Rose's Few Plot Ideas [Open]

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  1. Hello again. :) I'm looking for a partner or two who'd wish to role play any of the ideas below. Please only post here if you're interested. Thanks, loves!

    Basic Rules:
    - 2+ paragraphs for each post
    - MxF only; unless doubling
    - 3rd person only
    - Basic grammar and spelling
    - Real-life pictures only or write a brief physical description of your character(s) for character sheets/skeletons
    - Don't control my character(s) and I shall not control yours
    - Don't make your character(s) be perfect or God-like in any way
    - Threads or PM's but I'd prefer threads
    - Plot before Smut

    1.) A film crew is set to start filming a horror/thriller project in the Alaskan wilderness. They set up camp called Dead Man's Trail which is said to be haunted. One by one, people are disappearing with out a trace. Now only a handful or couple of people are left. With only limited supplies, they must make their way through the harsh terrain to find help before they're next.

    *This could be a group or onexone role play. I was thinking on having actual celebrities for this setting mixed with OCs. (For example: I would play my own character and my partner would play a male celebrity of my choice; unless doubling. Or just use the actors' physical description and have their names changed.)*

    2.) A young woman finds out she's the heir to the royal throne of England. She is sent to live with her strict, obnoxious grandmother on how to act like a proper princess/duchess. While living in the royal palace, she comes to fall in love with the local gardener/commoner which is utterly forbidden. She is already set to marry the Prince of Denmark. She has to make a choice: Stay with the man of her dreams or forever be unhappy.

    *This can be set in historical times or modern day.*

    3.) Two friends/sisters sets out on a life-changing journey (your choice to pick a destination). Where they'll find love, comfort, hurt, and betrayal.

    *We can discuss this more over in PM's.*
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  2. Hello! I'd be really interested in idea 2, if it's still up for grabs!
  3. Hello, dear! The second idea is still open, so we can do it. :) Should I PM you?
  4. Of course, you are more to welcome to! :)
  5. Hello I'm interested in idea 2 and 3
    Pm me :)
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