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  1. Okay so this is actually a group I made on another "role-play" site, and frankly I can't keep it over there anymore, and need to bring it here. The role-play took me literally seven months to develop, and it's still not even fully developed yet. There are set characters with set backgrounds and set relationships, but you do not have to take those roles if you do not want to. This is a HEAVY LONG TERM ROLE-PLAY. It requires FULL dedication and constant attention. This role-play is Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Modern, and Violent all rolled into this big sushi roll of an role-play.​

    I don't even know where to begin


    Hello! The Realm of Nautchwald is small pocket dimension with a very diverse community of supernatural beings and monsters. What you may find during your time in Nautchwald is a small beach side town lined with shops such as Big Jay's, T's Italian Restaurant, a cafe, a fashion Boutique, and various others. There is also a park for families and individuals to relax in, a farmers market down by the single dock, and various housing options. Down the dirt road leading away from the small town is where you will find Nautchwald's High School where teenagers of all sorts attend. The dirt road continues past this and ultimately leads to Petrova Manor where the Mayor of Nautchwald, Magnolia Arcenciel, and her "family" lives. You have recently moved, and registered as a Nautchwald citizen. Now that you are a citizen, what is there for you to do? Get a job, make friends, attend Nautchwald High School, discover the secrets of the Petrova Manor, maybe even meet a Petrova? It's all up to you in this open role-play! All you have to do to is join our chat room "Nautchwald Realm" and embark on a new life.

    The Petrova Manor, named after the former mayor Xavier Petrova, sits upon a cliff by the sea. It's guarded by a black old century style gate and a built in security system. The manor itself is huge, at least four stories tall, and made entirely out of brick. It is the most luxurious places in all of Nautchwald, with a large front yard, modern appliances, personal servants, a view of the ocean, and much more. It seems that only the people who have a reason to be there are allowed entry onto the estate, but you managed to get in by applying to work there. What awaits you behind those large onyx gates? Find out and join our closed role-play "The Rose Witch Covenant"! For entry and more information please message a group officer or the group owner Violaceous.


    The Petrova Family, that take residence in the Petrova Manor, are a millennia old family of witches. Within this family of witches there are those how excel greatly over the others.They specialize in a certain type of magic naturally and are blessed or cursed with certain powers only they possess. The reason these witches have gained such power is because they are the reincarnations of the founding members of the Rose Witch Covenant which the Petrova Family centers itself around. Each "Rose Witch" are identified by the color of their past self. Secretly, they are the true force that governs the Realm of Nautchwald. Are you "Rose Witch" material?


    Millenia ago, dating back to the days of ancients, Lucifer, gods most prized angel fell from the heavens and was imprisoned in a new realm of fire and ice. Once fallen, the battle between "evil" and "good" shortly began. Demons were created and roamed the plains of hell seeking any possible way to climb out of the pit. Around this time other creatures, small little beings, known as humans began to advance and adapt to the world the creator had bestowed upon them. Most the human race adapted into laborers, warriors, and even kings. People to blind, arrogant, or perhaps ignorant to see the supernatural that plagues their realm, however, there was that small percent that were born on the same frequency as the other beings the roamed the earth along side them. People who were capable of seeing that they were not alone in their world, that other creatures walked along side them such as nymphs, sirens, fae, vampyre, angels,....and even demons. These supernatural beings, so unlike the humans, were known for their habits but none more dangerous than that of a demon and it wasn't long for the humans to realize that they could harness the power of these dangerous creatures. These people are formally known as Witches. It is said that Witches are the product of a contract made with that of a demon. The demon provides the human unnatural power and in return they either collect souls, or give up their own. Thus Witches were created, and as years go by Witches were being birthed naturally.

    The Covenant
    The covenant started millenia ago with it's founder Francis Duboue Petrova, with a young painter in an old french city known as Bella Rose. An odd man that everybody avoided because of rumors that he associated with those who were advocates of taboo. Towns people would often find him screaming or talking to the air as well as many other weird habits. It wasn't that he was insane, no far from it, in fact this man was gifted with the sight. Born on the same frequency as supernatural beings he usually spent his days as a witness to the work of fairies and spirits. Eventually the towns people had enough of his rambling and called for their mayor to take actions against the public menace. The mayor finding that the Francis's presence was disturbing the peaceful nature of their beloved town Bella Rosa he deported Francis from the town. Unable to live with in the town amongst others, Francis found a home, a little cottage not to deep with in the woods, in the outskirts of Bella Rosa. One day after he was hiking through his new backyard, harvesting what nature had to offer, when the sun was setting; he came across and eerie glow in the distance. He followed it, thinking that perhaps a traveler had gotten lost in his forest, though as he began to reach closer a thick haze of fog began to consume the space around him as he pressed onward towards the glow. The fog was so thick he found himself tripping over loose tree roots and the like. He tripped on a large outgrown root, and stumbled forward into a clearing. The smell of roses faintly wafted into his nostrils as he met with the dirt, and as he met with the dirt he swore he heard a faint giggle, a sickeningly sweet giggle that sang to his ears. When he looked up at the individual before him, he felt his heart nearly stopped. The most beautiful woman he has ever laid his eyes upon stood before him. Though he was not fooled by her beauty and knew instantly what she was....a demon. Francis would now be her prisoner to do with what she pleased.

    * The story above is not finished, but basically he strikes a deal with the demon and becomes a "witch" known as the Blue Rose Witch. He founds the covenant, introducing more pupils to the demon, who the demon also makes contracts with and turns them into witches. The witches turn on the demon and trap her with in the blue rose witch, allowing them to freely use their magics for all eternity. *


    Important Roles

    -Founding Rose Witch Members-

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    •Blue Rose Witch
    - Unavailable
    The Blue Rose Witch, Xavier, has died, but will be reborn again as Moselle and Adamar's son. The Blue Rose Witch has the power over creation. The Blue Rose Witch is the most powerful Rose Witch and the sole creator of the covenant. The Blue Rose Witch is a pacifist but has no fear in flaunting his birth right to make others do his bidding. He is to be feared.

    •Black Rose Witch:Skylar Nocte Petrova
    - Taken by Vio
    Physically she is the second strongest fighter in the covenant. The Black Rose Witch was a founding member of the covenant when it was first created, thus she is also powerful the third strongest magical wise. She has control over the shadows in Nautchwald and specializes in Curses. The Black Rose witch is known for taking the lives of others throughout Petrova Family history, thus her weapon of choice is a scythe. She secretly detests her half sister Moselle, the Purple Rose Witch.

    •Purple Rose Witch: Moselle Elizabeth Johnson
    - Taken by Vio
    The Purple Rose Witch is the Witch of Healing and Protection. She is not as strong as the other founding members in combat. Though her determination to protect the lives of others and her endless stamina makes her a powerful foe. As well as the fact that she has sole power over one of the three proto-type reapers. She is also a pacifist much like the Blue Rose Witch. At the pinnacle of her power, she can even bring those back to life.

    •Red Rose Witch: Anastasia Nicole Petrova
    - Taken by ThePerfectVice
    The glorious Red Rose Witch, The Mother of Magiology, the study of magics and sorcery, and CEO of Potent Corp. which is the leading supplier of basic magic ingredients, charms, spells, and potions. The Rose Witch is considered a genius in all magical realms for her many creations as well as having the largest collection of magical Items. Her knowledge of potions and spells makes her capable of nearly anything and she is said to be the second strongest Rose Witch magical wise, which allowed her complete control over the Realm of Nautchwald after the death of her husband.

    •White Rose Witch:Morris Harridson Petrova
    - Taken by Soul
    The White Rose Witch, the second most powerful Rose Witches magical wise. Born with the mark of the Rose Demon, Morris was thrown into madness at the age of fifteen after reaching the pinnacle of his power. He is a master of time and space which gives him incredible advantages over others. He rivals that of god himself, which he proved to be fact by purposely entering purgatory and freeing the proto-reaper Adamar from his prison. Not only that but his magic is what created the realm of Nautchwald to begin with. Now that he has matured, he is taking on the responsibilities of his past actions as well as becoming a loving father and husband.

    -Second Tier Rose Witch Members-

    Show Spoiler

    • Chartreuse Rose Witch
    - Taken by Dip
    The Chartreuse Witch, sometimes misleading referred to as Lime Rose Witch, is a master in the art of summoning magics. It is said that this witch has legions of monsters and even demons at the ready, however, The Blue Rose Witch has kept them in line by threatening to end their very existence. Unfortunately, the Blue Rose Witch is dead, so the Chartreuse Rose Witch is a wild card for the time being. Possibly an antagonist, a ticking time bomb, just waiting to put on a show.

    • Orange Rose Witch
    - Taken by LoneWolf
    The Orange Rose Witch I am allowing to be a fully customizable character to who ever wants this position or role. You will decide their power, name, background, associations, as well as everything else about them. I highly recommend taking the offer if you want an important character in the story that is entirely your own!!

    • Pink Rose Witch
    - Taken by E
    The pink rose witch is known for her unnatural super human strength, making her the strongest Rose Witch physical wise. She is supposedly the Black Rose Witch's Mentor in fighting. It is unclear how she came to possess such strength seeing how it isn't a form of magic at all, however, she earned her spot among the Rose Witch Covenant with her vast amount of skill in using magical weapons said to be crafted be the gods.

    • Grey Rose Witch: Gwendoline Maria Delphi
    -Taken by DoomyCakez
    The Grey Rose Witch was blessed with the power of sight. He/She is able to see on many different plains of existence, the aura's of others, the past, the present, and the future. She is not particularly the strongest Rose Witch physical or magical wise, but she is a great contributor towards keeping Nautchwald a safe place through the use of her powers.

    • Bisque Rose Witch-
    - Taken by Lady Bernkastel

    Major & Minor Roles

    -Petrova Manor-

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    Personal Body Guards
    Personal body guards are assigned to the children rose witches, or those who will need protecting the most. They are to be with their assigned client 24/7, especially if they are to go out into Nautchwald. So far only two positions available.

    1] Filled by Crowly
    2] Filled by Crowly
    3] Filled by LoneWolf
    4] Filled by Sinopa

    -Personal Butlers-
    Personal Butler's of the Petrova Family or Rose Witches. These characters tend to the needs of the witch they are assigned to such as attire, food, cleaning their room, or just as company. There are ten positions available.

    1] Filled by Lordo
    2] Reserved by Gladis

    These little guys are the soul-bounded companions, pets, of the Rose Witches. If their master or mistress dies then they die, however, the Rose Witches are always reborn again, thusly so are their familiars. They would do anything for the one they serve and are strongly attached to them. There are nine available positions.

    1] Filled by Dip
    2] Filled by DoomyCakez
    3] Filled by Mikasa

    •The Mayor's Assistant & Petrova Family Secretary
    This role isn't particularly a happy one since a lot of weight is put on their shoulders. They arrange important meetings between the mayor and the rose witches, deliver memos to the Petrova Manor's staff, arrange meetings between the mayor and important Nautchwald individuals such as the head of police or the principle of Nautchwald High School, takes important calls while the mayor is unavailable, and ect.

    •Head Chef
    The head chef is like kin to the Petrova Family and they greatly appreciate Him/Her. This position allows your character to decide meal plans, essentially tell other cooks what to do, and interact with those who have access to the Petrova Estate.

    • Head Grounds Keeper
    The head grounds keeper takes care of the estate and its appliances. He keeps the grass green, the rose bushes healthy. If something were to break in the house, he knows the right way to fix it. "The Handy Man" of the Petrova Estate.

    •Head of Secret Police
    -Taken by WolfSin
    The head of the secret police has reign over all security personnel. This person is Anastasia's right hand man.

    • Petrova Family Book Keeper
    -Taken by Lady Bernkastel

    Show Spoiler


    •Head of Nautchwald Police

    •Principle of Nautchwald High School

    • Post Master

    • MUST BE LONG TERM & DEDICATED; I kid you not this role-play could last years.
    • Posts MUST consist of 1 to 2 paragraphs, literate, with grammar and spelling checked
    • You MUST be active, or have an response time of 1 to 2 days
    • You MUST be cooperative with the Game Master and the other members
    • You MUST follow the plot line that will be provided
    • You CANNOT change the history of the Town of Nautchwald, it's residences, or the Rose Witches
    • While these characters are OP as fuck, try your best not to god mod
    • Any fights or scenes MUST be preplanned, this is not an Role-play where you can go in and do whatever you want all willy-nilly
      • Ex: Blowing up the mansion with your destructive power is a no no unless I say you can do it.
    • The characters for this role-play do NOT have to be witches, Nautchwald is home to ALL monsters.
    • My word is law, and my decisions are final
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  2. Could I take the role of a bodyguard?
  3. yes you can! Anything else you'd like by chance? I'm allowing at least two characters.
  4. This looks amazing!!! Can I hold onto the role as Chartreuse Rose Witch? I'll look over what is needed in the morning, and create a character file for such.
  5. Are they mandatory? I'd prefer to only have one character for now...unless more are absolutely needed
  6. Ermehgerd Dip I would love to but the Chartreuse Rose Witch might already be taken. This rp used to belong to another site, and I am not sure if the owner of that role will come here or not. If she does not come it is all yours, in the mean time is there perhaps any other role you would like?
    • Love Love x 1
  7. It is not mandatory, but if I don't get enough members I might have to ask who I have to make more. I really really NEED people to take Rose Witch roles though. You don't have to take that role, but if you know anyone that would greatly enjoy a role like that, and don't mind a semi-premade character.
  8. @Vio Oh, alright! Please, PM me if there are any chances. I'll read over it tomorrow, and maybe pick another!
  9. Alright I will do so! Hopefully one will interest you, cuz I need all the members I can get to fill those roles. If you could also spread the word around I would greatly appreciate it.
  10. I'd take the Orange Witch then :D and also, who shall I be guarding?
  11. Ermehgerd I love you. Well Allistar is guarding the purple rose witch because she is one of the weakest witches. So you would be guarding the weaker characters, and the children. This means the Grey Rose Witch, or any other future child character. We don't have very many characters that require guarding sadly. So I guess the Grey Rose Witch, which is owned by @DoomyCakez.
  12. In that case:

    Its is a pleasure to serve you @DoomyCakez
  13. @Lonewolf888978

    One last itty bitty thing. I know in the thread I stated orange was fully customizable. Well I kinda...lied. It's not entirely a big deal but if you are serious about taking on that role I need to tell you this. I was going to make the Orange Rose Witch an Elemental. Meaning she/he has control over the elements water, earth, fire, and air. Also I would prefer orange to be male, because we literally have a majority in female rose witches. If you dont want to be an elemental that is fine, but it needs to be male. x___x
  14. Two things:

    I was planning on being an Elemental xD

    and he shall be a male...which is a Warlock BTW

  15. ERMEHGERD brownie points for that whole elemental thing.
    Ahah, I know they are warlocks but Witch just sounded better to me, and it's in the title. SOOOO witch it is going to be, sorry mang xD
  16. xD It shall be witch then!
  17. Hmm... I don't usually join group roleplays, but this seems awesome and I have a witch character I've wanted to play for ages. I'd love to take Pink Rose Witch, but what are the requirements for activity? I can only reply every 1 - 3 days and I wouldn't want to slow you down.
  18. It's true, about the girls thing X'D Wayyy to many of us :o
  19. Hey there! To be perfectly honest with you I have no idea in regards to activity. Generally I hold "events" which are major plot points that require all its participants to reply until the event is over. But in down time when there are no events it is really up to you. 1-3 days might be a little slow, and I don't know the pace the rp will have.

    Edit: The pink rose witch already has a set profile or CS, so you cant use your own character in that sense. It needs to be centered around the information I've already given you. Although, you can use your witch and take on another "job" like head of security or the post master or something.

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  20. Can I take head chef and book keeper? :O
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