Rose's Search For Male Roleplayers

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  1. Hello! I would like to roleplay with someone who wouldn't mind playing male. I don't feel comfortable playing with the male species haha xD My reply length depends on how my partners respond by. I don't like one liners, and I don't like novels. Novels scare me, they are too much, and for one liners..... they make the thread die. I would like to be the submissive, never been the passive one... hahaha :D I would also like to talk to the partners... I would like to become your friend. I have some plots but we can create some if we don't have any thoughts.I will try to be on as much as possible, but I do have family to visit and friends too.

    Male roles are left and female roles ( the one I will be playing) The right
    Prince x Princess
    Prince x Maid/servant
    Guard x Princess
    Boss x Assistant
    Demon x Angel
    Angel x Human
    Popular kid x New Kid
    Step sibling x Step sibling
    Rich x Poor
    Kidnapper x Kidnapped
    Singer x Model
    Famous x Fan
    Bad Boy x Good Girl​
  2. Famous x Fan looks fun
  3. Alrighty. What type of famous do you want to be (:
  4. Popular Kid x New Kid could be a fun RP. :)
  5. Alright shall I make the thread?(:
  6. Give me the link to the RP thread once you got it up.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.