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  1. Rosemary High. An extremely prestigious school located in Seattle. Built in 1805, the school is a sprawling estate of fine limestone and solid brick.

    The educational buildings are located in the east and west, while the eatery is located north, with a grand oval behind it. In the south are the dorms - boys and girls separated, of course.

    The students will only receive the finest education. What of the pupils? Well, they are extremely...gifted. They are no doubt intelligent but many have substantial criminal records and less than admirable personality traits. Some come from crime families. Some are simply violently unstable.

    But please, enjoy your stay.


    Name: Addison York
    Age: 18
    Description: Addison has black hair that is shaved on one side and slicked over on the other, the length reaching her shoulder. She has green, almond shaped eyes and a crooked smile that she rarely shows. She is of average height and weight, albeit slightly muscular. Her skin in lightly tanned, though could still he considered pale. Addison has a prominent scar across her throat, the skin more pale, ragged and raised.

    Personality: Addison could be described as unstable. She is prone to bouts of anger and outrage, ones which can lead her to physical violence. During a physical fight, she will fight dirty, disregarding rules and regulations, spoken or unspoken. She is stubborn and persistent when she firmly believes in something. Addison does not scare easily and often seems to almost invite danger and death into her life.

    Despite these attributes, however, she is capable of being pleasant and affable, especially if she decides that she enjoys a person's company. Addison can also be loyal to an individual if she deems them to be worthy, though that doesn't happen often. She can be sarcastic and darkly humorous.

    Relationship(s): None established at time.

    Bio: Addison York was born in New Orleans and lived with her father, her mother having died when she was only young. Her father supported them by less than legal means and, as such, was often under attack from various sources - police or other criminals. He taught Addison how to fight and encouraged her to never back down when challenged or insulted.

    When she turned eighteen, she was made to attend Rosemary High. After gaining her scar via a fight, Addison lessened her involvement in fights but still enjoys them when they occur at Rosemary High.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.