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  1. Things were buzzing with excitement in the Group D boarding house. Streamers of orange, black, and purple hung from the ceiling and a large, homemade banner reading "Happy Birthday!" hung above the television. The coffee table was covered in sweets and snacks, most of them sporting festive halloween colors and themes.

    Group D was celebrating some birthdays, three in fact. The house tended to lump birthdays together and throw a big surprise party rather than celebrate each and every birthday that came along. They also threw in the nearest holiday for good measure. There were four groups: The summer group, the October group, the winter group, and the spring group. The winter group always included Christmas gifts as well, and the October group, the ones whose party was ready right, had to deal with obnoxious black and orange color schemes.

    The October group consisted of Cult, Holly, and Ava, who were all born near the end of October, or in Cult's case, on the end of October. However, today it was nobody's actual birthday, it was October 19, before any of the aforementioned birthdays. The lump parties were always held different days each year, so the guests of honor would have difficulty pinpointing the exact date of the parties.

    At the moment, all the lights in Group D dorm were out, and this wasn't unusual since it was almost ten o'clock anyway. All the members of Group D were waiting in the dark for the guests of honor to arrive, excluding Jun and Di, who had distracted the guests of honor long enough for the party to be put together. The guests were about to arrive, and when the door opened, the living area lights were flicked on as the members of Group D leapt from their hiding spaces, shouting a collective "Happy Birthday!" at the guests of honor.
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  2. Diana Esfir Kyveli

    .: October 19 :.

    Brushing some popcorn that had spilled over the edge of the giant popcorn cup they had been given off of her shoulders, Diana was quick to turn her head back up as the lights slowly brightened the theatre up. At the front, the giant screen was now white, silent and motionless, and people left and right were quickly getting out of their seats. For a few minutes, the noise and crowding was a tab bit unbearable, especially when their group got separated. Perhaps some of them got lucky and were already outside, but Diana sighed, deciding to just wait 'till the crowd finished squeezing and pushing through the small doors. Besides, they knew better than to leave one behind, they'd wait until they got everyone before heading elsewhere.

    Taking her seat once more, the tall brunette crossed a leg over the other and her phone was quickly found in her hands. Unlocking the device quickly, the tall girl pulled up her Calendar, with notes and lists typed out carefully to the right hand side of the 'agenda'. Today was a special day, an eventful one, and it wasn't just for one person, so fucking up wasn't an option.

    As she switched from her calendar to her messages, Diana quickly reviewed and made a run down on the day (so far) in her mind. The morning had started off a little tense, awkward even, many people who were usually late wakers were up and doing their best to hide while Diana and Jun had to push, urge and whine for the three birthday girls and guy to move their asses out the door. Once in the clear, Jun and Diana had their plan rolling, to distract the three with a fun day out, while the rest were set to baking, decorating, and what have you.

    Jun mostly did the planning, suggesting a mall trip while Diana had later pointed out that the movies were probably another great way to burn some time. The mall trip was fun, to say the least. The group wasn't too serious about buying things, mostly just dressing up, taking pictures, and create a 'controlled' kind of chaos in stores. Small harmless shenanigans really, a few jokes made here and there. However, that did create the perfect excuse for Diana who had her phone out every so often - checking up with the rest of the group back at 'base'. Of course, the brunette did take a lot of pictures with their small group as well, Jun did as well, and Diana was confident that they would have many embarrassing, funny, and bedazzling pictures to share later on that night.

    While the (window) shopping trip was pretty successful, the movie sucked, in Diana's opinion at least. No one seemed to have a particular strong liking or dislike for the selections offered, and so they randomly walked in a direction. Something Diana regretted as the opening scene rolled up on that big screen. Nonetheless, their entire group seemed to have survived that horrific ordeal, and ... speaking of her group, Diana caught sight of Cult's head. Six foot monster that stood out like a sore thumb what with being surrounded by other tiny human beings. Sliding off the tiny chair, Diana drew up to her five feet eleven, and headed towards the door, now that the frantic portion of the crowd had flown through the doors, most likely pushing many innocents (her group) out those doors as well.

    Easily taking long strides to meet her group, Diana flashed them all a crooked grin, her hands shoved into the pockets of her leather jacket. "Remind me to never randomly pick movies," she said playfully, her shoulders shrugging up as if saying 'Whoops.' Her phone buzzed, and Diana pulled her right hand from her pockets, phone in hand. Reading off the screen quickly, the brunette was quick to raise both her eyebrows and let her jaw drop just a little. "Whoa. Guys, we gotta leave like right now. Last Bus is like in 5 minutes, let's go, let's go!" The brunette urged, pushing Holly - one of the smaller ones of the group - ahead, with the rest of them following out of the mall.

    [BCOLOR=#000000](08:48 PM) Yo. We done. [/BCOLOR]

    (Jun can take over and get the group home? Maybe add on more if there's something missing.)

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  3. Holly MasonHolly Mason


    Going to the mall wasn't something new with her; her friends always migrated in groups here and there, doing things that they normally wouldn't get to do on a regular basis. Beside, in Holly's mind, it was best to hang out in groups - you can have far more fun that way. It would of been even more fun if Holly had a chance to deposit her recent paycheck from the coffee shop, then she could of splurged a bit for her birthday. She always took time to spoil herself, especially with things that made her feel prettier - or taller... But she didn't really see anything at the mall she couldn't live with. And besides, she figured Cult, the only guy in this band of shop-crazy girls, will end up as the walking tote monster carrying all their bags. So, Holly kept her control and just noted all the really interesting things she would possibly like to purchase - eventually...

    The movie wasn't what they expected, even though Holly felt that there were some scenes weren't too bad. "Remind me to never randomly pick movies," Diana stated as they headed out of the cinema and into the heavy traffic within the mall.

    "Ah, I thought it wasn't half bad," Holly beamed, trying to find something nice about the flick to praise. "Well...there was that one scene with the dad and the little girl that was sweet..." Her smile twisted into a strained frown. "Maybe...a bit too overly pungently sweet, but it was nice..." And that was the end of anything about that movie worth speaking about. "It doesn't matter - hanging out with you guys is what matters." With a grin, Holly's little feet skipped along with the others to keep up with their strides.

    Just then, Di jumped for her phone, and a few minutes later she was rushing them to the bus stop. "Last Bus is like in 5 minutes, let's go, let's go!" Hands suddenly began to press against Holly's shoulders, pushing her through the crowd from behind.

    "EEKK, DI! I'm going, I'm going! What's the rush anyways? If we miss the bus, we can always take a cab." Her heels tapped frantically against the tile floor until the sound dulled as they reached the bustling concrete sidewalk. Looking around, Holly caught Jun behaving the same way as she herded Cult and Ava along as well. That seemed a bit...suspicious.

    Standing at the bus stop with the others, Holly tippy toed herself over towards Ava, tapping her on the arm and leaning over to whisper. "Di's sure eager to go... Doesn't seem like her, ya know."
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  4. Ava turned to Holly with a shrug, stepping into the bus with the smaller girl behind her. She was rather eager to get home herself, since her feet were aching. Jun and Di had dragged them all around the mall at least twice, and poor Holly must be hurting too; the little lady was in heels after all.

    "Well, whatever her reasoning is, I'm just glad to be getting home," Ava murmured, pulling Holly into the bus seat beside her own, "besides, she probably didn't want to get caught out in the rain. I heard it was going to storm later this evening."

    Ava sighed and leaned her head back on the bus seat, thinking about their outing. It certainly wasn't as exciting as the past few birthday celebrations she's had, but what can you do when the rest of the house is busy? All in all, Ava had fun. She had gotten a cute new pair of earrings that were shaped like bird skulls and a new lipstick she was dying to test out. The movie really wasn't her speed, but she enjoyed watching the others reacting to some of the more tear jerking parts.

    "Besides, you know how anal Crow gets when people are out of the house past midnight," Ava giggled, "he's more like a mother hen than a crow!"
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  5. Holly MasonHolly Mason


    Holly followed along, folding her short pony skirt down as she flopped in the seat Ava assigned her, and pouted at her mention of rain. "Oh no! I seriously don't need to get caught in that! Rain's just...too loud..."

    "Besides, you know how anal Crow gets when people are out of the house past midnight," Ava giggled, "he's more like a mother hen than a crow!"

    "True," Removing her purse from her shoulder, Holly glanced around to watch everyone else aboard. "He has his being cause he's a worry-wart of steroids. But, it's a good thing, yes? I mean, if we don't look after each other, who will?" Once everyone was on the bus, the ride commenced. Holly slipped her dainty feet out of her heels, just a little bit, for her toes to wiggle.
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  6. Jun quite enjoyed shopping. Even though she rarely bought anything, just going and hanging out was usually pretty fun. This time, like most of the times they went, she didn't buy anything. Some of the others had gone and purchased some neat things though. The movie was bad. Almost unbearably so, leaving her and the rest quite relieved when it was finally over. When Di noted the time, Jun helped herd their little birthday group towards the bus, laughing as Holly struggled to keep up with her heels.

    Jun sat down, trying to contain her excitement for what the rest of Group D had planned. Her leg bounced up and down, her restlessness shining through. She took a seat with Di, her fellow distraction.

    Hearing Holly's complaint, Jun laughed. "Your problem with the rain is it's loud? What about, like, the getting drenched part?" The bus ride was fairly uneventful, just small talk between the girls and the lone guy. Once they arrived at the dorms, they walked in for the big surprise.
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  7. Normally Leo avoided participating in the boarding house birthday parties, with the large crowds and buzzing atmosphere making him feel nauseous and tense. He'd rather not ruin everyone else's fun with an anxiety attack, after all. However today Leo had miraculously felt more confident than usual, a rare super-good day, meaning he was able to help prepare for the party alongside everyone else. Leo still kept to the edges, taking on solo tasks as much as possible, but he was proud to be able to do at least that. It seemed others around him were impressed with his increased involvement too, since he got many warm smiles from his peers encouraging on. For once he'd be able to show his friends that he really cared about them, he thought, by facing the hordes of people instead of hiding away from them like he often did.

    Eventually everything was ready for the party, all that was left being the guests of honour's arrival. Leo naturally perched himself in a shadowy corner, taking a few deep breaths to calm himself after what had been a hectic day, so he'd be mentally prepared for the party. "H-happy birthday!" Leo meekly greeted with the rest of group D when the guests of honour arrived.
  8. [​IMG]

    Cult originally hadn't planned on going to the mall, but when Jun and Di practically dragged him, Ava and Holly out, he wasn't exactly given a choice. However, once he got their he started enjoying himself. He had managed to get a new pair of skull candy headphones as well as another pair of shoes. Simple but awesome!

    When the group chose to watch a movie, He couldn't help but cringe slightly. Cult didn't really like movie theaters since he either had to sit in the very back, very front or slouch, none were good. Luckily there didn't seem to be that many people watching the movie so he managed to be comfortable with the group of girls. It was strange at times, being the only guy in the October birthday group, especially with a birthday that falls on Halloween exactly. Strange but never unpleasant.

    When the movie was finished playing, Cult couldn't be happier. Honestly it sucked, these rom-coms tend to bore him to tears. As they started leaving he couldn't help but laugh as Di pushed Holly in front of her, the smaller girl's heels clattering quickly in an attempt to keep up.

    "Di, you're gonna run the poor girl over!" He said through his laughter as he sped up his long strides slightly to keep up, especially with Jun trying to herd him as well.

    When they reached the bus stop, He heard mentions of rain. He frowned, Diaval would take even longer to get back from messaging Lisa.

    "That sucks, I hate my bipolar relationship with rain. I love it most of the time, and hate it others." He said absently.

    The ride back to the dorms was fairly uneventful, though he felt a bit mischievous and decided to pick up Holly, bridal style. Ignoring any protests she might have made, he walk them into the house.

    "We're back!" He said, just louder than normal.

    His eyes widened in surprise when the group was met with the other house-mates yelling "Happy Birthday!"
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  9. Holly MasonHolly Mason


    "Your problem with the rain is it's loud? What about, like, the getting drenched part?"

    "Well, that part too... Everything about rain makes me sick."

    As their conversation continued, even with a comment or two from Cult, the bus finally ended at Roseguard - a few blocks away from their dorm. Holly honestly was a walking corpse, half dazed and sleepy with thoughts of her warm, snugly bed dancing the Sugar Plum Waltz around her; she was oblivious to her surroundings. What a great time for Cult to take advantage of the little person. Before her friends reached the door, Cult lifted her from her feet just when the door was opened.

    "Holly Cheeze! CULT! Hell, put me down! Comeonnnnn! Not fair!" Kicking and punching his chest, not hard enough to hurt a gnat, her protest turned into full out giggles that fluttered her belly as she held on tight.

    "We're back!"

    "Happy Birthday!"

    "Wha-? AAHHHH knew it!" Holly's laughter blended in with the rest of their group as they walked in, beaming with excitement. It was well known throughout campus that Group D held the best birthday parties, well any parties. But then again, they were known for a lot of things.

    "Now put me down, Cult, so we can have some fun!" Playfully making a silly face and pulling at his ears like she was going to rip them off. Of course Holly was excited about having a shared birthday. Anything full of laughter and fun was right up her alley - today. She was in a happy-go-lucky mood, which is always a good time to be among friends you care about. With a sudden burst of energy, Holly became wide-eyed and bushy-tailed as the well wishes fell upon her, Cult, and Ava.

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  10. [​IMG]

    Ursala had not wanted to be a part of this surprise party. Not because she had any issues with the guests of honor, not at all! She liked all of them just fine. It was just... trying to be inconspicuous isn't easy when you're 7 feet tall and take up two whole couch cushions by yourself whenever you sit down. Nevertheless, here she was trying not to fidget in the darkness. She had made sure to position herself so that she wasn't in immediate touching range of anyone else, just in case she did shift and end up breaking some poor kid's arm by brushing up against them wrong.

    Of course, she knew that once the party got going she would start to enjoy herself. She had a decent track record for controlling herself and even if something did happen, there were plenty of people with regenerative abilities to play first aid kit. These were her friends, people who went through similar harships and could sympathise with each others entire lives. There was no shame here. She could do this.

    As soon as the lights went on she would smile and eat cake and definitely not break the couch again. She heard footsteps out the door, and took a deep breath.

    "Happy birthday!"
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  11. "Happy birthday!" Crow cawed along with everyone else. The goofball was wearing a orange and black party hat strapped to his head like a unicorn horn.

    Ava shrieked in surprise, dropping her purse. She gave an amused giggle as she picked it up.

    "I knew you guys were up to something!" she laughed, covering her blushing face with her hands as Crow scrambled over to force party hats onto their heads, just as he had with everyone else (excluding Ursala of course, Crow had just asked politely when it came to her).

    Crow was always overzealous with birthday parties, probably since he didn't have any as a kid, nor was he invited to many. His first birthday party happened when he got to Roseguard and he immediately loved them.
  12. "Happy Birthday." Charlotte said in a kinda half assed way whilst the others said it too, not finding the idea of a crowded party appealing at all,but still putting in a small effort. For one, she hadn't fought when Crow put a stupid (in her opinion) party hat on her head, and she still hid along with the rest and said surprise when necessary.
  13. Kiera waited for what seemed to be an eternity. Sure the other group had to be distracted, but honestly did they have to do all the movie and shopping stuff? It made the surprise obvious, and even though Kiera didn't have a huge hand in the party itself, she did want it to go off without a hitch. We should have held it near Halloween and when they asked we could have said it was for a Halloween party. Then surprised them the day before Halloween. Kiera thought to herself as she leaned against the wall in the dark.

    "Happy birthdays!" Kiera yelled from her corner when the lights flicked on, and she was smiling at the goofy Crow who was a bit overzealous with the party hats and was already 'decorating' their guests of honor with them. Kiera adjusted her own party hat, smiling as well. It wasn't the first time she'd wondered how many people came from worse off situations than her. She got lucky with powers she could hide for so long.

    Kiera wandered behind Crow and said, "maybe you shouldn't just put those on their heads? I think they'll fit better if the person wearing them puts them on themselves." She was smiling and internally laughing at his zeal about birthday parties. It wasn't mean teasing, she hoped, but it would keep him from accosting the party goers at the very least.

  14. Jun smirked proudly, the surprise being a success. She'd been a bit antsy the whole day in anticipation. Surprising people was always a blast. She took Crow's party hat graciously, not one to be embarrassed by something like that.

    She quickly slapped Ava and Cult, who was holding Holly, on the backs playfully. "Gotcha, didn't we!" she exclaimed, laughing as Crow forced on the party hats. She noticed Charlotte's usual lack of enthusiasm and quickly zipped over to her, draping an arm around her shoulders.

    "Aw, c'mon, you can shout louder than that!" she teased, knowing the other girl wasn't fond of showing off emotion.
  15. Charlotte looked at her with slight anger but also a slight hint of uncomfortableness and sadness in her eyes. "The others can do it for me, if shouting loud really matters that much." She said, shrugging Juns arm off of her shoulder.
  16. [​IMG]

    Ursala watched as Crow went around the room snapping hats on anyone who would stay still long enough for him to wrangle (and even those who didn't). The room didn't stand a chance against his festive rush. When it came around to her turn though, he asked very nicely if she would like one. She was glad to be included, and with a smile she crouched down as low as she could so he could place it on - he'd have a hell of a time trying to ambush her like the others, so it was the least Ursala could do to reciprocate the politeness. Just as quickly, he was off like a shot again to 'hat' the remaining kids in the crowd. Ursala couldn't help the giggle that escaped her as she watched, and just like that a bit more of the fear she had for tonight slipped away.

    She toed carefully over to Holly and Ava, having to bend a bit to avoid knocking her party hat off against the celing.

    "Did you guys have a good time on your day out? Diversion or not, mall trips are never boring." It had been quite a while since Ursala had gone out to the city, and it wasn't like stores carried her size of anything, so hearing about the other girls ' trips was always a treat. She never held any ill will towards them for being able to do stuff like that that she couldn't. It was just the way things were.
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  17. Diana Esfir Kyveli

    Character Reference

    .: Home! Party At Last! :.
    "Where's the cake?"

    Diana had only cackled mischieviously as she continued pushing Holly through strings of people until they were out of the mall and on the streets, waiting for the bus to arrive. The brunette hadn't checked the weather, but thankfully the workings above seemed to be in her favor today, so her urging - while suspicious - was well covered. As far as covering could go at least. Di wasn't a fan of moving out and about too often, but when she put her heart into it, she did enjoy going out with friends. Her group especially, since everyone was comfortable, and well experienced with one another. Sure, they weren't all too close to one another, but they've all learned to tolerate and coexist, so that's gotta be something. Besides, having plenty of pictures saved in her phone - embarrassing, memorable, and anything in between - would have made up for any mishaps that could've occurred in that same afternoon.

    Once they piled up onto the bus, Diana had been quick to nab a seat. While the others sat or stood, quietly conversing amongst themselves - no doubt commenting on her rather strange and highly suspicious behavior - Diana had turned her head, facing the window and watched as the rain splattered against the windows. Blurring and disfiguring the world beyond the smeared glass. Offhandedly, she heard the rest of them mentioning how they dreaded to get drenched, but Diana was hearing none of it. Simply enjoying the erratic rhythm each drop contributed, until all the sounds muddled together and eventually wove together into a musical piece of sorts. While the rain was decidedly annoying, this was one thing Diana could appreciate from it.

    The ride was mostly silent, and Diana was more than grateful to just listen without interruption. Thankfully, the rain only lasted a few minutes. As much as she enjoyed it as a companion on the ride, she'd rather not get drenched by it, like they all feared.

    After a couple of minutes, 20 at most, the bus finally made it's stop at their group house. One by one, her group shuffled out of the bus - though Diana did try and stifle a laugh as Cult swept Holly off her feet into the house. Jun and herself took to the rear, as the birthday girls and guy were the ones who were supposed to open the doors, not knowing what exactly was behind it all. Without a second thought, Diana stealthily pulled out her phone, holding it up parallel to her eyes and began to record all that was to be seen. The rain had long since stopped, so the lenses would capture everything perfectly fine.

    As Cult - still carrying Holly - lead them into the dark house, the second the lights were switched on, Diana gleefully panned the phone from one side to the other, making sure that everyone - every member of Group D - was captured in there. As laughter resounded from every corner of the brightly, skillfully, and beautifully decorated room, Diana was quick to slip in between some of the people, phone still recording in her hands, capturing the surprise on some people's faces, others she found pure joy rebounding off their faces and was more than happy to make note of. After Diana made sure to get everyone's face into the footage for at least more than a few seconds, she found Crow jumping in front of her.

    With a smile, she tilted the phone up, catching Crow's face last before turning the device off and chuckling as the pale boy crowned her with the party hat. Diana didn't have much to complain about when it came to the hat, it was just a tradition here for them, and Diana found herself loving every bit of the celebrations they held. Remembering one last thing, Diana powered up the device once more, and in her calendar, she made a new note for today.

    Mission Accomplished
    Tucking away her phone with a smile, Diana finally turned to everyone in the room properly. "Happy Birthday you three," she addressed them loudly from her side of the room that she had slithered to, "and the decor in here is kicking ass, good job you guys" she added, gesturing to the halloween themed ... everything, appreciating how well it looked despite how typical, or predictable it could have turned out to be. While everybody mingled about, Diana slowly shrugged off her black leather jacket, heading over to the closet to hang it up, leaving her in a thin, black sleeveless shirt to attend to the night's festivities.
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  18. Crow rolled his pale eyes.

    "Yes, because attaching a paper cone to a person's head with a bit of elastic is such a delicate process," he quipped to Kiera with a sarcastic snort as he flicked his own party hat and shook his head.

    Crow then dashed over to the speakers, bringing the music to life with a roar of bassline. He winced at the sudden volume change and cranked the thundering speaker down to a dull pulse, loud enough to enjoy, but quiet enough that one did not have to raise their voice to be heard.

    Ava approached the snack table to procure herself a soda, jumping slightly at the sudden blast of music and turning around to see Crow give her a sheepish smile. Ava snickered and cracked open a Dr. Pepper before perching on one of the sofas with a pleased hum.

    "You guys really are the best," she smiled in thanks at her dorm mates and sipped her soda.

  19. Jun laughed as Charlotte resisted her attempt to make her let loose a bit. "Yeah, I guess shouting isn't your style. But you should try it sometime," she winked, moving to join the others in the party.

    Crow had started making some music, which Jun enjoyed, though preferred it a bit louder. The others weren't fond of that kind of thing so she didn't ask for it to be turned up.

    She noticed Di had gone and changed. Jun hadn't bothered, still wearing the hoodie and jeans she'd gone out in. "Looks good, Di," she said to her, giving her a thumbs up.

    Jun was a bit curious about how Ursula had managed. Being so strong and gigantic, she tended to break things and what not. Besides, she liked hearing about mall stories and the like. She zipped over the taller girl, though couldn't wrap her arm around her like she had done to Charlotte for obvious reasons.
    "What's up, Sal? I see the room's intact," she teased her.
  20. Charlotte moved over to the snack table, also grabbing a Dr pepper. She looked around for an empty seat on a sofa, ending up deciding to take a seat on the other end of the sofa Ava perched herself on. She looked around as she popped open her soda, looking at the people at the party. At least they're enjoying themselves, she thought, also slightly liking the choice of music, albeit a bit quiet for her tastes.
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