Rosewood University for the Remarkable

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    Rosewood University for the Remarkable was a safe haven for the youth of the supernatural world. Here, they can be who they truly are without backlash and discrimination, fear and hatred. But lately not all is right and talk of possibly closing the school among the faculty is circulating through the student population as well.

    Genre: Supernatural/Mystery(?)/Action/Adventure Themes

    Races: Witches/Vampires/Werewolves

    Extra Info: We will start in the middle of the school year so be prepared to have already established relationships with other characters.

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  2. Definitely interested,
    Would love to see more info on the races and learn more about the school.
    And also character sheets. :3
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  3. I'm working on all that as we speak :) I just wanted to make sure there's interest so all this handwork isn't wasted.
  4. Well, you've got one!
    And I'd be happy to help if you need it! :3
  5. Im probably interested, just put some more info up and let me know! :)
  6. OOC information goes on the OOC thread, which I'm still working on :) I'm just trying to generate interest for now.
  7. May i do a Shape-Shifter in general?
  8. If it‘s not listed, it‘s not available, sorry :c Normally I would allow any race you can think of but for this idea I woukd like to stick the the three listed.

    To everyone else: My profuse apologies! I did not mean to disappear but move+anxiety+no internet= no activity, and no, I did not have the oppurtunity to post warning. Hopefully this roleplay will be up soon!
  9. Do you have any ideas as far as details on the races and their special stuff?

    I'll probably be a witch or a vampire~
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  10. Yes! I actually have a nasty habit of over explaining stuff, that's why there's ony the basics written above ^^‘ Everything will be detailed in the OOC thread.
  11. I enjoy that habit~
    Would you link it here when it's up?~
  12. Of course! I reply with the link and put it up in the parent post thingy :)
  13. Hooray!~
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