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Greeting ladies and gentlemen!

My name is Rotmouse and this is my humble attempt to bait some people into roleplaying with me.

Before we proceed, I’d like mention that I am not all that proficient in the mysteries of English language as I live nowhere close to any English speaking country. Roleplaying isn’t just a way for me to have some fun in this whimsical time of the year but it’s also mean to improve my writing ability.

Still, I would consider myself a casual roleplayer able to post texts ranging from two to five paragraphs and create interesting plots and characters without too many unnecessary clichés. I am also a fairly active person and can post at least every two days.
I would also like to mention that I am sucker for FxF romances and including them in the roleplay is a good way to bait me. That being said, I prefer more natural romances that aren’t just „I suddenly feel attracted to you“.

Now, let’s move to the important stuff. Release the plots!

Duty is forever:
[spoili]She was the first woman to ever reach the rank of general in the Imperial army. Her word had enough weight to send thousands to their deaths and she placed her duties and oaths above anything else. Unfortunately, Imperial court and its politics are tricky and even the mightiest can fall to its intrigues. When scandal happens, the general has no chance but to exile herself from politics and as a broken woman, spends her time on a bottom of the bottle.
What happens when a mysterious agent of the Throne offers her a chance to redeem herself?
(possible plot twist: the agent is from foreign country)[/spoili]

Of witches and whores:
[spoili]It’s said that there is more witches than whores in the serpentine streets of the Black city and they are treated with the same kind of respect. And no other group of wizards is less respected than dreaded necromancers and no working girl is treated worse than girls from the Docks.
What happens when of the dead-raisers meet a prostitute from docks to fight a common enemy?
(Possible plot twist: the prostitute is dead)[/spoili]

Blood ties:
[spoili]No men are more feared than the soldier-priests of the Inquisition, the greatest instruments of the church. They purge the unclean, burn heretics and hunt the creatures of the night. They have no mercy and feel no remorse.
This inquisitor is no exception and her heart is filled with fury of the righteous. She hunts the most dangerous pray since day the vampiric creatures of the dark took her sister and became very good at her job. What happens when the occurrences force her to cooperate with one of the hated vampires in order to defeat some more sinister threat?
(Possible plot twist: the vampire is inquisitor’s sister)[/spoili]

Apart from these plots, I’m willing to go with any other fantasy or sci-fi plot. Just give me a word and we will create something amazing together.
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