INTEREST CHECK Rosario+Vampire Yokai Academy RP

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  1. You know just a general academy rp and we are all monsters. With human forms of course. So general things​


    Human Culture
    Phys Ed

    These will not matter much though, as classes tend to not work well in the rp as i have learned from experience. The majority of this rp will take place in times like free time, PE, clubs and free time.
    Also since its a school rp social relationships are a thing. Now for a few of the set clubs.

    School Paper
    Certain Sports

    If you have one that you like feel free to say it.
    there are Three slots open for clubs. I dont want to over fill them...

    Anyone interested?

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  2. Would ALL the students be monsters, or just us? What about teachers?
    What are the limits on monsters?
    And for a club, Debate
  3. Well in the anime it is a school BY monster for monsters so that monsters can fit into human life. However a human accidentally gets accepted and theres the anime. So i see no problem in there being a human or two tops, but everyone would be a monster otherwise, staff especially. An i like debate. That goes on.
  4. If you get this started, I'd be interested in joining.
  5. Not really into anime much, so does that mean I cant partake? Dx

    If it doesnt matter im interested :D
  6. No! all those who aren't into anime are not welcome! Is what i would have said if i were a complete juerk. No problem!
  7. Interested. I don't have a working computer ATM so I am typing this out on my phone.
    What are your opinions on a the offspring of a youkai hunter who doesn't want to follow his/her family's path?
  8. hm... can I get a little explanation of yokai hunter? do you mean like they killed yokai? if this came from the anime, then I do not know it as ive only seen the first season
  9. Hello I'd like to join this Ive seen the anime and love it =) also for a club theres Drama club or Chess club. Could I be a vampire or would that be considered too OP?
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  10. When I say youkai hunter, I mean by somebody who kills them yes.

    The idea was that the character I was envisioning was part of a lineage of hunters but he/she doesn't believe that all youkai are bad and thus doesn't want to follow the parth set before them. Inno, random thought. He/she wouldn't powerful either, if anything at their best, would be a match for a low level youkai. I'm still trying to think of what kind of person this character might be personality wise.

    If you're against that I understand and will think of something else.

    And I'm in the same boat as you for not reading season 2. The manga was more enjoyable to the anime in my opinion. But Mocha's sister kinda ruined it for me...

    I apologize for any typos. Fat fingers plus phone auto correct is yuugh.
  11. Slightly interested but the image I would like to use has a mix of several things so it would be kind hard to place her. She is kinda like a Splice creature. Not sure what rank that would be. If a Frankenstein monster is allowed that might work. But problem would be that they would most likely lack a human form due to being a Creation Made rather than born. Again I would think the debate on Rank would be up but personally if they are a mix of different monsters I would say a higher rank because of the possibility of mixed abilities. Either that or have no Rank, making power level unknown.

    As for the show I watched the whole first season. Tried to complete the second but as Relish mentioned the little sister mildly ruined the show and also....why is it that all the main character could do was kick? They failed to give the Vampire any powers other than ridiculous strength. Was a little disappointed in that aspect of the show but the cute stuff and humor made it amusing for a time. Also I did not read the manga so I am not sure if there was a change in powers concerning the Vampire in it.

    If you do make this I am interested. Hopefully you plan on it soon.

    And as for a extra club or interesting Class, Weapons Class and maybe an Anime Club. Its kinda Nerdy and could play as an embarrassing hobby for a few of the characters. =)
  12. Alright I have school so I will be gone for a while
    I would like to see that picture, but I'm not too strict of a guy. I'm sure it will be fine. I am a little iffy about the hunter because I do not really understand how he got into the academy unless it was a mistake. but I will let you make a cs and exlain that. I should have the signups later today.
  13. Totally understand. I'll write a rough CS once I fix my computer. It somehow got
    If you don't like that idea i can think of something else no sweat :)

    Edit: you all need to read the manga. They left so much out in the anime it wasn't even funny.
    Scratch the hunter stuff. I thought of a much better idea.
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  14. I can indeed vouch for that, though i really haven't read much of it at all. In all honesty its the idea i like.

    Welp time to begin the sign up. Dont expect a big amazing introduction post. Ive never been too good at that.
  15. I'm interested ^_^
  16. I'll post my character sheet either tonight or early tomorrow, whenever I get on the computer.
  17. I am in the process of reinstalling my computer. Once that is done I can start working on my CS.

    Totally going with my second character idea of a sentient "demon" sword.
  18. All of the yes!... Mine's a slime! XD