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Roselake Falls

An idyllic paradise awaits.

Hidden behind towering sky-touched mountains and cliffs that jut out into the sea, Roselake Falls is a small, quiet community surrounded by nature's bounty and her everlasting beauty. Even the gods are fond of this place; it's barely been touched by the passage of time and the quality of life of those within it's embrace is always an improvement. The air is crisp and clean: a dash of floral notes dance in the languid breeze around the heart of town while the air around the violet speckled greenwood smells of freshly turned dirt and the wildflowers that grow unabashedly throughout the thickets. By the coast, where the long-abandoned marina rests, barnacles and seagulls and crabs thrive in the salty seafoam spray.

Roselake Falls is an idyllic paradise, one that straddles traditions from the old world and the new. Here, in this protected town, everyone is welcome, provided they subscribe to the peaceful and idyllic way of life everyone adores. Not everyone finds peace in community and solitude, and the twelve farms that have helped provide sustenance and trade for Roselake Falls since its inception have dwindled down to two. Families have moved away, to grow and settle elsewhere, and the fields that were once ripe and harvestable year-round are now barren and cropless. Even the new construction in the heart of the down has done little to draw in revenue from tourism and attractions.

Our tale begins here, with the beautiful and fragile Roselake Falls, desperate for her populace to once again swell. Librarian Emmot, having spent nearly a year tracking down the descendants of everyone who'd ever lived in Roselake Falls, sent out a swathe of letters two weeks before Christmas, to people all across the world. She sealed the letter with a plea and a promise, and her hope to see Roselake flourish once more.

The Letter

To whom it may concern,

I hope this letter finds you happy, healthy, and hale, and your Holiday Season sweet and filled with joy.

You do not know me, as I'm sure you did not recognize the postage attached to this letter, but I know of you... of your family's connection to Roselake Falls and the community that was once their home. It is a wonderful place, shielded from harsh whether by the Rosefiel Mountain Range and the Seaglass Coast, allowing our farms to produce year-round and providing fresh, quality air for those stricken by illness.

I write to you today to request aid; our populace is dwindling and before long, our good Mayor will be unable to keep power running to the few hooked up to Greenwich Power. Your skills, whatever they may be, would be of use in keeping Roselake Falls, the most beautiful place on earth, a community for us all. I realize this might all sound too good to be true, but attached below is a photograph proving what I'm saying to be true, as well as a postcard, to entice you into seeing the beauty first-hand.

A welcoming ceremony will be held for the next month and a half, wherein all descendants may come home and claim what has been lost to them through time. It is our hope and the budding love we all share for Roselake Falls, that you will join us, and once again call this place home.

Yours truly,
Librarian Emmot Taranath

Attached to the handwritten letter is the original copy of an aged photograph, depicting a recognizable ancestor.

Locations of Note

Roselake Falls is a sprawling community, though by populace it's more of a village than a town. Outside of the new construction on Main Street in the heart of town, most of the homes within Roselake Falls are private, though not necessarily exclusive; they simply have land stretching between them, acres and acres of wildflowers and fields for animals to roam and graze. The roads were handmade ages ago, a well-worn cobblestone path that leads to the secret waters of the seaside cove and to the mountain caves high atop Mount Rosefiel.

In the heart of the Valley,

Where everyone gathers to socialize, sell and buy produce, and meet the few new people who pass through, the heart of the Valley is the most updated part of Roselake Falls. Main Street boasts a bookstore, coffee shop, the community center, library, and Paulie's General Store. If you take the cobblestone path at the corner of Main Street and Songbird Lane, you'll find yourself before a tall staircase that leads you up and through the violet greenwood, to the old beekeepers place and the (not-so-famous-anymore) bath house, whose waters are said to heal and restore any aching form. If instead you turn left at the end of Main Street, you'll find yourself in a field of waist-high flowers that encircle Roselake, and the Wizard's Tower far off in the distance.

By the Mountains,

There are a few empty farmlands that have long been abandoned, but there are fields and fields of arable land here, though the grounds are slopped and hilly. Many have come to these farms, expecting a quick pay, only to find that though the soil is ripe and ready for planting, not all of the common farming practices work well. Trellised crops often work the best, along with ingenious contraptions to aid in stabilizing explosive and heavy growth. Alongside the farms are rivers and streams flowing down from the mountain, as well as portions of the violet greenwood, where wild forageables are readily available for those who dare step off the twilit path.

And for those who make their way far enough through the greenwood, they're welcomed to a wonderful sight; the Wizard's Tower, whose magic helps protect the lands of Roselake Falls and keeps nature's spirits happy, helpful, and in good spirits. At the end of the cobblestone path through the violet greenwood is an old mine, which was abandoned long ago when strange creatures were sighted when the mine broken open into a strange fungi-filled cave. There's much to be found, if one dares to tread within.

By the Sea,
The Seaglass Coast is awash in jeweled tones throughout the year, lapis lazuli and emeraldine waters give way to turquoise and jade sea spray, and though it was once fitted for greatness, the Jade Spray Marina sits dilapidated. The seagulls and the crabs are now its only daily visitors, although the fisherman's daughter uses every spare minute she has to aid in it's reconstruction. The Bait & Tackle shop and it's accompanying boat-house is the only permanent residence nowadays, though many gather to dance and party along the pink sands of the beach during the summer. Dotted along the cobblestone path that leads from the heart of the town to the beach, are many riverside homes and farms of varying sizes, though only a few of them are still occupied.

Citizens of Note

Though the population is less than a hundred, there are many and more important faces that make up Roselake Falls. Some that have been here since the beginning of time and some who simply fell in love while passing through, and couldn't find the will in their heart to leave.

The Mayor of Roselake Falls
Soft spoken and easily spooked, Rosalia "Rosa" Minardi has been the Mayor of Roselake Falls for the past 40 years and has put her all into seeing it's return to esoteric beauty. Though her methods may be a bit unconventional, she nonetheless will give anyone's ideas and thoughts a shot, provided there's no backlash to Roselake itself.

Librarian Emmot Taranath
A manic and hopeless romantic, Emmot "Emmie" Taranath can trace her family history all the way back to Roselake's founding. Due to this, she has a fascination with genealogy and history and documentation to ensure the current day is passed on. It was her idea to summon the descendants back to Roselake, and she knocked on Rosa's kitchen window at 3 am until she woke up just to tell her.

The King of Cows, Lonell Davey
The undisputed King of Cows, Lonell Davey is a long-standing member of the community and he does, in fact, raise more than just cows. His milk and eggnog are simply regionally famous, and a big part of why Greenwich Power keeps the lines active and thrumming. His youngest daughters have recently opened a flower arrangement business, marketing to sources outside Roselake Falls.

Carpenter Mickey Ines
Though only one man, Mickey Ines does his best around Roselake Falls, to build and restore wherever it is needed. A busy, busy man, he nonetheless gives any remaining time to the abandoned church, hidden away by thickets from the violet greenwood at the end of Main Street. He enjoys teaching others his craft and is worried he won't find anyone to fully pass it along to.

Fishermen Leland and Abigale Magellan
Leland's great great great grandfather first opened the Bait & Tackle shop along the Seaglass Coast, back before the Jade Spray Marina was ever constructed. It was his great grandfather who built the boathouse father and daughter now live in. The duo is fully responsible for the entirety of the seafood and aquatic goods that come out of Roselake Falls and they'll teach anyone whose interested how to fish.

Eliza Cousteau, Lover of Flowers
Eliza is relatively new to Roselake Falls, having gotten lost 3 years ago on a road trip with her best friend. Though the latter eventually made her way home, Eliza left only to grab her belongings and move into the flowery embrace of Roselake. She runs the coffee shop on Main Street and beckons every newcomer with an on-the-house Rose Mug of coffee or hot cocoa.

Paulie of Paulie's General Store
Paulina Paganelli is a 12th generation Roselake Fall's native and has taken over the upkeep of the general store for her elderly father, Paul, the past three years. Though it brings her joy to continue the tradition, there's a yearning in her heart for a family of her own, and desperately hopes Emmie's letters reach open ears.

The Wizard in the Tower
A nature lover and worshipper, the Wizard in the Tower is not often seen by the residents of Roselake Fall's, as they only come down the valley for the Festivals of Light and the solar and lunar eclipses. As long as good will and intention is in one's heart, the tower itself is welcome and open to all, as is the magic teeming within.

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Fantasy, Modern, Historical Romance.

Name: Ji-na Sung
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Occupation: Beekeeper
Appearance: Has dark brown eyes and near-black hair. Has generally round features, with thick lips and eyebrows, other than a particularly sharp, straight nose.
Personality: Ji-na tends towards anxiety, but most people wouldn't know it just by talking to her. She enjoys meeting people and presents as confident and friendly, if a bit obsessed with her bugs. She is a bit of an organizational freak and takes very careful notes of her own, and her anxiety tends to be around things that she feels are out of her control.
History: Ji-na's family for generations has had the ability to speak to animals. On her father's side, at least. Her mother has some blood that causes plants to grow more heartily around her. Growing up, Ji-na heard lots of stories from her mother about Roselake Valley, where nature spirits helped the idyllic farms prosper. They'd apparently had to leave when her father had gotten a severe injury that had prevented him from continuing to work as a farmer. Ji-na inherited her father's ability to speak to animals, but unfortunately, to everyone's surprise, Ji-na can only speak to bugs! Her parents were very disappointed, and paid more attention to her younger brother, so when she received the letter from the Roselake librarian, she jumped at the chance to go see her grandfather's old place. When she arrived, it was better than she could've imagined, but the local beekeeper had died some years ago, and the bees she'd been keeping had grown wild and made new hives in the greenforest, so Ji-na is using the old beekeeper's notes - and the opinion of the bees of course, to try and re-establish the beekeeping trade. The bees are helping her a lot, especially since she's been working on hives that are structured more traditionally, but are sturdier than real hives.
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Emrys Jernigan
Name: Emrys Jernigan
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Occupation: Courier without a licence

Appearance: Dark brown hair and stark blue eyes, the combination is what makes up the most striking feature of Emrys’ appearance and that’s where it ends. He is plain looking, perhaps a little baby-faced, as he hasn’t entirely lost the baby fat in his cheeks. His skin doesn’t like to soak up the sun, despite the hours he spends outside, and otherwise most see a dreary and weary looking young boy that is barely a man, but must live the life of one.

Personality: People tend to describe Emrys as quiet. Which isn’t inaccurate when one doesn’t make a sound, but it isn’t by choice, nor is Emrys actually quiet, or shy, or anything commonly associated with quiet, other than that he is indeed awkward. He doesn’t like people, he doesn’t enjoy crowds, but he does enjoy his chaos, and for the lack of noise he can create Emrys has instead decided to organise his life as chaotically as possible. With a mess of a room, with disorganisation as his theme, with anarchy as his aim. Emrys has found other ways to express himself if not in words, his eyes hiding little of his thoughts and his expressions never shying away from disgust.

Background: Somewhere in the fog that covers Rosefiel Mountain Range a part of Emrys can be found. Wandering and lost there is a part of him that holds his voice, a figment of what he once truly was, or perhaps it was the figment itself that escaped and the true essence of Emrys that remained on the mountaintop. Whatever the case, one day Emrys went up the mountain and when he returned he was never quite the same. Unable to speak he never managed to fully relay his experiences, not that he was ever able to tell, but whatever had happened, whatever he had encountered, Emrys couldn’t tell.

Once Emrys was a kid like any other, though there were few left on Roselake Falls when he grew up. A normal kid who liked his mischief and played his dares. A kid like any other who sometimes threw a bratty tantrum at his parents and then got put in his place. A kid who was once normal and then, overnight, became a curious case of the mysteries hidden within the fog and the lore that inhabits their peaceful community. Emrys was eight when the incident happened and never spoke a word again. Found at the mouth of the caves of Rosefiel Mountains after a night of searching. He was nine when his parents decided to take him away, hoping to find a cure outside and Emrys never felt as lost as he was in the time he was gone.

The thought of returning only came when Emrys turned 18, before that under the care of his parents, now independent, or as independent as the age and finances allowed him to. The irresistible pull hadn’t faded, however, and so Emrys used his newfound wings of freedom to return to the community where he had lost his voice, and with that he returned to stories of his appearance throughout the years, always faded, never corporeal, but very much there and recognised. Another mystery to add to his story.
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