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  1. Rory the Trickster

    Rory is the current ruler of Iwaku World, after the events of the Iwaku Admin War. He is one of the primary figures in the Mythos.


    Rory is a trickster being and is up more for causing chaos than he is pretending to being a good king. He is wise and knows many skills that would take years to learn. He is muscular but over all, Rory is a slim man with brown hair that reaches the base of his neck. He wears all black; style is similar to Paorou’s but appears more military influenced.


    Rory is an intelligent and a conservative leader. He maintains a constant level of dualism and is often considered a kindly man or a total jerk, or is at times viewed as a sage or insane. Like his brother, Orochi, Rory is a known womanizer. Rory is a fairly laid back man when not presenting himself in front of others. He lives for excitement, exploring the unknown, and unpredictability of the future. He is known as the "silent king."


    Rory uses a combo of reality bending and confluence called Dream Weaving. This allows him to control things outside of time and space but in a reality based setting.

    Pressure of the Time Blade: Various lines pass through all points of the foe. Rory then unleashes Isodath from his hands and it is used as a missile. Very accurate, moderately powerful, very fast.

    Time-Space Warp: Once again Rory unleashes Isodath from his hands, but this time the sword turns itself into a chain that cuts a foe. It is most effective as a close combat move, not very accurate but very powerful.

    Realm of Nightmares: Rory changes the battlefield they are standing on, and attacks the opponent in his dreams, where the enemy faces insurmountable odds and horrible imagery. Much like Asmo’s Confluence, it appears as a shield for a few seconds. If the opponent attacks and the blow lands within the sphere during this time period, the super flash occurs and the opponent is blasted away.

    Questionable Existence: Using his ability to mess with reality and the timeline, Rory literally phases out of the screen for several seconds, avoiding harm.

    Haras Olam- “Killing Forever”-The Field of Warrior’s Revenge: Rory will shout in Hebrew. The battlefield will turn to a random series of scenes from various battles fought during the course of time. Soldiers from all eras seem to appear from the foreground and then their weapons are released into the air. The beings will then fade away; however, their weapons will not. Rory then grins and taunts, “Shalom my friend.” Then he will lower his hands and the opponent will be pelted with thousands of weapons being tossed from all directions. As the foe tries to recover, Rory will fire his STEN. A large blast will directly hit the opponent.


    The most conservative and thoughtful of the princes. Rory was, like Asmodeus, an angel who took heed of Gabriel's exploits and came to Iwaku out of curiosity, bringing his brother Orochi and his student Kitti with him. Rory was a loyal servant of the king and an advisor in all philosophical and political matters. He helped both Asmodeus and Rory in the last days of the Noob Wars, defending the C-Box realm and gaining favour from the king. He also aided the king's paranoid witchhunt of the criminal known as Mr Nobody (an event which Asmodeus used to oust the king from Iwaku). This was the start of the enmity between the two princes which would one day escalate into the Admin War.

    But if there was one thing that Rory learned from the king's madness, it was the power of the Goddess (for the Muse featured in many of the king's delusions, and was the cause of Mr Nobody's crimes against the state). Rory soon became the leading expert on study of the Goddess Engel and her powers of inspiration. His ongoing agenda was to bring the Goddess into a bodily incarnation, and to this end he became a studious man of wisdom, carefully directing his followers and gaining power over time, space and the dream-realm. He always remained on middle ground between Confluence and Reality-Bending, choosing to learn the wisdom of each in his quest. This enlightenment led him to eventually be crowned as Iwaku's new king

    It was later revealed that Rory made a secret contract with MW Goddess, Diana to create a mirror world of Iwaku.


    "That reminds me, I have to call her…"

    "Shalom my friend."

    “Now back to the usual finger pointing and unfounded griping and complaining..…”

    "Let anger alone and leave rage; Do not show yourself heated up only to do evil."


    Authorship: Both Reality Bending and Confluence
    Cyclic Manifestation: The Trickster
    Age: Immortal
    Height: 6 Feet
    Weight: 160 Lbs
    Gender: Male
    Domain/s: New Iwaku, All of it.
    Allegiance/s: Chaotic Neutral
    Status: Alive
  2. Also apparently looks like a young Roland Deschain.