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  1. Roses red,
    Violets blue,
    We're not the same,

    But I love you...
    She put down her pen and sealed the envelope. It was Valentines Day, the day of love. She had a big crush on this guy... His name? She didn't know. But what she did know is she was in love in with him, but one thing was holding her back. She was not human...

    The Characters:

    The Vampire: (@amybri18)

    Name: Rose Finnissen
    Age: 118 (but she looks and acts like she's 18)
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Rose is your typical teenage vampire. She hates the sunlight (because it burns her, literally) and she cannot stand garlic. Her bite is deadly, and can insistently turn you into a vampire, if not kill you. The one things she wants is love, and she'll do anything for it. She is dangerous to be around, however, she can be nice if she likes you. She is also your typical teenage girl - always wearing make-up and taking about boys. Other than that, she is a bloodthirsty monster wearing lip-gloss.

    The Human: (@Kerberos)


    Name: Vincent Lux
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Vincent is a calm and relaxed type of man. Whenever he is fixated on something, people will have a hard time to get his attention, especially when he is listening or playing music. He can be loud mouthed when he is in a discussion. Food is also a passion which he feel he masters. He loves to conversation with people, but is not too good with small talk. He has an introvert personality, with a hit of extrovert. While he is calm and relaxed, if something makes him majorly uncomfortable he will take action. Something special about Vincent is his love for the dark. He wishes for the day to be night and night to be day. The starts and moon makes good contrasts for the dark when you take a walk in the forest. Vincent also keeps his friends closer, but his loved once closer.

    "This is the day, father," she said, "This is the day." Her father looked at her, confused. "What day?" he asked, needing more information. Rose sighed and shook her head in annoyance. "Dad, it's Valentines Day." Her father nodded. "The day of love." Her father nodded. "Ugh! Sometimes I wonder about you!" Drake, her father, frowned. "I'm going to ask him out!" Rose exclaimed, annoyed that her father hadn't worked that out yet. "Oh, that... But, Rose, darling, your a vampire!" he finally said after moments of silence. Rose glared at him, as if to say Yeah, thanks for the reminder... "Nobody would want to go out with a vampire!" Rose sighed. "Mum went out with you..." she mumbled. Having super-human hearing, Drake heard every word she had said. "Mum was a vampire when we meet. Ah, I remember it as if it were yesterday..." he explained to his beloved daughter.

    Rose groaned and stomped out the room, unwilling to hear that old love story again. In the background, she could hear her father telling the story to thin air - he didn't realize she was gone. Smiling, she took the letter she had made yesterday. It was a short poem, inspired by the famous Roses Red poem. She read it out load, her hand on her heart. "Roses red, violets blue, we're not the same, but I love you..." Sighing, she held the paper against her heart and closed her eyes. All she could picture was the boy, from his messy black hair to his smooth pale face. Perhaps this time she wouldn't kill her one true love, as she did the many times before. Maybe he was the one...

    The vampire silently sealed the letter inside a red envelope. Grabbing her bag, she walked out the front door and started her journey to school, staying in the shadows. Of course, if she went in the sunlight, she would burn. Because of this, Rose always walked under the trees, away from the warmth. It would take her around 20 minutes to get to school, because she had to take the long route. Still, she didn't care, as long as she managed to get the letter to him. She knew he probably wasn't going to be at school, because he was 20. Maybe he was in university? She would track him down that night, when the sun was gone and the moon was shining.
  2. It was 5 in the morning, the sun had not yet woken up to being a new day. Vincent sat up in his bed. He looked around half a sleep, to then shake the sleepiness out of his eyes. A dark brown wall was the first thing he saw at his left, stretching out his neck. Vincent didn’t live in some student dorm, or an apartment. He lived in a rundown “renewed” cabin he had bought for £100 from and old man which own the forest Vincent’s cabin is placed. After his bag was packed, and his glasses were firmly placed on his nose, it was off again to a long day at the university.

    The reason why Vincent was up early in the morning was to enjoy the silent and calming atmosphere the forest. The moon was still reflecting the sun’s rays shining a dim light in between the threes. Fog arose from the cold ground meeting the warm air. The birds had not yet awoken, and the animals were just about to wake up. The forest was so quite the sound from Vincent’s foot step in the moss could be heard. The enjoyable atmosphere was gone when the first sound of a car horn going off in the busy city.

    The sun was shining in through the window blending his vision as he read the white pages, reflecting the sun into his eyes. He moved back some seats, and continued to follow the lecture holder’s lines within the study book. The class ended, and the walk took a turn to at his locker. Some girls some locks aside of his began to chit chat loud, smiling and giggling. One of them where holding onto a valentine card. Vincent had gotten some over the years but, just forgot to send back to the sender. He would talk to girl easily, but he hadn’t found someone interested enough to look further into them.
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    The £ sign goes before the number. Hope you learnt something from this alert! :) )

    If she had it her way, Rose wouldn't be in school. She was 118 years old for goodness sake! Surely someone of her great age should be at home, relaxing. Unfortunately, she was a vampire, and therefor only looked 18. This had its ups and downs, downs obviously being she had to go to school. The positive side of things was she still looked young and beautiful, which, for a vampire, she was. Vampires live for a long time, so she couldn't possibly moan because all her friends were 100 years younger than her, and her crush was 98 years younger than her. She couldn't help that she was born a vampire. It was just the way of life...

    "Rose! Your late again!" She had just arrived at school, and her friend, Emilee, was waiting outside. "Em, you know I have to take the long route round," Rose explained. Em gave her the look. The look that seemed to say why?, but you never get an answer. "Oh, come on Em! You know I have no choice!" Em sighed and said, "I know, I know... I just-" "Don't understand?" She nodded. "Oh, Em. You'll find out some day..." And with that, the two turned around and walked to class, ready to start the day.

    Rose heart pounded as she found out what her new topic in English was. Vampires. As the module topic, she was doing Gothic Literature, and vampires were part of this. Usually, she wouldn't care what she was doing in English, but this was different. No doubt about it, they would do the features of a vampire, and they would see just how alike Rose is to one. Would they find out? Let's hope they don't. That would be a real shame...
  4. (Thanks for the heads up ^^) )

    Out of all Vincent’s courses, there was nothing more frustrating than his part time job. The day went on with a Spanish class. The teacher placed a large book on each table. “Read, and give me an understanding what the author’s main protagonist Dante wants with telling about a middle age’s knight this way…” Right when the Spanish teacher was done talking Vincent’s good friend Lucy woke up from her sleep. Accidentally she had fallen asleep under her class to then wake up besides Vincent. She looked at Vincent, while he gave her a smirking smile. A kind of smile meaning; you are done for smile, while he was pointing at the Spanish teacher. Lucy looked him with a sleepy daze showing in her face. Vincent whispered softly to her:” Lucy this is Spanish 3B, aren’t you supposed to be in drama class right now…?” The girl stood up, and right then she met with the glaring eyes from Vincent’s teacher. “Sleeping are we…?” The teacher held a long ruler by the right hand, to then hit Lucy’s table with a hard strike. “Get to work…!?” It didn’t seem like that teacher had woken up on the right leg today. Lucy took a shot at luck jumping over the table, winking at Vincent as she left the room in a hurry. This wink you send a friend meaning: thank you for covering me…Vincent wasn’t too happy about it. Wandering to the next class, Vincent’s bag had grown in size. He growled deep within his throat ”Three damn essays about three damn different books due to tomorrow….” He closed his eyes in irritation, taking a good breath he calmed himself down.

    History was interesting; math made his brain work out of order, fortunately next was English literature. Finally a class Vincent could make himself more at home. He fancied literature, especially English literature. Tales about old castles, dragons, powers of the supernatural orogion and not to forget vampires. Reading about castle Dracula made him want to go there and see for himself how “the impaler” lived. But, you can’t afford much being a student living off a part time job. Instead he read as much as he could about the place. What if vampires actually existed? A question His English literature teacher Mr. Skull asked the class as they were to being to analyze the Book “Count Dracula”.

    With a more exciting book put into his bag, Vincent’s part time job was about to start. Seven Pm sharp started his shift at a park café not far away from his university. He was one of two chefs which worked there. Today was a rather stressing day. His partner Toby was also going to work today, but because of bad illness he had to stay home. Vincent literary worked his finger to blood cutting them multiple times making all kinds food for the not so often filled café. In the end, the café got empty giving him an evening with a double pay. Vincent turned his way home walking with a slow phase not wanting to look away from the clear night blue sky.
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  5. "Oh, come on Rose! Surely your dad won't mind you going to the hairdressers!" She couldn't have got it more wrong, Rose thought. School was now over, and it was time to return home. Or at least, it was for Em - Rose still had to find that boy! The vampire decided that she was going to wait in the forest, which was where the boy lived. He lived in a small cabin in the middle of the woods. How Rose knew? She was stalking him. "Honestly Em, I don't know why you bother," Rose said to her friend, "You know Dad will never let me." This was a lie. Her dad would let her, but Rose knew she shouldn't go. Em would find out she was normal, because she wouldn't be able to see her in the mirror. Vampires have no reflection, so being in a room full of mirrors was not a good idea.

    After an argument lasting for 5 minutes, Em finally gave up and let Rose go on her way. Rose was incredibly relieved, as she was starting to burn from being in the sun. Her skin was going through torture which couldn't be put into words. She was so glad to finally get under the safety of the tree tops! The sun was still shining, so it wasn't quite time yet. Perhaps she could go have a little... snack. Her heart now set on finding food, Rose picked up the speed and jogged to the nearest cave, where she knew a family of wolves lived.

    Once she got there, the vampire girl peeked inside to check if any wolves were home. There was one: a small, grey cub around the size of a teddy bear. Strangely, Rose felt no sympathy for the poor thing. All she could feel was a thirst for blood. And so, she crept up behind the cub and pounced, pinning down the creature and slowly sinking her teeth into it's neck. The taste of blood was so amazing, mainly because she hadn't had any blood in days. She could feel the blood running down her throat, the liquid reaching her stomuck.
  6. The air got cold, which made Vincent think of home. He was so happy it was Friday, meaning he could stay longer in bed tomorrow. He pushed himself off the outdoor staircase, to wave good bye to his coworkers. Vincent was now on his way home. Loud sirens went around every corner between the houses he walked passed. The lights from the streets, cars and windows made the light from the moon not visible. Vincent looked up, but right then a cloud blocked the view from him to see the night sky. With his heavy bag on his back, he was looking forward to step into the dark, silent nature surrounding his cabin. Suddenly a really drunk guy came out from behind a corner of a bar. He had obviously drunken too much, making the bouncers from the bar throw him out for making a scene with his drunkenness. Vincent looked at the guy, giving him a so ugly look making the guy turn around and stay away with his drunken mumbling of nonsense.

    Vincent walked with delight right into the forest, and taking a long breath. “I’m finally home” He said speaking to himself. All the stress from the Spanish class went away, the extra books he had to read didn’t bother him anymore. Now he was fully focused on getting home, quickly as possible to then jump under his sheets, falling to sleep. He walked quietly as he always did in the forest, but something was different this night. He stopped up completely. Vincent turned around, thinking maybe he heard an animal or something. Waiting for a couple of minutes, he heard nothing making him shrug t continue to walk towards his cabin.

    Right when he was about to enter the door, he looked up watching a large moon shining with looked like silver light. The lights covered his cabin and the small open area around it. He went inside, throwing away his bag. He put on a better jacket, keeping the warmth from leaving his body. Vincent walked outside, sitting down one large stone looking up with a smile. “What a beautiful night…”
  7. It was finally night. After the poor cub had died, Rose casually walked out the cave as if nothing had happened and stared at the sky. A full moon shone brightly on the night sky, with twinkling stars surrounding it. The north star was shining brighter than ever, and Rose's heart leaped at the beauty of it all. Now, to find the cabin.

    At didn't take long at all to find the cabin in the woods. Sure, it was dark and Rose couldn't see very well, but she knew the forest well. All she had to do was follow her heart and love would find her. Taking a deep breath, she walked up to the door and posted the letter through the mail slot. She gently tapped on the door, then went to find up a tree to wait for him to answer. Nobody answered. It wasn't until them did she realize he wasn't in the house - he was sitting on a rock nearby.

    Dammit! The notes in his house! How was she supposed to give him the love letter now? Unless... No. That would be too weird. Or would it? Oh, come one Rose! Don't be stupid! Surely that plan wouldn't work, right? Hmm... perhaps I could try... So she did. Rose jumped down from the tree and firmly landed on the ground, standing on her feet. She crept up behind the man and tapped on his shoulder. "Go check inside your house..." she whispered before running of silently.
  8. "Go check inside your house..." Vincent turned around, but nothing there. "What?..." the tapping on his shoulder, had left Vincent like a question mark. He looked behind himself for a long time. "I swear that is was someone behind me just seconds ago" He stood up, and took a long breath. He knocked himself at his head tree times while walking towards his cabin. "Am i turning crazy or something...." Right in the middle of sentence he opened up the door, and there was a letter to him laying just some centimetres away from his door. He picked it up, and walked over to his working table. He opened it up, and saw the poem written on it. "Roses red, violets blue, we're not the same, but I love you..." Vincent got a sudden blush in his face.

    He looked back at the letter, and pinned it up right in front of face on the wall. "An unknown person giving me a valentine card in the middle of the night...interesting..." Vincent was tired, and went to bed right after he had read the poem more than ten times trying to figure it out. "What can she mean by ""we're not the same"" Vincent let the letter go out of his mind, and tried to read some pages from Dracula. His eyelids felt heavy, and his body relaxed, to then making Vincent fall asleep.

    Vincent woke up the next morning determinate to find out who had given him the letter. There was one thing that he was sure of, the person who had said those words to him last night, must have been the same person which had given him the letter. How ells would the person is telling him to see inside his house. Vincent stood up, and went on to make breakfast. While cooking his mind tried to figure out how the person who had given him the letter had made an easy escape. Just like a magician she disappears in to thin air?
  9. Rose sighed. She had watched him open the letter while sitting on a tree. He seemed confused, but also heartstruck. She could tell he wanted to find her, and he will. Rose will make sure of that. She just needed to wait till morning... Then, she woukd meet him outside his door. She wouldn't stay for long, otherwise the mystery about her would just dissapear into thin air. All she would do is mention the letter, ask him his name and tell him to meet her at the park tonight. Simple.

    When it came to morning, Rose wasn't sure if she could do it. She had spent the night before staring at the guy through the window. Now, I can hear you asking "But how did she sleep if she was looking through a window all night?" Surely you should have got this by now: Rose is a vampire, so does not need to sleep. Anyway, back on subject...

    It was moments before sunrise. Rose had to get undercover, but that would ruin her plan. You see, she decided that she would jump down from the tree and land in front of his door just as he was opening it. But the sun was already starting to burn her. C'mon guy! Open the god damn door!
  10. (Sorry, it got a little short. )

    Vincent looked at the poem one more time, walking towards the door. He planned on spending the time outside today. He had to get his read on if he wanted that B in English, and even more reading if he even wanted to try on that C in Spanish. He picked up his bag, with everything he needed and opened up his door. His thought where wondering about Dracula and how he would escape if he where to be trapped with a place with sun light. There where many possibilities, like turning into a bat, turning to dust or find the nearest shadow to hide in. The light from the sun had not yet hit his house. Vincent took a deep breath of fresh air, and started to take the first step outside.
  11. As soon as the guy opened the door, Rose jumped down. "Hey! How d'you like the letter I sent you?" she said suddenly. She eyed him up and down.

    (it's fine. Sorry about my short post as well... if we have a conversation between characters, I'm fine with at least 3 sentences)
  12. Vincent stopped all motion. His eyes widen for about three seconds before they got down to normal size. It was a clear surprise when Rose jumped down to stand right in front of his door. Vincent looked at her, and eyed her face. His instant thought made a note; Cute . "Eh..Sorry but you startled me for a second there. " Vincent smiled warmly and spoke again calmed down as usual. "I thought it was creative and very interesting, especially the part about being different....What did you mean by that?" Vincent asked not able to stop smiling.

    (Okay, and that is nothing to worry about, just no one liners, it's freaking difficult to reply to and it's a bit annoying xD )
  13. Rose listened closely to what he had to say. She knew he wouldn't understand the part about 'being different', but know what not the right time to explain that. "That doesn't matter. As long as you liked it, I'm happy," she replied, with a huge smile across her face.
  14. Vincent smiled back at her. "Eh..... Maybe I can I offer you a cup of tea and biscuits or anything ells to eat. I have a free day today if you maybe want to go out or something?" Vincent opened up his door, and held a hand inside. Vincent wanted to know more about this girl. He had taken a big interest in her, it was only the letter but, she was very beautiful. Long hair and large blue eyes with a shine a shine looking like the sun was shining on the surface of the sea.
  15. Rose smiled. "I'd be honored to spend the day with you," she said, sounding rather posh and old-fashioned. She had picked that up because of her great age: being born in the late 19th century could explain this. Very much like the guy, the vampire wanted to find out more about him. Yes, she could read minds. And so, she stepped forwards, but waited for him to make the first move inside.
  16. Vincent Opened up the door, and took a step inside. He held the door, so it would hit his visitor. Vincent threw his book, at the table not far from the door. He looked at Rose with a warm smile. "I will make some tea shortly, and if there is anything you want I can see if I have it in the kitchen"
  17. With a smile, Rose stepped inside the house. it was cosy, that's for sure, much better than the house she lived in. Her house was more like a mansion, but she had got used to it. Sure, it was cold and lonely, but that is exactly what a vampire is, cold and lonely, so it was just natural. "Nice house you've got here," she said to the guy, who's name she still doesn't know. "I will make some tea shortly, and if there is anything you want I can see if I have it in the kitchen," he said. Rose nodded, and replied by saying, "Thanks!"

    Tea? Oh dear... Rose couldn't drink tea! She was a vampire for God sake! Still, she did have a pouch of blood with her... perhaps she could pour abit in the drink when he wasn't looking... Would he realize? Not if she was secretive about it... Yes, she would do that.
  18. The house had only one floor. The house consisted of a small hallway, which they had just walked out of. Then there was the living room, the largest room. On the left side was the kitchen. On the right side there where two doors, one leads to Vincent’s bed room, and the other to the bathroom. He put on the tea, and what of homemade biscuits he could find from his work place on a plate. In the upper right corner was a working desk. The letter from Rose was put up on the wall in front of it. In the middle of the living room was a smaller table with three chairs around it.

    Coming out from the kitchen, Vincent placed down tea cup for them both and the plate of biscuits. Sitting down, he scratched the back of his head thinking. “I’m sorry, things went so sudden I forgot to introduce myself. “ He cleared his throat and made a light bow, “My name is Vincent Lux. It’s my pleasure to get to know you miss…” Vincent looked at her. He didn’t know her name yet. He scratched his head again thinking back if she had already given her name to him earlier. “I’m sorry miss, but I seem to have slipped your name as well” Vincent smiled at her, thinking quite hard about the condition of his house. It was a total wreck; it was a cabin out in the woods with no view or anything. He lived in a plain old dark cabin in an even darker forest. Only small rays of sun managed getting in through the windows. Even then the house was not even cleaned and full of things everywhere.
  19. Rose watched the man come out of the kitchen with tea and a plate of biscuits. Great, more human food to eat, she thought, as she stared at the biscuits. She didn't want to look strange or anything, she she attempted to look as if she wasn't looking at the biscuits. As he sat down, the vampire sat down. He introduced himself, then asked for her name. "It's very nice to meet you, Mr Lux," she said, holding out her hand, "May I call you Vincent?"

    She smiled, before saying her name as well. "I'm Rosemary Finnissen, but you call come me Rose," she introduced.
  20. Vincent placed himself down on the chair in front of Rose. He took a small sip out of his tea while she was talking. He smiled back at her;” The pleasure is all mine Rose, I don’t mind if you call me Vincent” He placed down his cup of tea. He placed his right hand on the table while leaning a little bit forward. He then took another sip of tea. “So Rose, where do you come from?” Vincent asked curiously, trying to figure out more about this charming young lady.

    Vincent looked at the biscuits, thinking maybe she didn’t like them, or maybe she had some kind of allergies for nuts or something. He thought about what he had in his kitchen….Nothing. It was bad timing to be a poor student at the Uni. He wanted to give her something she would like to eat, but at the moment he just had enough food for himself. He had to make up for it somehow.
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