Roses are Red, Violets are Blue..

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  1. I'm writing this post
    Because I am new.

    I don't always have to rhyme,
    But I can do it on a dime,
    As long as I have the time.

    But enough about that.
    I'll tell you about me.
    So here's a fun fact:
    I love to drink tea.
    I want to live by the sea.
    I'm shorter than 5 foot 3,
    I LOVE to talk,
    but that you can already see.

    :heart: It's nice to meet you all. I apologize for my horrid poetry; I just wanted to be different. Please call me Boog. :heart:
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  2. Hello Boog, welcome to Iwaku. I'm new also, but I already fit in, so it won't take you long.

    Welcome to the community! :D
  4. [Kicks the door in.]


    (also welcome to iwaku)
  5. Welcome to Iwaku
    I hope you enjoy this site its very very fun if you wanna to start a roleplay or have any idea's feel free to pm me
  6. Welcome to Iwaku, boogified.
  7. welcome to Iwaku, being with a trait. I have traits the same, causing me to rhyme. I cant bring myself to stop? Not even for a dime ^^

    Hope you enjoy your stay ;)
  8. Welcome to iwaku ^_^ ! If you have any questions, then you can ask anyone here. Most people are friendly, and they won't bite!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.