Roses and Hellfire

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  1. There is a war on Earth. Not of Humans, but they are part of it. You see, the Angels, once again jealous of the Humans being the favored ones in God's eye, have once again descended upon the earth to eliminate the Humans. They planned to kill all the Humans and shove them all into Hell. Normally, Satan would have no problem with Angels sending souls into his domain, but all the world's population in a constant stream would just be overwhelming.

    He sent his Demon Army to protect the Humans, and war broke out. At first, people were terrified of both armies. Once they realized the Demons were trying to protect them, and not rip out their throats, they helped the Demons however they could. Angelic forces are powerful, however, and often crushed any and all opposition. A Demonic victory was rare.

    However, a Demon named Razuul rallied the armies of Hell and began to lead a fight against the Angels that actually stood a chance of winning.

    Only problem was, his heart was easily won. This is the story of the Infernal War.
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  2. It was a cold fall night when Raven meet him.

    Raven came out of work after changing out of her work clothing. she was kind and caring. she help though in need. the wind was blowing at her raven black hiar anthe red scraf she was waering. she pulled her coaler of her brown france coat to cover her face from the wind. i hate the cold so the worst time to be wareijg black lagens' she though and looked down to her black boots

    after awail she start to have was being followed. she knew she should not show fear talk to the person or start to run that will just incuge tham. but the thing was she was alone in the park geting home she didnt want that creep know where she leaved so she stopped walking and turned i to see no one. she sighed and turn back but thre a man stand in frount of her. the wirds thing was that he had angel wings and he moved fast at pineing her to the tree withknocked the wind out of her. 'am I going to die' she though. she stugled but his grip was strong. s soon gaben up and let him kill her.
  3. The Angel that had grabbed the girl looked at her sternly, with a soft, beautiful face. That is, until it squawked like a buzzard and it's eyes changed completely black as it revealed a row of needle-like teeth. It was about to take a bite out of the girl's neck had it not been for the arrow that pierced it's temple, ending the creatures' earthly existence. A shape stood atop a street light, holding a bow. The form had long horns jutting from his forehead and feathered wings, black as the night that surrounded him. It's eyes glowed like searing embers. It crouched, spreading it's wings and leaped into the sky, soaring off into the night. He was the Demon Razuul, Archer of Satan, defeater of the ArchAngel Gabriel.
  4. she lookeds strat at him with her blue night sky eyes ut brock eye contact as he soars away unsure what was going on "what the mothers is going on" she looked down then starts to run home. scared out of her mind of what jut happend. she makes it to her apartment with out getig atacked again. and is hoping to godshendoes not ever again. her opens her door and was greted with her cat 'Mama' the only reson for he names is becusea she so bossy like a mothe telling he when to pet her or feed her. "meow" she rubes agains her lag as she takes off her shoes. "food is come right up Mama" she smiles and walk to her kitchon at the same time take off her coat to sow her black tertule neck and skirt under neath it. up in her coat on a dining room chir shenwalks to the kitchon get mamas food out and hers. sheplaces it on the floor and heats up left overs she was not in the mood of cooking after what she saw. ocen it was finished heating s start to eat in the small diningroom
  5. A dark voice boomed in the caverns of the Underworld. "Good work, Razuul."
    "Thank you, Lord Satan."
    "That makes seven this week alone."
    "I am aware of this."
    "You are a good marksman, Razuul. A good soldier. Do not let your emotions cloud that."
    "I will try, My Lord."
    "Yes, My Lord."

    Razuul emerged from the cave in the mountains, a secret entrance into Hell. He flew around, patrolling the night sky, watching for anymore angels that may be trying to eliminate the Humans.
  6. Raven passed back and forth tellinher cat what just happend. "you know what zombies are sapost to bite humens not Angels like what the hell" she passed back and forth then stopped and ran out to her balcony yelling to the sky"FORGIVE ME LORD IF I HAVE MAD YOU ANGER BUT I DONT KNOW WHY YOUR ANGERY AT ME I HAVE LIVED IN YOUR HOUSE FOR A LONG TIME WHY IS THIS HAPPENING LORD WHY." she falles to her knees with her hand on the railing still starting to cry and sceram too.
  7. Razuul was flying overhead and heard her cries. Poor Human girl, she didn't know. She didn't know that God had been overthrown by Michael. She didn't know that the Angels were jealous and wanted her entire species dead. She didn't know that the Devil was not evil, simply misunderstood. And she didn't know he snuck in.

    A voice emanated from inside Raven's apartment. "He can't help you, you know."
  8. "god is that you why do you say he can not help me" she turned to the voice to see her cat hissing at a man. she jumped up and backs away from him bummping into the railing "dont hurt me please and how did you get up here" she didnt have anything but she posts but she didnt care if it can slow him down she can proble get her phone.

    she grabbed a flower poat and throwss it at him then tell mama to attack whitch she did and for her phone and calls 911
  9. Razuul, who had disguised himself as a man in an old western duster, deflected the pot, grabbed the cat, and swiped his finger in Raven's general direction sending the phone flying. "Human authorities can't help you." He was crouching on the arm of her couch, like a hawk. His wings and horns were hidden. He looked like a normal human, aside from the burning red eyes. He swept his long, brown hair back from his face and stroked his beard, staring questionably at the terrified girl. he dropped down from the couch and set the cat on the floor. he walked over to her. "You don't recognize me, do you? Of course not, I'm not in True Form. Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Razuul, a Demon. I saved your ass from the Angelic bastard about to eat your face in the park." He smiled and cocked his head sideways. "And you are?"
  10. "oh god im losing my mind" she said mussaging her head "i need ice cream" she leaves him in the leving room grabbes some ice cram and comes out with the spone as well. she notce him still there se was a littl freacked out "well i go to hell if i talk to an demon?" she asked. she hoped not so she didnt havebto ask forgivens "wherenmy holy water when i need it" shedidnt like this at all.
  11. Razuul laughed. "No you will not go to hell if you talk to me. Believe it or not, I'm here to help you. Crazy, right? It's true though. Had I not put an arrow through that Angels' head you would be in hell. I could explain if you wish, but only if you calm down and stop trying to exorcise me." He looked at the girl with curiosity and a hint of pity. She really had a lot to learn.
  12. "demons lie but whatever im going to leson to reson" she said holding out her hand to stop him from saying more she wanted slients. she sat down and her cat sat next to her on the sofa. "stay 5 steeps away from me and we can talk" she notice his eyes where re and shiverd. she begain to eat hr ice cream and justerd him to speck when he stepped 5 steps away from her
  13. Razuul took a step back so he was exactly five feet away. "That is where you are wrong. Demons actually tell the truth, preferring to watch the pain of it spread as the realization of it kicks in. Angels said that to make Humans not believe the truths we give you. That said, here's the truth." He sat down and stared into the girls eyes. His own glowed intensely as he spoke. "The truth is, God cannot help you. Not because he doesn't care, because the ArchAngel Michael overthrew him, taking His place as King of Heaven, Master of the Universe, Leader of Angels. The Angelic forms you see around you are jealous. They want you dead, so they can have Earth to themselves. But, If all the Humans are dead, and not allowed into Heaven, where will they go? Hell. Now, normally, the Dark Lord would welcome new souls into his domain, but not every single Human at once. No, that is far too many. So, he sent me and an army of Demons to protect the Human race from the Angels. There has been sort of a 'secret war' between the realms of Heaven and Hell, over you and your kind. I am Razuul, a Demon Archer, and a High Ranking General in the Satanic Army. You pray to God to help you, but the prayers help he who is in power in Heaven. At the moment, Michael, the guy who want's you dead. I know it may seem wrong, but if you pray to Satan, the one still in charge of Hell, He, I, and the Demonic Army will grow stronger and be able to protect you better from Michael and his army." He took a deep breath in and let it out slowly, letting his words sink into the Human girl's head. If she accepted it, she has a chance of survival. Should she reject his help, she will surely die.
  14. "ok" she goes on to her knees and prays to the dark lord for forgivens and help her lieve so she can live another day. after she was done she looked at him and says "if you want i can pray for you " she rasie a brow wounder what hes going to say as she grabbed her ice cream she notice ther is none left "my ice crwam its gone noooooooooooooooooooooooooo"
  15. As she prayed to the Devil, Razuuls eyes glowed intensely bright. He felt, empowered. He waved his hand over the bowl and more ice cream appeared. "Enjoy. Now, since you have accepted the truth of the matter, which you did with such... surprising rapidity, I will offer you a chance I rarely give to a mortal. To see me in my true splendor. To see me as I am underneath this mask of Human flesh I am wearing for the sake of you not freaking the fuck out. Whether you want to look or not is up to you, but the offer is on the table." He reclined in the armchair he was sitting in as the girl ate her ice cream.
  16. "sure i would love too and the reson for the 'surpising accepteng' is that i love god and god teaches yus to exsaopes things but asole you saved me and im greatful thank Razuels " she says his name wrong. she waits sor him to change into his demon form all tho she see it. she still was eating
  17. "It's Razuul." He stood up and took off his duster, revealing his black wings, like that of an Angel fallen, coated in ash. He folded his wings around him and spun around, faster, and faster, suddenly spreading them, revealing a seven-foot tall, armor skinned, blood red creature with the shape of a man, short spikes for hair, and long, wavy horns jutting skyward. Razor teeth flashed behind thin lips, long claws attached to muscular arms, while raptor like legs held the menacing creature up. He folded his wings and stood tall, looking slightly more human, and slightly less reptilian. The same blazing ember eyes looked down at the human girl. "And now you see before you the form you saw in the park, the same that sent the searing arrow through the Angel's head."
  18. she puts down her ice cream and gets up shock and amazment was shown on her face. she walks all raound him she about to took his wng but didnt she looked at him think beatiful armer. she giggled at his spick short hair"your even more beatiful then before" she didnt mean to say it out loud and so she coverd her mouth and backed away from him "sorry please forget what I said"
  19. He laughed. His voice remained the same, mostly. "Quite alright, I've gotten worse compliments." He chuckled at his joke. He spread his wings slowly. "You can feel them, if you wish. They are soft like downy feathers, until I decide to use them as a weapon. Then they are as hard as titanium and sharp as blades. Go ahead." He held out one wing to her, allowing her to touch it. This was not something he did often, but... this girl... intrigued him.
  20. she blushes lightly and giggles at his joke then she notice one of his wings is heeld open of her she looked at it with so munch amazment one think she would cry"Are you sure Razuul" she said amost about to took tham a little scaer to do so