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  1. Hi there! Well I am Rosie obviously from my username, and the title of this thread, but it is a formality after all. I have been roleplaying something considered advanced for 2-3 years now, and I am not stopping. RPing has become a lifestyle of mine, I tend to fall into it very deeply. But even still I am pretty down to earth, and love to just chat sometimes. I have a bit of a list to give you a feel for of who I am! I will not be offended if you just skim nyah~

    • I adore Kittens
    • I am a Grammar and Spelling Nazi
    • I am a proud sagittarius
    • My favorite days are rainy thrusdays
    • I have an awesome astral twin
    • My boyfriend is my soul mate
    • I have pyromaniac tendencies
    • I love the color purple
    • Pink and Black are pretty cool too
    • My favorite place in the world is by a warm fire under the stars
    • I only like the beach at night
    • I have an obsession with the moon
    • I read too much for my own good
    • I have played the flute for 7 years
    • I capitalize Strange things in the middle of sentences
    • My hair is super long
    • My top three favorite anime are in this order: Steins;Gate, Kill la Kill, and Darker than Black
    • I have over 400 books to my name
    • I can cook up to 14 different authentic Italian dishes including Pizza ;)
    • Sushi is my only food group
    • I am Italian, Cherokee, and Swedish
    • I am a bro. *brofist*
    • Cats and Butterflies are the best
    • I am really girly
    • I am on team Buffy even though I do like vampires.
    • I consider myself a wanderer
    • I love mint julep tea with milk and sugar
    • My blood type is O negative and tea
    • I paint, draw, and take lots of pictures
    • I think Hitler was misunderstood. Artist to failed artist.
    • Apparently I am Tsundere... I dont agree. Psh. Tsundere. Yea right.
    • I have a fear of mirrors and spiders.
    • I adore Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks
    • I believe in meditation
    • I love lists
    Well that pretty much sums up who I am! I may or may not continue this list, but hey! You never know nyah~
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  2. Welcome, Rosie! 400 Books to call your own is scary awesome, where do you even put them? Do you have a library? As for kittens, purple, pink, night and rain, I am agreeing with you, those are awesome :)! Mirrors and spiders are creepy as well, yish, too many horror stories with those!

    Anyway, check out our Roleplay Institute for tips on roleplaying and don't hesitate to hit me up if you want a rp :)!
  3. My closet is filled with more books than clothes~ Some are put away in the attic so I can make space for new ones!

    Alrighty! Thanks so much~
  4. Haha, I see, so it's like a hidden library, neat!
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  5. Are you me
    And hiya. Welcome to Iwaku.
  6. I don't have 400 books, but I DO have over a 1000 DVDs! 8D I also adore kittens. c____c In fact in my adoration of kittens I have come to know my nightmare of having endless kittens. A sea of kittens...

    Welcome to the community!
  7. @Kijin Seija :: Well... gee! I dont think so~ Thank you nyah!

    @Diana :: A sea of kittens? I am so envious! And thank you~
  8. Kittens? Yay!
    Nice to meet you.
  9. And to you~