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  1. Name
    Age ( 22-27)
    job/place in band

    name: Haley Love
    Age: Twenty two
    Job: model and dancer
    Personality: Stubborn, strong-willed, bubbly, random, can be funny, a bit shy.
    Wants: To meet the right guy to give her virginity too and to keep her rich status

    Name: Hannah Williams ( Love)
    Age: Twenty one
    Job: Model
    personality ; sweet, funny, bubbly, shy, and clumsy.
    wants; not to be a virgin anymore, but to her chose of man
    Name: Hope Williams (Love)
    Age:twenty one
    Job: Bartender
    Personality: Seductive naturally, Funny, Sarcastic, and bubbly
    Wants; To stay fit
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  2. Stage Name: Shadow Silverfang
    Age: 25
    Position in band: Singer/guitarist
    Personality: Dark, aggressive, compassionate
    Wants: to lead the band to the Big Leagues, to find the right girl
    Looks: Singer Guitarist.jpg

    Stage Name: Harri Karri
    Age: 26
    Position in band: Bass Guitarist
    Personality: Mean, pitiless, taunting, slightly sadistic
    Wants: To have the band signed by a professional record company, for anarchy to break loose and consume society, to drink the blood of all his enemies
    Bass guitarist.jpg
    Stage Name: Raikoh
    Age: 23
    Position in band: Drummer
    Personality: Calm, level headed, cold, satanic
    Wants: to play the drums so as to become a Rock God

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  6. Setting: they are about to kidnap the girls, and the girls both just got off of work and walking home.

    Sofia sighed, she had walked over to her friends work, she looked inside the place but jumped when Hope poked her. Sofia screamed a little and said, " hey!! ' She was in black tight short shorts, and she was wearing a cute tube top. She was a model, she had to look nice. She smiled lightly. She looked over at hope, ' You scared me!!!" She giggled lightly with hope.
    Hope giggled lightly after she scared her. " Right, I have been jumpy all day I feel like something bad is going to happen, you know.. I mean that vibe you get?" She asked. She smiled lightly and began walking with Sofia to Sofia's house, they were going to have a sleep over. They always had those, they were like sisters.
    Sofia smiled lightly, she shrugged and then thought. " Hey maybe you can move in." She noticed how dead the street was. " have you seen the street so dead in four in the morning?" She asked softly. She smiled sweetly. She was almost at the house... that was when suddenly there was a car... a strange car. Her eyes widened seeing how it was following them. She gasped and urged Hope Forward and said, " We need to run!!" Hope gasped and went to start running with her, running as fast as she can.
  7. The car sped up and pulled up in front of them, blocking the sidewalk. Two guys in loose, back clothes got out of the car the driver, and the guy behind him. The driver was a redhead, the other a blonde. They ran up and threw thick, black velvet bags over the girl's heads, covered their mouths, and held their arms behind them. They shoved them into the van. "Go, go, go!" one yells, and the van takes of, driving to it's destination.

    Twenty minutes later, the van stops, and the girls are forced into a room. A door shuts. Bolts click. The black bags come off and reveal to the girls the place they were now in: a big room with a few beds, a TV, an Xbox, and in the corner, an Easel and some art supplies. The redhead gets really close to Sofia, and turns to the blonde. "What do you think of this one?" he asks. "She seems nice." the blonde replies. The third man, leaning against the wall, speaks up. "Boys, back off let the girls get their bearings." he snaps. "Alright, Shadow." The redhead backs away into a beanbag chair, flopping into it.
  8. Sofia tried to fight back, attempting to get free but she felt herself in a car and someone next to her. She was scared, blackness overwhelmed her. She tried to fight back still but then she gave up.

    Hope was trying to do the same thing. She didn't know what to do. he looked arojund. She raised an eyebrow, she was terrified. She was scared. Nothing was seen until they were picked up again and dropped.
    Sofia looked around. She bit her lower lip. She jumped when she seen someone's face in hers. She leaned back. She gasped. She then looked over at Hope, they shared a look.
    Sofia sighed lightly and looked down, she looked around the place again. She noticed where they were. She looked downm randomly giggling, but looking down in her pocket. She seen her phone ringing. She answered it, " Hello."
    Another girls voice, " Sis!! Where are you? I thought you'd be home by now whats holding you up."
    Sofia smiled, " Oh Stacy, dear.... um. something suddenly happened.." She looked at Hope, Hope grinned, but noticing the guys, she and her friend were ignoring them.
  9. As she answered the phone, the redhead whispered something to the blonde, who nodded, agreeing with whatever it was that was suggested. They both smirked and leaned back in their seats, watching the conversation. Meanwhile, the man leaning against the wall, pulled out at cigarette and stuck it in his mout, pulled out a lighter and lit it, inhaling deeply. He breathed out the death cloud and looked up. There was a bandage covering his eyes. He looked back down, thinking.
  10. Hope tilted her head at Sofia. She then heard the name, Hannah. she paused. " Dammit!!" She cursed. She shook her head. " I was suppose to go over to her house, and watch little petite triplets, well they have their stupid father, man I wish men weren't so stupid." She chuckled. Laying on her stomach looked at Sofia.
    Sofia sighed and spoke to Hannah about how she was sorry but something came up because they are in a strange place. She stood up, she looked out the window, she shook her head, " Hannah" She choked a little from the cigarette smell. She shook her head and looked around. she licked her lips as she turned her back away from the guys. She spoke in a whisper no one would hear any of it.
    Hope smiled lightly when hse got off the phone and smiled. " Was she mad??"
    Sofia shrugged, " no the boys are fine with their father watching them... I mean last time." She giggled softly. She shrugged. She looked over at the guys, " Why are we here?" She said, " We need to go." She crossed her arms, she was the bossy one of the three.
  11. The blonde stood up. "I'm 'fraid we can't do that girls. You've been chosen. That gives you two options." he said pulling out a necklace of a pentagram and held it out, letting it dangle in the air, the light reflecting off of the steel surface. "Option one, we use you as sacrifices. You will be tied up and tortured, you throats will be sliced, and we will burn your bodies. Option two, you live, but have to serve us. Like slaves." He smiled evilly at them. "And I think your sister would make a fine addition as well. So, tell us where she is, and you three can be our slaves, or we could just kill you now." he began to swing the pendant back and forth, a satanic pendulum ticking away what could be the girl's final moments. "Y'know, we treat our slaves quite nicely, really." the redhead chimes in.
  12. Hope blinked, she tilted her head. She raised an eyebrow. She sighed softly and looked at her friend Sofia thinking. She bit her lower lip. Hope wathed the thing. She didn't know what to do. Hope bit her lower lip and looked around. he frowned and looked down and shook her head, " B-but." She looked around. She didn't know exactly how to react. She didn't want to die. She had to do as they said, she rolled her eyes. " Okay okay"
    Sofia looked at Hope, she was always bad under pressure. " Hope!!" She said softly.
    Hope looked over at her, " What? We have too..."
    Sofia sighed, She put her phone out raising an eyebrow. She blinked as she thought. She shook her head. But then sofia seen a balloon.. She was distracted easily, considering she was a blonde. Seeing something at the window. It was a bird.
    Hope bit her lower lip and shook her head. " She is like at her house. " Sofia smiled, " Yeah at her house... You know that color. "
    Hope grinned, " yes that colored house!"
  13. The redheaded guy lauged a little, but then bursted out laughing. "Looks to me we have a couple of smartasses here." His smile faded into a look of anger rapidly, as he pulled out a switchblade and held the blade to Hope's throat. "I want specific details, address, house color, what car will probably be in the driveway. And if you steer us wrong, I will not hesitate to spill your blood." The blonde placed his hand on the reds shoulder. "Harri, calm down. Save it for the god damned sacrifice." Harri shrugged his friends hand off, pressed the blade against the girls neck even harder, and then pulled away, walking over and leaning against the wall, twirling the knife in his fingers. The Blonde looked toward the girls. "Just give us the address, and house color. Or I might not be able to stop him next time. And you know what that means." He slid his thumb across his throat, the universal sign for death.
  14. Hope looked at him, she bit her lower lip. She then wondered. She didn't know what to do. She gasped as she was grabbed and the blade was on her throat. She closed her eyes tightly, trying to make him stop but she was too scared too.
    Sofia, shocked. But seeing how the blade was pushed more towards her neck. She gasped and said, " okay okay!! Fine." She grabbed her friend and hugged her softly. She bit her lower lip, " Are you oay, dear?"
    Hope looked at her, " totally I so love the feel of a cold knife on my throat and poking me" She slapped her playfully.
    Sofia sighed, " hey i was being nice."
    They both looked up at them. Both sighing at the same time and Sofia said, " okay." She paused, her address is a 24450 NE Jefferson street." she looked at the friend of hers. " what type of car does she have?"
    Hope giggled softly, " All I know is small car is very pretty, it's an emeraldish color." She hated this, rubbing her neck.
    Sofia looked at Hope, " right... yeah."
    Hope closed her eyes for a minute. " Shes home right now... but she gets the kids in bed here soon' looking at the time. "he house is a faded blue color.'
  15. The blonde nodded and grabbed the keys by the door. "I will be back in a few hours with your sister. Try not to piss him off." he said nodding at the redhead named Harri. "He's a little bit of a psycho." He walked out the door, leaving the two girls alone with the psychopath and the bind guy. "Don't try anything, any of you." Shadow, the blind one, said, addressing the whole group. "Or I'll we'll have to find new girls, and I'll have to find a new bass guitarist." He inhaled his cigarette, and blew out the white puff of smoke.
  16. Hope and Sofia looked both at each other at the same time.
    Sofia seen the red head, she blinked her eyes softly. She sighed and leaned there, " whopdedo" She said unexcitedly. SHe looked over at Hope who was staying quiet, she was scared. She was al ittle scared too, but Sofia, if anything goes bad, she can protect herself.
    Hope looked at Sofia and giggled lightly, She tilted her head thinking.

    Hannah was in her house, thinking of going asleep, so she grabbed her three kids. " alright beddtime kids." She smiled. She went to put her ids in their beds after getting them dressed. Now she went to the couch and laid there, thinking, She yawneed and thinking her lover was home. " HUn?!" She asked, before she seen nothing so she went to the bed, still thinking it was him. She yawned and went into her bedroom thinking, she went to her bed and laid down.
  17. As Hannah laid down, she felt a form lay down next to her. The silhouette covered her mouth, stifling any possible scream. "Shhh, It's alright. I just want you to come with me. You children will be fine. I have already arranged for a caretaker to come care for them." he said, trying to ease her racing mind, at least about the children. He pulled her out of bed, put a gag in her mouth, shoved a black bag over her head and shoved her into a vehicle, which drove off.

    Forty-five minutes later, he returns and pushes the girl to the floor, removing the bag.
  18. Hope and sofia blinked and started talking about how to escape if needed but in a very low whisper.

    Hannah gasped as she felt somwthing next to her and something over her mouth what is happening? She didn't know and she was thinking alot of the kids but he spoke. She frowned ahse felt a gag in her mouth and a black bag.

    she seen somewhere else. She blinking noticing this, she finally ook the gag out, she pushed the guy, " how dare you!!" She yelled, she then went to run toward the door but two others were there, she fell backwards. Hearing her name,
    Hannah looked up. " Oh.. um.. can you... explain something to me...." Hannah got away from the guys she was afraid of them, and whispering really quietly to them and they whispered back.
  19. Harri blocked the door, preventing any escape, aside from a three story drop, out of the window. Shadow looked up at the whispering girls. "I can hear everything you're saying. You have no chance in escape. The only way you're getting out now is death, or we let you go of free will." the blonde went into the kitchen, coming back with a plate of various fruit slices. "Now, make the decision. Sacrifices or Slaves?" he asked handing the fruit to the women.
  20. Hope and Sofia looked over to the side, and when he blocked it, Hope sighed, " oh by the way, we're stuck here... possibly forever." She smiled Sodfai heard Hope, " no one can live forever.. but we will be here a long time." She said softly. Hope and Sofia already said their part of the deal. Hannah sighed softly. Hope and Sofia lay on their stomachs where they were at. " How would you treat us... as.. slaves anyways..." She asked. Hannah blinked. " Wait what?! We were kidnapped for personal pleasures." She looked at HOpe and Sofia. " hello.. they are going to be mean anyways... come on think and use your head... " Hope and sofia both look at her, " yeah and we are being smart, if we want to live be their slaves." Hope grabbing a strawberry slice and she took a nice soft bite.
    Sofia high fives hope, before looking at Hannah. " IF it were for your kids I think you'd be a slave then a sacrifice, I mean it;s horrible the sacrifice... well what we heard about it."
    Hannah sighed softly, and looked at the girls. " welp. " She shook her head, " Well I suppose slave since I wanna live. "
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