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    Important Roles

    -Founding Rose Witch Members-

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    •Blue Rose Witch
    - Unavailable
    The Blue Rose Witch, Xavier, has died, but will be reborn again as Moselle and Adamar's son. The Blue Rose Witch has the power over creation. The Blue Rose Witch is the most powerful Rose Witch and the sole creator of the covenant. The Blue Rose Witch is a pacifist but has no fear in flaunting his birth right to make others do his bidding. He is to be feared.

    •Black Rose Witch:Skylar Nocte Petrova
    - Taken by Vio
    Physically she is the second strongest fighter in the covenant. The Black Rose Witch was a founding member of the covenant when it was first created, thus she is also powerful the third strongest magical wise. She has control over the shadows in Nautchwald and specializes in Curses. The Black Rose witch is known for taking the lives of others throughout Petrova Family history, thus her weapon of choice is a scythe. She secretly detests her half sister Moselle, the Purple Rose Witch.

    •Purple Rose Witch: Moselle Elizabeth Johnson
    - Taken by Vio
    The Purple Rose Witch is the Witch of Healing and Protection. She is not as strong as the other founding members in combat. Though her determination to protect the lives of others and her endless stamina makes her a powerful foe. As well as the fact that she has sole power over one of the three proto-type reapers. She is also a pacifist much like the Blue Rose Witch. At the pinnacle of her power, she can even bring those back to life.

    •Red Rose Witch: Anastasia Nicole Petrova
    - Available
    The glorious Red Rose Witch, The Mother of Magiology, the study of magics and sorcery, and CEO of Potent Corp. which is the leading supplier of basic magic ingredients, charms, spells, and potions. The Rose Witch is considered a genius in all magical realms for her many creations as well as having the largest collection of magical Items. Her knowledge of potions and spells makes her capable of nearly anything and she is said to be the second strongest Rose Witch magical wise, which allowed her complete control over the Realm of Nautchwald after the death of her husband.

    •White Rose Witch:Morris Harridson Petrova
    - Taken by Wolfsin
    The White Rose Witch, the second most powerful Rose Witches magical wise. Born with the mark of the Rose Demon, Morris was thrown into madness at the age of fifteen after reaching the pinnacle of his power. He is a master of time and space which gives him incredible advantages over others. He rivals that of god himself, which he proved to be fact by purposely entering purgatory and freeing the proto-reaper Adamar from his prison. Not only that but his magic is what created the realm of Nautchwald to begin with. Now that he has matured, he is taking on the responsibilities of his past actions as well as becoming a loving father and husband.

    -Second Tier Rose Witch Members-

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    • Chartreuse Rose Witch
    - Taken by Dip
    The Chartreuse Witch, sometimes misleading referred to as Lime Rose Witch, is a master in the art of summoning magics. It is said that this witch has legions of monsters and even demons at the ready, however, The Blue Rose Witch has kept them in line by threatening to end their very existence. Unfortunately, the Blue Rose Witch is dead, so the Chartreuse Rose Witch is a wild card for the time being. Possibly an antagonist, a ticking time bomb, just waiting to put on a show.

    • Orange Rose Witch
    - Avaiable
    The Orange Rose Witch I am allowing to be a fully customizable character to who ever wants this position or role. You will decide their power, name, background, associations, as well as everything else about them. I highly recommend taking the offer if you want an important character in the story that is entirely your own!!

    • Pink Rose Witch
    - Taken by E
    The pink rose witch is known for her unnatural super human strength, making her the strongest Rose Witch physical wise. She is supposedly the Black Rose Witch's Mentor in fighting. It is unclear how she came to possess such strength seeing how it isn't a form of magic at all, however, she earned her spot among the Rose Witch Covenant with her vast amount of skill in using magical weapons said to be crafted be the gods.

    • Grey Rose Witch: Gwendoline Maria Delphi
    -Taken by DoomyCakez
    The Grey Rose Witch was blessed with the power of sight. He/She is able to see on many different plains of existence, the aura's of others, the past, the present, and the future. She is not particularly the strongest Rose Witch physical or magical wise, but she is a great contributor towards keeping Nautchwald a safe place through the use of her powers.

    • Bisque Rose Witch-
    - Taken by Sinopa

    Major & Minor Roles

    -Petrova Manor-

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    Personal Body Guards
    Personal body guards are assigned to the children rose witches, or those who will need protecting the most. They are to be with their assigned client 24/7, especially if they are to go out into Nautchwald. So far only two positions available.

    1] Moselle's Body Guard
    -Filled by Crowly
    2] Skylar's Body Guard
    -Filled by Crowly
    3] Gwendoline's Body Guard
    4] Balthazar's Body Guard
    -Filled by Sinopa

    -Personal Butlers-
    Personal Butler's of the Petrova Family or Rose Witches. These characters tend to the needs of the witch they are assigned to such as attire, food, cleaning their room, or just as company. There are ten positions available.

    1]Skylar's Butler
    -Taken by Aka Kitsune
    2] Moselle's Butler
    -Taken by Gladis
    3] Balthazar's Butler
    -Taken by Aka Kitsune
    4] Gwendoline's Butler
    -Taken by Gladis
    5] Anastasia's Butler

    These little guys are the soul-bounded companions, common house hold pets, of the Rose Witches. If their master or mistress dies then they die, however, the Rose Witches are always reborn again, thusly so are their familiars. They would do anything for the one they serve and are strongly attached to them. There are nine available positions.

    1] Aedian's Familiar
    -Filled by Dip
    2] Gwendoline's Familiar
    -Filled by DoomyCakez
    3] Skylar's Familiar
    -Filled by Mikasa
    4] Moselle's Familiar

    5] Morris's Familiar
    -Taken by Gladis

    6] Anastasia's Familiar
    -Filled by KitsyKitty
    7] Jenavere's Familiar
    -Taken by Turbo

    8] Ryan's Familiar
    -Taken by Akuma

    9] Balthazar's Familiar
    -Taken by Princess of the Tea Cups
    10] The Blue Rose Witch's Familiar
    •The Mayor's Assistant & Petrova Family Secretary: Magnolia Arcenceil
    This role isn't particularly a happy one since a lot of weight is put on their shoulders. They arrange important meetings between the mayor and the rose witches, deliver memos to the Petrova Manor's staff, arrange meetings between the mayor and important Nautchwald individuals such as the head of police or the principle of Nautchwald High School, takes important calls while the mayor is unavailable, and ect.

    •Head Chef
    The head chef is like kin to the Petrova Family and they greatly appreciate Him/Her. This position allows your character to decide meal plans, essentially tell other cooks what to do, and interact with those who have access to the Petrova Estate.

    • Head Grounds Keeper
    -Taken by Princess of the Tea Cups
    The head grounds keeper takes care of the estate and its appliances. He keeps the grass green, the rose bushes healthy. If something were to break in the house, he knows the right way to fix it. "The Handy Man" of the Petrova Estate.

    •Head of Secret Police
    The head of the secret police has reign over all security personnel. They work specifically for Anastasia and the Rose Witches, but mostly Anastasia. They ensure that Anastasia's Potent Corp. doesn't have any big competitors, that the Natuchwald citizens stay unaware of the Rose Witches, and other things. Very hush hush.

    Character Sheets

    [The picture of them must be digital art or a drawing. No real people.]
    General info: name, age, gender, race, birthday
    relationships: familiar, friends, family, crush/lover, ect.
    (if you want to find a theme or voice actor for them)

    *You can alter and add to the Skeleton I posted above or use your own. I will also provide an example by providing you with my character sheet.
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  2. The Witch of Healing

    G e n e r a l

    ~~ Moselle Elizabeth Johnson~~
    "Momo"- A nickname from her early childhood
    "Moe"- A nickname she hates since it's a nickname for her father
    "Soubrette"-A nickname given to her by her friend Orchid. Do not refer to her as this.

    Half Witch
    June 17th, 1657

    A p p e a r a n c e
    Abnormal white hair, Heterogeneous eyes of purple and blue, Pale skin with naturally light pink cheeks, Average "bust" size (C 32), slim waist with medium sized hips, small hands dainty hands, average sized feet (size 61/2), and legs are longish.

    "Moselle's soft, clear voice rang out sheepishly from her diaphragm as she responded to the young girls claims. Her abnormal, but in this case normal, snow white hair, Type 2A, was long and wavy. It cascaded down to her back yet styled in a way that easily framed her oval shaped head. Her heterogeneous eyes of purple and blue, the left one purple and the right one blue, blinked curiously at the young girl before she finally spoke again."

    "Her black skirt that was cut short in the front, to three inches above her knees, and continued to trail down to her ankles at the back in a loose wavy fashion. Her long legs, that were actually quite thick at the thighs, were bare save for the strange thorny vines of ink that trailed up to just above her knees. It almost looked as if it were simply a tattoo, but sadly it was a mere curse mark that Moselle had come to terms with during her times staying at the card suit society."

    "Moselle absent mindlessly straightens her soft pink baby-doll, bubble top mesh made of a polyester, chiffon, Rayon blend. It was a cute top with a floral pattern of various other hues of pinks, and light browns. She returns her line of sight back on Gwendoline's face before something behind her catches her attention. A boy, not much taller than her for she was at least 5'7 in height compared to his 5'9, with white ears protruding from his hair and a strange tail just peeking around the side of his leg."

    Her outfit changes accordingly.

    P e r s o n a l i t y






    Modern Plumbing

    Roses (ironically)

    R e l a t i o n s h i p s
    Sarah Jane Williams
    Sarah was her earth mother from the 1600s. When still fairly young, they had a happy relationship. Of course this changed after her parents divorce and the birth of her younger sister Jessica. After that her mother became verbally and emotionally abusive towards Moselle, only ever paying Moselle any mind when Moselle seemed to cause trouble for the family. After a while Moselle became very indifferent towards her birth mother before finally leaving home to live with her grandmother.

    Morris Harridson Petrova
    Moselle was daddy's little girl before the divorce and the two were inseparable. He would play the piano for her when ever she asked. When she was bored, crying and sad, and even when she couldn't sleep. This is the reason Moselle was so keen on learning the piano while growing up. After the divorce Moselle was extremely confused and lost. She didn't know what to do with out her father, because he understood Moselle best. With him gone she was alone, with no one to protect her. At first she idolized him, but as she grew older and learned the harsh realities of life and her view of him also became indifferent. She began to hate her father for abandoning her all those years ago.

    Gran Peterson
    Gran was Moselle's grandmother whom she loved and cared for up until her passing. She was the light in her life when things became dark for Moselle. She was much unlike her mother, and they looked out for each other. Moselle will never forget what happened all those years ago, and to this day feels guilty for accidentally murdering her.

    Hal Williams
    Moselle's step father and Jessica's birth father. He was a kind natured noble who often stood up for both of his daughters. He did not approve of Sarah's treatment towards Moselle and often tried defending her, which seemed to only make the situation worse. While he was baffled as Moselle's odd appearance and mannerisms, he tried his best to ensure she felt wanted. Sadly he was a noble and a business man which often caused him to be busy. He was not there for Moselle as much as she needed, but Moselle does appreciate his efforts.

    Anastasia Nicole Petrova
    Moselle has a complicated relationship with her grandmother Anastasia. While it is true that they have met twice Moselle only recalls the second time. That was when Anastasia created a spell to heal Moselle's sick grandmother, as well as gave her the ingredients and incantation for it. Unfortunately, the ingredients were tampered with by Skylar, unknown to Anastasia and Moselle, and caused the spell to falter. The spell caused the grandmother died, and served as an ingredient for Skylar's curse on Moselle. This caused Anastasia to receive the blame as an scape goat as well as Moselle's hatred. After finally meeting again, and being properly introduced, Moselle attacked Anastasia and caused a misunderstanding. We will have to wait and see if the two will actually build a solid relationship with each other as grandparent and grandchild.

    Gwendoline Maria Delphi
    Ryan "Sparky" Petrova
    Jenavere Lilith Petrova
    Skylar Nocte Petrova
    Aedian F. Petrova
    Balthazar Petrova

    S k i l l s

    The Scholar
    Note Taking

    The House Wife
    First Aid

    The Witch
    Healing Magic
    Protection Magic


    S t r e n g t h s

    Strong Will

    W e a k n e s s e s

    Physically Weaker

    H i s t o r y

    -----------General Background -----------

    Early Childhood
    Moselle was born on June 17th, 1657 to her parents Sarah and Moe Johnson. Her first few years growing up as a toddler where happy and normal. Although, it was not long before she noticed she was different than the others. Her snow white hair, and heterogeneous eyes of blue and purple were abnormal. More often than not, other children would pick on her and bully her. Her father was doting and loving, often playing the piano for her whenever she asked. While her mother was strict, always trying to turn Moselle into the proper young woman. She would always get mad whenever she found Moselle outside playing in the dirt and rough housing with the few friends she had. Despite the few little things, everything was great, and Moselle couldn't have been happier. Unfortunately, unknown to both Sarah and Moselle, Moe Johnson had a secret that he kept from his family. It wasn't made aware until a strange woman with burn red hair came to visit their family. Moselle, only eight, was not entirely sure what was going on, before she could find out her mother Sarah sent her away to be with a neighbor. She played all afternoon with the neighbor, unsure as to what had happened, but when she finally returned home her father was gone. Her mother was crying, saying something about he had left them behind, that he never loved them both. Moselle was devastated with out her father there. He was the one that understood her the most and comforted her. A year later her mother remarried to a wealthy noble, and had a second child. Though Moselle was thrilled to have a little sister to play with, the isolation that followed was painful. The parents slowly began to push Moselle away by focusing much of their attention on her younger sister and work. Moselle was left to fend for herself, and often was with the servants either to keep them company out of boredom, curiosity, or to actually help them with their daily tasks. Through this, Moselle learned to daily house hold work, among various other things. In some cases she would spend time with her sister, and tending to the scratches and bumps her sister received while playing outdoors.

    Teenage Years

    The years got worse as Moselle grew older, she entering her teenage years and finding herself with out any friends. Both her school life, her social life, and her home life was hell, a complete disaster she could not seem to escape from. She was unable to make friends at school due to the fact that she was "different" than what was considered normal in the era she lived in. Her white hair and mismatched irises were abnormal, and at that time, abnormal was something of the devils work. Even though it was obvious Moselle was fully Christian, it did not stop the other teenagers and children from harassing her. She would often be bullied by other girls, and the adults would turn a blind eye to their behavior. Moselle eventually fought back, with a good right hook, and the girls started spreading nasty rumors that she was a violent witch as payback. Moselle was suspended, and beaten, for her actions, but her step father managed to cease the rumors if Moselle behaved in return. There were no problems with bullying and rumors since, however, that did not stop the sneering and harsh looks. In these years, it was perfectly normal for young girls to find suitors and wed at an early age. Moselle was reaching her fifteenth year, and it was not long before her step father started arranging suitors for her. Unfortunately, Moselle did not like this having grown strongly independent since her early child hood. She found herself falling for men of her own choosing, and closer to her age, rather than the older and "richer" men the step father brought to meet with her. Moselle received mixed reactions with men during this time. Some of them found beauty in her abnormalities, finding her exotic, like a rare gem that just needed a good polishing. She absolutely loathed these men, since they were more interested in how "rare" she was as if she were an item rather than an individual person of equal value. In order to be rid of them, she did everything to ensure that these men ended up hating her. Then there were the men that were terrified of her, again thinking her to be the work of the devil. She did not particularly mind these men, and really just felt sorry for them. She knew it wasn't their fault they were incompetent and narrow minded. She tried to reason with the ones that she liked, but her forwardness always scared them away in the end. Needles to say, her parents were very unhappy with her incapability of finding a suitor, and her mother often became verbally abusive towards her whenever Moselle behaved out of turn. As the connection between her parents worsened, her relationship with her mother's mother, Moselle's grandmother, became strong. Moselle would often spend her weekends at her grandmother's cottage and garden or help with chores. Eventually Moselle completely destroyed the bridge between herself and her parents, and left her parent's home. She moved in with her grandmother, and the two lived happily for three years. In the fourth year, when Moselle turned seventeen, her grandmother became ill, but Moselle refused to leave her side and took care of her sick grandmother, and everything else that needed done around the house. Moselle, though it was difficult, was able to find two jobs. One job was working as a servant girl for her old neighbors (from her early childhood), and the second job was offered to her by a friend of her sick grandmother. With those two jobs, Moselle was able to successfully take care of her sick grandmothers and their tax. Sadly, it was heart breaking for Moselle to watch her grandmother slowly die away to an unknown disease. For two years she worked to keep everything under control, but as her grandmother's illness got worse Moselle began to seek professional help. Unfortunately, Moselle could not afford a doctor or any sort of medicine the doctor could prescribe. Moselle became desperate and began hunting for a cure by herself, until finally caving and looking towards taboo methods. She began reading on both witches and wiccans, knowing full well that they were professional healers and had special healing abilities. After a long search, she found someone.

    Young Adulthood

    Eventually she came across a rumor that a witch comes to the town occasionally to look for souls to steal and Moselle decided to look into the rumor more. It says she has a home south of the town where she will occasionally stay. Moselle traveled down the path, a good days trip, until she came across what was supposed to be the witches occasional home. No one really knew what her name was, but it was rumored that most of her evil spells and potions required a rose from her personal garden. Thus, the witch was refereed to as simply "The Rose Witch" in Moselle's home town. Moselle met with the witch that lived there, and was quite surprised how willing to help the woman was. Unknown to Moselle, it was actually none other than Anastasia Petrova the "Red Rose Witch:, her own grandmother that was helping her. Moselle took note how the woman had unnaturally burnt red hair, that looked like dancing fire in the sun and wind. She had the strangest feeling of familiarity with the woman, but could never recall just where she had seen her. Never the less, Moselle accepted the woman's help and returned home. Once Moselle was home, she followed the instructions given to her exactly, but something went a miss. The spell had completely back fired on Moselle after she had casted it. The room went dark after the spell, and an eerie red glow began to Emmit from her grandmother. As the red gleam shimmered, the shadows came to life. The danced around them until they enclosed on the grandmother, who was asleep, and Moselle. They clung to their bodies in a frenzy, a small pain shot up Moselle's legs before the living shadows scattered. The shadows dispersed shortly after, and natural sunlight filled the room. Moselle was at a loss as to what had just happened, she looked down at her legs to see if she had been bit, and saw that her ankles were bleeding. After Moselle tended to her wounds, she checked on her grandmother to see if the spell had worked. When she checked, the sheer amount of horror that over came her is impossible to comprehend. Her Grandmother was dead. The old woman's body lay their limp and lifeless. Moselle heard a scuffle outside the window, and caught a glimpse of black hair as a person left from sight. She had been caught. Moselle said a brief prayer for her grandmother, and apology before scrambling around the house to gather what she could or hide some evidence. It wasn't long before her fellow towns people where shouting outside their front door egging her to come out and face them. Moselle did not go though, she terrified and fled the scene with nothing but her grandmother's cloak to keep her warm. She ran into the woods, the setting sun on her back.

    The Door, Her Salvation

    In a small New England town close to the shore a storm was brewing…and not some ordinary storm of thunder and rain. A storm between people created by lies and fears was weighing over the grim town. It was clammy outside, dreadful weather as the sun was setting and night was taking its place in the sky. Around this time you could hear the crickets play their every night tunes undisturbed, however, this particular night was different. The town was in a fuss after a woman came screaming “witch!” and “Murder!”. She told the town’s guards of a young girl, a witch, had slain her grandmother with a wicked spell. The town was small, so this news caught on quickly and it wasn’t long before they had their scorching hot torches, sharpened pitch forks, and their lock and chains made of ice cold steel. These were witch hunting times, and these towns’ people were not going to let this witch live after committing such a heartless crime. This was sad….sad because they believed such a lie and became scared of an innocent girl named Moselle. They become so scared that they wanted to wipe away her very existence and call it righteous! Off they went to find this girl who was only nineteen years old. The crowd of men, women, and even children marched to the outskirts of town drowning out all of the crickets’ every night tunes. Their feet stomped against the dirt road until they reached her grandmother’s cottage. They hollered and cheered egging the young girl to face them and meet her punishment. She never came; she was scared for her life and had decided to flee. With her skinny, nimble digits Moselle grabbed her mother’s black cloak pulling it over her as she ran out the back entrance. When she left those beings filled with spite broke into the house, and they tore the wooden cottage apart looking for evidence of the said witchery. They found the old woman, the grandmother, stiffened by death’s hand in her bed, and that was all they needed to see. They split into groups. One group removed the old woman from the home and set fire to the cottage with whatever evil and wicked things might still be inside while another group hunted after the witch. In the forest, whose trees’ leaves were taking the hues of reds and oranges, Moselle could hear the howls of the hunting dogs and she ran even faster trying to avoid tripping. Her long wavy white hair whipped around her face as the wind picked up; causing fallen leaves to dance in a whirlwind as she ran. It caught her though, causing her cloak to yank against her throat and make her choke. Stumbling backwards, Moselle immediately stepped a foot back to ensure she would not fall and ultimately regained her balance. She twisted her head to look at the issue and her peripherals showed that her cloak was entangled in a low tree branch. She was to frantic to even think that the wind had caused her cloak to catch onto a low branch, she just wanted to get free and escape. Her arms rushed to the black cloak and she became frantic to be free. Moselle’s multicolored eyes of purple and blue were anxiously looking back and forth between the low branch and the distance. She could see the burning glow of the torches draw near and she ripped her cloak away from the branch with all her might which ended up making it tattered. Moselle quickly took off again, but it seemed fate had it out for her, when from behind a dog leaped at her from the bushes snarling. Her ears could hear its padded feet hit the detritus, causing the dead leaves to crunch with each step, and she tried her hardest to flee. Unfortunately, the furry beast soon caught up to her and latched onto her leg with its pointed canines making her scream out in pain. The hunting dog’s teeth dug into her leg which made her fall into the wet dirt. It tried to attack her at the neck, at the throat, but she balled her hands into little fists and swung them at the dog. She beat the dog off her and kicked it away making it yelp and whimper. Before it could attack again she stood, the mud water now soaked her cloths and ran down her face, and returned back to escaping after hearing a gun shoot fire which made her cry out in desperation. She started crying; her irritated eyes unable to keep their warm tears, as she ran and prayed for salvation. This girl just wanted to disappear. She kept looking ahead hoping to find a place to hide and just when she was about to give up she saw a fairly decent sized, polished, and wooden black door in the distance. It was open and even though she could not see a house she could see what was inside it. Too frightened to even question the reality of the door she jumped through right as she was shot in the shoulder making her scream out in pain a second time. She fell forward tumbling onto the cold hard floor as the door slammed shut behind her and disappeared as a small group of men entered the clearing. There was no trace of Moselle to be found after that.

    ----------- The Card Suit Society -----------

    The Society & Tenebrae

    The door was of course other worldly, paranormal, magical. It was the door to none other than The Card Suit Society, a small pocket dimension where people who needed salvation and a home could go. She was very lucky indeed, and very much needed such a place at the time. There she was safe. Upon first entering the C.S.S Moselle was exhausted, in shock, panicked, and very scared. She was greeted by a tall handsome man, that tried immediately to calm her down. Though, she ran off towards the very back of the large establishment to hide from the strangers. Unfortunately, after her recent trauma she slipped into unconsciousness. She woke two days later on a comfy couch with her wounds tended. The man from the previous encounter greeted Moselle properly as Tenebrae, and kindly, as well as a cat anthromorph. While the man, who appeared to be a butler of sorts, left to draw and bathe the cat, Moselle decided to look around the strange place she had finally entered.

    Moselle Meets Modern Electricity

    She reviewed the décor and furniture with a great intensity. Some item’s she found to be strange while other’s she could grasp the obviously basic use for it. The couches may be made of a weird fabric, but it was still a couch. This could be said about all the other common things like the other chairs and the tables. It wasn’t until she reached the kitchen that she actually stopped and stare. There were these weird objects that were emitting an extremely bright glow. It was bright like fire, but it was obviously not fire. Fire also flickered but this didn’t do such a thing. She stared at the lights until it hurt to look and she looked away. This also distorted her vision. Once she could see again she pulled herself up onto the granite counter and proceeded to touch the strange object. Anyone from modern times would know not to do this because it was a light bulb, which not only generated light but heat as well through the use of electricity. Moselle being from the 1600’s was unaware of this and yelped when it burnt her fingers. She smacked it away from her causing the light bulb to hit another which in turn caused both the lights’ fuses to bust and the lights to go out. “Eek!! I killed them!” she gasped as the light she had hit sung back and smacked her in the face. “ouch!”

    Upon hearing the commotion from the other room, the butler quickly returned to Moselle's aid, but was clearly irritated with the mess she was causing. He held up his arms and offered to help her down, but she politely refused his help. Stating she did not need help with removing herself from the counter, plus she did not want to trouble the man any more than she already has.

    “I-I was just trying to familiarize myself with this place and I found these strange creatures. They are like fire, and they burn too. I did not know they would be hostile at the touch though….” The young maiden stammered trying to explain her abnormal behavior but she immediately stopped speaking at the sight of his unhappy face. He had opened his arms and spoke of trying to help her down; however, this made Moselle uncomfortable. She shook her head side to side. “N-no thank you... I don't need any help.” she said to him in the most soft and polite way she could muster. She continued by squatting closer to the counter, turned her body getting on her knees, then proceeded with reaching one leg down to the floor and easing herself off the counter. It appeared that she had gave the kind man even more work to do so getting herself down was just a way of giving him one less thing to do. “Sorry…I didn’t mean to kill them.” She apologized to the man.


    A second man comes to see what the commotion was, apparently he too seemed to be a butler of sorts for this establishment. They both ask if she is alright, and if she were hurt. The second butler introduces himself.

    “Yes, I am indeed fine. Though, I cannot say the same for your two creatures.” She spoke up to them keeping a soft tone in her voice. “I would nurse them back to health but sadly I believe they are dead, whatever they may be.” She tells the man who had just arrived of her incident with the light bulbs. How she had smacked it after it burned her hand and then crashed into another “creature” nearby causing the lights to go out. She looked up at the two men, finally realizing just how small she was compared to the two. They are certainly intimidating to Moselle so she became silent in fear of only making them mad at her. Not only that but they are handsome, and she knew she did not appear to be presentable before them. “Father and mother would be so ashamed to see me looking like this.” She thought starting to feel insecure and ashamed she looked down at her feet in embarrassment.

    The young woman looked up slightly surprised. She immediately straightened her back to correct her posture before responding to her addressor. “Moselle Elizabeth Johnson…” She stated matter of fact, which was a blunt way of speaking to be perfectly honest. “It’s a pleasure to met you Sir.” She said to him while keeping eye contact. She then smiled politely with nothing more to say to him. She subconsciously began to tug at the ends of her dress which was now stained with the forests mud and her own blood. She couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable in her dress with strangers, because it’s style was frowned upon in her home community. So the fact that it was also messy could have been a relief but given the previous night she had no shred of positive out looks in anything at all. Except for the fact that she is glad she wasn’t dead, at least she was being positive in that aspect. Moselle brought her small fingers to her head feeling an itching sensation there. Her hand brushed up against something strange that was entangled in her stringy, oily, and dirtied hair. She picked at it until she could pull it out. It was nothing more than a small twig. “Ew..” she whispered as her nose wrinkled in disgust.

    Moselle Meets Modern Plumbing

    Moselle nodded while she simply placed her hand unto the hook of his arm. She didn’t hook her arm into his entirely merely because of the fact that she did not want to get her filth on him. There was also the matter of how she was just terrible with men and found even the slightest touch embarrassing. The young lass was cursed with a terrible sheepishness ever since she was little, which lead to the event of her sixteen year old sister getting married before her. The thought made her sigh but she kept a rather confident face despite all this. Then she thought of the man that was leading her. He didn’t appear to be an ordinary man compared to the suitors back in her little town. “Hm…, a man with no last name. Rather odd.” She muttered speaking her thoughts out loud while looking back up to inspect him again. Moselle then realized her appalling rudeness and clamped her free hand over mouth. “I’m such an idiot! That was horrible…” she scolded herself in her mind before continuing to apologize. “I-I’m sorry that was rude…” She told him regretting her carelessness.

    Moselle nodded remaining silent as she peered into the bathroom. “Who is going to bring in the water?” She asked leaving Korbin’s side to explore the new area of the house that had opened up to her. She eventually laid eyes on what appeared to be a tub but only made of some sort of strange material unknown to her. It was certainly different than the metal tub she had in her washroom back at her grandmother’s cottage. She cautiously eased her way up to it before turning back at Korbin asking “Is this your tub? I’ve never seen anything like it…” she asked him. Turning back she kneeled beside the bathtub before finally bringing curious hands to touch it. She inspected it with her heterogeneous eyes, brushing her fingers over the metal faucet and down to the knobs that turned on the water. Both knobs were made of the same metal of the faucet but the left one had a “H” on it while the right one had a “C”. After a few more moments of staring at the knobs she finally gripped one with her hand and turned it making water spew out noisily from the faucet. She jumped from the suddenness of this taking a step away from the bath tub. “What? What kind of witchery is this?” She asked turning back to Korbin again. “No tub I know of can make water like this from thin air! Is this contraption even safe? Are you trying to trick me? I know I’m probably dead, but this is a weird way to make me suffer. What kind of hell is this?” She began to rant fed up with whatever façade this strangers were creating before her.

    Moselle & The Curse

    Moselle eventually settles into the C.S.S, though her life there was not easy at first. She was traumatized by her experience back at home. Getting into a few verbal arguments with some of the members that lived there or visited frequently die to her narrow mindedness. Although, she apologized and quickly learned the error of her ways. In order to live in a more advanced society, Moselle began reading informational books frequently, taking notes from them, as well as notes on the other members. Soon she learned all their habits, and various other things. Unfortunately, while her associations with the members remained positive, her fears of "The Rose Witch", who Moselle mistakenly believes is the reason her way of life was ruined, began to build. Eventually after a month of living there, Moselle took notice of a strange black dot, like ink, was staining her ankles. Tenebrae managed to decipher what the strange markings where, and came to the conclusion that she had been cursed. Since then, Moselle had nightmare's constantly about the witch, which forced to her to fall into a feeble state. She refused to sleep, and when she did it was restless and short. Eventually she got sick and her friend Orchid had to take care of her. A woman healed Moselle with the use of a charmed flower, but her nightmares did not cease. Soon she met a man named Jack, he had arrived to the society while Moselle was asleep on the couch, thrashing about due to a nightmare. She sat up screaming, after having died in her nightmare, and two visitors quickly came to her aid. Jack being one of them, quickly tried to calm Moselle down by assuring her that the person in her dreams, this "Rose Witch", could not enter the society with the intent of inflicting harm unto another. After he assured her of that, Moselle never had the nightmares again, though the fear of the woman, and Moselle's hatred towards her never ceased. The months passed, and Moselle's curse continues to grow like vines up her legs. The curse markings are like thorned vines twisting up her body, and Moselle began noticing that it was getting harder to walk due to a strange on and off numbness in her legs.

    ----------- The Empire of Nyx -----------

    Moselle Enters Nyx

    Moselle lived in the society for an entire year, and a few months after she turned nineteen something in the Society went terribly wrong. Her place of refuge began collapsing in on itself. She watched as the society's creator's daughter is pulled away by the shadows, while a swirling white vortex opens in the space behind her. The Portal sucks her in the instant the society collapses and portals her out into a different world all together. A place formally known as the Realm of Nyx.
    "She was screaming at the top of her lungs before there was another flash of white and she flies onto the ground. The portal had opened up outside of the Empire of Nyx and spat out Moselle like a person would a disgusting piece of morsel. She hit the dirt hard and tumbled out onto the road in front of a galloping horse’s path. She stopped her screaming for a brief moment until she looked up to see where she was and her hues took in the site of the horse charging towards. She screamed again at the top of her lungs and curled up into a ball in the middle of the road bracing for impact."

    Moselle meets the Proto-Reaper Adamar after she is hurled infront of her horse. After he threatens to kill her if she does not state who she was and her business, Moselle explains what had happened in a panic. She asks the man where she had landed, and he tells her that she landed outside the Empire of Nyx. Moselle knows of the Empire of Nyx, since it is the home of her friend Orchid. Upon hearing that Moselle is friends with Orchid, the man introduces himself as Adamar and offers her transportation and safety until she reunites with her friend. They travel together for a day and get to know each other. Moselle is quite annoying and prudish towards him, but they hit it off quite nicely. Eventually Moselle grew tired of riding on Adamar's horse, and as he tried to respond back to her, he was hit with a tree branch, and his cheek was cut. Moselle was going to take a look at it, being quite skilled in taking care of cuts and bruises, but was distracted by the beautiful place they had arrived at.

    Moselle gasped quietly when she saw his face. “A-are you alright?” She asks him with a concerned ring to her voice as Adamar removes her from his steed and places her firmly on the ground. She rubbed her lower back with on hand as she followed behind him. “Seriously Adamar, that looks like a nasty gash. Lemme look at it, maybe I can think of something for it.” She chides on, telling him, before stopping at his side. Her hues took in the sight before them. The place they had stop to rest was simply beautiful. It was like an oasis in the middle of the desert with thick tall trees growing leaves the color of sakura blossoms from dark brown branches, a fairly large pond with lit floating candles floating about its practically clear waters, and there was even round lanterns dangling from the branches of the trees. The pink and brown combination of the scene with the brief patches of green grass looked lovely to her against dull rocks of the mountains. She took notice that the sky was becoming dark and figured the sun would be setting soon. “Oh wow…,” she says off the escape of her breath. She noticed that there was a gondola on the other side of the pond. There underneath its roof was a fire pit and a swing made of wood. The cushions of the swing were also a pink which is directly correlated with the pink leaves. The unity of colors is brilliant and the generally area appeared to be so tranquil. “There’s a gondola over there. That seems like a good place to rest up, and for me to inspect that gash.” She mentions to him before striding off past him. She looked about for a path around the pond to get to the gondola and found one to the left. “Over here, there’s solid ground.” Moselle turns her head facing him as she calls back to him, and then stepped forward. As she stepped forward her footing slipped and she lost her balance. The sound of disturbed water echos as the wind carries it away. She had gone and fallen into the pond with a splash, and even caused a nearby candle to go out. “Eeek! Just great!” she cries out then clamps her mouth shut as a gust of wind rolls in making her shudder. Moselle crawls out of the pond onto a rock completely drenched with pond water. Her black skirt, which was shorter at the front and longer in the back, clung to her legs as well as her floral shirt. She looked back at Adamar, then turned away feeling like an idiot. She moved onward to the gondola and sat on the edge with her long pale legs hanging motionless over the side. It was probably the first glance Adamar would get of what appeared to be tattoos in the form of thorny vines the color of ink running up from her ankle to her thigh, however, that wasn’t what they were. No, they were a physical manifestation of her doom, of the curse set to take her life away. Something the poor girl hated. She removed her hair ties from her hair and the wet, matted strands of hair fall. “On the bright side, at least I am no longer covered in dirt.” Moselle groans picking the remaining leaves from earlier out of her wet hair.

    Adamar & Moselle's Night

    Yeah they had a moment. I'm not going to go into detail 'cuz this History thing is getting super long. x.x;

    Basically Moselle checked his gash, running her fingers over it gently, but couldn't do anything about it. She's super cold, so he gives her his cloak to keep herself warm. She drapes it over herself, and they lit a fire in the fire pit that's under the gondola. He decides to embrace her by pulling Moselle into his lap, in order to keep her warm since Nyx is unnaturally cold. At first Moselle rejects this, but gets over it and does what he says, even though she finds it super embarrassing. She eventually falls asleep, and when she does Adamar's gash shimmers purple and it magically heals itself. Adamar realizes that there is more to Moselle than an obnoxious little woman, and begins to find interest in her. He looks over Moselle's sleeping face and realizes that he actually finds her quite pretty when she's asleep and not yapping. They wake up, and Moselle is all like "Whyyyyy are you staring at me?" All weirded out. Yeah...he weirds her out.
    Adamar takes her to the castle where orchid lives, and since he is a guard the people he works for are all like bitchy towards him and Moselle defends him saying that she is teaching him to be proper so their shrewd comments are not necessary. Unfortunately, Adamar finds them all irritating and a waste of time and quits his job. Moselle has not seen him since he left, and was actually quite down about it for a while.

    Moselle & The Empire of Nyx

    Moselle lives at the empire until her twentieth birthday. She had a few rough patches with some of the people living there, but over all everyone treated her kindly. She took up a job as a nurse there. Eventually she is attacked by a vampire living in the castle, and as she scrambles for the first aid kit, she collapses. Before fainting she sees that she is shimmering a purple aura, and her wounds heal as she faints.

    She meets a woman named Kat, whom she really enjoys spending time with. Kat is very flirtatious, and the two hit it off really well. Kat gives Moselle a guest bed room a few doors down away form her own. Kat leaves Moselle with a kiss on the cheek which causes Moselle to blush. Moselle says something along the lines of "This is certainly not Christian-like." which hints that Moselle may be Bisexual, but she is not aware of it.

    Moselle reunites with Rouky, the owner of the Card Suit Society, and He tells her a secret. Once he tells her, he threatens to kill her if she speaks about it to anyone. Moselle actively avoids him after this.

    Moselle meets with Orchid, whom is having a crisis, and Moselle tells her Rouky's secret.

    Moselle, and the others, take Orchid's side, defending her against Rouky. Everyone abandons Rouky causing an episode between him and Orchid. He leaves after Orchid threatens to kill him.

    Moselle, plagued by the recent events and the realization that she is not human, leaves the Empire to return to the gondola her and Adamar slept under. She goes there to think, and come to terms with what has happened to her. There she reunites with her father.

    Moselle & Morris

    It was a long walk through the forests of Nyx, well against the forest line that is, but the young woman is determined to reach her desired location. She walked along the tree line, on the side of the dirt path; her wavy snow white hair was tied up into two loose pig tails and bounced in each step. There wasn’t any wind, it was quiet eerily still today, and even the forest seemed to be gloomy and dead. The young lass, formally known as Moselle in this empire, looked up at the eternal night sky as she moved forward. She thought about her recent issues, while it was true that the realization of her being inhuman has been disturbing her, the people of Nyx had easily been distracting her from the issue. Though she decided today that she needed to stop running away from it….the only problem is she had no idea what she was. There were so many questions that couldn’t be answered now that she was forever stuck at the Empire of Nyx. The door to the Card Suit Society no longer comes to her, which was her only way back to Earth and her home. She let out a brief sigh as she worried over her teacher, it was unaware of how time worked in Nyx compared to the human world so for all she knew the old man was dead. He was like a father to her, and she really enjoyed being his apprentice cobbler so the thought of him gone greatly upset her. She returned her attention to the road, and noticed that her destination was finally being approached. She felt like getting away from everyone at Nyx for once and contemplate over the issues she faced. Her heels clicked dully against the dirt road as she picked up in speed, her long black skirt , that reached to just above her knees at the front, but to her calves in the back, swished about her legs as she hurried. Finally turning to the left, she came across the place where she and Adamar made camp the first time she had arrived at Nyx by portal. A small smile plagued her face before dispersing almost immediately after. She looked over the entire area before her, it hasn’t changed at all since she last been here. There was a small pond filled that had floating pink and brown, lit candles in its clear waters to the left of the area, and it was surrounded by beautiful large trees that only grew in the forest of Nyx. Their leaves the color dusty pink, and their trunks a deep brown which was something Moselle just found breath taking. She carefully walked around the pond over to the gondola and swing. Even the fire pit from the night Moselle and Admar had slept here was still sitting there. Moselle thought back on that night and a small blush creeped onto her cheeks. “I still can’t believe he held me like that all night.” She muses softly allowed to herself while taking a seat on the swing. She gently shifts herself so the swing idly rocks back and forth as she hums quietly to herself. That’s when she feels something different in the air, a sort of presence. Suddenly there was a burst of wind that blew back her white locks. Moselle squints her eyes as she looks past the gondola to the road. There her heterogeneous hues of purple and blue take in the sight of space being ripped open as a white vortex, a portal, appears by the road.

    A figure stepped out of the spiraling vortex, the bright light entirely silhouetted their figure and kept their identity hidden. It wasn’t until the vortex closed in on its self, at the pace of someone simply snapping their fingers, that a tallish young man could finally be seen. He brushes off some invisible, nonexistent dust or dirt off his black slacks, and daftly adjusts his suspenders. The man’s mismatched irises of green and blue, his right being green and his left being blue, scanned the area known as Nyx and a wave of nostalgia washes through him. Boy it sure has been a long time since he last been here. His gazing and pondering was put on hold though as his cool colored hues fell upon the sight of the woman sitting not far from him. His eyes squinted as he looked at her, it was hard to tell from this distance if it was her or not, the reason he came. He waves over at the young woman calling out to her. “Hello! Could you perhaps help me find someone!?” He bellows loud enough. The young lass seemed to have been able to hear him, as she responded with another wave and beckoned him over. Though as he got closer it was clear to see that this was indeed the person he was looking for. His own daughter. A sea of emotions well up in him as he approaches. He has been keeping away from her all his life, not once owning up to his responsibilities in regards to his first born. She must hate him, that is if she still even remembers him. As he finally stand before her he inspects her features, she was no longer his little girl anymore, but she did have his young face and white hair. Not a shred of her mother was in her, which only made him feel the quilt even more. It didn’t really hurt though until he saw the look on her face. It was an unhappy confused one, troubled even and he knew she remembered who he was. “Moselle….my little girl…” he says, at a loss of words, nothing he could say would atone for what he did to her. Leaving her behind to live in a world she clearly didn’t belong in, to struggle with years not knowing anything.

    Moselle sweet face twisted into a mix cess pool of emotions. Hatred, confusion, sadness…it was all there. She knew the instant she could clearly see him. Her father looked as he did the day he left her behind with her mother. How was that possible? She eyed him, taking note that he still wore late century clothing, a white button up shirt with suspenders and slacks. She glanced quickly at his shoes, noticing that they were most likely recently shined. Her attention is immediately brought back to her father’s face as he spoke to her. Moselle’s pale pink lips curled into a frown unsure how to respond. In fact she sat there quietly unable to give him any sort of a response until finally speaking up. “Don’t you ‘my little girl’ me. You -left- me. You left me behind, the only person who knew me best, the one person I trusted most. You left mother behind too not that she grieved over it much.” Moselle spat hatefully, her colonial accent becoming thick as she chocked on her words. “Left a hole I had to fill with strangers. Not that it did any good. Why are you here!? Finally man enough to handle your mistake? Leave!”

    “Moselle please…I know I’ve been a horrible excuse for a father, but I’ve never left you alone. Your mother forbade me from ever stepping near you after we separated. I know that isn’t an excuse to have left you there alone with nobody to understand you. I wasn’t there to hold your hand and comfort you when those nasty people spat in your face and shunned you from their world….” Morris tried pleading with her to show some mercy. He was wrong about before, there was indeed some of her mother in the young lass. She was strong like her. So very strong. “Moselle please don’t force me away. I know I haven’t been there for you entirely, but I did try my best to watch over you from afar. You remember the collapsing of that society place right? How a portal suddenly opened for you? That was me, I was always trying my best to protect you.” Morris insisted tying to make her understand. He needed for her to understand, to listen to him, because he knew that she had discovered her latent powers. He had to explain them to her, tell her everything, and stop holding back.

    “And where were you when the boys stoned me with pebbles, when the girls tried to light my hair on fire!? Where were you when my own mother kicked me out at the age of fifteen!? Or when granny got sick!? Where were you when they ran me out of town and hunted me like some sort of animal! Where were you during THOSE times too? You think helping me just that once is going to change an entire childhood of the pain I had to endure without you there as my father!?” Moselle’s voice rang out angrily. She stood up in her rage, and kicked the fire pit with her heeled boot, causing it to flip over and spill ash onto the floor. Though it wasn’t long before her anger just welled up into tears that rolled down to stain her cheeks. She could feel her father’s hand grip her chin gently and guide it to look up at him. He brushed her hair back as he pulls out his own handkerchief from his back pocket. He swiftly wipes away her tears with it before she pushes him away. As he stumbled back, Moselle looked down at the wooden floor of the gondola and gripped at her skirt in frustration. Then she realizes something, something he said that was strange. He made a portal? Moselle looked back up at her father while taking a small step back. “Y-you said something about the portal….what do you mean?” She questions.

    Morris eyes widen as she pushes him away, he stumbles back clumsily. Wow, and to think she was strong enough to actually push a man back like that. He wasn’t sure whether to feel happy at that fact or upset she had pushed him away. Regaining his balancing, and soon his posture he coughs softly while tugging at the collar of his shirt. There was a light murmuring he heard, as if being carried by the wind, but really it was just them acting up. Them, the voices in his head. His usually wise looking, yet tired eyes, briefly twitched as he tried quieting them down. He shook his head bringing a hand up to rub his eyes. “Y-yes, a portal. Moselle I do believe you’ve acquired the knowledge that you are special…just like your old man. Heh.” He chuckles awkwardly knowing this wasn’t going to be an easy topic of discussion. “Moselle hun, please sit.” He asks, but when she promptly refused he just continued on.

    “Moselle, there is no easy way for me to tell you this, though I am sure you are aware of it already. You are not human Moselle. You are a witch. Those stories and myths about witches are all true, though just not the propaganda you hear in the old centuries. You belong to a special and powerful family of witches who are famously known throughout the supernatural world as simply ‘The Rose Witches.’ I know this probably wasn’t the answer you were dreaming for, but it is an answer at least. I also know that is something big to take in. Moselle…I came here today because of the fact that you finally realized that you had a special sort of gift. The gift of healing. I came here to tell you everything, though this would be easier to explain if you came home with me. So I can show you as well as explain to you.” Morris tone had changed completely as he explained. It was stern and serious, which was fitting for such an important topic. There really was no way of sugar coating this. Though as the silence quickly settled, he knew Moselle was completely and utterly lost and ten times more confused than she was before….or in shock. His cold expression softened again as he looked down at her blank face. “Moselle please come home with me, it will be so much easier to explain. Plus, you get to see your family again, something you always wanted right?” He let out a sigh as he gently took his daughters hand. She didn’t pull away, which was good, but just simply nodded up at him. He smiled happily. “Oh thank heavens, close your eyes dear, it will be easier on you.” He instructs. After she obediently closed her eyes Morris rose his hand up at the space before him, and instantly with a flash of light a spiraling white vortex appeared before his palm. As he guided them through the portal he could faintly hear Moselle mutter something to him. “Don’t think that I’ve forgiven you.” Was all she said as they stepped through the portal to this so called “home”, to none other than Morris’s birthplace the Petrova Manor.

    The spiraling portal opened up right at the door of the Petrova Manor, Morris leading Moselle out of it the moment they were out of the portal it closed behind them. In a gentle tone "You can open your eyes now Moselle we're home now," he said letting go over her hand. Even though he would have loved to hold his daughter an lead her through the manor smiling with her, he knew that a moment like that would be out of his reach and so was satisfied with just being able to be with her. Walking up the steps he opened the doors just as she began to open her eyes, “Well come home Moselle,” he said smiling warmly.

    ~That is everything up until present~

    M I S C



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  3. "The Black Rose Witch"

    G e n e r a l
    Skylar Nocte Petrova
    "Puppet"- A nickname given to her by Constance.
    "The Death Rose"- A nickname Skylar earned among the citizens of Nautchwald, and through out time. ((all the past black roses were called this.))
    Witch Pure Blood
    March 3rd


    P e r s o n a l i t y

    Skylar is a liar in everything she does. She will change her habits depending on the people she is around to keep her true intentions hidden. The words that come out of her mouth are rarely ever true. She will feign kindness, and then kill you not even twenty minutes later. If she does not feel like putting on a facade, there is nothing but a stoic and expressionless face provided for you. People are unsure as to why she does this. She does this so people are unaware as to what her true attentions are, her true feelings, and her self-loathing.

    Skylar is only ever looking out for herself, and demands that others do so. She hates the fact that she is only a few years older than Gwen and receives next to no attention at all save for times she's acting up. She is demanding, and self centered around others.

    Skylar has a horribly low self esteem due to many reasons. She is the reincarnation of the Black Rose Witch, who is known through out history has being a murderous and evil with. Since people are aware of this, she grew up out casted from society with no one to turn to much like her sister Moselle. She's been mistreated and abused, with no one to care for her. She hates who she is, wishing she was never born. She is frustrated and hates herself, but copes by displacing her anger and frustration out on others. Unfortunately this only worsens her opinion of herself. In some cases she will inflict harm onto herself in order to keep herself in check.

    Skylar is not a hateful person, in fact she can be quite concerned for those around her save for people she doesn't like or annoy her. Unfortunately once you fuck up....well Skylar doesn't give second chances and more often than not will just hate you the rest of your natural life. If you REALLY fuck up.....might as well just move out of town and pray she doesn't go looking for you.

    Much like her grandmother, once she is dedicated to something she wont let it go. Of course unlike her grandmother Skylar will stop at nothing and will go to extremes to get what she wants.

    Despite the fact that Skylar is openly aggressive towards others and slightly insane, she actually isn't entirely bad. She does have people she cares about, she just shows her concerns and affections in a unclear way which often leads to misunderstandings. She's just a little rough around the edges and for those who see past that are able to see a kind, caring, and concerned individual who remain loyal to you until the end.

    Skylar is an empty flirt. She may flirt with you to get what she wants, or simply out of sheer boredom. She is also pretty promiscuous, but only with people she knows. She has a few fuck buddies, a few one night stands, but nothing to whorish. Once she finds someone whom she actually wants to be with she becomes faithful, only having any intimacy with that one lover, unless of course that lover wouldn't mind bringing in a few extras to spice things up.

    Skylar is indeed psychotic due to her tarnished soul. Her soul was blackened over the many reincarnation cycles due to various reasons. Skylar is the embodiment of reincarnated hate, and because of this she grew from anti-social to psychotic tendencies. Most of these tendencies directed towards Moselle for some unknown reason. Sometimes she will enter psychotic fits, wake up from them, and not even remember what happened.

    All forms of rock music
    Stuffed Animals
    The Shadow Realm
    Night Life
    Gothic Styles

    Her Parents
    Peppy People

    R e l a t i o n s h i p s

    Morris Harridson Petrova
    Skylar is discontent with the fact that her father became swallowed with guilt for leaving Moselle. She thinks he became obsessed, and that obsession ruined her childhood. He ignored both herself and her mother, ultimately ruining their family bond. Then Gwen came into the picture and he was manipulated into spending time with Gwen rather than his own flesh and blood. She thinks Morris has the worst father, but his insolence can be forgiven. Once all the distractions are gone, Skylar is going to give her father one final chance.

    Clarice Petrova
    Skylar loved her mother at first, but when Morris stopped being their for them as a husband and father, the woman became cold hearted. Skylar became her mother's doll to manipulate, trying to turn her into something she wasn't. Skylar was also the reminder of her failing marriage, so she often verbally abused Skylar when she was drunk. This further cause Skylar to become distant with her parents, and lock herself away from the people around her. Skylar became emotionless, at first following along with her mother's wishes before finally hitting a breaking point. After turning fourteen, Skylar crashed and burned. She became aggressive, rebellious, and threatening towards authority figures and people alike.

    Moselle Petrova
    Skylar is jealous of Moselle in more ways than one. She believes her father loves her more, that everyone loves her more. Though that's not all, there is also a deep rooted hatred towards Moselle that Skylar cannot explain. She has constant dreams or nightmares of horrible things Moselle does to further out cast Skylar from society, but are they really dreams? Perhaps just visions of the past? In the past the Purple and Black Rose Witches never really got along. The purple rose witch is the witch of healing and life, while the black rose witch is the witch of darkness and death. They are each others opposites, and often never really got a long. Eventually the jealousy and hatred that continued to build over the years finally reached it's peak with in Skylar. This causes her to have an uncontrollable hatred towards Moselle, with out really having reason for it. Moselle is that itch she can't scratch, and it drives Skylar insane.

    Gwendoline Delphi
    Skylar just over all despises Gwen. She finds her annoying, and a spoiled little brat. She hates that Gwen some how got a hold of her father's heart when he should be more focused on his own kids. Skylar has been putting up with it for years, simply because her primary focus has been Moselle, but now that Moselle's clock is going to come at a halt Skylar's next target is Gwen. Of course, she just hasn't decided how to go about getting rid of the little pest just yet.

    Isolde Nox
    Skylar had always been fascinated by vampires, or any creature of the night. Skylar is the witch of darkness, thus it is only fitting that the people she surrounds herself with and become friendly towards are people who appreciate darkness. Skylar had always kept her eyes on the vampire students at school, but none really interested her until she met Isolde. A flower against the wall just waiting to be noticed. Maybe Skylar saw a little of herself in Isolde, maybe she saw someone she felt she could relate to. An out cast from society. Plus Skylar found Isolde to be visually attractive, and thus set her sights on her. Once she finally decided to make Isolde hers, she openly declared it in front of the other students. The sheer embarrassment Skylar felt when Isolde ran right afterwards, but after speaking with Alison her closest companion, she was convinced that Isolde was just as embarrassed. After the next few days she caught the sight of drones trying to attack her flower, and quickly dispatched them. After supposedly defending Isolde, the two became closer and Isolde agreed to become her servant. They're not just mistress and servant though, they're friends, and Skylar is happy to have her.

    Gideon is a sexy pheonix that suddenly appeared in Skylar's bedroom. The two started talking, and struck a deal. He helps her kill Moselle, and she helps him kill adamar. He's a real piece of work that constantly gets under Skylar's skin, but maybe there's something else there. At first it was just a strictly business, but one thing lead to the next, and she can't help wanting him for herself. Of course she would never admit that though.....yet.

    The Owl of Darkness True. Again, Skylar is all about creatures of the night, but lets not forget the fact that she is still a sixteen year old girl who dances around in her panties singing into a brush in a total girlish frenzy. She's a girl, and all girls have their soft spots. Skylar simply adores stuffed animals, and she can't help but find Alison's animal form adorable. Not only that but owls are predators and creatures of the night. This just means that her familiar is simply hell disguised as a cute fluff ball of feathers. Skylar and Alison are close, as every familiar and mistress should be. Alison is the only one whom Skylar feels she could trust 100%.

    S k i l l s

    Shadow Manipulation
    Black Magics

    Hand to Hand Combat

    Wielding a Scythe

    S t r e n g t h s

    The shadows are her friends. She can see or hear anything by connecting through shadow work. Can turn shadows into weapons. Can create shadow monsters. Can teleport through the use of shadows. various other little tricks she learned with her shadow manipulation. She can also engage in conversation with the shadows of others. She can visit the shadow realm, which have strange contrasting creatures that are difficult to kill. She used those creatures to train her skills and hone her powers.

    Curses have always been a strength of Skylar being born the Black Rose Witch. It takes her less time to prepare curses, and inacting them. Her curses are often not as slow as the curses other witches place.

    Skylar was trained by the strongest rose witch physical wise, the Pink Rose Witch. This means that Skylar's own body is a powerful weapon that she knows how to use effectively...both in a fight and in bed.

    Skylar is a very dedicated woman which can be useful in getting jobs done efficiently.

    W e a k n e s s e s

    Dreams that often stimulate her psychotic episodes. They also cause restless nights.

    Skylar doesn't have the est people skills.

    H i s t o r y

    M i s c

    Sailor Jupiter
    (Susan Roman)

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  4. Hellebore Gensai





    February 12


    Body Guard for the Bisque Rose Witch.

    She is a very stoic person. It’s not that she hides her emotions it’s that she believes emotions slow her down and cloud her judgment. She is loyal, brave, and stubborn; once her mind is made it’s almost impossible to change it. She isn’t one to talk much and often answers with short replies so it’s kind of hard to carry on a conversation with her.

    Ranged combat, strategy

    Close combat, dealing with emotions (Both of other people and of her own)

    She was sold the day she was born, into an order of assassins. When she was 5 they began training her, giving her the mindset of an assassin. The training she endured were harsh, and even killed a lot of the other kids, but she was stubborn and determined to survive. At 8 she killed for the first time. At 10 one of the people she was suppose to kill had a bodyguard. When the bodyguard defeated her, rather than killing her he took her in, knowing that the assassin's order would kill her since she had failed her mission. He taught her the ways of the body guard, and most of all, loyalty. At 16 she met Balthazar Petrova, she felt a sort of bond with him, he was familiar to her and so she has been his bodyguard ever since.

    Theme song:

    Yuki Nagato Emotionless, monotone.

    (Yuki Nagato is the one with glasses for those who don't know XD)

    Weapons of choice:
    Isolabella; sniper which she wears on her back. Her main weapon.
    Kara is the one on top (White) and Kira is the one on the bottom (Black). They are strapped to her belt.

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  5. [​IMG]
    "A broken woman shall stand strong to the end,
    only to destroy what has originally caused her pain."


    N a m e
    Anastasia Nicole Petrova


    Anastasia: (Pronounced AN-A-STAY-SHA) A female rendition of the male origin name Anastasius/Anastasios meaning "resurrection". The name was often given to Greek children born around December 22nd through Easter. It is also the name of seven early saints in the Christian religion.
    Nicole: (Pronounced ni-KOHL) The given name Nicole is of Greek origin and means "victorious people". It's evolved into a French feminine derivative of the masculine given name Nicholas.
    Petrova: (Pronounced PET-TRO-VA/FA) A name of Russian origin, meaning "of rock or stone". Normally given to girls as a last name, it also represents the masculine name Peter.


    "A" - A simple variation of her longer than average name. "A" was used by her recently departed husband Xavier as a cute pet name and symbol of their friendship before marriage.

    "Ana" - A few grouped letters from Anastasia's full name. She is called Ana by most close family and friends, and even new strangers. She finds formality in times of peace and relaxation a triviality.

    "Nicky" - Anastasia had never thoroughly enjoyed being addresses so formally as a child. Anastasia told of her heritage so therefore, she deviated from her name, using her middle given name as her first. It was easier to pronounce and concealed the fact she shunned the Petrova name as a child.


    T h e B a s i c s
    December 23rd 1931

    Capricorn ♑
    Female ♀
    Tanzanite ♦


    .ose Witch.

    •• O r i g i n ••
    Current place of residence -- Nautchwald
    Nautchwald Manor
    Current Head of The Petrova Household


    CEO of Potent Corp.®
    Beneficiary to Xavier Petrova



    P h y s i c a l C h a r a c t e r i s t i c s
    Stunning & Respected

    Height: 6'3'
    Hair: Burnt Red
    Eyes: Smooth Green

    •• G e n e r a l A p p e a r a n c e ••
    Anastasia is viewed as a tall, beautiful, well endowed; young woman.
    She has been through much in her long life, and she still has much to go. At the age of 83 years old, one would expect the possessor of that age to look frail, weak, and run-down. However, Anastasia looks to be no older then 25; possibly 30. She had long, rustic red hair that tends to drape over her shoulders, down her back, and across her face on windy days. Her eyes are a brilliant emerald green, that glisten in even the most remote light. Some people have even referred to the woman as a cat. Her lips have always been small and thin, parted on her face into a smooth line that -more the often- turns into a smile; always pink, never dull. Sometimes she will adorn beautiful luscious red lipstick as well as a favored gloss she never leaves her bedroom without. She is quite tall for a woman of her age, standing at the height of 6'3' and towering over almost anyone -of the female gender, and some of the male- she comes into contact with. For cloths she likes to wear summery dresses, flowey articles with many different patterns and lots of area to show off her honey glazed skin. If they day doesn't call for a dress, she will slip on a pair of skin-hugging leggings, most often black, and a shirt that exposes her pierced navel. Shoes are one of the witches favorite things, and she has enough to keep half of the countries population satisfied for years. Her most favorite pair of shoes are thick black, corduroy heels in the shape of a square-toed boot. She likes to wear big golden hoop earrings, long diamond necklaces and of course her naval piercing; which just so happens to be a large husky, the shape of Anastasia's beloved familiar. Aside from cloths and jewelry, the woman always has her nails freshly manicured by one of the mansions servants, always in the pattern of a black french nailed manicure. Overall she is a beautiful woman, kept young by magic for ages.

    •• G e n e r a l P e r s o n a l i t y ••
    "Mulier fractus quantum tenet usque in finem."
    A broken woman, stands strong until the matter how hard. A famous quote from an infamous author Anastasia took a liking too young in life. Anastasia found, in her recent years; she could wholey related to this sentence, this saying, and the meaning behind it. Loosing Xavier was one of the most horrible experiences in her life, and experience that broke the witch to the core and promised to never let her return into the sunlight again. However, Anastasia had family she had to protect, family she had to be sure were safe for all the future years; so drifting into a state of external depression was not an option. Internal depression was a different story however. Anastasia fell, and fell hard. There were days where she would only come out of her room to assist in matters of utmost need. That was a few years ago. Today she is quite a bit happier, enjoying life the way she knows her Xavier would want her too. Anastasia has always been viewed in a motherly manner, even to those she is not the mother of. She cares for those around her and would do anything in her power to assist those in distraught. She will automatically reach out to those in need, she will try to help in anyway she can. It is not often seen; Anastasia getting mad. It's just not something that happens. The only one to have ever seen Anastasia mad was her husband, and she had never heard from him about the topic of discussion afterwards. Things that keep the witch happy are her magical practices, things which she can bury her nose in and have fun with. She has come to be know "The Mother Of Magiology", and honor to her and hopefully the Petrova line.

    R e l a t i o n S h i p s

    ||The Blue Rose Witch||
    (Xavier Atticus Petrova)

    Anastasia was once married to the Blue Rose Witch. Xavier Petrova. The love of her life, her best friend, her rock and her savior. The two were inseparable, always at each others side and laughing like only best friends and lovers could. They were truly, a sight to behold. The two most powerful witches currently under the Petrova birth line. Until a tragedy struck; the death of a lover and best friend: Xavier Petrova. Anastasia mourned for a long time, not ready to loose her husband. Recently she has seen tell of a new Blue Rose Witch, in a son or daughter of a second generation.

    || The White Rose Witch ||
    (Morris Harridson Petrova)

    In her lifetime with Xavier, Anastasia managed to have one child. One whom she loved and adored, and never wanted to loose like the child's father. Morris Harridson Petrova, the White Rose Witch, son to Anastasia Nicole Petrova and Xavier Atticus Petrova. Anastasia was always looking for new things in the boy, and to this day she blames herself for setting unreal expectations along with the boys father. However, after the death of Xavier, Morris went against the wise mans wishes, and began practicing dangerous magic's on his own. Doing so wounded Anastasia, and therefore began their quarrels with each other.

    || The Purple Rose Witch ||
    (Moselle Elizabeth Johnson)
    A granddaughter. A blessing to Anastasia's chaotic world. Moselle Elizabeth Johnson was Anastasia's blood granddaughter. However, internally; though she feels nothing but love for the beautiful child, she is ashamed of Morris mixing his blood with that of a mortals and having a halfbreed child. Anastasia cares for her grand baby like nothing she has ever cared for before, but the two have met no more then twice, one which Moselle does not remember, and the second time she didn't know.

    || The Black Rose Witch ||

    (Skylar Nocte Petrova)
    Love can stretch miles, even after bad things have been done. Anastasia was blessed with a second grandchild, out of different wedlock from her son Morris. Skylar was a different child, she was never as happy as Moselle was. She was always seen alone as a little girl, no matter how many times anyone tried to reach out to her. Anastasia tries to do what is best for the young woman, only to be shunned away in scorn. She attempts to communicate with the young woman through Morris, only to be ignored as always.

    || Aldwyn Vartan ||
    A loyal, loving, and caring beast. Aldwyn -or Adi' as Anastasia likes to call him- is Anastasia's familiar. He takes the form of quite a large husky for a pet, but she has always had a weak side to large dogs. Departure of Anastasia's husband has left her in need of animalistic (for lack of a better word) tendencies. In his human for, Adi' tends to put up quite a fun game.

    C h a r i s m a

    "Beauty is an asset, just like physical prowess, charisma, brains or emotional intelligence. The key with any gift is in the way that you use it. It doesn't define you as a person. Rather, it's an asset to be used judiciously and with an understanding of how it is just a small part of who you are."

    ••S k i l l s••
    |Fashion Conscious|

    |Tremendously Skilled With Potions|

    |Ability to Calm Tense Situations|

    |Distraction Magic|

    |Confusion Magic|

    |Incredibly Strong Leadership|



    |Hand to Hand Combat|

    ••S t r e n g t h s••
    The Elements
    Her Memories

    ••W e a k n e s s e s••

    Saddened Emotions



    H i s t o r y

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  6. [​IMG]

    Full Name: Aedian 'Florentine' Petrova
    Nickname(s): Aedian, Addy, Aedia, Witch
    Title: The Chartreuse Witch
    Age: Seemingly ageless, but appears to be in his late 20’s
    Birthday: 9/15
    Species: Human
    Nationality: French European
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
    Religion: Wiccan
    Occupation: The Chartreuse Witch

    Parents: Father (Athanase Petrova), Mother (Florentine DeFlour'es) (both currently dead)
    Siblings: N/A

    Family: Mother, Father, Grandfather (Corbin Petrova)
    Significant Other(s): N/A, as of now
    Children: N/A, as of now (?)
    Closest Friends: His familiar spirit (will elaborate further)
    Rivals: N/A, as of now

    Enemies: N/A, as of now

    Physical Traits
    Eye Color(s): Chartreuse
    Hair Color(s): Orange/Ginger

    Height: 6’10”
    Weight: 112 Lbs
    Body Build: Long and skinny, like a pole.

    Notable Physical Traits: Freckles. An abundance of freckles, which he says is a curse from all of his former enemies.

    Usual Mood/Expression: Thoughtfulness, with a hint of mischief. He always looks like he knows something you don't, or that he might do something to make you wish you knew something he didn't.

    Quirks: His ears turn red when he’s embarrassed, and his hands always twitch, as if he’s waiting for the next spell to cast.
    Biography: There are two things I think you should know about his whole past situation.

    One, that the Tarot thing, how it started, was his fathers doing.
    Though he suppose it would have happened nonetheless.

    And two, the tarot card known as Death is not the worst in the deck.
    Oh no.
    He was born different. Shy, quiet, absolutely drawn inward. He had always been different, sure, but he was born from the great Chartreuse Witch! He Who Sets Time At A Still! The Said One Who Cast Fire Aflame! The witch known for being as unpredictable as a fire, as deadly as a storm and as soft as a feather. But Aedian? He was none of those things.
    Though they never really found out what the problem was, more seemed to grow. His father finally got worried about how little attention he paid to hearing his name. He was disinterested in most things, only seeming to float along on an eddy. He never seemed to care about magic, or see how very important his bloodline was. It was only when he was three and saw his father and auntie indulging in a little mysticism with a pack of worn Tarot cards, that something caught him.

    It was something, while whimsical, solid and ordered; 78 cards, 14 in a suit, page, knight, queen, king. And of course then there was the major arcana. They could be rearranged, shuffled but then structured into different forms. Idea into fact. It was almost mathematical. As soon as she saw the joy on the boys face, his father snatched the cards from the table and showed them to him one by one, explaining each meaning, each myth. It was the Queen of cups, with her soft loving gaze that taught him to smile.

    Skills: Aedian can speak and write in fluent French and each one of it’s closer languages (French Canadian, Creole, African French, ect.) He excels in gardening and any form of summoning witchery, but that comes with a price. He must enter a contract with them, this be by blood, or by bidding (such as, he might work for said being for four full moons, or he might have to send a blood offering every ninth moon in their honor). Aedian can also use his Tarot cards to his advantage. With him being alive for so long, he had his deck blessed time after time. They’re apart of him., now. He works with them. He can summon death to ride into his field, and destroy his opponent. He was call forth the Chariot to ride through the battle grounds. He can be an all powerful caster. But, he can also play one hell of a mind-game on someone, in his spare time.
    Hobbies: Gardening, reading, summoning magic, astrology, tarot reading, palm reading, ect.

    Element: Any and all summonable elements.
    Animal: Crow

    Plant: Ivy and Vine

    Compassion: 4/10
    Empathy: 6/10

    Creativity: 9/10
    Mental Flexibility: 9/10
    Passion/Motivation: 7/10
    Education: 9/10
    Stamina: 10/10
    Physical Strength: 6/10
    Battle Skill: 10/10
    Initiative: 7/10
    Restraint: 3/10
    Agility: 6/10
    Strategy: 10/10
    Teamwork: 3/10
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  7. [​IMG]
    Full Name: Basileus Pet-Rova
    Nickname(s): Bastil, Familiar, Pet-Rova, 'It'
    Title: The Familiar
    Age: As old as time (Or Aedian. Which ever is older.)
    Birthday: 9/15
    Species: Corvus Macrorhynchos
    Sex: Asexual
    Gender: Agender
    Preferred Pronoun(s): It, It’s, Itself/Them, They’re, Themselves
    Occupation: Familiar Spirit/Animal Guide

    Family: Aedian Petrova
    Significant Other(s): N/A
    Children: N/A
    Closest Friends: Aedian Petrova
    Rivals: The other witches.
    Enemies: The other witch’s Familiars.

    Physical Traits
    Eye Color(s): Chartreuse
    Hair Color(s): Black
    Height: 2’6”
    Wingspan: 6’4”
    Weight: 45 Lbs
    Body Build: Strong and largely built.
    Notable Physical Traits: Basileus has string and other charms tied to his feet and around his neck, usually. Aedian put it there to ward off evil spirits. And cats. (Mostly cats.)

    Usual Mood/Expression: A seemingly chesire-like grin.
    Biography: Basileus was once a mysterious and potentially dangerous being. Basil seemed to enjoy taking part in the manipulation of people, making those who followed their orders witty, cunning, and shrewd. Warn you, some followers who were not seasoned in the sport went very much insane with the new judgement. Basil revealed the secrets of others if asked and answered questions in regard to those secrets. Forged in the Sands of Time, it was said that Basil’s first form was glass. The being managed to leave the home, with the manipulation of a human being.
    But, little did Basil know that the human was one of which no one had any means of messing with.
    Basileus was out-witted once by a human, and that was The Chartreuse Witch. It was said that the old being threw itself on the ground and writhed in pain for nine days, and on the tenth day, it took form of a crow, and proclaimed to the gods that Basil would follow that mortal to the ends of the Earth to learn how that witch managed to outwit him. Basil took the job as his familiar, and has not left the witch’s side since.

    Skills: Basileus is skilled in problem solving, and because it has been along Aedian’s side for so long, he knows how to speak both French and English.

    Compassion: 0/10
    Empathy: 2/10
    Creativity: 10/10
    Mental Flexibility: 10/10
    Passion/Motivation: 4/10
    Education: 10/10
    Stamina: 10/10
    Physical Strength: 8/10
    Battle Skill: 10/10
    Initiative: 3/10
    Restraint: 0/10
    Agility: 10/10
    Strategy: 10/10
    Teamwork: 2/10


    Eye Color(s): Chartreuse
    Hair Color(s): Black
    Height: 6’6”
    Weight: 87 Lbs
    Body Build: More so like an hour glass-- more muscle in the lower parts of Basil, but close to the waist it dwindles.
    Notable Physical Traits: Basileus, in it's purest form, has a much more feminine face than that of an agender sentient being.

    Usual Mood/Expression: Again, almost as mischievous as their master.

    Compassion: 0/10
    Empathy: 2/10
    Creativity: 7/10
    Mental Flexibility: 10/10
    Passion/Motivation: 2/10
    Education: 10/10
    Stamina: 5/10
    Physical Strength: 4/10
    Battle Skill: 6/10
    Initiative: 3/10
    Restraint: 0/10
    Agility: 2/10
    Strategy: 10/10
    Teamwork: 7/10
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  8. "The future, past, and present are all intertwined in different paths. These paths are all the possible outcomes that can happen in a certain period of time. Each path has its own branches that will lead you deeper and deeper until you reach a certain outcome in either the future or present. These paths and the outcome of the paths all depend on choice of the person stuck on the paths. It is the Grey Rose Witch's job to watch the different paths and determine all the possible outcomes of the future as well as past outcomes in order to make corrections of what has happened. It is the person's own choice on the path they choose. All the Grey Rose Witch can do is watch the progress and tell them the choices they have."

    "Every person has their own special aura, a color that surrounds them and helps to form their personality. The auras are a variety of colors, each having its own meaning, strengths, and weaknesses. The Grey Rose Witch can see and comprehend these auras, as well as manipulate them for her own benefit. When need be, she can even change the color of it, changing the personality for her benefit. An ability such as this can be desasterous in the wrong hands...


    Name: Gwendoline Maria Delphi Petrova

    Perferred Nickname: Gwen or Gwenie; Dollie by Sebastian

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    Orientation: Straight

    Relationship status: Single

    Species: Witch

    Classification/Occupation: The Grey Rose Witch

    Spoken Languages: Ancient Greek and Latin; Mandarin, English

    Written languages: Ancient Greek, Mandarin, English


    Height: 4'10"

    Weight: 97 lbs

    Hair Color: A pale silver
    Hair Style: Her hair is very long and big, falling in large ringlets down her backs and shoulders. She uses it more as a sheild than anything else so it is usually worn down with her large bangs in her face. (Basically fabulous hair. Jeally worthy)

    Skin Color: a fair peachy tone with a blush always hinting on her face​

    Facial Features
    a generally small, heartshaped face
    large, doe-like eyes
    a small sprite nose
    full, pouty lips
    She has a large mass of freckles covering her face
    a beauty mark just below her bottom lip
    Her lips usually keep a rosey tone, matching that of her face.
    She has 1 dimple, which she is embarrassed about and will usually try to hide when she smiles.
    Distinguishable Features: The beauty mark under her lip, a small scar on her forehead

    Eye color: Usually a foggy silver, but depending on what kind of visions she gets, they will turn colors ranging from red(bad) to black (death) or blue (good).​

    Example of eyecolor
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Body Build: Very small and fragile; looks like she will break if you are not careful. Very graceful and child-like. Looks nothing like a 14 year old girl. Looks more like a little girl.

    Personal Style: Gwen is rather...spoiled, and her clothing shows it. She never picks out her own outfits, rather having either Sebastian or Anastasia buy them and set them up for her. She is slightly incompetent when it comes to picking out her own clothes because of this. With 2 flamboiant personalities picking out her outfits, you can guess that they are very...interesting. A good way to describe her fashion would possibly be "Anime Kawaii meets Frilly Victorian meets Modern Twist meets Rainbows and Sparkles Meets Porcelin Doll." Her outfits usually have a lot of ruffles, some color, and some form of pattern. She never wears jeans and rarely wears anything other than dresses and skirts. She will wear leggings or shorts, when given to her, but the majority of her outfits are...adorable....just adorable. Lots of sparkly things, which is the complete opposite of her personality. She never protests to any of the outfits chosen, but it seems that she hides behind them.

    Example of her style~
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Personality: Gwen is overall a shy girl. She tends to hide behind her long hair and outlandish clothing, using them as a sheild from the rest of the world. While growing up with her mother, she learned that the world was cruel to those that were different and she bared the brunt of it with steely determination. Because of her mistreatment, she is very cautious when approached by new people. She does not enjoy touching, mainly because she can accidently tap into their memories or their future. She rarely ever speaks any cross words, preferring to keep everyone positive and happy (she will easily resort to her emotion manipulation to accomplish this). She can be reserved at time, looking mainly to Sebastian or Draco for company. Because she is the youngest Rose Witch in the manor, she is rather...spoiled (as stated before) and sheltered, not really understanding the rules of personal space, innappropriate touches, or understanding that rules are quite different outside the manor. She can be rather odd at times, speaking about random things of no importance that she may see in a vision or just know about from random readings. Her spoiled side comes out easily when she interacts with Sebastian, Draco, or even the other Rose Witches, often times getting her way when she asks. None of this affects the fact that she is basically adorable and possibly the most genuinely nice person you will meet out of the Rose Witches.​

    Books about Mythology
    alone time
    good fortune
    all creatures

    Loud noises
    obnoxious people
    spicy things
    mean people
    bad fortune
    not getting her way (which rarely ever happens)


    • She knows every possibility that can happen within a certain amount of time; she can share these visions with other people by touch.​
    • She is an extremely powerful seerer, so powerful that she has no control over the visions, and has extremely detailed and lengthy ones at that.​
    • Some visions can be so strong that she can speak in people's voices and give a detailed record, and even draw the vision as it happens.​
    • Her presence can have an affect on people's moods and she can see a person's "aura" which ranges in many colors, her favorite color being blue (the aura of kindness and intelligence).​
    • She can manipulate these auras, like emotions, and change them to her benefit by weakening the individual.​
    • This is a very tricky ability and does not do much to stop the individual from hurting her.​

    • She can't really defend herself and has no control over when the visions come to her or the severity of the visions.​
    • Being that she has no control, her mind is constantly bumbarded with visions of the future and possibilities of the future.​
    • This has left her slightly fragile with a weak mental state.​
    • Some of the visions can range for a slight image to a full on possession of her body.​
    • She has been know to leak black blood from her eyes, nose, mouth, fingertips, etc. from extremely severe fits of preminition.​
    • She has also gone into shock from one so fierce that it caused her heart to stop.​
    • Because of how powerful her visions can be and the severity they can range, she has to be watched constantly to make sure she does not lose her sanity and try to kill herself, which many seerers do.​
    Abilities: The gift of sight, fortune, aura manipulation and sight; emotion manipulation; she may even have abilities she does not yet know about?...

    • She has made people go into shock when sharing her visions, it does not do much, but it does allow for a swift get-away.​
    • She can alter emotions of her enemies to benefit her (again this does not do much, but it does allow her to get away when in need)​
    Favorite Color: Mauve

    Favorite Food: anything sweet

    Spirit Animal/Familiar: Ferret (Sebastian)


    Family: Her mother was Patricia Grell Delphi (a decendent of the seerers of Delphi but was not gifted the power. She passed the seerer gene onto her daughter, however and merged with the Petrova and gave birth to an extremely gifted seerer.) her father was a Petrova.​
    Familiar/ Bodygaurd: Draco Lupus (werewolf badass gunslinging, knife slashing Promode. :I); Sebastian (adorbs cuddle buddy)

    Closest Friends: Draco and Sebastian (She sees them more than anyone else.); Everyone else is too old. Because of this, she can get rather lonely
    Bio: Gwen's mother was a Delphi, a family composed of seerers (The strongest seerers ever), sadly the gene skipped Patricia meaning that she was unable to understand the severity of the power. She met and fell in love with a Petrova and ended up getting knocked up and married to the same Petrova. She divorced the Petrova about 3 years later after being told that her daughter was going to grow up to be a powerful seerer. She left the Petrova family and sought to raise her daughter, Gwen, as a 'normal' child. Unfortunately Gwen was not normal. When Gwen turned 4, she tapped into her powers and started to see visions, auras, and even started to be able to manipulate people's moods for her own benefit. Because of this, she was regarded as a freak and shunned. At 6 her mother passed away and since a almost all the Delphi's are either mentally insane, dead from suicide, or too old to function; she was placed in the care of the Petrova family. Since joining the Petrova, she power has strengthened and has seemed to grow slightly unstable. She has prevented a lot of danger in the town and is useful to the police and the mayor. The Petrova are helping her contol her abilities as they grow stronger, but she has truely earned her title as the most gifted seerer the Petrova have yet to see, earning her own title as the Grey Rosed Witch and earning her seat in the Petrova manor.


    Compassion: 10/10
    Empathy: 10/10
    Creativity: 10/10
    Mental Flexibility: 7/10
    Passion/Motivation: 6/10
    Education: 9/10
    Stamina: 2/10
    Physical Strength: 2/10
    Battle Skill: 0/10
    Initiative: 5/10
    Restraint: 3/10
    Agility: 2/10
    Strategy: 5/10
    Teamwork: 6/10

    Voice Acting: Very soft and sweet, small (like just about everything else about her); she rarely ever raises her voice, Very kawaii. Example below ^.^


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  9. [​IMG]

    Name: Draco "Crimson" Lupus

    Age: Unknown, Appears in Mid-Late Twenties, or Early Thirties.

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'1

    Weight: 210 lbs

    Built: Muscular

    Birthday: Unknown

    Race: Werewolf/ Dire Wolf Shifter

    Role: Personal Guard to the Gray Witch, Gwen.

    Personality: Often rough, greedy, and cold, Crimson is loyal to none except the Grey Witch and those she selects him to be loyal to.

    Relationships: None, other than working for the Grey Witch.


    Strengths: He possess heavy speed, endurance, and strength. He is skilled in tracking, hunting, and various other task due to his primal nature.

    Weaknesses: He is pretty damn clumsy, often speaks his mind too often, and doesn't like being in large crowds or tight spaces, making him unpredictable and uneased.

    History: Before meeting the Witches, Draco was left packless. He doesn't like talking about it, but some say they were hunted down. Others say they werew hunted down by him, but the most common is that he was abandoned. Draco spent most of his free time hunting or spending time in the bar, waiting for a fight to break out.

    Mis: His voice is gruff, even for a wolf, but has a certain strength to it. The majority of the time he sounds angry.

    Has a strange hatred for ferrets.

    Weaponry: In human form, he uses dual revolvers, and a curved katana and dagger. In each wolf form, he uses his fangs and claws.

    Compassion: 3/10
    Empathy: 3/10
    Creativity: 5/10
    Mental Flexibility: 4/10
    Passion/Motivation: 7/10
    Education: 6/10
    Stamina: 8/10
    Physical Strength: 9/10
    Battle Skill: 9/10
    Initiative: 8/10
    Restraint: 6/10
    Agility: 7/10
    Strategy: 6/10
    Teamwork: 2/10
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  10. image.jpg


    Full Name: Jenavere Lilith Petrova
    Friends and family enjoy calling her Jen, Jenna, Jenny, or her father calls her Lil.

    Age: Timeless most would presume, but she looks to be in her late twenties.

    Birthday: July 26
    Silver, Sea Green
    + Emotional sensitivity, tenacity, nurturing
    - Oversensitivity, negative moodiness

    Species: Witch slash Human slash Mutt

    Nationality: Irish/Scottish/Mutt
    Mutt meaning a mixture of several other nationalities along the family tree or is that just what she tells people?

    Gender: Female

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

    Religion: LaVeyan Satanist.
    LaVeyans take their name from Anton Szandor LaVey, who authored The Satanic Bible and who founded the Church of Satan in 1966. They believe that Satan is merely a symbol representing certain characteristics and traits that they find desirable. Such characteristics and traits include, but are not limited to: individuality, carnality, independence, and earthly success and power. The LaVeyan Satanist views Satan as being an imaginary character who represents the reality of the "Beast in Man," which itself is a manifestation of something that LaVey identified in his writings as "the Dark Force in Nature." Religious Satanism, to LaVeyans, is not about worshiping the Devil, but about worshiping oneself as the center of one's own universe.

    Occupation: Witch as well as a part-time cashier in a potions shoppe.
    It is unknown who owns the shoppe, but Jenavere does not question it, in fact she condones it -- loving the silence.


    Parents: Demetra O'Floin, Brisone Petrova

    Siblings: None that she is aware of.

    Family: Her parents, Mother's sister and brother, Mother's mother, Father's Great-Aunt
    She is only aware of three cousins from her Aunt and husband and then a deceased son from her Uncle and his ex-wife.

    Significant Other(s): None at the moment, but she's extremely picky and enjoys mysterious men and women.

    Children: None

    Closest Friends: Her familiar, Tortuga.

    Rivals: There's an art store across the way with an elder lady as an owner. She's quite rude and bitter.
    When Jenavere first began working in the potions shoppe the old woman came over with brownies, some not so kind words , and a sickly smile. Jenavere has despised her ever since, but not her brownies.

    Enemies: None yet, Jenavere is skilled in making mysterious Enemies without trying though.

    Physical Traits

    Eye Color(s): Emerald, honey-gold mix.

    Hair Color(s): Strawberry blonde with light brown under, sorta.


    Height: 5 foot 8 1/2 inches

    Weight: 135 lbs.

    Body Build: An hour-glass frame with hidden muscles and strength in her soul.

    Notable Physical Traits: Obscure four-claw mark scar across the left side of her neck plus a matching bite mark that takes up half her right thigh. Her shoulders, thighs, chest, nose, and upper cheeks are doused with light freckles. She also wears a titanium quartz necklace, like Tortuga's.



    Usual Mood/Expression: Laid-back and incredibly straightforward. She is usually in the background of a conversation, but always looks like she's been thinking hard about the topic.

    Quirks: When nervous she rolls her knuckles as if stretching the muscles in case of a combat opportunity. You can easily tell if she's been crying because her freckles pop and her nose turns bright red. When angered you can see her ears turn to a shade of pink and you can hear her teeth grind, but not many people see this emotion because she is so into being peaceful.

    Biography: Jen grew up with hardworking parents and lovely grandparents as well as rambunctious cousins. She was a straight-edge student all through elementary and middle school. In highschool she experimented, but still kept good grades and eventually was valedictorian of her class. She played sports and went to movies every Sunday with friends. Those friends disappeared though when she got into college and she was alone.

    Jenavere got through two years of college, majoring geology, astrology, and philosophy. She dropped out after her camping accident and this was when her father decided to mention her family tree. A reincarnation of the Pink Rose Witch from millennia ago, born into the Petrova line by luck. He taught her everything she needed to know and she found out more on her own. She moved to Nautchwald soon after and introduced herself into the Petrova Manor earning her place in the Covenant over the course of two months. Man, that was the most tiring time of her life. She had never gone through so many blue stones ever.

    About a year or two ago, with the help of the other Witches she conjured her familiar and he's been a pal ever since. At first, it was strange to see an extension of her soul living, breathing, and choking on dog food, but soon they realized they had known eachother for years and in many, many different forms.

    Now, Jen simply lives her life in Nautchwald and continues working hard and hardly working on the weekends.


    Skills: Jenavere takes a fondness in all weapon types even though she enjoys her fists more so. In fact, she's tried her best to write about and study each Witch's weapon or ideal fighting style. She is a personal mentor to the Black Rose Witch, helping her perfect her fighting style and keep her chakra's in check. She uses gems to power up certain strengths. Physical strength is a grand attribute, but a body with stable mind, soul, heart, body, and emotion is what she is really all about. Calling on the stars and planets to power the stones and gems thus powers certain parts of her body.


    Yellow -- Mind
    Green -- Soul
    Red -- Heart
    Blue -- Body
    White -- Emotions
    Black -- Power

    Hobbies: Meditation, astrology, astral projection, cooking, weapons, rock collecting, magic tricks, and speaking.

    Voice: Think of a strong, feminine speaker that can alter they way she sounds depending on her mood. It's light and high when she is playful or happy and then it is hard and edgy when she is serious or angered. In a normal mood, it's simply airy and sweet.


    Jenavere is physically strong for unknown reasons despite her feminine appearance. She is also good at picking out those that are deceitful and the ones with negative auras.


    She sometimes can be very slow and take too long on making decisions or finishing projects. She is also frightened of storms and she had a bad history with wolves (mutts).

    Compassion: 6/10
    Empathy: 10/10
    Creativity: 9/10
    Mental Flexibility: 10/10
    Passion/Motivation: 4/10
    Education: 8/10
    Stamina: 10/10
    Physical Strength: 10/10
    Battle Skill: 7/10
    Initiative: 3/10
    Restraint: 1/10
    Agility: 9/10
    Strategy: 8/10
    Teamwork: 5/10


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  11. Surprise!
  12. Let's not clutter up the CS Thread with banter and comments alright? I want it to look clean so it will be easier to find everyone's bios. If you two want to talk about things OOC why not take it to Pm? If you two come up with anything send me a message about it! <3

  13. [​IMG]
    General info:
    Ryan "Ember"Petrova
    Appears 26
    June 14th
    198 lbs
    Generally wears hoodies and jeans
    Witch (Warlock)
    Orange Rose Witch, Elemental Witch


    Family with the other Petrova.

    Wide knowledge of elements

    Can easily make friends

    Can easily make enemies
    Not very sneaky

    Little to none hand-eye coordination
    Ryan lived through out most of his school years as a popular party boy, often getting into fights or bullying younger and weaker kids. That was before he was shipped away to boarding school. During his boarding school years, he kept his cocky attitude, but learned more respect and how to be kinder to people. Returning, he soon found the love of the beach and began spending the majority of the time there, surfing, lighting bonfires, enjoying the sand, throwing parties and messing with the water. Getting old, he realized he needed something to do with his life and headed off to college. The small college he managed to get into had limited choices, so he tried to become a lawyer. Drinking and experimenting with drugs caused Ryan to quit college, and head home to the manor to be with his family and get back on his feet.

    His voice can seem chill and calm to the outside eye.

    Compassion: 7/10
    Empathy: 7/10
    Creativity: 7/10
    Mental Flexibility: 8/10
    Passion/Motivation: 8/10
    Education: 8/10
    Stamina: 6/10
    Physical Strength: 5/10
    Battle Skill: 6/10
    Initiative: 7/10
    Restraint: 3/10
    Agility: 5/10
    Strategy: 4/10
    Teamwork: 6/10

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  14. [​IMG]
    Artwork by EVentrue


    Familiar of the Rose Black
    The Owl of Darkness True

    "Oh, Alison, rise!
    Behold the dulling skies.
    Oh, open your eyes!
    Behold, the light's demise."

    December 20th
    19th Year of Re-Living
    Of the height 1.5m

    In to the house, walked the girl,

    Flaxen locks in sway.
    A room in silence, eyes on her,
    She would not go away.

    Thunderous bolts of lightning fray,
    Her they seek to slay.
    Yet one moment of it's delay,
    Makes it that she flays.

    In to the house, walked the girl,
    Flaxen locks in sway.
    A room in gasps, eyes on her,
    She was here to stay.

    "Alison will not think. Alison will not feel.
    Alison will never speak ill; Alison will never speak false"
    - Alison's Creed

    Passive and honest; apathetic and blunt.

    The world is a two-faced coin to Alison.
    Where one side is good, the other is bad.
    Nothing comes between.

    Alison is loyal only to the Black Rose Witch,
    And has been since time immemorial.
    And will be foreve
    r more.


    Eyes of ember and hair flaxen.
    So strong, so powerful,
    Yet a face of sickly waxen.


    In her familiar form, Alison seems markedly innocuous.
    The only telling sign of danger are her eyes, perpetually dilated.

    Gaze long enough into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you.

    In her human form, Alison is a strikingly beautiful young woman.
    With hair of amber, and eyes of brilliant gold, she stuns many into awe.
    Were it not for her aloofness, so many more would shun her not.


    Black Rose Witch - Master/Mistress

    Death to all who oppose her,
    And boon be to those who favour her.

    Death to all whom she despise,
    And boon to those she cherish.


    Alison's most potent weapons are her eyes.
    Orbs of enchanting quality, they possess the ability to put the weak in trance.
    In that state, she can command them to do her bidding.

    They also possess the ability to form protective wards,
    blocking the elements with startling durability.
    A skill tried and tested, one that the Petrova knows true.

    Night vision comes inherent to the eyes of an Owl,
    However, Alison possesses also the ability to see auras.
    A passive ability, this skill serves as a gauge of one's power.

    However, most deadly is her ability to invoke arcane phenomena.
    Her eyes are attuned to the arcane realm, presenting to her realms of possibility
    that are ordinarily invisible to the naked eye.

    Due in large part to that, she is capable of utilizing magic of all types with greater ease
    though the prowess of each individual magic is limited by her capacity.
    The greater the magic, the greater the price it exacts.

    Yet, as reliable as her eyes are, they are limited by light.
    Only in total darkness will they exhibit their full potential.


    The story of how Alison came to be was never quite known.
    However, how she came to be in the Petrova Manor was not unknown.
    A lone wanderer she had been, till she saw the Manor.
    Seeking refuge, she entered devoid of manner.

    The inhabitants roused rudely, were rightfully angry.

    Thunderous bolts of lightning fray, her they sought to slay.
    Now the moon was high that night, and darkness heightened her might.
    One glare was all was needed, and the lightning conceded.

    Yet the inhabitants would not cease, for after all, none would have peace.
    Yet the commotion roused people greater, ones they can only cater.
    Roses of a myriad spread, only one that spoke and said,
    "She is the one, let it be done."

    Thus found Alison a place to be, a person to oversee.
    The Rose of Blackest Night, the Mistress of Blight,
    And she the Owl of Darkness True.

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  15. "The bisque rose witch is known as the witch of fortune, because he has the ability to conjure up vast amounts of gold. His role has been to act as financial support for the Petrova family, making sure they were always influential and a force to be reckoned with. However, he is a very fickle person, and it is said that noone could adore his power more than himself. Some even claim that he sleeps in a bed made up of nothing but gold ingots."


    Name: Balthazar Petrova
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: December 21st

    Appearance: Balthazar has quite soft, feminine features, and milky white skin. He keeps his hair long, and tied back into a ponytail.

    Personality: Balthazar is a very softspoken and sensible person, who manages to keep his head cool even in heated situations. He keeps up the appearance of being kind and benevolent, but, he also has a darker, very greedy side. He is a brutal businessman, and the gold he produces through magic cannot saturate his hunger for wealth. He takes great pleasure in giving out loans to companies or people with ridiculous interest rates, ruining them completely in the process of taking everything they have. Part of the reason behind his rotten personality is because of the curse from his powers clouding his mind.

    Cyneric is Balthazar's familiar, and they have a mixture of a pet/master relationship as well as a deeper understanding of each others nature. Balthazar likes petting Cyneric and give him treats, although he's quite annoyed when Cyneric decides do act like a lap cat when in panther form. They sometimes throw snide or sarcastic remarks at one another.

    -Hellebore Gensai-
    Hellebore is Balthazar's body guard, but due to her quiet nature their relationship is a bit on the colder, more neutral side. However, Balthazar greatly appreciates the services she provide, as she has saved his life on numerous occassions.

    -Zeros Nox-
    Balthazar loves toying with people, and so he couldn't let the chance slip away when Zeros visited his sister, Isolde, at the mansion. He challenged him to a game of chess, knowing fully well that he would win, with the stakes being that the loser would become the personal butler of the winner. At first, Balthazar only kept Zeros around in order to catch the resentful stares of Isolde, but after a while he began developing an affection for him. He now considers him a close friend, although his feelings for Zeros may be deeper than that.

    Skills/strengths: Intelligent, excellent business sense, playing chess

    Weaknesses: Physically, Balthazar is quite weak, and he gets sick very easily due to his poor immune system. His greed sometimes tends to get the best of him, although he never lets this show in public.

    History: Excelling at school since quite a young age, Balthazar has always had his whits about him. Thanks to his brains and the financing through his powers, he was able to establish a business that quickly grew larger and larger. He is now the CEO of an insurance company as well as a credit bank. The interest rates of the services he provides is ridiculously high, but due to a friendly facade and quick clean-up work of his PR crew, the public has never been made aware of this. Anyone who falls into his trap is sure to come out of it empty handed.

    Other: He wears a ring with the symbol of a one winged eagle, which he uses to mark the gold ingots he creates.

    Stats (since everyone's doing them lulz):

    Compassion: 4/10
    Empathy: 4/10
    Creativity: 9/10
    Mental Flexibility: 10/10
    Passion/Motivation: 10/10
    Education: 10/10
    Stamina: 2/10
    Physical Strength: 1/10
    Battle Skill: 1/10
    Initiative: 8/10
    Restraint: 8/10
    Agility: 2/10
    Strategy: 9/10
    Teamwork: 7/10

    A theme that breathes gold, most fitting for the witch of fortune, no?

    Voice actor: Minagawa Junko
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  16. The Pink Rose Witch has been taken. It even states so in the very first post. I apologize, but you must remove your CS and the comment that you posted prior to making the CS. If you want a different role, please look through the ones that are available, and then message me in a PM. Thank you.

    Edit: OH! I didn't edit the first post to say it was taken. Really sorry about that! I would like to have you as a game player though if there are any more positions that you'd like.

    Edit2: Also, my signature is from the vocaloid song Leia. It's one of my favorites. If you wan't I can PM you the link to the song. xD

    Edit3: Also don't respond back here, please send me a PM. I don't want the CS Thread to be cluttered. Thanks <3
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  17. [​IMG]

    Name: Sebastian

    Nickname: Sebby

    Age: ageless if you count his past lives (in his human form he looks to be in his late teens)

    Gender: IT'S A BOY!~~ :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:

    Race: Ferret
    Scientific Name: Mustela putorius furo

    Occupation: Familiar/Spirit animal to The Grey Rose Witch



    Family: Gwendoline Delphi

    Closest Friends: Gwendoline Delphi, Ryuu, Draco Lupus (more frienemy...)

    Enemies: anyone seeking to harm Gwen, Cyneric ("That ruthless creature tried to make a Ferret PIE out of me, Dollie! It should be shot by a firing squad! ATTEMPTED MURDER!" <-- Sebastian)

    Allies: anyone who is allied to Gwen

    Significant other: None, thought you could call Gwen that.

    Children: None



    eye color: Black and Doll-like

    hair color: snow white

    Distinuishable features
    Silver whiskers
    two black marks where his eyebrows are suppose to be

    sharp little teeth and tiny black claws (KAWAII DESU NE!? :eyepopping:)
    a little brown collar with a silver bell charm that Gwen gave him (it has magic properties, wards, that help to protect him)

    Length: 51 cm.

    Weight: 2kg

    Body Build: Long and lean with a slight pot-belly from sneaking treats. Very soft and plushie



    Personality: Sebastian has a rather coy personality. He is awfully mischevious and can be a handful, but will stick with Gwen no matter what happens to him. He adores Gwen unconditionally, but sadly causes her more trouble than he should. Naturally inquisative and curious, he some how manages to get himself into trouble. He is not the smartest creature, but he does have more wisdom then he actually shows, showing himself to be Gwen's beacon of light when she is at her darkest moments. He is a passionate creature, often showing his temper when he is upset. He is very optomistic and cheerful, easy-going and often times silly, which just make him out to be uber adorable. He does have a slightly darker side to his personality. He can be very possessive over Gwen and gets jealous if she gives attention to anyone else. Because of this raging jealousy, he sometimes comes off as proud and intolerant. Deep down, he is very sweet and self-conscious. Vulernable and fearful, yet brave when it comes to protecting Gwen. He is a glutton for attention, good and bad, and get irritated easily when ignored.

    Example Phrase: "Well aren't you just a fun filled little lollipop, triple dipped in psycho?" (Referring to The Black Rose Witch :glasses:)

    being held
    soft things
    finding new interests
    being with Gwen

    Being away from Gwen
    mean people
    being picked up without permission
    being squeezed
    sour things
    (Basically anything that has tried to eat him so far)
    Being ignored

    • The escape artist, Master of speed and agility.
    • Sebastian usually uses his powers to help Gwen, giving her a great escape when needed.
    • You could almost call him a Parkor master, being able to use the area around him to make his escape.
    • He uses a form of movement called "flinting", which is rapid bursts of super speed (almost transportation or flying) to move from place to place. He almost looks like a blur when he moves and can only be hit when he stops. *The range of this movement is not very far. If he pushes it beyond its limits, he can weaken himself or even kill himself. If he does the flint is rapid burst, he should be fine, but if he were to do this in a single rapid stream he would stop his heart.*
    • Extremely flexible and sly, being able to fit into small spaces and reach high places with general ease
    • A great Dodger (It's very difficult to hit him because he knows how weak he is.)
    • He is not the strongest fighter, usually prefering to let Draco do the dirty work.
    • He is not very durable, having really no defense against magic or physical attacks, but he is fast and sly enough to be able to dodge.
    • When you do manage to hit him, he goes down extremely fast...(wimp... x.x).
    • His flinting abilities have the cheetah effect, causing his heart to beat at a rapid pace. Because of this, it takes a while for him to recharge after using this ability
    Random Talents: Singing, Dancing, Juggling, Doing hair, Doing make-up, Painting nails (He is soo good at the most flamboiant things basically)



    Compassion: 7/10
    Empathy: 5/10
    Creativity: 6/10
    Mental Flexibility: 8/10
    Passion/Motivation: 7/10
    Education: 6/10
    Stamina: 10/10
    Physical Strength: 4/10
    Battle Skill: 5/10
    Initiative: 2/10
    Restraint: 9/10
    Agility: 10/10
    Strategy: 6/10
    Teamwork: 7/10

    Voice (basically both voices o - o oh so sexy...)


    Eye color: A strange combination of black (outside), dark red fading towards the middle that is pink with tiny flecks of blue and green (ohh soo pretty eyes o,..,o)

    Hair color: Snow White

    Skin Color: Extremely pale, almost white itself

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 134 lbs

    Distinguishable Features
    Very feminine face
    slightly ferret-like
    long, silver eyelashes
    Black eyebrows
    pouty, pale pink lips
    a sprite nose, pointed up slightly
    as a way to relieve stress, he will allow his ears and tail to show in his human form (only sometimes though)
    the same brown collar with the silver bell charm.

    Body Build: Tall and lean, slightly long and lanky, with lean muscle lining his frame. Very streamlined, graceful looking.

    Hair style: Medium length and slightly curled, giving him a girlier appearance. It is very unruly and he wears it however it falls.

    Personal Style: He is very fashionable, usually picking out both his outfits along with Gwen's outfits...when Anastasia is not picking them out herself. (He dresses a little like a kpop star: sweaters with cute writing, fitted suits, skinny-legged pants, etc.) VERRRYYYYY FASHIONABLE...sometimes too fashionable....
    Human form: 100%

    Human form: 75%
    Preferred Form: Any form that Gwen wants him to be at the time. He gets more attention in his animal form (He is a glutton for attention), but he is more suseptible to being "NOMMED" by anything bigger than he is. His human form offers him attention as well and he can much easiler cater to whatever Gwen asks, but the human form is extremely uncomfotable.
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  18. 'Kill or be killed, its the motto for our clan you know? Once you are in this mess, this personal hell you can never escape. We either have to let it consume and kill us or enjoy the blood soaked path which you create. So, will you continue to fight and try to survive or be killed like weak prey?~ Either way I will protect you with my last breath Zeros but it is your future, live or die.'
    -Isolde to Zeros when he killed for the first time.


    Isolde Nox
    -Not considered part of the Nox clan recently.-

    17 years by appearance.
    173 - true age.
    In vampire terms she is a teen.



    Vampire - Pure blood from a noble clan.

    15th July

    ~Appearance description~
    Isolde stands at around 5''11 with a slim, curvy figure and delicately pale white skin. With skin like porcelain and hair in a light shade of blonde which slowly grows darker towards the tips she has a dark shade of blue for her eyes, framed by thick lashes. Her skin is generally clear except the scar running from her left shoulder till just under her shoulder blade. She has a saying tattooed onto her neck in Latin that was the motto for her previous clan. During blood lust her eyes gain a hue of a navy blue and her fangs elongate from their normally normal state. In her more feral state her eyes become slit pupils and her nails become claw like. There are three restraints/limiters placed upon her, located on her each wrist and her torso, above her heart.

    In terms of personality, Isolde is a person who hides
    the reality of herself behind a mask. Isolde in reality is
    quite the thoughtful person, be it her actions or words
    will they will all be honest. Despite her ruthless past
    profession she does hold compassion for many who
    have become special to her. Although there is few times
    she does not adorn the finely painted mask, Isolde at
    these times is prone to smiling a true smile even if
    briefly. Confident but rarely choosing to involve herself
    in the matters of others, Isolde will find herself often
    in the background. She does although like messing and
    teasing people out of amusement.

    Despite all of this, Isolde has other parts to her personality.
    Her mask allows her to be perceived as respectful to all
    even if she harbors a dislike for another. While she is
    naturally respective to those she cares for or respects,
    she is able to hide her negativity behind a well crafted smile
    and polite facade. Of course, while the mask hides a lot
    of her emotions it also hides the vampiric side to her.
    Isolde does however had a cold side that makes her able to
    ignore the calmer more compassionate voices that would
    be considered weakness.(Clan taught)

    Like those of her clan, Isolde has the beast like mind state
    due to the requirement of blood and it being in her instincts
    to get the life liquid at any cost. Isolde does have a lot of
    restraint in this department though which is why she hasn't
    been seen in such a mind state before by anyone. It is also
    the presence of this that brings forth quite the sadistic side
    from her, a trait which is far more present that the blood
    lusting beast part since it may appear in certain situations.

    Isolde is very loyal, specially to Skylar who has long since
    become her closest friend along with her Mistress. She trusts
    the black rose witch entirely and questions few things the
    witch does out of respect for her. In fact, Isolde is loyal
    to many who have become close to her but Skylar is one of
    the vampires priorities since taking up her current position.



    Darkus Nox-

    Brother- Younger /Twin (2nd Heir)
    Henry Nox

    Brother- Younger (3rd Heir)
    Zeros Nox


    Skylar Nocte Petrova


    Personal servant to Skylar Nocte Petrova

    Assassin in the Nox family Clan.
    Due to her life span she has had many years to perfect both
    instruments to a level she finds acceptable.
    Isolde takes preference to these two than the flute which she also
    knows but is seen a lot less with.

    She learnt cooking from her mother at a young age, something she
    constantly practices in memory of her mother. She tends to prefer deserts
    and sweets though since they can temporarily satisfy blood lust if it appears.
    She keeps a small book in her room full of her
    mothers notes, this is never opened.

    She knows Latin due to the clans origins but also knows Italian due to her
    mothers heritage from a foreign clan that was allied with the Nox.

    Isolde has a few weapons she favors over others.
    These include her mothers Katana along with projectile
    weapons such kunai, shuriken and throwing knives,
    all of which she normally has hidden on her along with a dagger.
    The katana is rarely used since she cannot hide it.

    Like most vampires, Isolde has enhanced features about her. This is factors such as her speed, strength, durability, senses and healing. Of course she still tends to try and increase factors such as her speed and strength so if needed she will have less risks involved if placed in a battle. As for her healing, this only increased the time it takes to heal wounds both minor and major. However, major wounds will still require time to heal themselves but it will be a lot less that others will take.

    Poisonous Aura/Energy and Generation.
    She is able to expel a poisonous and toxic aura around herself that can be used for multiple purposes. She is able to generate actual poison from herself in multiple forms and by expelling the aura she is able to create a almost shield since if near the aura it will poison the person or hold a corrosive effect. Isolde can generate this aura around one part of her body in battle which will allow it to have a stronger impact along with a corrosive effect. However, due to the presence of the toxic aura she keeps multiple limiters upon the amount of aura she can release at once since it will leave her vulnerable and sick for a few days if over used. Isolde has a very strong aura, something she is used to hiding. Due to her ability to manipulate the energy of her aura she can solidify it if all restraints are released. By concentrating the large energy source on one part of her body she can expel it in beam or 'explosion'. As for creating poisons, this is also limited by the restraints but only the first one.

    -Silent Killing.
    -Poisonous Aura/generation.
    -Her strength.

    -Healing does not stretch to decapitation of the head or vital organ wounds.
    -Strong scents/sounds due to enhanced senses.
    -Rare plants that can be used to create poisons that are effective on vampires.
    -Over use of poison aura can leave her weakened temporarily for days.


    Isolde was born over a hundred years ago, but in terms of human years she is just a mere teen. For the majority of her life she was kept within her covens home, restricted from the outside world so she would be raised by the ideals of the group. She was brought up around the idea that her own clan was superior in terms of the vampiric community, although most of the clans believed that they themselves were the strongest and so many with pure blood were raised to think such. Regardless, with nothing to cease this she eventually settled into the idea.

    In her child years she was brought into the training that all went through in the Nox. They all preferred to deal with issues quickly and quietly and so she was taught to use what she had to achieve her goals. This involved training the agility, strength and speed of the person so that they can accomplish things before a issue could arise. Later on in the years in involved training to avoid submitted to pain, hence why she has a scar across her shoulder.

    Eventually when she underwent a family ceremony to discover and release the powers she was 'gifted'. The ceremony allowed for her family to discover the natural poisonous abilities she held and so like every vampire in her clan she had limiters placed upon it to avoid using it to an extent it could damage her. After this she was told she could start going to school so it would provide her with more social knowledge. This was also mainly so she would be around the other coven's heirs.

    During her high school years she often spent the days with the others of her clan hunting for prey. This often meant they would avoid entering the school or classes to simply satisfy hunger. When the small group was within campus grounds they barely acknowledged the other people who took part in Nautchwald High school as they believed them to be insignificant to their time there. Around this point she lost her mother who gained a fatal wound to the heart upon taking a mission from her father.

    Even during these days, Isolde played the complicated facade although she was much darker than she currently acts. She would keep the ever soft smile on her lips as she messed with people in an attempt for brief amusement. Be it finding out some detailed information to use against a innocent or just threatening them, she was not a person who left the comfort of her group. However, this eventually changed later on in the year when she met someone from the Petrova family.

    Skylar Nocte Petrova.

    The first time Isolde saw Skylar it was just a passing, the second time however they actually spoke to one another. This was around the time Isolde changed. Still she has no clue why but the first thing she ever heard Skylar say was "You amuse me, you are now my servant.". Despite her seclusion from the young age like most heirs she knew who the Petrova were. Shocked at the exclamation she escaped that day to return to where her family was, questioned them frantically about what was going on.

    For the next two days, Isolde spent her time out of school to conduct missions for her clan. They were mainly assassinations or recon but she refused to attend the education establishment under the reason of her confusion at the events before hand with the Death rose witch. When she returned to school in the next few days she was stuck in a odd situation.

    Of course, few people in the school liked her and her small gathering of her kind and so she was singled off that day. Approached by a few students she was stuck in a corner as she had not got permission to release the limiter and so would be reliant upon physical strength. Unfortunately for her there was quite a few of them and so she took no action as they closed in.

    It was then that the witch who had caused her days of disappearance to appear, both shocking her and removing her current enemies quite quickly. Now, at this point the vampire was just stuck in shock at the action, causing her to become cautious towards the girl. After a few moments of silence the two got to chatting and eventually the vampire agreed to go back to the mansion with the witch, both unsure and cautious about following her.

    On the travel towards the mansion they were ambushed for a reason Isolde has yet to discover and still chooses to avoid. It was then the two were forced to team up briefly to escape the troublesome situation. It was also then that the vampire gained respect for the witch and it was this point she agreed to becoming her servant. Although, in reality she probably had little of a choice considering who she was with.

    The next day she informed her family who had mixed reactions but she had little care for their reactions. After all, she choose willingly to take this position. From this point she had little communication with anyone other than her youngest brother Zeros. As her new position was confirmed her father removed the clan based limiters which caused her to ask for a witch to place new ones. Lately, Isolde is spending her time serving the Petrova quite happily although she still occasionally messes with people out of amusement.


    -Blue, red, black white and purple.
    -Animals (to some level.)
    -Her brother Zeros.
    -Skylar Nocte Petrova
    -Her familiar by default.
    -The darker times of the day.

    -The day
    -Loud noises or strong scents.
    -The unknown.
    -Lack of restraint.
    -Henry Nox and Darkus Nox.
    -Green, orange, yellow and pink.
    -Anyone who is overly optimistic/pessimistic to a point its annoying.

    -Normally has her nails painted black and white.
    -She rises early to enjoy the last moments of the night.
    -She tends to hold hatred towards clumsy people.
    -May act polite as she does everyone but she does dislike a few people.
    -Likes tattoos for some apparent reason.


    Her voice - Saeko Busujima (7:58)

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  19. [​IMG]

    Second Life out of Nine


    April 30

    Panthera Onca
    Felis Catus

    Familiar of the Bisque Rose Witch


    Cyneric is rude and can't live without sarcastically interacting with someone. He's not the kowtowing, kiss ass type and he will tell you what he thinks of you whether you want to hear it or not. He likes to live a laid back life and hates unnecessary confrontations. When he is forced to fight something or someone, he'll get right down to the nitty and gritty so he can get back to whatever it was that he was doing (usually napping).
    He is very agile and uses his speed to his advantage.

    He can't take that many hard hits. A good pounding will have him down for the count.
    His foul attitude and mouth can get him into a lot of trouble.

    Napping, dampening the moods of others, Balthazar, rubs,
    getting his belly rubbed once and only once, fish, stealing fish from the manor's pond.

    Anyone who isn't Balthazar who interrupts his naps. Dogs or canine familiars. Anyone who Balthazar doesn't like.
    Sebastian (the fact that he isn't allowed to eat the thing, annoys him to no end.)

    ☆ Friends ♦ Close Friends ♥ Romantic ✖ Enemies

    Anastasia Nicole Petrova - ☆
    Balthazar Petrova
    Sebastian ✖

    Cyneric doesn't remember when he was born or who his parents were--if he even had any. He does however, remember his kitten days and how he spent them and who he spent them with. Balthazar of course. His greedy and money obsessed yet loving master. Cyneric stood by his master's side and still remains by him even though his unhealthy obsession with currency is a tad unnerving.

    Human Form



    - - - - - - - -- - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --- - - - - - - - -- - - - - - -- - ---- - - - -- -



    June 28

    Tree Nymph

    Petrova Head Groundskeeper




    Myntha is quite shy and hates loud noises. He will hide for an extensive amount of time if a cacophony is being made in his near vicinity. However when he isn't hiding he can be quite curious, and although shy, if something peaks his interest he will pepper his target with numerous questions.

    Myntha can make any plant or tree grow or at least encourage it to try.
    He is very good with interacting with non predatory animals such as deer, small birds and rabbits.
    As long as he is healthy and sane, the garden will grow properly.
    He's good at fixing things, like broken chairs, shelves, clocks etc.

    He is very skittish and is not a fighter at all.
    Fire can kill him, however if his ashes are properly cared for he has the chance to be reborn.*
    * However this has a very low chance of occurring.

    Peace and quiet. Anything that piques his interest. Fruits, vegetables and nuts.
    Loud noises. Fire. Predatory animals and familiars. Being surprised. Artificial flavoring.
    Foods that haven't been prepared with only natural ingredients.


    ☆ Friends ♦ Close Friends ♥ Romantic

    ♦ Head Book keeper

    Myntha was born from an oak tree in the Petrova Manor Garden. Like all tree nymphs, he began caring for the plants, trees and creatures residing in the garden as soon as he learned how to walk. For a time he remained happy and alone in the garden, hiding whenever one of the Petrova's or employees graced the garden with their presence. But one day he was spotted by the Head Book keeper, a curious old man and although he was pretty odd, Myntha grew to close to him. It was through the book keeper that Myntha became the head groundskeeper.

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  20. image.jpg




    Full Name: Tuteir Albert Pons
    Each name was given to him in a specific time. Technically, he has no name at all.
    Most call him Tut, Al, Bert, or Jenavere calls him Pon-Pon for giggles.

    Age: As old as his mistress and possibly more. Lives may be cut short, but souls continue on forever.

    Species: Familiar Soul
    Bernese Mountain Dog

    Nationality: Russian slash American

    Birthday: January 10
    Dark green and dark blue
    + Sense of duty, organization, perseverance, patience, ability to see the long term
    - Pessimism, negative depression, undue traits, materialism, conservatism

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    Religion: LaVeyan Satanist

    Occupation: The Pink Rose Witch's Familiar



    Family: None

    Significant Other(s): None, though his mistress is quite fetching.

    Children: None

    Closest Friends: Jenavere Petrova, The Pink Rose Witch

    Rivals: There's one dog that visits the park everyday and he thinks he can run like a cheetah. Who could stand a guy like that?

    Enemies: The other Witchs' Familiars are, well, they aren't friendly that's for sure.


    Physical Traits

    Eye Color(s): A deep Sapphire.

    Hair Color(s): Pure white, but it's not natural.


    Height: 6'6" 1/4
    Weight: 185lbs.
    Body Build: He is lanky in height, but makes up for it in muscle mass.

    Notable Physical Traits: He wears a charmed titanium quartz pendant from Jenavere. His body is covered in multiple tattoos that have manifested due to what Jen loves to do and what Tortuga is made of. His dog collar also gets worn in human form.

    Left Side - Chest

    Left Side - Upper Arm

    Right Side - Chest & Upper Arm

    Right - Forearm

    Back - Entire Back

    Left Wrist - Inner

    Right Wrist - Inner

    Eye Color(s): Instead of a bright Sapphire they have turned darker, almost black.

    Coat Color(s): Pure white with a strange black/gold/white coat pattern.

    Coat Mutation

    Height: Large, Dog height?
    Weight: 185lbs.
    Body Build: K-9like

    Notable Physical Traits: The same titanium necklace is worn around his furry neck and if you move his thick coat you can see the faint scratchings of his human tattoos. He also wears a cute red ribbon type collar with a gold heart tag, which says his name: PON-PON in fancy writing.




    Usual Mood/Expression:

    Quirks: He acts like he's caught the flu when he is in his human form. It simply does not sit well with being cooped up in pink flesh and bones and such complicated feelings.











    Compassion: 8/10
    Empathy: 6/10
    Creativity: 3/10
    Mental Flexibility: 10/10
    Passion/Motivation: 5/10
    Education: 10/10
    Stamina: 10/10
    Physical Strength: 10/10
    Battle Skill: 8/10
    Initiative: 6/10
    Restraint: 5/10
    Agility: 10/10
    Strategy: 7/10
    Teamwork: 0/10


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