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    • Ok I have an OOC now, please post your OOC here now on, and also for newcomers post your Character a Sheet here as well, Thank you.

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  1. @Katy Kat @Shinku @Fliris sorry guys for not responding~! >////<
    Yesterday all day I was playing in a band from 9 AM - 4:30 PM
    and now today is fathers day I will get a post in when I get back~!
  2. @FawnGoddess It's okay, don't worry about about. Father Day? Where do you live? That day was the passed June...
  3. ((OOC: No worries bro!))
  4. I live in Australia @Shinku ((also love the new avatar~))

    haha thaks @Katy Kat oh and also what I mean't to type before was that "Wasn't" going to bed yet~ X9 I mis typed that~ >///<
  5. :awesome: LOL! Thanks. And yes, that makes a lot of sense now! You practically live at the end of the world. That's actually really cool.
  6. ((OOC: Oh, lol. XD))
  7. @Angel Evans This is the place for post OoC stuff. And yes, I guess the thread still open. But you should wait for @Zek
  8. @Citrus Answer my reply on the IC, please.
  9. @Shinku

    I usually go to bed around 9:30, and I couldn't finish my post since I was helping out my dad. I'll finish it today though!
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  10. I'm BACK!!!! Omg update God, and I had no internet ;-;
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  11. @Zek I feel you, bro! I have been without Internet for like 3 months and I almost died...
  12. But wat O-0. How am I supposed to act like my character never met someone ;-;
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