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  1. Muttering swears under his breath, Leonard picked up another heavy box, carrying it from the car to the inside of the house. Since he was the man in the couple, and of top of that he was of relatively large build, he was in charge of bringing everything inisde. The sun made him sweat like a pig, and the feeling of his shirt sticking to his chest and back was uncomfortable and all he wanted to do was get rid of the boxes and take a shower. He brushed his brunette locks of hair with his fingers, and his face made a gesture of disgust at his wet hair.

    He made a pause to catch his breath, his blue eyes' gaze wandering around the room. It had wooden floors like every other room in the house, and they all had walls painted in soft colors. It was quite small: a bathroo, a kitchen, a dining room and living room fused together, and only one room since they didn't want to have children yet. Or well, at least he didn't want to. They never talked about it.

    He didn't want to move away but... Having a few girlfriends, or a fling here and there, was a natural part of a healthy man with a healthy sex drive, and when one of said girls has an overprotective and conservative father, and he catches both of you in bed, marrying the poor woman was better than having a friendly conversation with her father's shotgun.

    Finally he closed the trunk of the car with a soft kick and dragged the last box to the front door. Stretching his arms, he heard his bones crack in complain from the work he had just done. Without bothering to look around to see where his wife was, he yelled 'Woman! Bring me a glass of water I'm dying here!'.
  2. The young woman looked up at herself in the mirror. Her stray strands of her brunette hair were sticking to her face while the rest was placed into a ponytail. The sound of the toilet flushing echoed beside her. It had to be the heat of the summer getting to her, which was why she had kept getting sick. Not to mention the stress of the move and the wedding.

    It had only been a few months, and it was already something she was regretting. Of course, it wasn’t her choice. Her conservative father was not one to go with sleeping with someone when you were not married. Not that they weren’t doing it before. The young woman, Sarah, had believed she had loved the man, but now, she wasn’t so sure. The feelings were certainly not mutual.

    The sound of Leonard’s voice rang into the bathroom. She pulled open the door and started towards the kitchen. The room was stacked with boxes of pots and pans. The eating dishes had already been unpacked while he had finished the car.

    Once she had a glass of ice water, Sarah headed towards the living room. The floor creaked below her flip-flops. The man was sitting on the couch looking at the blank TV. Her chest let out a sigh as her hand pushed the glass next to him. “Here you go,” She said shortly, “Did you get all of the boxes? We are missing some from the kitchen.”
  3. Leonard waited there, sitting on one of the boxes, for Sarah to bring him the desired glass of water, but for some reason -probably retouching her make up, women...- she was taking too long. His muscles were aching and needed some rest, but he decided to make a last effort.

    'Ugh, now where did I leave that thing?' Looking around, he located the TV between some boxes. His back's muscles complained when he picked it up, but ignoring the unpleasant sensation, he carried it to the living room. Leaving in there, he was relieved at the sight of a couch already waiting for him. Sitting down, he sighed feeling his muscles tense. Lately his shoulders and neck hurt a lot, and the pain would get worse and end up giving him headaches.

    He frowned, brushing his eyebrows with the tips of his fingers, and stared at the TV out of habit. Hearing his wife come in, he looked at her before answering. 'I got every box out of the car. If you think something's missing, look for it yourself. I'm tired.' He extended his arm to reach the glass of water, and drank it all in one long sip. The liquid going down his throat was refreshing, and he embraced the calming sensation with a sigh and closed eyes. When he opened them again, he saw Sarah. She wasn't exactly gorgeous, but she had some attractive traits, enough for him to set his eyes on her. But today her natural beauty was toned down by a tired expression, messy hair, pale skin and an expression that said she could puke at any moment. 'You look terrible, did the trip get you sick?' he said staring at the TV again.
  4. Sarah rolled her eyes to his comment about the missing boxes. He wasn’t the one that was going to have to unpack and do everything else. Her stomach was still upset from the earlier instance in the bathroom, but it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle. Her eyes glanced at the TV and then at him.“I’m fine. Just hot and tired. That is all,” She said taking the glass from his hand and turning to walk towards the kitchen, “You know, the TV works better when it is plugged in and on.” Her legs carried her into the kitchen where she placed the glass on the sink and started unpacking the rest of the boxes.

    Most of her dishes were the ones that her mother had planned on getting rid of when she had got a new set for Christmas. As Sarah started stacking the plates into the cabinet, one by one as her mind trailed off into what the house would look like when she was done with it. Sure, the house was small, but it would be enough for the two of them. Besides, the price on the place was too good to pass up. The old owners where even willing to sell with nothing down. Something like that didn’t much happen anymore.

    Her thoughts, however, were soon interrupted by the sound of glass hitting the floor. She jumped looking down and seeing the glass; she had placed on the sink, shattered on the ground. Her eyes looked at it for a second before placing the last bowl in the cabinet and going over to get the broom and dust pan. Maybe she just didn’t place it fully on the counter and it had finally fallen. It had happened before.
  5. Leonard limited himself to making a soft 'tch' sound with his tongue against his teeth, and got up to plug in the TV's wires. After he checked the TV was working properly, and adjusting the wires so the image quality would be good, he remembered he should set up their desktop computer too.

    He dragged a desktop near a power socket, and brought the boxes with all the PC parts. He was assembling the computer, lost in his thoughts. He was tempted to ask his wife to put the computer together by herself. He didn't use the pc that much anyway. He was way more interested in taking out his keyboard out of its box. He couldn't afford a classical piano nor did he have space for one, but his keyboard would fit anywhere in the house. Maybe in their sleeping room...

    Leonard had left the PC's mouse somewhere on the desk, and when he tried to grab it, he accidentally threw it to the floor. Weird, he usually was a very careful person. He picked it up, and was plugging it in when he heard the sound of shattering glass. 'Jeez, what did that stupid woman do now?' he muttered to himself.

    'Did you just break a glass? Tell me it wasn't one of those fancy ones, they were expensive.' he told Sarah, entering the kitchen.
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    Sarah grabbed the broom and started to sweep up the glass on the floor. The glass, however, was in a neat pile by the time she had got the broom. She swept anyway finding it odd. She bent down to grab the dust pan when she seen his shadow before her. Her arm swept the small glass pieces into the dust pan before she stood up and looked up at her husband.

    "No, it was the glass I just gave you," She said not looking at him as she tossed the glass,"Don't worry about it." She started wiping down the counter witht he wet rag that was beside the sink. The kitchen was practically done. Just a few more boxes to go, minus the missing boxes. For the life of her she could not begin to think as to where they had gotten off too. Unless they were at her mother's. She would have to call her later to find out if they missed anything.

    Her eyes looked back over at her husband. He was an attractive man. His dark hair and tall structure was what brought Sarah to him. That tall, dark, and mysterious man thing. Mysterious was an understatement when it came to him however. He never told her anything about him, but always wanted to know information about herself. Men.

    "What would you like for dinner?" She asked, looking away from him. She finished wiping down the counter and put the rag to hang over the middle of the sink. "I could order some pizza and make it easy tonight? Or would you rather I cook something?"
  7. ((It's alright :D))

    Leonard let out a sigh of relief, and looked at Sarah without paying much attention, as she cleaned up the mess. Maybe she had felt his gaze set on her, because she looked at him, and he instantly looked away. He always felt uncomfortable looking at people in the eye. They said eyes were the gates of the soul, and he preferred more... privacy.

    'Yeah, order some pizza or chinese food. Damn I'm hungry...' he answered, muttering the last words to himself. He turned around and left the kitchen, to look for the box he needed now. He had left it near a window. Picking it up, he smiled at the familiar weight, and walked to his bedroom.
    He unpacked the keyboard, and a few bad words left his mouth when he realised he didn't bring the keyboard stand with him. And he had left it right beside the keyboard so he would remember to bring it! Foolish man...

    He went back to the boxes, but it didn't matter how much he searched through the mess, the keyboard stand was nowhere to be found. He went back to Sarah, and when she was done with whatever she was doing, he asked 'Hey, have you seen the keyboard stand? I wanted to set up the keyboard and I can't find it anywhere.'
  8. "Alright, pizza it is," Sarah sighed, going to the phone to start dialing out the number. Her eyes watched him take the box of his keyboard and other small things towards the back bedroom. Her body leaned against the wall as the phone dialed out and rang through to the pizza place. She listened to him dig through the boxes.

    "Good Man's Pizza Hut, Can I help You?" The voice over the phone said startling her. Sarah shook her head and spoke into the phone, "Um yes, I would like a medium Pepperoni Pizza, and an order of bread-sticks as well." The man repeated the order and gave her a price and that it would be at her home within 45 minutes. Sara hung up the phone and started going towards the living room. The boxes there were just too many to count.

    She started digging through one of the boxes. She began placing the pictures on the shelf along with the few books that they had owned. Her eyes looked up when she seen him coming into the room. "Um, I thought it was next to the box. I haven't touched it," She stated not looking at him and placing their wedding picture on the top shelf.
  9. Leonard glanced at their wedding picture. His expression gave away nothing, but he always felt uncomfortable when he looked at it. He thought he'd never want to settle down, and if in the end he ended up wanting to form a family, he'd do it when he felt it was time for it. That photo was a constant reminder of how his peaceful life had been so abruptly interrupted by the woman he had before him.

    Kneeling down, he opened another box, and helped Sarah put all the stuff in the place they belonged to. 'This way I'll find the keyboard stand sooner or later' he thought to himself.

    He didn't want to look at Sarah, fearing some of the bitterness he was feeling right now might slip from him, so he talked while showing her his back. 'Hey, is the pizza going to get here too late? I want to go to sleep early, tonight I'm not feeling well.'
  10. Sorry for the wait again....moved houses :/

    Sarah looked up at Leonard as she folded up the boxes. "Um, he said it would take about 45 minutes. That was 20 minutes ago, so just a few more minutes," She stated before starting on another box. Her eyes looked at the empty tall shelf that had been left in the house. Yes, that would work for the next collection in need of a shelf. Her books. She took over the heavy box and started to pull out the books in pairs at a time. Her arms stretching up to the top of the shelf and putting the books in order.

    As she reached down for the paperback books, her knee hit against something metal and sharp. Her mouth let out a hiss. "I shouldn't be doing this," She muttered as she rubbed her knee and looked to see what her knee had hit. It was that damn keyboard stand. Her hands grabbed it and examined it for a second. It wasn't over here when she looked at the shelf before the stand was not in sight.

    "Um, Sweetie," She said turning slowly around, "I found something you were looking for." Her hands pushed the stand out towards him.
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