Rose's Search For bestfriend (males)

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  1. Hello I would like to role play with someone.. I don't Play as males so I hope you don't mind playing as males. I don't care how much you wrote just no one liners.


    Popular kid x new kid
    Bestfriend x bestfriend
    Rich x poor
    Famous x non famous
    Prince x princess
    Rich x maid/servant
    Vampire x human
    Prince x new slave
    Under one roof
    Talented school
    Abusive relationship

    That's it for now. I will be on everyday but i have school so it'll be after school.
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  2. This sounds like fun! I'm more than happy if you want me as, partner. Is there any of the list jump in out at you as a good plot? I'm only asking cause I suck at choosing.
  3. a vampire x human or bestfriend x bestfriend if your still looking for a partner. id also be open to one of the others if you prefer.
  4. Well hmm i kinda do, do you like to play as a vampire and as in the one that burns at sunlight.

    Either sounds great!!
  5. Yeah! Why'd Twilight mess up Vamps?
  6. Honestly, I don't know.... I hate that...

    Well I have a bunch, kidnapping???? saving????
  7. Kidnapping sounds interesting, the saving thing seems to happen a lot with Vampires.
  8. Haha alright, well lets see here... What if theres this human female, that is wanted by the vampires. Maybe this rich vampire guy takes her because he wants her all by himself, no sharing. So maybe he does some things to her, and then torturing because she is now his and she is being taught how to do things.. It's not going to be easy. She has rare blood haha by the way..
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  9. Yeah! I love it!
  10. awesome!! Want to post the thread or do you want to do this in PMS?
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