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  1. Accepting New Characters: Yes (Need a few teachers, among boys and girls for the dance and some different people that can be appart of a club or the head of it)
    Rating: PG-16
    Atmosphere/Mood: Romance, Harem, Comedy, Action
    Basic Plot: It is the second year for Zen at Yoki academy. Many of his friends have moved away, not that he hadn just a few anyway. He himself is scared and alone at this point. A school dance is coming up and he is looking to ask a girl to it, however he isn’t sure who to ask or how to. There is a week before the dance starts, a moth after school started. He isn’t sure what to do. With low moral, and no friends around. His sight to ask a girl out seems dim. He even wishes to somehow join the newspaper club. He thinks he might try for it this year even, or at least something other than the tea club.
    Really all in all this is a good chance for people to join in on some of the perverted comedic action. Girls mini skirts flying up while fighting, guys drooling over them, or girls. It is mainly made for a good time for a nice laugh. Trying out for a few clubs, if someone could convenace Zen to do so, and make some friends, and maybe at the end of the week when the dance starts to find a girl to take to it. Maybe a few fights will take place. You never know.
    [b]Character Name:[/b]
    [b]Race:[/b] Demon please, unless somehow a human got into the academy. For those who know the anime you know how hard it is for that to happen XD
    [b]Job/Role:[/b] teacher, student body pres, club member/leader, doestn matter if your in one or not 
    [b]Class:[/b] C-S. Though uber powers are not needed, though maybe an S class monster or two wouldnt be so bad. XD
    [b]General Appearance:[/b] 
    [SIZE=2][b]Current Goal/Purpose:[/b] 
    [b]General Personality:[/b] 
    [b]General History:[/b] 
    [b]Powers:[/b] Every demon has some sort of power right? Well Zen below is an OC race of mine called Ice Demon. There really is no real limit to what type you wana be or can do, though nothing to crazy please.
    [/SIZE][B]Primary Power:[/B] .
    [B]Secondary Power:[/B] 
    [B]Tertiary Power:[/B] 
    [b][u]CHARACTER PROFILE[/b][/u]
    [b]Character Name:[/b] [SIZE=3]Zen Shiro [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2][b]Gender:[/b] Male
    [b]Race:[/b] [/SIZE][SIZE=3]Ice Demon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2][b]Job/Role:[/b] none
    Class: B
    [b]Age:[/b] 16
    [b]Residane[/b][/SIZE][SIZE=3]Yoki Academy [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2][b]General Appearance:[/b] 
    [SIZE=2][b]Current Goal/Purpose:[/b] To make more friends and get a girl, hopefully. 
    [b]General Personality:[/b] [/SIZE]Being as timid as he is, Zen isn’t really one to stand out. Thus why he doesn’t like to join any clubs. One he wishes he could join is the newspaper club, however he is scared of getting information due to people may hurt him for asking. Really not so much that, as it is just overall being ignored. People tend to do that. Just because he is so called “weak’. in reality he is not, however Zen does not see this, in full. He knows he has some power, however he chooses not to. Because if he were to fight back some of the girls may hate him or the bullies might beat him up more. He got to a point where taking a beating is better than fighting back. There are other clubs he wishes he could join, however Zen does not. The club he is in is a tea club, where the members enjoy tea. Those are his only real group of friends. 
    While Zen may seem totally distant and closed off, deep down he is not really, though he stays away mainly due to his past with his sister and dad. Who both were never nice to him. Ever sense his mother left anyway, who he loved dearly. Her death was the real shocker to him. 
    Getting past the whole depressed and always down portion, Zen is actually very lively once a person gets to know them. He is very protective of anything that means anything what so ever to him. He hates seeing his friends down and often will stand up for them, if he can, and if anything just try to take a beating for them, even to the point of sharing one to ease the pain if its five on one, he will make it three on him and two on his friend.
    When it comes to girls, Zen is by far crushing on a few. However he is scared to talk to them. So many guys and perverts are at the school. It disgust him. They don’t treat women right. Its wrong in his eyes. Zen couldn’t really be perverted to a girl he likes, he would be to scared. Actually scared to much of anything, he would choke. If anything Zen wishes he could find a girl. However the only time he would talk to a girl would be either his friends push and urge him to, or unless he could build up some sort of courage to talk to them. Which is very hard for him. 
    [SIZE=2][b]General History:[/b] 
    [/SIZE][B]Primary Power:[/B] -Ice Manipulation- This is as it says. This allows Zen to summon up ice as either a sword, spears, spikes on the ground. Making the surrounding area iced over, to some extent. Make it snow near him, etc. Even shoot ice out similar to daggers or small stalagmites. The ice can be summoned up within moments.
    [B]Secondary Power:[/B] Being an ice demon Zen isn’t really affected by the cold. He can be in the freezing cold and it not bother him. Cold water, snow, ice, it all doesn’t bother him. While he doesn’t totally like the heat, it doesn’t bother him, he is like every other person to being warm. However he hates being in 90+ F. It does bother him.
    [B]Tertiary Power:[/B] (Including category it falls under)
  2. The idea I had with the Black King was more of a somewhat shadowy role then before. Maybe he shows up now and then, as a wanderer on the road, like Evil Gandalf. Depending on the time frame and goal that Ezra had for this RP, he'd either be forming his army or recruiting other Ends. Maybe a mix of both.
  3. Not too bad.... that reminds me, is there by chance room for my weird ass swordsman to return to the hero club?
  4. maybe a Joromungo as a teacher or student..'cause human flesh is yummy.

    So she's all nice and pretty and luring people to secluded areas to omnomnom. Post-befriending, maybe the scary/sarcastic one. Club wise would probably do weaving, tea, or some other quiet calm thing. Like archery.

    Though we might all end up in the newspaper anyways.
  5. You thought there was a chance I'd stop? :P
  6. Kunari moaned louder, enjoying him roaming her body.
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