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  1. OOC here.

    "Hello and welcome to Rose Petal Highschool!" "I am your principle Miss Crooked Heart, you can call me Miss H." "You have come to this school because you are a prodigy child! You have excelled at all of your classes and are now here at RPHS (Rose petal Highschool) to find........... ROMANCE! Yay!"

    There are 3 main buildings and several small club houses in school grounds. The main building is where you will mingle with other students. The building on the left is the girls dorm, and the right is the boys dorm. There are several activities you can do in school grounds, because of the huge amounts of clubs we have! If you would like to make your own club, please ask the man at the front desk.

    Now moving onto rules!


    1. If you find romance, FIND A ROOM!
    2. There are restrictions on what floors you can go to : first years, floors 1-4, second years floors 4-6 3rd years floors 6-9 and fourth years floors 10. The pent house is owned bye Student body president -Silver Vess-
    3. Can't go out side dorms after 10:00 pm. (I will have a post whenever the time changes.)
    4. No fighting/bullying students. Fights are held in the red box. (If you plan a fight, pm the other person so it is planned ahead of time)
    5. Respect your upper class-men.
    6. No weapons unless it's for club purposes.
    7. Respect everyone, especially your self.
    8. All iwaku roles apply.
    9. It is prohibited to go to the penthouse without permission from Silver.
    10. Never spend more than 1000 Points in one day.

    POINT SYSTEM: Everyone starts with a card that holds 10,000 points. Points are used to buy food, drinks, ECT.
    You can get points bye completing daily tasks. You get one each day. To get a daily task talk to the man at the front desk. (I will Make the daily tasks) any food or drink costs 50 points each. For other prices ask the man at the front desk.

    Please if you could when making a character put this:

    Likes/dislikes: (2 each)
    Club: (if you want to make your own club leave empty and talk to man in front desk.)


    Tiquando club (Leader: Ricky)
    Boxing club (Leader: Jacky)
    Kendo club (Leader: Silver)
    Music club (Leader: Chiho)

    MY CHARACTERS (Who are known as the 3 Devils, they are supposed to make sure you follow the rules)

    Name: Silver Vess
    Age: 17
    Likes/dislikes: likes anime, Japanese food, shy girls. Hates American food, and the principle.
    Club: Kendo club, he is the founder and club leader of the Kendo club.
    Appearance: he has silver hair and silver eyes, which is why his mother named him silver. He wears a black suite with a red tie and black work shoes. He is known as the most Handsome boy in the entire school with girls kneeling at his feet. His skin is a very pale color. He caries his Bamboo kendo sword with him in a black case.
    Gender: male

    Name: Jacky Heart (the principlee daughter)
    Age: 17
    Likes/dislikes: likes Silver, meat, and watermelon.
    Club: boxing club, she is the founder and leader of the boxing club.
    Appearance: she has a male cut of hair that is black. She wears a red sweat suite and brown running shoes. She Caries her boxing gloves and mouth piece in a black bag. Her skin is a tan color. Her eyes are blue.
    Gender: female

    Name: Ricky roadermin
    Age: 17
    Likes/dislikes: likes himself, cooking, and climbing. Dislikes his brother, the man at the front desk, the kendo club.
    Club: tiquando club, he is the founder and leader of the Tyquando club.
    Gender: male
    Appearance: his skin color is mixed, his eyes are brown, his hair is dyed red. He wears a Tiquando suite. He wears flip flops on his feet. ( so when he needs to fight, he takes them off quickly.)

    It is 7:00 am, you all walk into the the first floor, a big room with tables every where and a snack bar where you can spend points on, also a desk at the front of the room with a shady looking man sitting at it (the man at the front desk). Get ready to mingle!
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  2. Silver- Silver sat in his penthouse looking down at the square. He laughed to himself and thought maybe he would check out what the first years where doing. He walked down the stairs and hit the bottom floor. He sat down at a table in the bottom left corner of the first floor.
  3. Name: Kira Lockwood
    Age: 16
    Likes:Archery, animals, reading
    Dislikes: People keeping her from her book, especially when it's at a good point. People who spread false rumors, or any rumors.
    Appearance: Short, standing five feet and two inches in height. She has long, silky brunette hair and hazel eyes. She is generally dressed in comfortable jeans and a t-shirt. Her Recurve longbow hardly ever leaves her. When not using it, it is unstrung in her quiver on her back.
    Gender: Female
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  4. Kira sat at the table closest to the desk. She was making sure her bow was in top shape. The string was neatly coiled on the table. She only strung the bow before use. She kept glancing at the man at the desk. She wanted to start an Archery Club, but was afraid to ask.
  5. Name:
    Mikaela "Miki" Hikari.

    Seventeen (With a birthday in about a week).

    Anime, Sushi, Cleanliness.
    Spicy Foods, Most American Sports, Jocks, Heights.

    Kendo Club.


    Thin with an hourglass shaped figure. Long pink hair. Large brightly colored though shy eyes, usually behind a pair of glasses and a book or manga. About 5'3".
    119ff7969886d1b4ce88661131e5ae16.jpg ~
    Miki was sat up against a wall in the square, literally with her back laid on the floor and her rear and legs stretched up against the wall, away from everyone with her glasses halfway down her nose, which was shoved into a manga. She wiggled and swayed her feet back and forth as she immersed herself in the book and forgot about everyone and everything around her.
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  6. Silver- Silver was looking around the square and saw one of his club members, Mikaela. He stood up and walked over to her. "Hi Mikaela" Silver said. "What are you reading today?"
  7. Kira tucked her coiled bowstring in one of the three spockets on her quiver. One held fieldtips for her arrows, the anther held broadheads. The last hekd the bowstring and replacement fletchings. She slid a protective cover over the glossy wooden recurve bow before nestling it in the quiver with her arrow shafts.

    After packing her bow, she slung the quiver over her shoulder and tentatively approached the man at the desk.
  8. dc4QXo_RO6z9Wh0WgRsS2cmBEHc.png
    Name: Charlotte Weiss

    Age: 17

    Likes: tea, flowers/gardens, confectioneries, sweets, cats

    dislikes: bugs, blood, liars, maggots, being alone

    Club: Kendo

    Appearance: Standing 5'4, Charlotte has long red hair and large doll-like eyes with vertical pupils. She has heterochromatic eyes with the right eye being red while the other is golden yellow. She may look small and petite but she got amazing body strength.

    Gender: Female

    Charlotte walked inside the room with her book bag in hand, her mismatched eyes looking at each and every person to find someone she could talk to. Its not everyday that Charlotte is in the mood to talk but today, she just felt like it. Besides, no harm done in talking and mingling with others, right?

    She then spotted her club mates, Silver Vess and Mikaela Hikari who is happily conversing with each other. She felt like she would be intruding if she approached them so she decided that its best to just leave them alone.

    With a heavy sigh, she sat at the table furthest away from the desk and took out her phone, calling her chauffeur to bring her kendo equipment, especially her bamboo sword.
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  9. (@Shinku I don't want to be rude but, the roleplay starts off at the square-the first floor- :P)

    Silver, who seemed to have been ignored sighed and walked back to the table he was sitting at. He started to dose off. He dreamt about taking the place as the principle and then he bit his lip.
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  10. Character Bio

    Name: Rito Moonstone
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17 years old

    Likes: Rito definitely loves to watch anime and read mangas, books and light novels. He also enjoys eating fish, especially sushi. Making new friends on every place he goes is like a job for him.

    Dislikes: Been yelled at for no reason, mean and cold people and bullies.

    Personality: Rito is a very sweet, kind, gently and friendly guy that loves to make friends everywhere he goes. His cheerful and positive charisma is totally contagious, so he will always cheer up those who are down or upset about something. That's also one of the reasons of why he becomes popular quickly, along with his kawaii appearance. Even of his mature age, he's like a child deep on his heart. He's really easy-going and a bit clumsy, always falling or dropping things. Besides that, he's a total loyal friend that will never betray or disappoint his friends.

    As Shinku enters the room, he looked around with a wide bright smile, his eyes shinning with glee. He gasped with excitement as he gazed the enormous room filled with lots of tables and... "Oh, there's also a snack bar!?" With a cheerful yelp, he quickly ran towards the bar.

    After no realizing his shoe laces were untied, he strumbled and fell hard on the floor, slamming his face. A big drop of sweat appeared on his forehead as he laid there, totally embarressed. "G-Gao... I did it again..." he whispered with a deep sigh.
  11. Rito slowly stood up from the floor and rubbled his forehead that had now a redden spot. Then, he dusted off his clothes and looked down at his shoes, finally noticing his laces were untied. "Really...?" he mumbled as he slowly croutched down and began to tied up his shoes. While doing, he looked around and spoted Anya, the new girl that entered the room.

  12. Man at the desk- "Hello? Do you need my services?" "Maybe daily tasks to do, reports, or making of a club? Would it be an archery club?"
  13. Yuu Inoue

    "If the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress?"

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Yuu Inoue[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#000000]+ Cats[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]+ Languages[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]+ Christmas[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]+ Reading[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]+ Tea[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#000000]- Storms[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]- His Eye Color[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]- Science[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]- Drama/Conflict[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]- Scary Things[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#000000]Yuu is a lot shorter than the average male his age. Standing at a height of 5'2", he is often teased because of said detail. He also happens to be under the average weight as well. He has a petite and slender build, which doesn't help his predicament. To make matters worse, because of his delicate and feminine features, he is often mistaken as a girl. Yuu has a light, flawless complexion that makes his hair and eyes stand out. He has silky, slightly long blonde hair that stops at the nape of his neck and frames his face, bangs falling into his eyes. Speaking of his eyes, they were an unusual scarlet red, either intriguing or freaking others out. He's been nicknamed a 'vampire' a few times because of his appearance, but it doesn't bother him.[/BCOLOR]


    Yuu entered the square, eyes scanning the large room and everyone in it. There were quite a few new people, but majority were somewhat familiar to the blonde. With a blowpop in his mouth, he made his way to the snack bar, knowing that he was hungry, even though he ate breakfast. In his defense, the breakfast was and wasn't going to fill him up. As he made his way over to the bar, he realized that Rito was there as well. A smile stretched around the the lollipop inside of his mouth. He removed it, swiftly licking his lips, before greeting the older male. "Mornin', Rito~," he sing-songed until he was in front of the other, beaming at him. "How has your morning been so far, hm?"
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  14. image.jpg Please if you could when making a character put this:

    Name: Chihiro Oeda
    Age: 17 Height: 5'8
    Likes/dislikes: Likes-Playing the piano, reading, being alone, silence.
    Dislikes- Obnoxious people, large crowds, being seen as an outcast.
    Club: (Would it be possible for you to make a Music Club?)
    Gender: Female

    Extra Info/Background:
    Chihiro was always a loner, she could never really make any true friends. Because of this, many children saw her as the oddball, the outcast. She grew up shy, and insanely quiet. Her piano is was kept her happy for her lonely childhood. Deep down, she's a hopeless romantic, and very kind and compassionate, not that anyone knows that though... People barely even talk to her. Her nickname, something she came up with herself, is Chiho.

    Tiquando club
    Boxing club
    Kendo club
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  15. (You can make any kind of club, as long as you talk to the man at the desk)

    Man at the desk- If your not going to say anything the go he said to the girl with a bow, NEXT.
  16. "Oh, uh... Hello sir... May I join the music club? It that's alright with you thank you!" Chiho blurted the last part out in a hurry, already feeling awkward about talking to another human being. 'Breath in, breath out, breath in...' She thought thought to herself.

    ((OOC: Thank you!))
  17. @Kitsune After finishing with his shoes, Rito stood up and looked at Yuu. He smiled brightly and waved his hand at him. "Ah, mornin', Yuu-kun! It's really nice seeing a familiar face around here". He chuckled a bit and looked at the snack bar. "Already checked on the snack bar? There's lots good food in there... Especially candies..." He smiled brightly, his eyes sparkling with joy as he got distracted into his fantasies about a landof candy.
  18. Man at the desk- to make a club you need at least anther person to join to make it official. I will give you a weeks time to get at least another person to join. NEXT.
  19. Chiho felt the girls stare, 'Stay calm... Let's just hurry up and go...' She breathed, "Oh... Uh... May I join the music club? If that's alright with you sir thank you sir!" She blurted out the last part in a hurry. Chiho turned around, "I...uh... You turn." Chiho steeped out of the girls way, her blue-green eyes stared at the floor.
  20. Rito made a pokerface after seeing the man at the desk. He like a bit cold and rude with the poor students. He even skipped a poor girl that was before the one he was attending to. "Who in the world let a man like that work here..." he thought as he pouted, not really liking his attitude at all.
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