Rose's Thorns

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  1. Kyuhyun watched Shiki for awhile and whistled out a tune to quell his boredom. Boredom finally getting to him he stands up and slowly shuffles to Shiki and sit beside him waiting and watching the sun rise completely. He vaguely wondered what the demon dreamed about and what Rose was doing. He shook his head trying to get the thoughts out and relaxed with a small smile staring at the colours the sun was making.

    The human wondered where exactly in the universe he was. Was it another planet? Maybe it was another dimension. All he knew was it's not Earth and it's definitely not normal by his standards. Normal. What is normal anymore? Video games where you got to do exactly this. Well his experience is a little less glamourous and a lot more painful. Ugh why'd he have to remind himself?
  2. The demons snarl echoed through the darkness. Though he made no move to attack Shiki, knowing it would do nothing but harm him as well in the end. Instead, Iblis growled at the man and crossed his arms in a fit. Closing his glowing blue eyes as he turned his face away. His reaction giving Shiki a satisfied grin, one that showed through his sleep onto the body that remained resting under the sun. Sighing softly, her stepped to the demon. Looking at the creature with obvious irritation, "Let's just get this over with," he mumbled out. Holding his hand out to the creature. Each motion causing a tinge of pain to rush through his body.

    The demon looked at him with a sneer in his eyes. Glaring at the mans hand, then up at his face. Though it was apparent he didn't have much of a choice. As Shiki was ready to wake up, and if Iblis didn't give his power soon, they wouldn't be getting far. Sighing as well, he dug his nails into his palm. Leaving no expression on his face as blood slowly began to seep from his new wounds. Glowing red as he let it drip onto Shiki's palm. "Do take care of my little pet," he grinned a bit.

    Shiki only rolling his eyes in response as the marking along his body soon began to glow red, the blood seeping into his hand. Soon, he was out of the darkness. His body springing to life as the dull red glow gleamed out from the markings along his body. Having a small shine as they went up against the light in the sun. Inhaling deeply, Shiki sat up. Rubbing his head as he turned to face Kyuhyun. "You've been here this whole time?" He questioned the boy.
  3. "I was worried." Kyuhyun answered "You were gone for a while so I came to look for you and then sat here" the human huffed not taking his eyes off the sunset "I wasn't watching you just so you know. The scenery is much more interesting than watching you sleep." A few moments later Kyuhyun looked over to see Shiki and raised an eyebrow "Why're you glowing?" he asked taking in the sight, "And are you going to hit me again?"
  4. Rolling his eyes, Shiki stretched. Looking at the setting sun with a growl, already irritated. Rubbing his eyes a bit, he turned back to Kyuhyun. "I'm healing myself. Finally," He mumbled the last bit to himself. Slowly forcing his way back to his feet only to stretch once more. Taking his time as he was trying to get rid of the stiff feeling all over his body. Shrugging, he only looked down at Kyuhyun. His face expressionless once more before turning and making his way in a random direction. "Lets go. I'm tired of this place."
  5. "You just woke up are you sure?" Kyuhyun asked his concern showing on his face even though he knew Shiki probably would just brush it off. "Shall I call Artemis?" he asked pointing to the sky "I don't know if she can hear me but she might..." he trailed off before whistling as loud as he could.

    The Griffin turned her head looking around the forest clearing that Shiki and Kyuhyun left her and stood up. A few moments later she heard it again and took to the skies to find her human companion.

    "Hmm... Maybe she can't hear me..." Kyuhyun sighed looking at the sky before chasing after Shiki to catch up to him.
  6. Shiki paused, peering over his shoulder at the boy. Beginning to protest against the idea of being bothered with either of the best. Though the loud whistle caught him entirely off guard. Getting a loud growl in return as he quickly covered his ears. Sneering at Kyuhyun before stepping off once more. Eager to get away from the loud noise as it was repeated once more. Taking the time to return to ignoring Kyuhyun as best he could.

    "If I wanted to be annoyed by someone I'd have--" He paused, looking Kyuhyun up and down over his shoulder. A bit of a playful glare in his eye, "Never-mind." He smiled lightly, locking his fingers behind his head as he looked up at the sky. "I'd prefer to be off before the beast gets here, so once she finds you locate Havoc and return to the village please. Check on the people there, I'll return to the mountain. Where her beast dwelled and see if I can find anything. We'll meet again there." He stopped for a short moment, half turning to Kyuhyun. "You can handle that right?"
  7. "Find Havoc, check villagers and meet there" Kyuhyun confirmed looking up at the sky "Don't hurt yourself again" he said under his breath not looking at Shiki still searching the skies for the griffin. Kyuhyun sat on the grass and wondered how far they were from the village and scanned the skies for the winged beast. Eventually she landed with a thud beside him pushing him to get his attention.

    The human laughed and patted the griffin before sliding onto her back "Time to find Havoc" he ordered softly before taking off. Flying through the air was becoming one of his favourite things to do. It gave him a small thrill unlike the rollercoasters back on earth (which he had grown immune to). He wondered how he was going to get home, and more importantly if he wanted to go home. This place was great!

    A squawk from Artemis shook him out of reverie and together they dove down to land beside the large basilisk. "Havoc!" he yelled trying to get the beasts attention just before they landed.
  8. Nodding to Kyuhyun once more, he made his way off. More so in a random direction than anywhere in particular. He kept his fingers locked behind his head as he stared up at the sky. Only the mountain's peak in his current view. Not that it was something he was paying much attention too. Treating it more like a sort of arrow as he walked on. Thoughts flowing here and there. From the boy to the girl, and back again. Sighing softly, he let his hands drop to his side and his head droop a bit low. Unsure of himself for the first, and most likely, the last time.

    It wasn't too long before the mountain peak began to take over his view of the sky. Gaining a small scowl from the man as he was forced to remember a moment of weakness. One that he'd prefer never happen again. Growling, he broke into a sprint up the mountain. Happily running along as his energy and power were back once more. With his rather sly grin, he stepped into the entrance of the cave they'd took shelter in. Blinking a few times as he'd hope to see as much as possible with the light shining down from both ends. Though the opposite side was faint, knowing it was there seemed to help in some way.

    Staring straight ahead, Shiki took his few steps into the cave. Peering over his shoulder every so often just to be cautious. His reason for returning only being the his interest in finding if the cave dweller Kyuhyun had noticed was the same pet he'd been pitted against.

    The walk into the cave soon took on a new darkness. The glow from the outside world impossibly dim as he went out. Keeping his senses open and the tips of his fingers trailing along the wall to find any opening that weren't to easily visible. Finally feeling the gap in the wall, he decided to turn along there. Soon coming across the dull glow of the rocks and crystals from only a few days ago.