Rosewoods Academy For The Arts

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  1. A High-school for the talented. A place where Kids all over the world come to learn from the best and make the debut into the world of fame. We have kids with all talents here. So please come an expand your talent with us. Will you find friends to help you in your journey or enemy that will tear you down on your way?..
    • No god mode
    • Your character can not play 12 instruments just come on
    • All talents are allowed.
    • Have as many characters as you please.
    • Have fun :)
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  2. Victoria pulled up in a long stretch limo with all the windows up.She soon steeps out of the car with her black and purple guitar case in her right hand. A few men and black steeped out the car with her carrying bags " Go put them in my dorm and don't be seen." she said softly and the went quickly and did as she said. Victoria walked father onto the school campus and looked around humming to her self she smiled knowing this will be fun. A little buzz came from her jacket pocket - it was her cell phone- she pulled it out and answered it " We finished setting up your dorm for you." a male voice said then she hung up going to what seemed like a flower garden she sat down at one of the benches and pulled out her guitar and started to play the music to Slipped away by Avril Lavigne
  3. Alan sat in the dorm room, playing on his old laptop, that he had bought 3 year's ago, it was rather crappy, and he need to get a new one, though, unable to at the time for obvious reason's, he usually tried to hide his family heritage, and the profit margin they had, after all, they were poor immigrant's in the beggining, and now they were still poor, barely making it through the year, that's why he had attended the school, to start a better life for him, and his family. He looked up from the computer, hearing a guitar playing, it wasn't rare, though he knew he may as well see who was out there, slipping on his jacket he went to the door and opened it, heading toward the sound.
  4. Victoria continued to play getting lost in her music like she always does. The birds seemed to tweet along singing with the strums on her guitar. She smiled being in the garden made her music creative flow right out of her. She hummed the lyrics softly not wanting to overpower the sound of her guitar. She stopped playing for a moment and just looked up at the sky " It's going to be a good spot.." she said knowing she found a place to be alone. Slowly she started playing again this time singing the lyrics her voice soft and a emotional bring the song to life with her voice
  5. He stood, watching her from near a wall, she was 30 yar's away, the music amazig, he clapped softly, and hummed a small bit, along with her singing, she was talented, he blushed a bit however, realizing perhap's she did not want to be watched. And that perhap's he should walk away, yet he still waited.
  6. She stopped playing as she finished the song the smiled looking down at her guitar she put it away slowly as she got up to leave her place of silence she saw a boy she blushed realizing he was watching her listing to her play and sing. She gave the boy a small wave she didn't want to scare off a potential new friend by getting upset that he was watching her. she wonder what he thought she was good. She slowly walked over to him courage to talk to him as she got their. Her guitar case in her hands in front of her " So..what did you think ? " she said knowing after he answered her she would walk away
  7. He smiled softly, blushing a bit and looking away from her, having been caught, he smiled gently, he'd tell her the truth, "It was umm ... actually beautiful." He smiled, looking at her again. Much on his mind, wondering what she would do now.
  8. "Thanks.." she said smiling at him.She hasn't had a friend in a while so she smiled thinking she would give it a chance " I'm Victoria by the way. " she held her hand out for him to shake it.
  9. His eye's scanned her body, as if seeing if this was a trick or something, gingerly sticking his hand out to shake with her.
  10. "And your name is...? " she said standing their waiting
  11. He smirked a little, "Call me Alan." He said, smiling a bit, "You are amazing Victori by the way ... how many talent's do you have?" He asked softly.
  12. " Just three, singing, guitar and the piano " she said shrugging " thinking about taking up acting " she said dusting her skirt off " What about you Alan ? "
  13. He smirked a little, "Acting ... singing, playing the piano, and fencing." He smiled softly, "Hope to see ya in the acting world someday." He joked, winking, a soft smile on his lips.
  14. " Oh yea i forgot I also make know the music behind the songs.." she said thinking how to put it " Instrumentals.. Oh and I hope one day i'll see you in the music businesses " she said giggling softly.
  15. He smirked softly, "We'll see." He looked at her, and sighed gently, "Well ... guess im'a head to class soon or something." He whispered.
  16. " Classes don't start until tomorrow " she said smiling walking away " See ya around Alan " she said waving
  17. He cursed, and remembered she was right, "Okay ... see ya ..." He sighed a little and looked down at his feet. Smiling softly, "Made a new friend at least." He whipsered to himself.
  18. She walked away proud of her self she had a friend. She made her way to her dorm room and sat on the bed sighing not knowing what to do. She fumbled around with her hair looking out her window.
  19. He went to his dorm, waiting for other's to arrive, siging a bit and kicking his feet up, then looking over to the keyboard he had in the room, sighing softly, he went over to it, and began to play a small tune that his mother had taught him, smiling gently as each note followed another in perfect harmony, it was a beautiful song, however it had a rather sad story that filled him with greif, the composer of the song had a very tragic life, he played each note, thinking about all the trouble this man had. And finished quickly after, still thinking, "Wha-What if the same ... happen's to me ..."
  20. Meet Nathaniel, your average rich boy forced into playing the piano at a young age. He was exceptionally good at it, which caused him to get forced into more lessons and ultimately to enroll at Rosewoods. He wasn't complaining-- this was, for him, the only escape from being his big brother's toy in their parents' company. Though he enjoyed calling it being forced to, he actually found himself enjoying playing the piano most of the time and he sometimes sang a little too.

    He had only just arrived, but his room had probably already been fully decorated. The perks of being rich, one could say. He pushed open the door to his new home, curious as to who exactly had been playing that piece. He was sad to have heard the music come to a stop, but he wouldn't like interrupting someone playing like that. The person playing could only have been playing with full dedication-- emotion. He felt the piece, unlike Nathaniel himself. To him, music was like maths. While he could play better than most people he'd met, he didn't feel it. He didn't enjoy it. It was work, no more, no less. Nathaniel's father was hoping this school would be able to change that. He sure as hell was living a dream.

    Nathaniel stepped into the room, peering over at the boy playing the piano. "Chopin, hmm?" he asked, although it was quite obviously a rhetorical question. "You play with such emotion." Even if he'd made mistakes, the emotion he put in the piece easily overruled them. "I'm Nathan, I guess we'll be playing house from now on."

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