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  1. Hello I'm Roses. I am a very nice girl I've watxhing Anime and role-playing. That is basically my life outside of school. I only play female, I tried playing males but I'm not comfortable.

    If you would like to have a sexual contented roleplay I am fine with it but you have to be 18 and older.

    Some ideas of role-playing I have is :

    Vampire Knight relationship like Kaname and Yuki but different characters.
    Vampire x human
    Maid x prince
    New girl x popular boy
    Bestfriend x bestfriend
    Angel x demon
    Prince x princess
    Bad boy x good girl
    Guard x Princess

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    1.) The vampire is a prince, and the human a princess. The vampires and humans are at it, fighting war for some reason, but the princess knows the army of the humans routes and so they kidnap her, trying to get her to tell them the plans of the army. She is very stubborn but then so now he forces her to marry him to trick the humans and he tells the human everything.But meanwhile they kind of fall in love.

    2.)This human little girl was attacked by a vampire, and so a vampire, that is rare, that can only change a human into a vampire, Pure Blood saves her, and he is about two years older than her, and he has a claim on her. Later she is adopted by an ex vampire hunter that is now a headmaster to a high school for night class students and day class students. The night class students are vampires but only the disciplinary students know about it (2), and the headmaster, and the staff. But the disciplinary students, the human girl is one of them is, but this vampire that saved her is in the night class. So while dealing with trying to deal with her new fathers wish of making vampires and humans be nice and friendly in terms and be a good society together, she deals with normal issues.The vampire and human have a special bond, no other vampire is suppose to touch her. And the human is realizing that she loves him and would like to do anything for the vampire thats the pure blood. Oh and pure bloods are like royals to vampires.
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  2. Hi. I'm interested in human/vampire, maid/prince, and prince/princess. PM me if you wanna rp
  3. Hello, I'm interested in the bestfriend x bestfriend, prince x princess, and maid x prince. Message me =].
  4. I would be up for a Prince x Princess or Angel x Demon pair, whichever you prefer.
  5. Or we can put them together? If you want.
  6. That could be interesting , but i'm up for whatever. PM me?
  7. Alrighty I will
  8. I'm still looking for partners
  9. I'm interested in the maid/prince,the new girl/popular boy,the best friend/best friend,the angel/demon and the bad boy/good girl ideas!
  10. Awesome yay!!
  11. I'd be up for trying any of your ideas. Message me~

    And, ya know, if one idea doesn't work out, there's always another for us to try ;P
  12. Okay I'll pm you!(:
  13. @Smell_The_Roses

    Im up for any of them. Let me know which you would want to do more. I can play either role it doesnt matter to me.
  14. Sure, Just be warned I can write blocks of texts spontaneously so... if you don't like that just let me know. I get into moods and I just let it go.
  15. @Angelic Fusion
    awesome, did you see that Anime? I really want to do something like what Yuki and Lord Kaname had, but different people.
  16. Do you enjoy fluff? Cute, adorable, sweets loving guy? xD

    Or do you prefer the more dominant, serious, demonic teen who actually is interested in someone?

    I'll do either New girlXPopular boy or Bad boy X Good girl

    Pm if interested ~
  17. I love either. It depends on the role play.
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