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  1. T h e W e b s i t e

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    I m p o r t a n t R e a d s
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    Petrova Family Memoir
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    The R.W.C Plot
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    The Nautchwald Inquiries
    (read or skim it.)

    Not a link. Read or skim through the Sign Up thread or the character pages on the website and become familiar with the other characters. Each one may be important. If you have any questions or need more information on a character in regards to replying to the IC thread, then read the character sheets or ask that persons character. Do not come to me with questions about other people's characters except for my own.

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  2. Hey guys, I need help on a few things for the website. For familiars I need some sort of description to put for their character; either their history or personality or appearance or a combination of the three. I need help with "The Nautchwald Inquiries", give me some questions to answer for the FAQ. I need pictures that best represent yourself for the "The Players" page and maybe a description. If you guys could help me with "The R.W.C Plot" that would also be very helpful. Also, please tell me of any plot you have made with other members so I can include that with in the plot page.

    That's all I cant think of for now. The faster we get this done the better. It's really almost done to be honest. xD
  3. Also, please check the website frequently I will post all important announcement and news on that website. Also, please read through the website. I didn't make all of that for me, I made it for you, my players. It includes VERY important information.
  4. ohhhhh~ fancy o:
    You can just use the description and photo for sebastian from the character sheet
  5. So does this mean we are starting the IC? o.o
  6. Good Question. Are we starting soon? I leave for Shanghai on the 16th of June and won't be back until the 8th of August. o - o
  7. Kaden said sometime next week, so I'm thinking Wednesday at the latest :o

    1. Are Sign Up's Ongoing?
    2. How does my character become a "Rose Witch"?
    3. Who do I contact if I have a problem?
    4. What is the requirement for posting?
    5. I'm going to be away for a little bit, who should I let know?
    6. Can I have open use NPC's?
    7. Can I be the (insert colour here) Rose Witch?
    8. Where should I post my bio?
    9. Can my familiar transform?
    10. Why are their two different tiers of Rose Witches?

    ....I'll come up with more later :o
  8. Damn, that site too bomb!
  9. The site looks awesome! :3
  10. I love it ^.^
  11. Myself as a Player~

    My name is Jack N Shepard III. I have dark brown hair and honey brown/gold eyes, I often wear a beard/goatee, but aside from all that lets get into what you can expect from me as a player. First, i will one hundred percent never do anything outside of my characters when IC, despite my personal morals I will play their role to the T. EXTREME EX: if the character is a sadistic being who lacks morals and will brutally and viciously murder/rape someone, then you better expect that to be part of the rp coming from me. This being said i hate the idea of those things but thus is part of acting and playing a role yes? Now; I have been roleplaying through forums and writing extensively for going on ten years I would say, that being said i have some pretty good experience with it, and love it passionately. My favorite thing to do in my writing is twist things, i really enjoy the "wtf" reaction that people get when sometimes reading my stories, also when they realize I have no holds barred concerning just how vivid or sadistic a evil character can be. I have no problem killing characters off to better story plot; nor placing them in horrible situations to further their development. Anyways, i think that says a good portion about me as a rper.

    As for me as a person, i am a little blunt and straight forward. I like to get down to buisiness while still enjoying a good conversation with people, Plotting, collaborating together etc.. i love those things, and if you are kind with me; then more than likely you will be returned the same graces. I can be ghost like at times, and not all that friendly as well but know that deep down past my partially emotion-dead exterior i love interaction and meeting new people/friends. I think this will do for summing me up and sorry if I seem a little pompous, I don't try to im pretty humble honestly but anyways; I love forward to speaking with people of this rp! =D


    That being said, i chose this picture to represent myself because of the cold look in his eyes, the white hair may not be too representational but The mask is perfect. it covers my true intentions and lets be the sly sneaky fox I love to be while masquerading in my mask and white hair. White is the absence of color to me which also indulges into the idea of lack of essence which is also fairly representational for me, plus My favorite colors are white black and blue. Gold accenting of course =D That aside my name has Wolf in it, so yeah fur... fur ftw always. alright Ill stop blabbing now. XD
  12. WAIT!? OOOHHH no, I am so not going through this again Kaden. If this thread was meant for OOC intro's you can forget it missy!! F.O.R.G.E.T. I.T.
  13. XDD I just read maybe something bout the player... so i decided to tell you all bout myself cuz I hope to get to know ya all better =D
  14. *points at wolfskin* yOOUUUU!


    I stg that quote in your sig is from the film
  15. Oh yes! Loved the new Robinhood. Russel Crowe is one of my all time favorite actors since I seen him in Gladiator! =D and I love this quote
  16. Hi there everyone, I am Gladis!
    As a person, I would describe myself as a rather gentle and soft spoken person. I am somewhat shy, especially around strangers- and this goes for both the internet and RL. I am also somewhat insecure, and have a tendency to worry about doing something wrong or about my characters. Nonetheless, I always try my hardest to make things as good as I possible can. I'm a perfectionist and artist, and love to make things look pretty and structured.

    As a role player my characters tend to differ a lot. Although many have relatively dark or sad pasts in common (not all of them), their personalities tend to range from everything like shy and sweet to insane and twisted as hell. Insane characters are fun to play! I also have a whole load of characters I would be terrified to meeting in real life... which I suppose is good or bad, depending how you look at it.

    I'm not afraid of killing my own characters to further the plot, nor am I afraid of having them act out their insanities (if they have any). Most of my characters are male, though lately I have started playing more female characters again. Something I love including in role plays are moral conflicts, which probably has to do with that I'm a very philosophical person. I have role played for about three years now, and although I think I'm fairly good at it, I know there is always more to learn and room to improve.

    I think that should be all from me. ^^

    (This okay^ XD)
  17. @Gladis Those banners on the website are so well done :o many golf claps for you missy!
  18. Awww, thank you! ^^ I'm glad you like them. :3
  19. YES I was so weirded out by how many people didnt like it

    I watched it recently with a friend and it was great! CATE BLANCHETT DOES AN AMAZING JOB

    And all the other characters! And ROBIN WAS GREAT

  20. I absolutely agree, even though im not a huge fan of Cate for Maid Marian I don't find her very attractive after all was all in all such a wonderful movie, I only wish to have seen more of the old Robin hood like style of taking from the rich and giving to the poor but the movie was built as the set up for that phase of Robins life when he was betrayed by John.
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