ROTG: Jack Frost and Halloween

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  1. Lyla Tavrel took each step carefully. Her black, tattered cloak was held tightly about her to block the cold winds. She was surrounded by snow and ice and she stood out. Her black hair waved behind her, out from under her small black, pointed had with an orange stripe. Under her cloak she wore a black jacket with quarter length sleeves and under that a red tank top. She wore long orange leggings under a knee-length black skirt. Covering her feet were black boots. She held a locked, leather-bound book in her right arm, tucked close to her side. Curious red eyes looked around as she heard a thump.
    "Hello?" She asked quietly. Suddenly, someone grabbed her arm. She yelped, yanking away as she turned to face her attacker.
    "Teraya.." She recognized him from when she saw him in the park, scaring off some little children.
    The man in all grey smiled. He had short, grey hair and dark, black eyes. He wore a dark grey suit and a black mask covered his nose and mouth. "Hello Halloween..." he smirked.
    "G-get away." Lyla stumbled backwards. She knew she didn't have the power to get away from him on her own...hopefully he would let her go.
    "Aww, what's wrong? Scared?" he laughed, following her.
    "Get away from me!" Lyla said, but she tripped, falling backwards. Her book landed in the snow and Teraya pinned her down with a foot on her wrist.
    "SOMEONE HELP!" She yelled, panicked as he knelt down, gently placing a hand on her cheek. She hoped there was someone nearby to help.
    "C'mon sweet Halloween....come with me.." Teraya said, an mischievous glint in his eye.
    "No." Lyla spat, though she was beginning to truly get scared.
  2. Jack giggles, his staff like item is in the other hand and then the arm of Halloween is in her other. "Don't go away?"
    The mist gets thicker and harder to see through. Soon you cant see Jack. He lets go and you can hear the pounce against the snow on the floor.
    A few seconds later the mist is gone, yet it looks like a huge walking misty-snow is running in the streets.
    The mist disappears and Jack has disappeared. The town is covered in snow. He has hidden in a tree. With the one speck of air through the branches he stares as Halloween stares in confusion.
  3. Lyla Tavrel looked around, very confused. She picked her book up, holding it tightly in her arm. Teraya was nowhere to be seen, but she had no idea what happened. Turning in a slow circle, she spoke. "Hey...whoever you are, this isn't funny. Come out and say something." She said, crossing her arms over her book. She was supposed to be in the North Pole by now! Or at least...that's what the moon told her, but she was completely lost now.
  4. The tree turns frozen full of not only snow, but now ice. The tree was a deap dark blue icicle slowly traveling to the tops of other trees. He speaks up "I know who you are. I know where you want to go. Put that book down and i can tell you where and what to do." The sound of his voice sounded like it traveled to different places in other trees so she would suspect where he was. The weather just gets colder and colder. He was slightly blushing at the beautiful girl.
    He was to afraid that she would be to scared of him. He glares a the girl from the view of the tree blushing and fiddling with the bottom of his blue jacket. He became.. different sense last when people saw him. He wishes not to be seen but he knows who she is and what she has come for.
  5. Lyla Tavrel looked at the tree, frowning. "I'm not putting this book's mine, and I need it." she said, looking down at the locked, leather-bound book. She tried to remember the name of the spirit that used snow and ice...Jack. That was it...Jack Frost. "Look...this is just a guess, but you're Jack Frost, right?" She said, not looking up at the tree. She couldn't really see who was in the tree that well, but she knew there was someone. She held the book tightly. It had everything in it...all her spells and powers. It was kind of her lifeline now, though, she could live without it, she had no power without it because she couldn't remember anything.
  6. Jack squints through the leaves of the trees. He attempts to speak but then closes his mouth. "If you want to trust me- Put-The book-Down!" He more of a coward not letting her see himself. "If you want to do this you need to trust me. Now listen to what i say or I can just leave and we can pretend like this never happened." Jack cant stop blushing to himself staring at halloween. He glances at the book in her hands.
  7. "Why do I have to put my book down?" Lyla said quietly, almost pouting as she set the book on the ground. When she let go, she winced slightly, then stepped away. Her eyes were glued to the tree. "See? I put it down...please, tell me what's going on now?" She crossed her arms loosely, her hat slightly crooked.
  8. He freezes the book. The air becomes misty. Quickly it becomes clear again with Jack right infront of her face. "It's time to go. Hurry up and let's getta moving."
  9. Lyla stepped back, wincing as the book froze. "Why'd you freeze my book?!" She said, looking up at him with a frown. She seemed unphased by his appearance. "And where are we going? I'm supposed to be going to the North Pole, and unless that's where we're going, I'm not moving." She looked back at her book, a hint of sadness in her eyes. That small flicker was quickly replaced by apprehension and alertness, her normal expression.
  10. "Duh, Cmon we cant just keep old books behind. AINT KNOWBODY GONNA NEED THAT! Okay? And it will just get lost like everything anyway. Now shut up and lets go"
  11. Lyla still frowned at him. "Maybe I needed it." She muttered quietly, crossing her arms and sighing as she looked down at the snow. "Alright, lead the way," she glanced back up at him, "Jack."