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  1. My RP ideas are usually not very popular, but hey, thought I'd try it out, anyways.

    Fancy Introduction (open)

    The pursuit of perfection. Humans have always fought futilely to become or even sometimes obtain that which is perfect, yet, other than He who was both God and man, we have always failed. Or so we have always thought. In legend, whispers have arisen of historical figures who have attained greater than the scope of man, whether it be through some dark art, immortality, or religious beautification. Merlin, Nicholas Flamel, the Count of St. Germain, Rasputin, Alexander the Great, Anastasia, Joan d'Arc, Faust. The list goes on. Why?

    They are the winners of the game. Since the first cave painting of people on the wall, the first little wooden carvings of ancient homosapiens not even blessed with proper speech, much less a form of writing, select dolls and paintings have taken life and fought for something they didn't yet quite understand. The duration of the game has always varied, sometimes taking only days, at others taking hundreds of years, and the players have changed dramatically, but in its heart it has always remained the same.

    You must fight with the heart given to you - that which is now referred to as a Rosa Mystica - to steal the hearts of the others, rendering them motionless, emotionless, no longer capable of holding that which matters most to a piece of art or a toy: the feelings and memories of your owners. The reward for the Rose (for that is what they call every winner) is a taste of perfection, before an incarnation into a human life. Some let the experience of touching, tasting, experiencing what it would be to be perfect, fade away in their new life. Others come to hate it, rebel against it and use it to enact their highest potential for evil. And yet others, many of whom we know by name and image, have let it inspire them to their highest potential for good.

    No one knows who gives the Rosa Mysticas, or why he has done so, but it is said when all of the Roses have gathered, he will be revealed. Every Rose has seen him, when he grants them their Rose, but each tells a story of a different kind of person. Rosa Mysticas appear as colored petals, which float from the body when the doll or painting is defeated - they can be killed as if they were humans. When one person collects all of them, they change into that person's original color of petal and become a rose, which the One fashions a stem for. Each doll has a tool, and from it they can use a special kind of magic, each unique.

    A new game has begun, with new dolls, new Rosa Mysticas, and new powers. There's just one difference that every awakened doll and hiding Rose instinctively knows: this is the last game. There will be no other Roses, and when they are all together, the One will appear and reveal his purpose. Let the game begin.

    So the basic idea is that you're a freely moving doll or a painting. You have to be a humanoid, but can be of either gender. You have a certain color of Rosa Mystica, which just looks like a rose petal, and though it can be any color under the sun, you need to have a good reason for it. You also have to have a tool, with one specific type of power attached to it, no more than one, though you're free to choose what it's going to be.

    This is a combat-based RP and once your character dies, it's final. Your character can be killed any way a normal person can be killed - except by falling from a great height, since your character can float, and a long fall won't necessarily break hardy plastic if that's the material you're made from. Once your character dies, you can continue to RP by conversing with or supporting the power of whoever took your Rosa Mystica, but that's all. Only I can RP the One, but previous Roses can be RPed by anyone, as long as they pass it by me first and their doll is already dead (psst. I'm not making a list of Roses, which means you can choose whichever semi-legendary historical figures you want, though not if it's already been claimed).

    The past Roses would act as observers, interacting with each other in whatever form they remained in: whether that be as ghosts or with their original bodies still intact. They can also interfere with the game, by subtly interrupting a match, etc. This is so that everyone gets their fair share of RP, and even those defeated get to pick sides: who to root for and so on. You character doesn't have to be a nice character, but you do need to start out as a doll, and be defeated, before you can claim any of the previous Roses. You can have as many characters as you like, provided it's not something crazy like 10, but can only claim one Rose per dead character.

    So, whatcha all think? If anyone's interested I'll post a Character Sheet, but I don't know how well it'll go, so for now I'm holding off. Please post if it looks interesting to you!

    Note: This is not a fanfiction of Rozen Maiden, in case you noticed the similarities. It was indeed inspired by the series but there are significant differences that make it from a different universe.
  2. This rp is very interesting I would like to join.
  3. I'll write up a CS, then. But I'd like to have a few more RPers before being sure to start the RP.
  4. CS for Rosa Mystica:

    Name (surname optional):

    Type of Doll or Art:

    Color Rosa Mystica:

    Why You Chose that Color:



    Appearance (remember, it’s a doll, sculpture or painting):

    Brief Basic Personality:
  5. this looks interesting. Uh, is there a specific goal in mind for this roleplay out of curiosity?

    though I would like to reserve a spot... for a black rosa mystica or blue... if black isn't a possible color.
  6. Name (surname optional): Alicia

    Type of Doll or Art: Porcelain Doll

    Color Rosa Mystica: Black

    Why You Chose that Color: She was meant to be the form of a woman that was killed by a man that loved the original copy. However the man was caught before he was able to create the actual living doll. (Basically black to symbolize death.)

    Tool: Scythe (the same used by the grim reaper...)

    Power: can bring inanimate objects to life, turn living objects into dolls, toys, etc. (may change if that is not allowed)

    Appearance (remember, it’s a doll, sculpture or painting):

    Brief Basic Personality:

    Alicia has all the general characteristics of the woman she is modeled after. The original was a caring and compassionate soul, who disliked violence and fighting. However, seeing as Alicia is a doll meant to fight for a purpose, she is a bit more tolerant. She fights to keep herself alive and to protect those she cares for.
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  7. Black is absolutely alright. A specific goal... well, I do hope to end up with just one Rose, but what happens after that I'm still considering. if you have any ideas, feel free to discuss them. Tbh, I wasn't even sure anyone would be really interested in the first place, and even if it did, it'll probably take some time for all the other characters to die, since people don't like having their characters killed, so I didn't make contingencies for it.
  8. I like your CS! Black is accepted and your reason seems logical to me. Keep in mind Scythe is spelled with a c and an e, and while your power is acceptable, I would have preferred the power be connected to the tools you chose. For her personality, I would rather you not have her be cold and unfeeling just b/c she's a doll, considering all of them are dolls. Think of any other media that uses dolls as characters. Toy Story, Rozen Maiden, even Chucky, etc.
  9. alright, it was just a work in progress, since this was the first one. I actually wanted to base her off of a character I previously made in another role play site.

    though in that one the doll was actually the person's spirit put into a doll so she still had the feelings of the original woman. I will work on the character a bit more.


    also I thought that by having the ability to take life of living things was connected to her tool item. I can change that still if you would like, though I will have to think a bit more on it. Maybe be able to take the souls of living things and store them in her tool to be released when she wants to use the energy of that individual?
  10. No, that reasoning is good enough for me. I've been a bit low on sleep lately, forgive me for not making the connection. :)
  11. Name (surname optional): Coral

    Type of Doll or Art: Figurehead at the bow of a sunken ship.

    Color Rosa Mystica: Turquoise

    Why You Chose that Color: Being trapped under water when she was created, it's the one of the only colors she's ever known.

    Tool: A large piece of wood from the mast of her ship.

    Power: Powerful winds. She can either go for a gentle breeze or a dangerous gale.

    Appearance (remember, it’s a doll, sculpture or painting): [​IMG] Coral's body was sculpted to resemble a fine maiden of the early 1600s. Her figure is smooth yet subtle and her dress is flowing loosely as the classic homage to the Greek world that was so popular back then. But when her ship sank the paint faded away. Barnacles and cracks in the wood appeared. Her features were ruined.

    Brief Basic Personality: Has a fondness for old things. Looks at the new - new inventions, new ideas - as unnecessary and taking up space. She has also developed a strong bond with the sea and its creatures, and so adores the color blue while also can't stand people eating what has been her only company for many years. In short a bit of an old soul, and she behaves like the sea, calm and soothing often, but prone to dangerous violence at the slightest provocation.
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  12. I love it! Accepted and I really like your signature, but preferences don't count as a personality. Since I know things always change once RPing actually starts, it's okay, but it really would've been nice if you'd put an actual personality instead of her personal preferences.
  13. Sorry. What I was going for was just sort of saying she was a bit of an old soul, and doesn't like it when things change. I suppose I can give her a personality like the sea, often tame and calm, but dangerously violent at the slightest provocation.
  14. Okay, thank you, much appreciated! :)
  15. So...Is that good enough, or should I officially add that in?
  16. Please add it into the CS, just for convenience's sake.
  17. Done.
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  18. Name (surname optional): Soli Moonfrost

    Type of Doll or Art: china doll

    Color Rosa Mystica: Skyblue

    Why You Chose that Color: she wishes to fly away in to the clear skie away from her mistress madness

    Tool: she uses a hand fan (the on in the pic)

    Power: she can control the flowers and make them fight for her

    Appearance (remember, it’s a doll, sculpture or painting):

    Brief Basic Personality: She's a quiet and shy doll. having seen her mistress and her madness she learned it's best to be quiet at times and not draw atention to herself. She's stuborn at times and thinks carefuly before she acts and won't let her friends do stupid things while she sits back and watches. She prefers action over sideline thinking for her friends.
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  19. Both a scythe and wind powers have already been used. Please choose a different power and tool.
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