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  1. (Please use they/them/their/themself pronouns when referring to charles.)

    Charles laid there, completely floating and watching the bubbles surround them.

    They quickly swam up,towards the surface of the pond. As Charles began to breath the air that was above, their hazel eyes shot open. The pond was surrounded by a deep,green forest. The sun was suing and there was a buzz of fairies in the atmosphere.

    'Stay calm.' They thought to themselves. Charles swam to the edge of the pond, grabbing onto some moss covered rocks. One of the rocks didn't feel like a rock...more like leather.
    It was a boot, a foot of a man.

    Charles looked up,showing their own features Charles' wide eyes and their cheeks that seemed to have a certain rose gold glow to them, their caramel brown and curly hair. Charles let go of the leg of the person.

    "...hello." Charles said,swimming back a little.
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