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  1. || Just a little plot I wanted to test out. May not last, but worth a shot!

    Deep in the woods, not too far from a near by kingdom, lies a tavern and inn that isn't exactly known for its drinks or warm beds for travelers. Although it does have decent drinks, food, and nice rooms to stay in, the tavern and inn is mainly a hook up place, if you know what I mean. This is what we call Rosy Tavern and Inn.

    Run by a succubus named Rosy, the tavern has been open for many centuries. All races, genders, and sexualities come here to enjoy themselves at the tavern and inn. No before you go running off inside to get a nice lady, there are a few rule to be followed with in the tavern:

    • Take sexual activities to a private room. There are many available so one should be open for you and your partner(s). Just be sure to pay the renting fee afterwards!
    • Rape is not allowed. The owner and the few hidden guards have their tricks to tell if someone is forced whether it be by magic for pure strength.
    • All genders and sexualities are welcomed and are to be respected
    • One does not have to be looking for a sexual partner to be here. You can be here for just a drink or a place to sleep at for the night.
    • Kingdom rules do not apply here. We are unknown to the king and his men and it shall stay that way forever.
    • All rule breakers will be fed to our lovely Dralizco, a dragon who guards both the tavern and Mistress Rosy with his life, especially the ones that try to inform the kingdom of us.
    • As a side note: Do not irritate Dralizco when he is sleeping. He may burn you to ashes or eat you for a snack.

    -Please do not use one liners. Three sentences and sometimes even two sentences are allowed as long as they don't use - -, * *, or text talk!
    -Try to have somewhat decent grammar and spelling
    -This role play will involve different characters that can have different sorts of genitals. Tentacles, futanari, etc. Magic is also allowed!
    -Fights can occur. Just have the character's owner permission first if you plan on killing them. However, killing off your own character is perfectly okay.
    -Please be between the ages of 13 ~ 17 in real life. Its the rules of Iwaku and I don't want to see anyone getting banned for being in the wrong area!
    -Multiple characters are allowed. Post skellies here to get accepted!
    -Anime pictures only. If they contain nudity, place them in a spoiler!


    -Full Name:


    -Full Name: Mirai Hampton
    -Nickname(s): Mirror, Mei, or Blade
    -Race: Human [Can use a few spells]
    -Age: 19 1/2
    -Gender: Female
    -Sexuality: Pansexual
    -Appearance: {WILL COME SOON}
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