Rose's Search For Partners (males needed)

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  1. Hello I would like to role play with someone.. I don't Play as males so I hope you don't mind playing as males. I don't care how much you wrote just no one liners.


    Popular kid x new kid
    Bestfriend x bestfriend
    Rich x poor
    Famous x non famous
    Prince x princess
    Rich x maid/servant
    Vampirex human
    Prince x new slave
    Under one roof

    That's it for now. I will be on everyday but i have school so it'll be after school.
  2. Still up for it?
    I don't do one liners, I write something like two paragraphs and up.
  3. Yeah do you like anything from above?? (:
  4. Bestfriend x bestfriend
    Rich x poor
    These are great kind of pairings. Since you don't play as males, I can play as the male and poor best friend. :)
  5. Will the rich was gonna be the male cause I have an idea like the girl best friend is abused by her parent.
  6. I'm interested in Prince/Princess :D
  7. Did you have any specific plot ideas? :)
  8. Well we can do a whole arranged marriage thing or like they are from different kingdoms and at war and so they kidnap the Princess and then they fall in love even though she was kidnapped.
  9. I like the sound of the latter :D
  10. Which one Seco D or first?
  11. I'm interested with best friend x best friend.
  12. Cool we should do that wanna hear plots?
  13. Yup! :)
  14. Okay I'll start a conversation
  15. The kidnapping plot :)
  16. Yeah(:
  17. Did you want it to be public or in PMs?
  18. Which do you prefer? I don't mind either
  19. I'm happy either way :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.