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  1. Roses red,
    Violets blue,
    We're not the same,

    But I love you...
    He put down her pen and sealed the envelope. It was Valentine's Day, the day of love. He had a big crush on this girl... Her name? He didn't know. But what he did know is he was in love in with her, but one thing was holding him back. He was not human...


    The Vampire:
    Name: Silas Evan Craven
    Age 180 years but looks 18
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'2
    Personality: Silas is reserved to those he doesn't know and puts on a charming smile and laugh to those whom he does. People are constantly drawn to him because of his humbleness and because of that aura that attracts humans to him.

    The Human:

    Name: Suzi Sparks
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Suzi is a goth, no doubts about it. She hates going out at day or socializing. She loves anything supernatural, especially vampires. People don't really like her that much due to her dark personality, but she doesn't care.
  2. Silas frowned as he stared out of the second floor classroom looking out into the distance of trees that were further back. Somehow the day had only just begun and yet Silas just wanted the day over with already. Everyday was just the same boring thing after another. Hmm maybe being around for such a long time has something to do with that. " Mr. Craven if you could pay a little more attention that would be nice". Silas turned his head towards his English teacher and gave a goofy smile that made a few students swoon. " Heh my bad Mr. M I got a little distracted but it won't happen again". Mr. Matheson seemed pleased with the comment and returned back to the black board. Silas's goofy look however faded once the teacher looked away and he found himself staring back out the window at the threes again.

    School was nothing to him. He had been in school for hundreds of years and the history that they were teaching he had been there during those times or simply just knew. There was no need to study although when some kids from school would make complaints about how hard the homework was for lesson Silas played along like it bothered him as well. If it were up to him he wouldn't even be in school but it was Nathaniel's wishes and he had no choice. Nathaniel had been looking after Silas since before time. He was a good friend of his father and once he died Nathaniel took on the responsibility of looking after him.

    To everyone else and students he was the mysterious handsome uncle that showed up to school once in awhile when Silas wanted to get picked up from school.For the most part Silas played the high school part well. He had played a sport and had a lot of school friends, everyone knew who he was even if he didn't know them but Silas made sure he was nice and humble to everyone. When the bell rang Silas ran his hand through his hair and grabbed his bag before heading to his other classes. The last class of the day was Math and Silas placed his head down on the desk and fell asleep. He knew the teacher wouldn't bother him since all he had to do was look her in the eye and just compel her to leave him be.

    Before he knew it class was finally over and the hallways were bustling with people trying to get out of school or to their friends. Silas was in the middle of walking down the hall went he got the sent of something so sweet. His hand subconsciously went to his chest as he squeezed his shirt lightly. He had smelled it before but now for some reason it was strong and it was making his throat dry. Not because he was thirsty for water but because he wanted whoever smelled sweet, he wanted their blood. Silas didn't know how he ended up making to the girl but he stopped in front of her before he knew what he was doing. " Um, hey there". His lips quirked up into a slight smile and he bit down on his lower lip glancing at her neck only once. Had he lost it? All these years he had self control and didn't drink from humans and now here he was standing in front a girl who's sent just drew him in like some dog.
  3. "Ok, who can tell me who Count Dracula was?" Susi's hand shoot straight up. She usually wouldn't answer anything in class, but this was different. Her English Literature topic was Gothic Fiction, which was something she had always enjoyed. And this question about Count Dracula? Easy peasy. She could answer that in her sleep. "Yes, Susi?" the teacher said, which told her to answer the question. "Count Dracula was a stereotypical vampire from the Victorian era. Or at least, the books about him was written then..." the Goth answered. Many of her class 'mates' snickered, which put Susi off answering any other questions. The teacher, Mr Zinnia, nodded and simply said, "Correct."

    The lesson lasted for another 5 minutes before the class was dismissed. They had been given the book about Count Dracula to read and a set of questions to answer. Susi would probably complete this in around 15 minutes, because she had already read the book and would most likely know all the answers anyway. There was still another 10 minutes till the next lesson, as the English Literature class had been let out early. To pass the time, Susi thought she could hang out at her locker, so she did. All she did there was tie her hair back, since it was getting in the way, and applied some black lip-gloss. The school staff didn't seem to care about students wearing make-up, so it was unlikely that Susi would be told off.

    One hour later, P.E. ended and it was time to go home. Susi made her way over to her locker to pick-up her stuff. Her locker was completely black, with tiny sparks of silver. It looked alot like the night sky - this comforted Susi. Anything dark made her seem happy, while anything bright just annoyed her. She was a Goth, no doubt about it. Susi opened her locker and brought out her black backpack, which contained...

    • A black notebook
    • A black pen
    • A black pencil
    • A black ruler
    • A black water bottle
    • A black lunch box, containing:
      • A cheese sandwich
      • An apple
      • A packet of cheese and onion crisps
      • A chocolate cupcake
    • A novel about werewolves
    • A novel about Count Dracula (for homework)
    • A folder containing various pieces of homework
    • A good-luck charm
    • Her pierce
    Suddenly, a guy approached her and randomly said, "Um, hey there." Susi was surprised by the sudden appearance, but something about the guy calmed her. He wasn't normal, she could sense it. "Er... hi?"
  4. Silas took one look at the girl and he knew she was goth. Everyone in the school had a different look about them, there was the jocks and the preps..the skaters and the musicians and then the nerds and odd balls out and the goth kids. The clothing style varied around the school but then again clothing for both genders had changed dramatically over the past hundreds of years that he had been around. " Er..hi?" the girl spoke and Silas looked away from her to the girls locker and then back down at her. " I know this is random you wanna hang out with me sometime?". He had to say something that made sense since it wasn't like he was going to say, Oh hey I'm actually drawn to your blood for some strange reason and that's what lead me over here.

    He suddenly froze only for a split second hearing the sound of Nathaniel's car pulling into the school parking lot. Silas quickly reached into his hoodie pocket and took out a pencil that he kept there so he wouldn't have to dig in his bag to find one for every class. Finding some paper in his bag he wrote down his number on the paper and handed it to the girl. Silas I'm waiting... He made a face hearing Nathaniel communicate with him. I'm coming don't worry. Silas backed up with a light smile glancing at the girls neck for a moment. The smell hit him again and he parted his lips slightly before abruptly turning his body away from her. " The names Silas...Silas Craven, you can hit me up whenever your free". And with that he walked away and disappeared out of sight.

    Once out of the school Silas suddenly realized why his uncle wanted him to come. He was standing out of the car bombarded by a bunch of girls from the school whom from the looks of it were flirting and asking him a million questions. He walked over to the car where the crowd went from his uncle to now him. It was a bit of an annoyance but he couldn't change how humans were. Nathaniel climbed in the car as the crowd dispersed and pulled out of the school. " Your clutching your chest what happened". Nathaniel spoke and Silas looked down not even realizing he had his hand there. " There's this girl at school she smells so....sweet and I have no idea why but I damn near wanted to walk over and just sink my teeth into her neck".

    Nathaniel looked over at Silas with a small bit of amusement on his face but he shook his head and pulled up to the house. " The best thing for you to do is stay away from her. I could smell her from the car and it's rare when humans have blood like that, it like a weakness for people like us". Silas raised an eyebrow as he climbed out the car and followed his uncle into the house. " A weakness?". Nathaniel stopped nodding his head slightly. " Once your drink someone's blood like that for the first time you only want that blood. Animal blood and blood bags don't quench your thirst anymore and if you loose yourself you could kill that person".

    Silas thought over what his uncle said and he spoke like it was through personal experience not that he was going to ask him of course. He went to the kitchen grabbing a blood bag and letting his fangs come down and puncture the bag feeling the liquid pour into his throat. Once he was finished he went to his room and laid on the bed thinking about the past day and what his uncle said.
  5. "I know this is random but... do you wanna hang out with me sometime?"

    This was so strange. Did he just ask to hang out with Susi? Without even getting to know her? Surely a boy like him wouldn't go out with a Goth. Or would he? There was something strange about him... Something that Susi couldn't quite put her finger on, but something nevertheless. She hadn't seen him around school before. Maybe he was new? Or maybe Susi was just blind? Never mind what it was, this dud was strange, and Susi had to find out why.

    Before she could say anything, the guy handed her a piece of paper containing his phone number and introduced himself. "The names Silas... Silas Craven, you can hit me up whenever your free." Susi attempted to introduce herself, but he was already gone. "Where'd he go?" she asked out loud without meaning to. Maybe she could run after him? Or maybe she could just forget? Her mother would be waiting at home... And boy did she get angry when Susi was late. Yes, she had to go home, no matter what.

    It took Susi around half an hour to walk/run/jog home. Her mother was asleep on the sofa, meaning Susi could sneak upstairs without being told off. She went up to her bedroom and got out the questions she had been set. Grabbing a black pen from her bedside table, she sat down and started to answer the questions, trying not to think about the boy but failing...
  6. Silas was up most of the night texting some of his friends from school. One friend in particular was Wesley Ross whom he had known since he was in the ninth grade. He wanted to know if Wesley knew about the girl that he had met in school earlier today. Wesley of course wanted him to explain how she looked but the only real thing Silas could say was she looked goth with a lot of dark things. It took his friend a moment to respond before he put Susi. Susi huh? Silas raised an eyebrow as he stared at the message on his phone. He had never seen her before but then again she wasn't in his classes either so he assumed it was because she wasn't in his grade.

    There was something more about that girl that he just wanted to know about. Everyone that he knew just flocked to him to him like it was nothing but she on the other hand looked as if she had no idea who he was and yet everyone in the school no matter what the grade level had heard of him. He was somewhat amused to see that someone wasn't affected so much to his charm yet he was in some way disappointed by it.

    Silas woke up the next morning and checked his phone to see if that girl had texted him but he quickly put the phone back into his pocket of his jeans and then grabbed his bag or school. Nathaniel was already ready downstairs and Silas made sure to grab a blood bag from the fridge and drink it before leaving. The past couple of days the blood bags didn't feel like they were doing as much for him anymore. Of course he wouldn't tell Nathaniel that because he'd mention the whole girl again and he was sure that wasn't the case.

    At school the classes went buy in a blur and Silas found himself for some reason glancing down at his phone from time to time. When it was time to transition to his last classes Silas was hungry and he didn't have a blood bag on him. He went to his locker and leaned against it clenching his chest for a moment. There was a nagging pain but it wasn't too bad. Just breathe Sai you can get through the rest of the day.
  7. Susi couldn't get her mind off the guy for the entire night. It just nade no sense... Why did he come to her of all people? As well as this, she couldn't sleep. In fact, she spent most of the night attempting to read Count Dracula, despite already reading it well over 100 times. By the time it was morning, Susi was so tired, she wasn't sure whether or not she'd make it through the day.

    BEEP BEEP BEEP! That was Susi's alarm goinf off, telling her it was time for school. Even though she literally had no sleep the night before, she got out of bed and changed into black outfit, which was what she usually wore for school. She got a quick wash and brushed her hair, before leaving for school, without eating breakfast. Who needs breakfast anyway?

    It took Susi 45 minutes to walk to school. Luckily, she wasn't late, but that didn't stop her getting a dentention. In maths, she fell asleep due to not sleeping for over 24 hours. Her maths teacher, Mrs Dudinn, gave her a dentention when she saw Susi sleeping.

    And so, after school, Susi went to dentention.
  8. Once Silas caught himself he made his way to his last class right before the bell rang. He attempted to pay attention but his eyes just landed on most of the students necks, wanting to feed. There were two types of vampires that roamed the earth. There were the ones that fed on humans to survive and there were ones who fed on animals and blood bags to satisfy their hunger. Nathaniel raised him on blood bags and animals even though he was brought up to feed from humans, he stopped though. His uncle always told him that since it was the 21 century they needed to take better precautions and feed off of things that didn't talk and could expose them to humans.

    Silas was the first out of the school doors once school was over. He told his uncle he didn't want to be picked up and instead he would walk home. It would give him some time to himself and to explore. He cut through the trees with his agility and speed but slowed down nearing the ending and walked out of the path and onto the sidewalk. He saw some of the students from school and he shook his head watching their antics. He had to relive high school for the past 280 years and it was such a drag. He had been every type of person you could be. The skater, the trouble maker, the scholar, the class clown, and the jock. All had it's perks but he was tired of pretending to be some kid when he had lived longer than anyone there combined.

    The sun was already setting when Silas reached the diner. He was hungry and he figured that eating a burger wouldn't be so bad. Vampires had no problem eating human food it was just that too much without blood made them sick. You couldn't substitute human food for blood and if you tried you'd just end up so sick you'd die. After ordering a burger and chatting up with some kids from his class he walked out eating his burger and sending a message to his uncle to let him know that he'd be home soon.
  9. Detention wasn't too bad. It was just abit of extra time for Susi to think about calling him. She didn't really have to do anything there: just sit in an empty classroom in silence with a teacher marking books at the front. Nothing too exciting. There was nobody else in detention, meaning Susi had no one to send notes too. Her phone was constantly vibrating in her pocket, so she was sure her mother wanted to know where she was. Susi longed to be able to just call her mum, but she would only have to spend more time in detention.

    At exactly 4:00pm, detention was over and Susi could finally leave. As soon as she got out of school, she checked the messages on her phone:

    Where on Earth are you?
    Mum, 1 hour ago

    Why aren't you home yet?
    Mum, 45 minutes ago

    You'd better be home in 5 minutes!
    Mum, 30 minutes ago

    It's been 5 minutes and yourre not home!
    Mum, 25 minutes ago

    Please text me when you're on your way home!
    Mum, 15 minutes ago

    Susi sighed and texted her mum back:

    On my way home, soz for wait, c u soon xxx
    Susi, just now

    For the entire journey home, Susi ran. When she got home, her mother was standing the hallway, her arms crossed and a stern look on her face. "Hey Mum," Susi said casually, although she knew her mother was mad. "Where on Earth have you been?!" her mum, whose name was Emily, asked in anger. "I had a detention..." Emily's beloved child mumbled. "Don't mumble, Susanna!" she shouted, "Speak up!" The fact her mum used her full name was both scary and strange. She only ever used that name when she was mad, and she knew Susi hated her full name. "I had a detention!" Susanna exclaimed, before barging past her mum and running upstairs into her room.
  10. Silas decided to take his time going home since there really was nothing to do there but listen to his uncle try to tell him the ways of how he was at his age. As far as he knew they were the only vampires in the town which got somewhat boring to him. He didn't have someone to go hunting with his age of course or someone to just hang out with that understood him and what it was like. Sure he had friends at school but he could never stick around after they graduated this year. He would still look the same. For Silas there was never going to be some high school reunion because how would it look if he showed up still looking 18 while everyone else aged?

    Nathaniel always told him it was best the pretend they were your friends but never get to involved because in the end Silas would just watch his friends die while he lived on forever. After finishing the burger he was walking in the direction to his house when the slightest breeze came by and he smelled that sent from before in school.

    This time he couldn't ignore the smell and it was almost as if it had gotten sweeter. Silas could feel his fangs coming down just at the mere smell and his once light gray eyes were now a dark red. Before he knew it he had followed the smell to a house. Looking up he saw the half open window and quietly he jumped up he shook his head trying to calm down and his eyes had went back to their normal gray color and he forced his teeth to retract.

    Sliding inside the girl Susi had yet to notice him so he coughed getting the girls attention. He didn't want to scare her because he knew anyone would if some guy just appeared in their room. " Hey there, I know this is weird just please don't freak out and call your mom". Silas took a step forward but a slow step. If all else failed and she attempted to call her mom he'd have to compel her. His eyes however kept glancing down at her throat and he put on of his hands over his mouth to cover the sigh of his fangs tying to come back down.
  11. Susi gasped as she heard someone cough. At first, she thought it was her mother trying to get her attention, but the door was still slammed shut. Her only over thought was that she was imagining things, but one does not simply imagine a cough. She turned her attention towards the window, but couldn't. The reason? A guy was standing in front of it. The exact same guy who approached her in school.

    "Hey there, I know this is weird just please don't freak out and call your mom." How could she not freak out? A random guy had just climbed into her bedroom and started talking to her for crying out loud! This was not normal for a boy of around 18! "Umm... How did you get in my room?" she asked, eager to know how on Earth he was here.

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff](Hey! Sorry for the short post, I wasn't sure what else to say. It's not writers block, I just struggle replying with 3 paragraphs in a conversation between characters)[/BCOLOR]
  12. Well this wasn't awkward at all now was it? He had let his urges get the best of him and know he was standing in some girls room. He looked around the room and everything there definitely described Susi, dark and Gothic. He raised an eyebrow taking in her room before he looked back at her. "Umm... How did you get in my room?" That was a good question but what was Silas supposed to say? Oh hey I kinda jumped up here and got into your room without a sound because that's how vampires do. Not likely.

    Right about now he could only imagine what Nathaniel was thinking. He had said he'd be home about fifteen minutes ago and now he was in the room of a girl that he wanted to feed off of. Silas shook his head before running his hand through his hair, something he often did when frustrated, nervous or in deep thought. He was raised by his uncle to not drink human blood and to rely on blood bags but was drinking human blood really and issue?

    All he had to do was compel them and they'd forget whatever you wanted them too so he didn't see the problem. Maybe Nathaniel thought that he'd loose him self control drinking blood for the first time and end up killing a human. Silas doubted it though since he knew himself, or at least he thought that he did. Now how was he about to go on this situation? Taking a deep breath he looked at the girl. " Well for one you can start calling me Silas or Sai and i'll keep calling you Susi". He paused for a moment thinking of the best possible answer. " Well I kinda climbed up here, or er jumped, you smelled really sweet so I couldn't help myself".

    He knew that made no sense to say she smelled sweet but it was true. Silas glanced at her from the awkward silence for a moment and then he sighed. Fuck it I might as well just do it. Silas took some more steps forward and then stop three feet away from Susi. " Don't panic when I show you this". Not waiting for her answer he opened his mouth showing her his fangs as they slowly came down and his eyes changed from gray to a dark red almost black. " That's what I mean when I said you smell ..sweet".

    ( It's okay lol I just write a lot, if it helps trying going deeper into your character or add an npc like how I do Silas uncle Nathaniel)
  13. "Well, for one you can start calling me Silas or Sai and I'll keep calling you Susi," the guy began. How did he know her name? Perhaps someone at school told him, but who? Nobody ever spoke to Susi, so who would know her name? Seriously, most people at school just called her 'the Goth girl", so for someone to know her name? That's strange. Trying to get that out of her mind, Susi attempted to explain that Susi was only a nickname, and her actual name was Susanna, but now was not the time. This guy, Salis or whatever his name was, had some serious explaining to do.

    "Well, I kinda climbed up here, or... er... jumped, you smelled really sweet so I couldn't help myself," Sai explained, after a short pause. He... jumped? What the- How did he do that? This was getting weirder and weirder... Susi didn't reply, because she was too confused to do anything. This guy was strange, no doubt about it. Now, Susi wasn't even sure if he was human. Perhaps he was a zombie? No, zombies cannot just hide themselves like that... A frankenstein? But then she would see the stitches, and he wouldn't have been able to jump up here... A vampire? He certainly seemed like the type. He said she smelled really sweet, like he wanted to eat her. Also, his facial features sort of pointed this out. His skin was pale, and Susi was sure she had seen his eyes change colour.

    The supposed 'vampire' took a step closer to Susi. After a couple more steps, he told her, "Don't panic when I show you this." Show me what? Susi gasped as he opened his mouth, revealing two sharp fangs. His eyes changed colour from grey to red to black. He was a vampire! "That's what I mean when I said you smell... sweet," he explained. Susi screamed in excitement, like a girl at a One Direction concert. "I knew it! Your a vampire!" she exclaimed, "I can't believe it! After years of waiting, I finally meet my favourite Gothic creature! Just wait till I tell the other Goths vampires exist for real..." She took her phone from out of her pocket.
  14. "I knew it! Your a vampire! Silas was indeed surprised by the girls reaction to it all. Usually people would faint or scream, be so overcome with shock that they can't even speak but the energy he got from Susi was utter excitement. "I can't believe it! After years of waiting, I finally meet my favorite Gothic creature! Just wait till I tell the other Goths vampires exist for real..." Holy shit did Silas regret even telling the girl then. He quickly took the phone out of her hands and placed it into his pocket frowning. " This isn't some kind of game Susi. You can't tell anyone not even your little friends if you do then I'm afraid I'd have to compel you to forget everything that happened.

    Silas was indeed serious. It was hard being himself around humans but it was even harder when humans found out because it was like there was something in their nature that made them want to share every little detail with people that their close to. " The only reason I showed you is because your scent draws out my...well vampire needs and also because I want to feed from you". He stepped forward until Silas was were inches away from Susi and his eyes rested on her neck.

    " I need your permission to do so and trust me it doesn't hurt at all....actually it's quite exciting for humans being how it stimulates your body". Silas didn't know if he was going to regret telling her the truth but he had to compel a lot of people over the past hundreds of years because they couldn't help themselves and he honestly didn't want to have to do it again.
  15. She understood why he had taken her phone, but really? Did Silas really need to take away her only form of contact? Nevermind, at least that meant nobody would try to kill him with a stack. "This isn't some kind of game Susi. You can't tell anyone not even your little friends if you do then I'm afraid I'd have to compel you to forget everything that happened," he explained, sounding like he was threatening her. "Oh, come one! I wasn't actually going to tell people," Susi lied, "I was just going to..." Think, Susi, think! "...hint that vampire exist." That conversation ended and moved onto another one...

    "The only reason I showed you is because your scent draws out my... well vampire needs and also because I want to feed from you." Did he just say he wanted to feed from Susi? Like, drink her blood? He sounded so casual, yet so terrifying. Perhaps being around a vampire wasn't such a good thing... But, doesn't a vampire bite transform you into a vampire? If so, that would mean... Yes! It all made sense to her! If Silas drank her blood, her dream would come true, she would be an actual vampire!

    Although this probably wasn't the time to smile, Susi smiled. A guy was threatening to drink the blood, and she was happy. "I need your permission to do so and trust me it doesn't hurt at all....actually it's quite exciting for humans being how it stimulates your body," Silas explained. It was sort of uncomfortable how close he was standing to her, but who cares? "Yes," she stated, "You have my permission."
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