn’t directly target people. Environment warping, forcefields, etc.
    • Berserk Class- Enhanced physical attributes. Super strength, super durability, super stamina, etc.
    • Tyrant Class- Control over target creatures and things. Mind control, swarm summoning, creating golems, loyalty inducement, etc.
    • Hydra Class- Personal physical form manipulation capabilities. Shape shifting, size changing, changing state into other matter, or into energy, etc.
    • Forger Class- Magitech creation capabilities. Usually strictly personal, mimics other classes in utility, requires upkeep.

    At the start of the RP, your Rough Rider will be a pretty normal person. After the opening arc, they will be a mage. Their roadtrip will very much go into... alternative paths afterwards.

    You will not be choosing your power, nor the limits of it. You can make requests on the power’s function, general type of desired utility, but that’s about it.

    Civilian Name: < a normal name >
    Mage Name: < blank for now, fill it in after you have magic >
    Age: < you rent an apartment, be reasonable >
    Gender Identity: < male, female, trans, agender, third gender, other >

    Appearance: < if you’re going with text, put that here. If you’re going with image, put that at the beginning >
    Presentation: < how do they carry themselves, portray themselves, dress themselves, posture, tone they speak with- not physical appearance itself >

    Primary Motivation(s): < things you want to get done that you are not really willing to compromise on IC >
    Secondary Motivation(s): < things that you want to get done but are willing to compromise on IC >
    Obstacles & Obligations: < things that have gotten in your way, or you could expect to, favours you have already or can call in >

    Approach to Problem Solving: < examples; they approach it head on, they try to coordinate, they avoid the problem, they spend time thinking of how to handle it best, they improvise, etc >
    Example of them solving a problem: < OPTIONAL >

    Magical Power Utility Style: < what sort of things do you want the power to be able to do? Preferably rank desirability of utility too if more than one thing. Examples- information gathering, physical changes, offensive power at melee, or range, the ability to mess with other magic, magic that disguses you or something, magic that controls things, etc etc etc >
    Magic Power: < blank for now, you'll fill this in when you get it >

    History & Background: < doesn’t have to be long >

    • Example (my) Character (open)


      Civilian Name: Miyako Marchand
      Mage Name: TBA
      Age: 22
      Gender Identity: Demigirl

      Presentation: Tries to be unassuming. Is gruff when addressed, a front to make herself seem tougher than she is. She tends to hide her dominant, left, hand because of the missing fingers on it.

      Primary Motivation(s): Learn what she can. Make her parents proud.
      Secondary Motivation(s): Don’t take shit from people. See the world like her dad does.
      Obstacles & Obligations: The 14th really hate her, and will hate her more after she gets her powers. She was actually one of the people that Purity only fake healed a few years ago. Bad blood there. Her cousin has connections to a better life across the empire, and so she’s bringing her ‘friends’ with. Her dad’s family and connections can also help her along the way. She also has problems with another gang of tenants from the Diamond in the Rough- the Diamond Dogs.

      Approach to Problem Solving: Coordinate with others.
      Example of them solving a problem: The only reason the Rough Riders have been able to afford the rent as long as they have is because of her coordinating them, using some degree of shared space and supplies to reduce costs for them all.

      Magical Power Utility Style: Information gathering
      Magic Power: TBA

      History & Background: Miyako Marchand was born to a travelling salesman of eclectic goods, and the school teacher he loved. With her father constantly working, she was left to the attentions of her mother who usually found herself at the school itself. Education was hammered into her head as something important, though she’s reluctant to show just how much of a nerd she became as an almost literal teacher’s pet as the teacher’s daughter.

      When she was a teenager, she had a secret relationship with another girl. They didn’t tell anyone about it, and for good reason. The girl’s parents wouldn’t understand. Unfortunately one day while she was sneaking over to hang with her girlfriend, her girlfriend’s father came home. He reacted violently, taking a knife and attempting to kill Miyako for defiling his daughter. She managed to deflect the blow with her hand before it hit her head and escaped only losing a few fingers.

      She didn’t talk with her girlfriend for a long time.

      When she got closer to graduating, her mother decided that she wasn’t going to just do the small post-secondary school of their town, but she was to try to get an education in Chesterfield, the nearby city. Her father had been saving up money from his travels to pay for it, and so she went there. It was culture shock, an entirely different life.

      But education isn’t cheap and the city wasn’t either.

      The money ran out.

      Now, broke and having to drop out or take loans she doesn’t think she can afford, it’s only her cousin who is her saving grace. Can help her move, and continue her education elsewhere. She’ll make her parents proud, and drag some friends along with. She already has her parents blessing, and her father has even given her his old van. Hopefully it’s enough to make it in the Empire.​

    • The Primarchmagi- The first magi, the ones who came before everything. From them come the Magical Classifications that CRIT uses to gauge threats and responses. They weren’t all heroic magi, but they were all powerful magi.
      • First Mage Merlin ( deceased )- The first Merlin Class magic user. Merlin was able to give himself changing sets of powers just as strong as anyone else was.
      • Primarchmagi Berserker ( deceased )- Namesake of the Berserk Magic Class. Berserker became more powerful while nude, and grew more powerful still the more injured he became- his durability and ability to withstand injury growing faster than he got hurt as well rendering him effectively immortal. Not actually immortal.
      • Primarchmagi Petit Grimoire ( deceased )- Namesake of the Grimoire Magic Class. Petit Grimoire had a magical book that only opened for her. The book contained the sum of all knowledge that ever was and ever would be and every time she opened it, it opened to a point that would be useful for her.
      • Primarchmagi Nictus ( deceased )- Namesake of the Nictus Magic Class. Nictus was impossible to detect when he did not wish to be, and could make people forget he ever existed passively when he didn't want people to remember him. If it weren't for Petit Grimoire's book, they may have never found him.
      • Primarchmagi Voyager ( deceased )- Namesake of the Voyage Magic Class. Voyager could teleport himself and large groups of others, supplies, and what not great distances, even if he didn't know where exactly he was going or what was there. He'd always arrive safely with everyone else. The Empire's colonies mostly exist for him.
      • Primarchmagi Elder Richard- Namesake of the Eldritch Magic Class. Elder Richard was capable of warping the environment around him into impossible space, structures and forms that couldn't exist.
      • Primarchmagi Vitra ( deceased )- Namesake of the Vitra Magic Class. Vitra was able to obliterate anything they wanted to with but a touch. Nothing could apparently harm them as they would obliterate matter and energy alike.
      • Primarchmagi Balor ( deceased )- Namesake of the Balor Magic Class. Balor had a third eye that when opened shot a disintegration beam anywhere it looked. It's not known who died first when he fought Vitra.
      • Primarchmagi Tyrannus Rex ( deceased )- Namesake of the Tyrant Magic Class. Tyrannus Rex was capable of dominating any creature or person before him, usually in large numbers at a time. He thought to usurp the emperor, but Merlin would not have it.
      • Primarchmagi Hydralisk- Namesake of the Hydra Magic Class. Hydralisk changed with every bit of harm he took in, adapting to the damage in monstrous ways. Anything that hurt him once would not hurt him a second time.
      • Primarchmagi Starforge ( deceased )- Namesake of the Forger Class. Starforge plucked the threads that tied the stars together into constellations and made the armour and weapon of the first emperor.

    • First up are the heaviest hitters, the most well known of the Court Magi. The Archmagi. Everyone in the empire knows of them.
      • Archmage Sol- The Emperor's brother is a powerful magi, and leader of the Archmagi. He glows, radiant with seemingly divine splendour, and can shoot lasers of golden light. He has also shown that he can manipulate the light he blasts to create temporary constructs, and to fly.
      • Archmage Eidolon- The unofficial best friend of CRIT, Eidolon is lacking in any abilities he can use on himself. Rather, he is instead able to empower non-magi with temporary, albeit random, magical abilities.
      • Archmage Trinity- Deformed by her magic, Trinity has three faces upon one head. One of her youth, one of her age, and one of what should have been her future. Trinity is now ageless, has magical strength and speed, and flight.
      • Archmage Roc- A king over avians, Roc is able to control birds. All types of birds. He can communicate with them, sense through them, and manipulate them over wide ranges.
      • Archmage Focus- A technological magi, Focus is the creator of much of the new magitech in the world and CRIT's official best friend magi. Every CRIT rapid response ship, detainment gun, and med-evac teleporter, the abandoned moon colony, and more are because of her. She is also the creator of the Oubliette, a maximum security prison for dangerous Hedgemagi.
      But on a much more local scale, big names that aren’t known across the board but you’d be familiar with. Namely, the Chesterfield Wardens. They operate primarily within Chesterfield but also the Marches immediately surrounding it.
      • Shimmer Strike- Is able to solidify light that is glimmering off of objects around her. These points of hardlight are then shot at a target as piercing energy bullets. Has a reflective metal rod that she uses to help make her own but can use any in the environment too.
      • Ophanim- Can control and manipulate rings in a radius around himself. Has to be aware of the rings to control them. Applies to wheels, chains, cogs, doughnuts, and more. Wears an armour of chainmail, and flies by flinging himself within the armour at things.
      • Apex- Leader of the Chesterfield Wardens, and Predator’s boyfriend. Has intuitive understanding of threats and likelihood of success of various approaches against them. Is very skilled at pulling off the necessary steps of a plan he decides to go with, but only while on plan.
      • Predator- Apex’s girlfriend. Is able to turn into an inhuman monster when no one sees her, with accompanying powers. Monster varies depending on the situation. Carries a variety of smoke grenades and flashbangs to help fulfill her magic’s prerequisits.
      • Rake- Former Hedgemage, and womaniser. Made arrangements to avoid being sent to the Oubliette in exchange for becoming a Court Mage. Has intuitive understanding of seduction and sexuality, and knows how to proceed to convince people to ‘go back to his place’. Now uses that power to get people to turn themselves in. Requires conversation to work.
      There are also the up and comers known as the Pepper Patrol. They have pepper themed outfits and names, if not exactly themed powers.
      • Black Pepper- Able to exude and control a dark mist. Those within the mist find themselves going into fits of sneezing.
      • Bell Pepper- Leader of the Pepper Patrol. Wields a bell, when tolled it creates feelings of either fear or relaxation around it.
      • Chili Pepper- Able to shoot blasts of vibrant energy. The energy causes itchiness and irritation.

    • Hedgemagi usually aren't too well known, they are more locally known than widely known.

      For where you came from, the most well known of the Hedgemagi are Chan Chan's Challengers, who run the livestream channel, Chan Chan's Challenge Channel!, and the 14th Imperial, a group of white supremacist magi.
      Chan Chan’s Challengers
      • Chan Chan AKA Brat- Chan Chan is the host of Chan Chan's Challenge Channel, and the leader of Chan Chan's Challengers. They do crimes across the city and further beyond it- and stream the entire thing on their channel. They call out local magi and CRIT to try to stop them. The Challenge in Chan Chan's Challenge. With her team under her, they mostly are just a very well known bother. Her power is an aura of irritation and aggression, for which most people have dubbed her 'Brat', due to personality and how people react to her.
      • OP- OP is the heavy hitter of Chan Chan's Challengers, his power is adaptive magic. Once per day he may choose a magi, and to the best of his magical capacity he gains a single magical power that is 'an effective counter' to them. If they're too strong, he gets a power that would counter a weakened version of their power.
      • Nerf- Nerf is OP's support. His magical power is targeted magic dampening. He's able to target a single magi and weaken their magical capabilities. Teamed up with OP, Nerf is able to handle those that would take up Chan Chan's Challenge.
      • Streamer- Streamer is the support for the group, with her power of data streaming. She takes what she sees and is able to transmit that data into the internet, and uses this to keep their video feeds going without any equipment necessary.
      The 14th Imperial
      • Margrave- The current leader of the 14th Imperial, Margrave has successfully claimed a small town for his people. Charismatic, in a racist sort of way, his power allows him to open up portals that fire out various medieval melee weapons; swords, spears, axes, daggers, maces, etc.
      • Purity- Once a Court Magi, Purity is a mage capable of healing people. However, after it was discovered that only the white people she healed stayed healed, she managed to avoid an assassination attempt and joined the 14th Imperial as a hedgemage. From her ‘failures’ it’s surmised that she’s able to fake healing as well as actually heal.
      • Lynch- Lynch and Pin appear to be twin sisters, though their relationship has been something of tabloid-bait. While twins, their powers differ. Lynch is able to create rings of force around a target, or just part of them, to arrest their movement. She usually creates these rings when her target is in the air so that they choke against them. She may only have one ring active at a time.
      • Pin- Lynch and Pin appear to be twin sisters, though their relationship has been something of tabloid-bait. While twins, their powers differ. Pin is able to generate small spikes of force around her person and shoot them out from her. Whether coincidence or not, she may only have 14 spikes active at a time. The spikes do not harm what they shoot into, but can jut into someone and stick them to surfaces.
      • Mjolnir- An arrogant, if even flippant, mage capable of generating an aura of lightning, and strikes from him can generate cracks of lightning or booms of thunder.
      And while not of any real note, there is word on the street of a new roguish hedgemagi group called the Berets.
      • Red Beret- Has intuitive knowledge of weakpoints and explosions, if not the ability to make the bombs herself.
      • Green Beret- Has a self reshaping weapon that returns to him when he calls it. As a gun, it doesn’t need ammo to fire. Can’t fire explosives, however.
      • Black Beret- Creates a rapidly spreading haze. While within this haze, he cannot be detected.
      Then there are a few others of some note
      • The Centre- There is a great disagreement on who or what the Centre is. He’s obviously important, but no one knows how. Is he secretly an elder magi from times past? Is he secretly another of the Apolyon? Is he your true love? Have you met him but forgotten? Everyone who interacts with him comes away with the same conclusion, he’s in the middle of something important. It’s just that no one can agree what that thing is. He personally claims that he’s not important, and just wants people to leave him alone.
      • The Elf Queen- An elusive figure of the Marches, no human can say they’ve seen her, though many can say they’ve interacted with one of her elves. The elves were once all people, but after joining the elvish circle they would be ‘blessed’ by the queen, and become a seemingly ageless elf within their collective.
      • Revert- A fickle healer, Revert is an elderly gentleman who normally wishes to be left alone. However, anyone with enough money can come to him for his services. At a touch, he restores your body to a point earlier in its existence, effectively de-aging you to before you were hurt. Or for certain clients, when they were young and beautiful. So far he’s remained only interested in using this power for monetary gain, and doesn’t care who is paying so long as he’s paid and respected.

    • Do not be mistaken into thinking that the Dark Magi are simply magi devoted to crime, or self indulgence, or what have you. Those would be Hedgemagi. The Dark Magi seek to destroy. Overthrow. Ruin. They are why dangerous Hedgemagi are put in the Oubliette instead of killed. Because the Court Magi may need their help against the Dark Magi. They are world enders, serial murderers or rapists, those who are threats that can't just be handled by CRIT.

      These are the most prominent of the Dark Magi- Apolyon. Magi so powerful and warped that some wonder if they're even capable of being called human any more.
      • The Lycan- Capable of transforming people into monsters, though not limited to werewolves. Stands twice as tall as a person, with a body like an overgrown werewolf if not for the head which appears like a calm, demure, feminine rabbit.
      • The Ogre- Capable of unleashing terrible 'natural' disasters on a macro scale, manipulating the elements with great ease. Also appears to be rather large, on par with large beasts, but is still distinctly human, and distinctly male.
      • The Banshee- Capable of necromancy, mental domination, flight, and more. Is only as large as a normal person, but appears ghostly, and sexless. The Banshee's limbs are elongated, spindly, and weak- as if incredibly atrophied and stretched.
      Then there are the lesser Dark Magi, no less a threat that has to be dealt with using lethal force, but are not 'end of the world' level dangerous at the moment. Amongst them is a group known as The Wilders. The Wilders are a group of deformed Dark Magi. Their magical powers came at the cost of their truly human appearance and has been ill met by them. Not all magi who experience physical changes are evil ( Trinity is a great example of one who isn't ), but this group in particular seemed to take that poorly. It didn't help that they were all immigrants who when they were early magi had bad run ins with both the 14th and people in general responding poorly to them. At first they were just Hedgemagi, but their new leader made things a bit more... dire.
      • Golden Dragon- The new leader of the Wilders. Her first act was to kill the previous leaders... and their families. Golden Dragon has the ability to turn into her namesake. She is naturally covered in patches of scales, and has a small tail and bumps at her shoulders. As she changes the patches grow to cover her body, the tail elongates, the bumps grow into full wings, her durability, speed, and strength increase, she can fly, she loses the ability to talk, she gains the ability to breathe lightning, and she gets bigger and bigger.
      • Jade Tiger- Jade Tiger's back is marred with constantly growing jade stone. She has to chip it off every once in a while to make sure it doesn't get too heavy for her. She can also jettison it out to attack, shape it into wild beasts ( usually into tigers ), and such.
      • Porcelain Bull- A simple man but a beast of one, in more ways than one- he's naturally strong and physically intimidating. From his head grow two long horns. They're unnaturally sharp, touching them is likely to cut up your flesh. And bones. Porcelain is also able to turn people brittle and fragile with a touch.
      • Pig Iron- He was always a bit of a problem child, but he tried to do right by his sister, Guinea Pig. From his mouth come crude iron tusks. But if he activates his power, he changes violently. His entire body collapses into a mass of crude iron blades, that are swept up in a storm. They make the general form of creature and he can move himself along like this. He can't communicate in this form, but he's not really something you can hurt either.
      • Guinea Pig- She didn't actually look too bad at first, but she stuck with her older brother, Pig Iron. Now, however, she looks somewhat like a monster. Guinea Pig's power is Forger class, centered around biological modification and splicing. She has spliced a few beasts into her body to make herself stronger and more useful to the group, and also is capable of patching everyone back up if need be.
      • Evil Goatee ( deceased )- A goatlike person, Evil Goatee had the ability to make slightly deformed clones of other people, who had weakened versions of their powers if they had any. The clones were loyal to him but not directly under his power at all times. He was killed when Tiger and Dragon took over the Wildlings.
      • Golden Eagle ( deceased )- Former head of the Wildlings, Golden Eagle was a cold, harsh, and tactical sort. He was more worried with making sure the group survived than doing anything big. His power was the ability to create a giant eagle minion to fight for him. When he didn't fight enough for the others' tastes, he was killed in his sleep.
      And further, some independent Dark Magi.
      • The Grey- Unlike the Apolyon, the Grey isn't a force of nature. He's just a very messed up individual, a serial killer, with a rather intimidating power. He creates small fields of localised time manipulation. Everything within the field is trapped within it for four days. However, they experience those four days in the span of moments in real time. Most starve, or die of thirst, or go mad. From the outside looking in, it appears that everything within the field is fastforwarding, like a VHS tape, though lacking colour. These time fields have made it hard to capture him, as he usually simply casually locks pursuers or those wishing to harm him within them and leaves otherwise unobstructed. He also appears to have some form of accelerated healing.
      • Slasher Flick- Stylised after early slasher horror villains in appearance, Slasher Flick is another serial killer with powers that people would rather they never have gotten. He exudes an aura of terror and fear, is capable of teleporting when unobserved, and perhaps most dangerously is the power of his slashing. By simply cutting into the air, the slice carries through to whatever is in front of him striking it instead. Long range cuts from a teleporting sniper. He’s shown to have a creepy obsession with a Court Magi known as Burnward, and there are some pockets on the internet who ship them together.
      • Visage- Visage would have been counted amongst the Apolyon if their aggression or scope of their power was any greater. But they still seem distinctly human, and only infrequently attacks too large of an area when they do strike. Visage appears to be unstoppable. No one has observed harming Visage, and Visage has powers almost exactly like Vitra, but more. She destroys anything with a touch and is fully invulnerable because of it, but she seems capable of extending her invulnerability to things she holds, the annihilation field wrapping around it as well.
      • Hag (repeatedly deceased, still active)- Not presently near the same level of danger of the other Dark Magi in a traditional sense, Hag is a threat in that even though she’s died multiple times that doesn’t seem to bother her. Upon death, her power activates and her life force seeps out of her corpse as a ghostly, intangible, mist. Those within it find themselves in grave danger of dropping dead as well- the mist is highly toxic. The mist will then hunt out an object of suitable size, possess it, and then the Hag will rip her way out of it uninjured. She usually does this until she’s bored, and then just seeps away as the mist.
      • Heartthrob- Heartthrob is the admitted son of Rake. Born from one of Rake’s earlier romps, Heartthrob seems to have a much more sinister application of his father’s power. Lust inducement. He doesn’t need to talk with you, he can simply make you so horny and lustful for him in particular that you throw yourself at him. He’s still young, about 16, but so far has already accrued a harem of mind controlled men and women who will do almost anything now for him to touch them sexually. It makes dealing with him particularly problematic, to say the least.
      • The Goblin King- A similar Dark Mage to The Lycan, the Goblin King is both more threatening and far more benign. He's able to create monstrous 'goblins' with his touch, taking human flesh and reshaping it into twisted people. People he twists become aggressive and loyal to him. Further, his goblins are also able to mimic this ability, though they require greater numbers working together to get the same result. Goblins made by goblins are also loyal to the Goblin King. Goblins are able to also reshape each other to try to adapt to problems. While this would appear to make him a far greater threat, the Goblin King is currently successfully contained within the city he once called his home, now his Kingdom- the Palisade effective at holding him and his goblins in just as it would normally hold horrors out. The Lycan, like the others of the Apolyon, has no such problems getting past the Palisade.
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  2. Reserving myself a spot for this RP - I'll likely make my character sheet a little later today.
    Likely going to be a hitman, a drug dealer, or both -- but whatever I'm going to be, I'm looking forward to it!
  3. Yeah gonna have to say no to that. Drug dealer? Maybe. If very small time or soft drugs. Hit man? Hahaha no. Way too evil.

    I want characters where at the end of the first arc one could reasonably feel that the group could go with the Court Magi or go Hedgemagi.
  4. Ooh, I didn't realize that we had a sort of set morality we were supposed to be aiming for. Okay! I'll have to do some rethinking, but I may still be down, IDK!
  5. The characters start as a bunch of broke loser nobodies going nowhere who can't afford the rent in a shitty ass appartment. Don't forget that important detail. The roadtrip is them moving to somewhere they can afford to live.
  6. Okay! My idea was never that my character was going to be wealthy, or financially secure: I basically wanted to play a broke, down on his luck dealer who leaves because he literally can't afford his recent anymore, or somebody who is leaving at least partially because he's fleeing the law. That might still be part of my backstory, but I don't really have a developed character idea yet!
  7. Down on his luck weed dealer is totes fine. It's the history of murder that ain't.
  8. Renamed the RP. Figured the new name would reflect the RP better and draw attention better. We shall see, though, won't we?
  9. I hope, as well. I'm digging this RP.
    I am horrible at attracting people to RPs, so I don't have any really valid suggestions. Maybe throw a picture or two up there or something. People are attracted to shiny things. I know I am. Though, I am also attracted to fun ideas. And playing a down-on-their-luck nobody in a Modern Fantasy RP appeals to me a lot. I actually have a rather mundane character I've been wanting to use, so... much excite.

    Anyway, I'm pretty much done with my CS. I just have to do a read through (or two) and format it. I should have it up this evening.
  10. Banner ads! :D
  11. Banner ads are a great way to bring people to the RP. You can create one here: Error |
  12. :Miru Ateira:
    :Mage Name: < Unknown >

    :Extremely self centered - Not in a sense where she feels she is better than anyone else. Just to the point she doesn't do well caring for others. She is extremely quiet, even when she decides to speak. Miru is very well kept and keeps it that way to the best of her ability.
    She hates messes.

    Primary Motivation : Strength. Though externally she may seem like she wouldn't care, but Miru wants to become strong. In this world you have to survive and it's easier to do so with power.
    Secondary Motivation : Loss. While she doesn't care about many other things besides herself, Miru hates losing the things she does care about.
    Obstacles & Obligations : Miru really doesn't have any. She lent someone five dollars before. But she didn't really expect it back.

    :Miru always keeps her cool, or at least tries to - No matter what the odds are, Miru does her best to keep her mind straight and deal with things head on. Very good at instinctive thinking and reaction.
    Example of them solving a problem: Miru: "Why? Why would I do that.. Who cares?"

    :Regardless of being such a quiet person, Miru is a fighter - She excels in hand to hand combat with the addition of being able to use smaller projectiles.
    :Magic Power: < Unknown >

    History & Background: There's not much to know about her. She has been in the background of this place for all of her life and has no real intention to change that. Aside from a physical altercation or two with someone, shes done nothing notable.
    If anyone does know her, they just refer to her as "that pale-quiet girl" and nothing more.
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    ///// | Thirty-Two | Male​

    Gaige is built like a brick shithouse. He's tall, standing at 6'5", and is mostly muscle--mostly. His skin is naturally dark, and his features speak of a unguessable ethnicity. He has dark brown, nearly black, hair that he wears cut close to his head with longer locks on the top. He wears his facial hair short and somewhat neatly trimmed. His eyes are dark and hidden behind thick lashes and stark eyebrows. He has an aquiline nose that dominates most of his face and is only balanced by his thick lips. He has broad shoulders and a larger frame. His arms and chest are muscular, which contrasts to his obviously soft middle. He wears clothing to try to accentuate the top half of him, but it is unavoidable to see his belly. It is prominent and hangs over his belt like unwanted luggage. His face and body are usually bruised due to his secondary form of income. He has a light scar over the left side of his face. There isn't any story to it.
    He is the epitome of masculinity. He walks with a wide and dominative gait. His arms usually swing mildly at his side. No matter what, he angles his head upwards. He's never one to look down or away. He also has a very displeased expression on his face no matter how he is feeling. It's just how he presents himself. His wardrobe doesn't lend anything deeper. He's the sort that wears a mixture of t-shirts and thick button ups that can stand some abuse. He may "pretty it up" with a jacket, but it isn't anything special. He always wears work boots and there's usually some form of oil stain on his pants. He likes to cross his arms over his chest when his speaks or place them firmly on his hips. His voice is deep and marred by years of smoking. Currently, he's trying to quit and is usually seen with a toothpick in hopes of curbing his oral fixation.

    Gaige wants, more than anything, to be respected by people no matter his social class, race, or job. While he'll not bend over backward, he wants people to see and understand that he isn't a rug for them to tread on. He wants to be valued as a complete and useful person, and not someone's "help."
    He doesn't want to be tied down by his vices. He wants to cool his temper, quick smoking entirely, stop drinking, and find room in his heart to find someone that makes him whole. Yet, he also realizes that the world isn't perfect. These speedbumps in life and personality don't come around often.
    Gaige's biggest obstacle is his temper and addictive personality. He can barely overcome either of them. That being said, a lot of blue collar folk have found his automotive shortcuts very helpful. His intelligence regarding mechanics is quite expensive. He's fixed a lot of mage's vintage cars with little cost. Maybe one of them might find his helpfulness as a favor.
    Gaige is quick to ignore a problem unless it affects his living style. If that happens, he'll go for it straight on and not expect any rebuttal. It's a crude way of dealing with his issues, but he finds it useful in this day-in-age.
    Show Spoiler
    Gaige twisted the toothpick in his mouth. The pompous ass looked him in the face. "You broke my car."
    "Nonsense," Gaige said, waving his hand. "Your windshield was already broken."
    "Was it?" the man asked. He placed his hands on his hips, his overly done hairdo practically moved with his words. Was he a mage? Honestly, Gaige didn't try to guess anymore.
    "Yes," Gaige said, glancing at his fingernails. They'd been blackened with grime and oil. It wasn't as if he could do anything with them. He just liked deferring to them.
    The man's lips slid into a tight line. The air around him shuddered. He was a mage. Well, shit. Gaige paid attention.
    "No, it wasn't," the man said.
    "Very well," he said. He turned towards the door that led to the plethora of office for the auto mechanics. "Boss!" He yelled. He then turned towards the man. "One moment," he said.
    It was longer than one moment. The air around the mage practically crackled. Shit. Gaige couldn't deal with this. He yelled out to his boss again, but there was no answer.
    So, Gaige swallowed. "Look, I can fix your windshield. I'll deduct labor, but you will have to cover cost you for the glass."
    "Really?" the man asked, taking a step forward.
    Gaige stood over them, hands on his hips. "Yes."
    They glared at each other for a while, but the mage sighed. "This is really not worth my time." He gave Gaige a once over. "You're not really worth my time. So. Fine. Charge me for the part."
    Gaige exhaled but frowned. He knew he lost this battle. He knew he would work late getting it installed and flush with the mage's car. He'd brought this upon himself. "Very well. Good night, Sir."
    The man looked around. "It's just the afternoon."
    Gaige let a long smile spread across his face. "Good. Night."

    MAGICAL POWER UTILITY STYLE I am quite open to ANYTHING! But if I had to be specific, maybe Gaige's power is physical or body altering. Or maybe gets a mind power that is adverse to his entire biology/personality. Honestly, I am fine with a power that turns him into a monster, permanent or temporarily. Or if you wanted to do something more low-key and flashier. I'm quite fine with that too.

    Gaige's home life could easily be summed up as, "Stephen King decided to pen a 50's family sitcom and forgot the about words 'family' and 'love.'" It was a marriage of convenience. George and Neima Grayson didn't much care for each other. They had two things in common, the prolific use of intravenous drugs and sexual relations--though not always with each other. Of course, when Gaige was born, they had three. Yet, the young boy tried to make the best of it. The kids he went to school with painted a very nice picture of home life, and Gaige was pretty sure he had that. Sure, it wasn't perfect, but he had a mom and a dad that loved each other. Of course, that little bubble was popped when he walked in on his father kissing another woman. He told his mother when she got home, to which her only reply was, "she wasn't prettier than I am? Was she?"

    A couple of years later his younger sister born, Paige. The name cobbled from their infinite creativity. Paige had a mane of red hair that was not seen in Gaige or his parents. George said something dismissive about it being from his side of the family in the genetics of some unseen great great grandparents. By that time, Gaige knew shit when he heard it. Still, he treated Paige as if she was his full sister.

    His childhood wasn't wrought with strife. It was just grittier than most. He wasn't the cream of the crop, at least not intellectually. And in a world of magical powers, his existence was just another moot point on a sea of moot points. Gaige was fairly decent at sports. He was the running back to his public high school's football team, and there were some eyes on him--not a lot, but they existed. That was dashed to the wind, though, when Gaige discovered one of the other players tried to force himself on Paige. He beat the other boy senseless... and toothless. He was kicked from the team due to his temper. It would be a temper that would punctuate a lot of his poor decisions in life.

    After he graduated high school, he left his parent's house and moved to a rundown apartment. He was given a lukewarm farewell by his folks. Gaige attended a technical college and received a degree in mechanical engineering. From there he took a job at a mechanics shop where he mostly worked on cars. He, occasionally, looked into construction equipment. His life fell into a mundanity that people only ever read in literary novels.

    Paige married a nice man that didn't need his teeth removed from brutal force. She had two kids in the time that Gaige moved to a new apartment complex and considered a dog. His dad passed away, and his mother moved to a retirement home. Suddenly, he had that bill thrown at his door. He spent every night drinking, pretty much. On Saturdays he would participate in a weekly brawl with a group of blue collar men. His chances were always 50/50. Things would have continued on being like that had he not lost his job.

    Gaige punched his employer so hard that he lost consciousness. According to him, the older man deserved it. Gaige's ethnicity had always been a thing that no one questioned. He was something, and Gaige never clarified. The other man spoke about how Gaige personified people of color as "so dumb that they're useful."

    Out of a job, and having hard time finding one, Gaige is currently in a self-destructive loop.
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  14. so

    thinking of giving accepted characters information on the nature of their magic abilities ahead of time

    as part of saying 'yo you are in'


    You still won't HAVE those powers until <spoiler> occurs, but y'know. Whatever.

    You'd also be free to tell others in the group it, but I'd probably tell you yours in private.

    soooooo, thoughts tho?
  15. Civilian Name: Heidi Donovan
    Mage Name: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Age: 23
    Gender Identity: Female

    Appearance: Loose limbs, dark skin, and strong legs. A swaying curtain of brown hair parts to reveal an upturned nose, a chipped front tooth, tired eyes. Six feet tall, and all of it lithe. Some of it marred by picked-at scabs or fading bruises. Sparse and tucked away, but there. The visual signature of the clumsy or the battered.
    Presentation: Gaze unfocused and slightly downcast, movements smooth and small, and body every so slightly turned away, Heidi's familiar with the body language of fading into the background. Around those she's unfamiliar with, she'll maintain that indefinitely until directly addressed, at which point she'll pull out a few polite nothings or tame jokes to say before the conversation flows away from her once more. Around those she's comfortable with, the body language loosens up. She still drifts around the edge of the conversation when she has nothing to add, but will liberally throw out bad jokes and wise cracks - mouth caught in a wry grin - before drifting back to the edge.

    Primary Motivation(s): Stability. When it comes down to it, all Heidi wants is for things to be simple. For days to blend seamlessly into one another. To fall into a pattern, only occasionally interrupted by a day or two of adventure or new experiences before returning to her comfortable norm.
    Secondary Motivation(s): Independence. Not just in terms of not relying on others, but also not having others rely on her. Helping friend's and vice versa when they're in a spot of trouble is fine, as long as there's no long term obligations and no ongoing responsibilities.
    Obstacles & Obligations: Loose ties. A job and a relationship, both abandoned without warning.

    Approach to Problem Solving: Avoidance. Indefinitely delay dealing with the issue, and hope it eventually sorts itself out, or someone else deals with it. A very go-with-the-flow and/or roll-with-the-punches attitude.
    Example of them solving a problem: < OPTIONAL >

    Magical Power Utility Style: Up in the air, as long as it isn't fighting or direct confrontation based. Utility over combat, y'know?
    Magic Power: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    History & Background: Things change. Inevitably. Unfortunately. You can fight it, encourage it, or just go along with it. Heidi chose the third path. Her parents loved each other, and then they didn't anymore. So Heidi moved out rather than choose one to live with. Friends drifted away after school, and Heidi simply spent more time at home rather than try and renew their bonds, or form new ones. Significant others made her laugh, and then they made her hurt, and she stayed with them. Patched together pieces, tried to mediate during their worst episodes, until they left of their own accord. She was convinced to try track and field in high school, and never quit. Stopped going to competitions after school ended, but the running continued. And as rent continued to rise, and her managers continued to pass her over for promotion, Heidi followed the herd. Went with the Rough Riders to find somewhere new to live with a group, instead of finding a new job. Instead of finding a new place to live by herself. They could find the cousin, negotiate the details, settle down, and she'd tag along.
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  16. Thought of another villainous Hedgemagi group while at work. Chan Chan's Challengers are mostly harmless, all things considered.

    The 14th Imperial, however, is another thing entirely...
  17. So, I have Tuesday and Wednesday off. Will like to get the RP's first post up then.

    Also I guess I should point out that yeah you guys are accepted @HerziQuerzi @Uyu @Tyrannosaurus Rekt

    And will be updating the OP to include links to your sheets. Yeah.

    Want like another one or two people.

  18. Beatrix Fitzroy | XXXXX | 25 | Female

    Appearance: Toned but sallow skin, carries a few scars and the hints of bruises about her arms and back, and has cold, wide brown eyes. Carefully styled hair falls in dark brown waves to frame her face, home of expertly applied makeup and a small nose. The remains of an indiscernible tattoo can be found if someone's looking closely at her hand. She stands at a fair 5'3".
    Presentation: She carries herself tall, utilizing every inch of her height to appear like the tallest person in the room (even though she's usually not). She tends to want to draw attention to herself, and as such wears brightly colored clothes and a few shiny accessories. While she enjoys wearing dresses and floofy skirts, she prefers to keep her lines clean and understated (and of course, she can't really afford those anyway) - she likes being able to move around easily, and comfortably. She smiles and laughs rarely, and they are often marred by a certain smugness that is mostly unintentional. She speaks with self-importance, and little care to those around her when she is in a serious situation. However, this is covered up by a general softness when she can afford to think about it.

    Primary Motivation(s): Beatrix wants to right and to be a leader. She doesn't like most of the cards that life has dealt her, and wants people to trust her and to know that they know that she is right. She would prefer this come from her own personal intellect and leadership, but she knows that sometimes money and power are the only things people respect.
    Secondary Motivation(s): Beatrix wants people to like her. She understands that her two goals are likely incompatible, but she still has a pipe dream about being right all the time, while at the same time having others be her friends. She also wants to be a better person - more caring, more considerate, etc. However, this takes a backseat to the respect due to how ingrained that goal is in her brain.
    Obstacles & Obligations: Her debts seem as though they don't have an end. Early in her life she used to borrow a lot, and she has owed money to everyone, at one time or another - and for all her intelligence, she can't seem to put any sort of dent in what she owes.

    Approach to Problem Solving: Beatrix is a planner, first and foremost - if she doesn't have at least 3 different backup ideas going into a problem, she doesn't want to even attempt to solve it. Still, in the event that she encounters something that she was not prepared for, she talks and deflects like a champ, trying to put off everything that comes with the problem until a later date. If she can't talk, then she steps up - thinking of a plan as quickly and possible and executing it to the best of her ability - she is not afraid to work on the fly, she just prefers not to if she can avoid it.
    Example of them solving a problem: "I've got the money, I promise." Beatrix could feel a trickle of sweat roll down her forehead, and quickly wiped it away and stood tall. The huge man in front of her laughed and coughed, the heat of his breath rolling over her in waves. She glanced back at her apartment. The whole place was going to smell after this.
    "Well then, cough it up!" Beatrix huffed, twirling her hand dismissively.
    "You told me I wasn't due until the end of the week! I have 3 days, still!" It was a lie. But her face stayed hard and accusatory.
    "I don' think that's right?" The man shoved his hands in his jacket pockets, searching for some nonexistent piece of paper.
    "That's what you told me!" She jammed her finger forward, upward, interrupting his clumsy search. "And to think, you'd have the nerve to come up here, and push me around like I'm one of your little minions or something!" He was surprised. She had thrown him off, and she knew it.
    "But I-"
    "No! Listen, I said I'd have the money Saturday, and you can take the money on Saturday! Now get out of here so I can actually go work for it!" He was confused, and it played across his face like a billboard. Before he had a chance to respond, she spun on her heel, and slammed the door with a deafening crash behind her. She was breathing heavily, and let her face fall into a wave of anxiety as it had been trying to do throughout the whole encounter. She had 100$ on her desk. That wasn't nearly enough. What was she going to do?

    Magical Power Utility Style: I'd say dealer's choice on this - I like power at range and stuff that works wells with her pre-planning abilities (stuff that she can set up and then set off when she wants), and I'm also a big fan of more planning-heavy stuff that might require some sort of ritual or physical set up in order to actually use most of the time (or something to cast and release later), tthough that's not necissarily a utility, more of a style.
    Magic Power: XXXXX

    History & Background: Beatrix used to have it all. Money, parents, smarts, and friends. Now she just has one of those things. As she began to go through advanced courses in school, she started doing drugs in order to calm down - anxiety begot her at every turn, and her constant desire to be right and to be the best at everything was accompanied by a need for some self-destructive behavior to balance it out. Addicted to pills by the time she got to her last year of high school, her parents found out and cast her out of their clean and beautiful house, deciding to focus their efforts on their younger daughter - the one that could still have worth.

    She lost touch with them - and she didn't mind much. They were abusive narcissists, pushing her for their own benefits, calling her nothing, someone who would never be worth anything unless she was the best at everything, emotionally and occasionally physically abusing her daily. She may have been addicted to drugs, but anything that helped her ease the pain was good in her book. She projected her own inner turmoil onto others, acting better than everyone and being the head of her own little clique at school, but after she got kicked out, she found that no one cared - no one that she considered to be her friend would take her in or talk to her or help her.

    She hit rock bottom soon after that, a homeless burnout and in deep debt to various organizations. When she realized where she was, she decided to stop - after a few false starts, she managed to slowly crawl her way out of the gutter, and towards a better life. She worked out, studied, wrote, and became someone that she didn't hate. Eventually she found a job, with little to no pay, but something that she could do. Then she found an apartment, a cheap thing that she could afford while she paid off her debts and worked towards becoming a better person, who made better choices, and someone who had respect.

    With rent rising and the opportunity to make a life change, she'd jump at the chance to leave this bitter place.
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  19. gaige and his harem
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