Rouge Akuma Generation

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  1. Ages have passed since the final battle between the Millennium Earl and the Order. The present day Order was not very active, but it still trained Exorcists to fight off any Akuma, should the Earl or Noah decide to strike once more.

    Lately, rouge groups of surviving Akuma have been terrorizing small towns in order to level up, and some Exorcists who still followed their past decided to leave for the small town of Germany. Kayden was one of them. A parasitic-type, which was rare nowadays, and determined to live up to his title after years of training with no Akuma in sight.

    Kayden wore the typical black and red uniform for the Exorcists, customized to fit his likes. His coat was form fitting and cut off as a short-sleeved style, while the back end flared out in a coat tail style. Some straps and buckles rested on his back. His sleeves were attached to the short-sleeved coat with two thick 'threads' holding them to his coat, and the sleeves went just over his small hands. His legs were left bare, with small shorts adorning them and knee-high boots buckled up his legs.

    "I'm off.." Kayden murmured softly to nobody in particular, his lack of presence helpful when quickly ridding the town of Level 1 Akuma as he looked for survivors of the attack.
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    Shione stood on the cliff side right above the ocean, listening to the waves crash against the rocks when she heard sounds coming from the distance. She was aware that it must have been the Level 1 Akuma considering how many of them have been raiding homes recently, but she figured that the exorcists would solve that problem.

    She didn't particularly hate Akuma, but she did hold slight resentment towards them for killing her family. Bringing her hand to her cross necklace she looked down into the ocean. She had thought about erasing any trace of what was physically left of her memories, but she couldn't will herself to throw her necklace away. It was the only thing she had left.

    Snapping out of her thoughts, she heard an explosion nearby and an Akuma appeared before her. It wasn't really the first time that it had happened, but she was just lucky enough to escape. Now, no one was around and she was isolated, besides the cliff she was standing on. Many thoughts ran through her head, wondering if today was her last and whether she had anything she regretted before she died. Am I going to be killed? Should I just jump to my death? What should I do? Shione thought to herself as the Akuma was nearing towards her. Shutting her eyes, she waited for the blow, but backed away and slipped on the edge of the cliff.

    She then let out a shriek from surprise as she grabbed the edge, scraping her hand as she looked down and then back up at the Akuma with uncertainty. "I guess this is it..." She said to herself.
  3. "May your soul be salvaged.." Kayden murmured before delivering the final blow to the Akuma near the cliff, and allowing it to be set free from its bonds. His innocence took back the form of his arms, and he swiftly grabbed Shione with his long sleeves to haul her back up to the cliff edge.

    He stood over her, neutral blue and green eyes making sure she wasn't too hurt. "..Are you alright, miss?" The glowing in his arms settled down to fade, while he adjusted the headband keeping his hair back to only leave a short strand on his forehead. While he brushed the dirt off of his uniform, he noticed scrapes on Shione's hand, and squatted down to grab it and inspect the scrape with blank eyes. He pulled out a small cloth, flicked his tongue on it, and dabbed away any dirt to prwvent an infection, before wrapping it firmly with bandages he had around his arms for such reasons.
  4. Before she could register what was going on, Shione watched as someone defeated the Akuma and saved her. She then felt herself being grabbed and brought up to the cliff, only to stare at the person who had saved her blankly.

    "I'm... Alright-" She barely answered when her hand was suddenly grabbed, making her flinch and try to pull her hand back. "What are you doing?" She questioned as she looked at him strangely, watching as he cleaned her wound. "I said I was fine..." She mumbled stubbornly. When he finished wrapping her wound, she got up and said a quiet thanks, loud enough for him to hear.

    "Um... Do you happen to know anyone by the name of Nanase?" Shione asked curiously out of nowhere, wondering if he was one of the exorcist that might have worked with her brother in the past. Bringing her hand to her cross necklace her eyes wandered to the sea as she began to stare into it absentmindedly.
  5. "Nanase... I may recall working with someone of the name.. However, I can not be so certain," Kayden answered quietly, his eyes shifting around to look for more Akuma. Once he made sure the coast was clear, his personal Golem came out of his coat to open its mouth and cast a sort of teleporting device for them to go back to the Order.

    "If anyone knows for sure, it will be Chief Terrance... You are welcome to come with me to find out.." Kayden offered, sleeves ruffling in the wind while he eyed the female in front of him. "You might also be compatible with Innocence, from what I can tell.." While it was also his job to recruit more exorcists, Central did not control them anymore so Exorcists had free will of choosing to fight or continue living normal lives without Innocence.
  6. Shione nodded, slightly disappointed, yet still hopeful from his uncertain answer. Turning away from the direction of the sea, she eyed the Golem that had come out of the boys coat and looked at it with curiosity.

    "Chief Terrance..." Shione repeated questioningly, the name sounding unfamiliar to her. Although she wanted to find out about her brother, she was hesitant to his suggestion from mentioning innocence. She wondered if that was supposed to mean that she could become an exorcist, but she never thought about it until now. After thinking about it for a moment, she nodded her head quietly. Though, her first priority was to get more information of her brother. Her beloved dead brother that swore he'd never leave.
  7. Kayden hummed and gently held her hand as he led her through the portal, appearing in the ancient castle known as the Exorcists headquarters. The small golem shrunk once more from its other size, and rested on Kayden's shoulder like a bird. "Welcome to HQ... Terrance's office is this way.." Kayden mumbled before starting to lead the new arrival down the endless halls.

    They passed many Finders, who nodded to Kayden before scurrying off to head out on their own missions to survey the areas with Akuma while Exorcists got there. His hand knocked on the door wit Terrance's name on it, and opened it for Shione to make her way in first. "Ah, Kayden~! Welcome back. How was the mission~?" "It went smoothly, Chief. I brought this girl here to ask you a question regarding someone you might know of." "Hm? Who are we talking about here, miss~?" Terrance questioned with a smile on his face before receiving the filled out report from Kayden, who had filled it out somehow while they were making their way down the halls.
  8. Shione was deep in thought as she followed the boy to where Chief Terrance was, unaware of him holding her hand she examined the halls and the people they had passed, only to hurry off to do whatever they were doing. When they arrived at the office, Shione nodded her as silent thanks for the boy holding the door open for her and walked in slowly.

    She then stayed silent as the Chief and the boy both conversed with each other. When the Chief then spoke to her she looked at the boy then at the chief before she answered "Nanase..." She answered quietly, slightly uncomfortable.
  9. "Nanase, Nanase... Ah! The Nanase that I know went on a mission in America, but he never contacted us after two months! He is alive, since his innocence has not returned back to HQ, so he must b out there somewhere!" Terrance answered happily, while Kayden thanked him and grabbed a new stack of files from Terrance's desk. "Thank you sir.." Terrance merely waved him off with a smile on his cheeks before going back to checking his mission file.

    "There is your answer... what will you do now..?" Since Kayden was responsible for taking Shione from here to where she was back in Germany, he waited patiently for her answer, absentmindedly leading her to the cafeteria with food on his mind.
  10. "They lied... When he left, everyone said that he died." Shione said to mostly to herself as if she were trying to think of why the others would lie to her. At the same time, just because his innocence didn't come back, how would they have known whether he was a live or not? If he was alive, she didn't want to see him. At least not yet. She wasn't mentally prepared to see her brother. She didn't even remember what he was like or how he looks now. Sighing to herself, she thanked Terrance and followed Kayden to what seemed to be the cafeteria.

    "I'll become an exorcist," Shione answered straightforwardly after thinking about it for awhile when he mentioned it to her on the cliff. "But..." Before she said anything else, she shut her mouth and shook her head to prevent herself from saying anything further and softly smiled for the first time in a while.
  11. "Chief Terrance never lies about anything, no matter what the situation.." Kayden responded while leading her up to the ordering window, where a soft-eyed male greeted them. "Ah, Kayden. Welcome back. The usual for you?" His soft voice was loud enough for most people to hear, and Kayden simply nodded with a light quirk of his lips. "Of course, Kuroh.."

    "Ah, and who is this?" "She is a new Exorcist soon as we find an innocence for her, of course..." Kuroh nodded and smiled at her, white hair pI'll ed back by a headband. "Hello there. I'm Kuroh, the chef at HQ. What would you like? I can make anything. " His smile was definitely heart warming, even Kayden gAve him a smile.
  12. "I never implied that he was lying," Shione stated as she stood slightly behind Kayden when he walked up to a window and greeted someone named Kuroh. Shione waved her hand shyly as a greeting to Kuroh and found herself smiling back when he gave smile. "I'm not really hungry," She answered quietly. It was the truth, she never really ate much at all. In fact, there were times when she could go days without food, though it wasn't particularly a good thing to do. She just didn't have much appetite.

    "Are you an exorcist too?" Shione asked Kuroh curiously, completely forgetting how uncomfortable she was in a new environment because of his kind demeanor. Is everyone here an exorcist? Shione thought.
  13. "Ah, I wish~! I prefer cooking for everyone instead of fighting the Akuma~" Kuroh answered happily. He excused himself to go in to the kitchen, and came back with a couple of trays filled with food. He handed them to Kayden, who gave him a soft nod of thanks. "We have Finders who are more for inspecting the areas rumored to harbor Akuma, then the Scientists who work on whatever they are working on~ We don't bother tem much~" Kuroh answered, before shooing them away lightly to tend to the line of people waiting for orders. "I'll chat with you later~!"

    Kayden led Shione to an empty table in the middle of the cafeteria, unstrapping the long sleevs on his arms to sit them beside him on the long bench. His arms were covered with glowing runes, a series of black designs running around his wrists, fingers, and base of his shoulders. In the center of the back of his hand rested the innocence, glowing faintly while he started eating.
  14. Shione was about to ask another question when she realized that she would be holding up the line and left with Kayden when he got his food. Once they sat down at a table, Shione watched as Kayden removed his sleeves to reveal glowing runes marked on his skin. Based on what she knew, she figured it was his innocence, but she refrained from bringing anything up. She wasn't sure if it was a touchy subject and she didn't want to pry.

    After staring at the markings on his arm and the innocence located on the back of his hand, she looked at his food, tilting her head to the side as she looked at the food he was eating. "Why did you decide to become an exorcist?" Shione questioned, her eyes never leaving the food that was on his plate. Why did I decide to become one? She mentally questioned herself as she patiently waited for his answer.
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